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[Release] SEN Enabler v5.6.2:

Evilnat done it again, SEN Enabler v5.6.2 kudos this guy and those who tested it before the release. Changelog… [more]

[Release] SEN Enabler v5.6.2: [Release] SEN Enabler v5.6.2:

[Editorial] PC Master race vs Next-gen consoles: Both are a f$@!$ lie.

I saw many people upgrading their rigs with some expensive hardware parts, such as = VGA (Video cards)… [more]

[Editorial] PC Master race vs Next-gen consoles: Both are a f$@!$ lie. [Editorial] PC Master race vs Next-gen consoles: Both are a f$@!$ lie.

[PS4] Here’s why Activision blocked PS4′s Share Play with Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare

Activision is so *pissed off* that they blocked PS4's Share Play for COD:AW. Why?, because they won't… [more]

[PS4] Here’s why Activision blocked PS4′s Share Play with Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare [PS4] Here's why Activision blocked PS4's Share Play with Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. Getting it on Next Gen Was “Tough”.

Seems that Schofield after that huge jab with the game getting leaked, he didn't recover so well. So… [more]

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. Getting it on Next Gen Was “Tough”. Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. Getting it on Next Gen Was “Tough”.
  • Posted by PS3Hax Member News , on 16/11/2014 , @ 01:09am


    Developer ccregame has released reActPSN v3.20+ at PS3Hax. This Update Added support for future CFW until new key added or code structure is changed.
    It should works on all old CFW. tested on CFW3.55 4.21-4.65, working very well.


  • Posted by pustal , on 13/11/2014 , @ 01:06pm


    Sony finally anounced its long expected its web-based TV for the Playstation Familly (making Playstation TV a concurrent of of other Apple TV-like devices).

    It promises a “personalized, searchable approach to watching live and on-demand television” and will begin with 75 channels, being a subscription-based service which pricing is yet to be disclosed.

    Sony plans to extend the service in terms of partners and devices, eventually going beyond Playstation and maybe Sony familly of hardware.

    Beta starts this month in New York for selected users and will be extended in the USA in the first quarter of 2015.


    Edit (thanks to helsing9):

    Subscrition prices are revealed to be $30 in the USA. Content will be available to users up to 3 days after firstly aired without requiring record set up. There is no limit “recording space”, though every program “recording” will be available online (I take this is no recording but rather access to their programs in their servers) and will be available for only 28 days.

    It features CBS, Fox, NBC, Food Network, Comedy Central, MTV over Apple TV but lacks ABC, ESPN, HBO and AMC. iPad app plans already exist, but content may be more limited.

    Edit source

  • Posted by pustal , on 12/11/2014 , @ 01:59pm


    Japanese company Gametech announced a new PS TV peripheral that turns the console into a “portable” device.

    The ” ” are there because this peripheral has a screen of 7 inches or 17.78 cm (also I’m not sure if it has a battery). It doesn’t turn it into a huge PS Vita as it doens’t have a touch screen. It has, however, a greater resolution on a IPS monitor.

    Here are the specs:

    Compatible models: PSVitaTV

    Monitor: IPS LCD

    Monitor size: 7 inches

    Display size: about 154.2mm (H) × about 85.9Mm (V)

    Monitor resolution: 1024 × 600

    Dot pitch : 0.15 mm

    Viewing angle: left and right: 175 ° up and down: 175 °

    Pre-Order Period: November 11 from 12:00 November 30 11:59 p.m.

    Sale time: Scheduled for 2015 Spring

    Price: - Normal price (tentative): 23,000 yen (~$199) - Pre Special Price: 19,800 yen (~173)

    Source 1, source 2

  • Posted by LoverboySimer , on 12/11/2014 , @ 01:27am


    A PS Vita VHBL exploit, that doesn’t require a game purchase, and that runs on Firmware 3.35? Sounds like its coming

    The PS Vita is running a “Half Byte Loader” bubble. An exploit on its own, no bought exploit game necessary for this. –The Z

    If you are thinking this is just a normal PSP Emulator Hack. think again as this might become the first big breakthrough in the vita scene


  • Posted by BobbyBangin , on 11/11/2014 , @ 12:45pm


    Today I received an anonymous release of A LOT, but old ebootroms. Some ebootroms have a 0×40 byte header. They can only be installed on older prototype and DECR systems. Still, this is a cool find.


  • Posted by BobbyBangin , on 10/11/2014 , @ 01:05am


    PS3Hax member sdw100 shared this with us today…

    Article quoted from PSX-Place.com

    A new RSoD Fix was released for all CFW versions by developer’s sguerrini97 & haxxxen (aka ripl or tpryor). Red Screen of Death (RSOD) According to ps3devwiki, seems to usually happen with NOR consoles (CECHL & CECH20), where more cases the cause comes down a corrupt area of the flash known as VTRM. In most CFW this is already built in but it needs to be called on, but this package does just that. If performed cosrrectly it should not affects trophies but the translation are a little bit difficult to read so be careful and this package has not been tested by PSX-Place but comes from some talented guys.

    Translated from German (see source link for original German)

    RSoD Fix “PKG” for all CFWs!!!

    PS3 homebrew developers sguerrini97 and ripl[a.k.a.haxxxen] have made available a new PS3 RSOD (Red Screen of Death) fix for all CFW

    The actual RSOD fix occurs by the VTRM area on flash being rewritten. The ability to do this is already built into the firmware, it just needs to be called.

    the “RSoD Fix all” PKG is for RSoD Bypass CFW, CEX and DEX 3.55 until CFW 4.65, not with the CFW 9.99 DG PUPs

    Steps from XMB:
    1) Install the RSoD Bypass patched PUP so that you can boot.
    2) Install the rsod fix all.pkg package, and run it from XMB
    3) Run rsodfix. (Blackscreen, tripple beep and Reboot PS3 new)
    4) if her old already installed Trophies want to continue to use ust start a game from the no trophies are installed It can otherwise
    Otherwise, the installed Trophies will be deleted after the RSoD Fix !!!

    Finish the RSoD error is fixed and Trophies
    and savegames work again !!!

    Then you can also re-install his desire CFW,
    a CFW with RSoD bypass is only needed to fix the RSoD run.

    We have all known CFWS with RSoD bypass and other
    and tested at each CFW RSoD the error was corrected.
    Plugged a USB device into the PS3, a log is created
    RSoD Error: ffffffff80010505 = cvtrm error Not corrected
    RSoD Error: 0 = cvtrm is error free
    Big thanks to: sguerrini97 for RSoD Fix4.46 and ripl [a.k.a. tpryor & haxxxen] for RSoD Fix all CFW
    special thanks to: dospeidra, an0nymous, nikitis and robs for RSoD Fix 3.55



  • Posted by LoverboySimer , on 09/11/2014 , @ 01:08am


    The latest PSNpatch v4.65.11 has been released which improves support for Rebug and Rebug Cobra Systems. Read the full changelog below.

    To update psnpatch plugin, stealth extensions or version spoofing, install & run psnpatch homebrew once and follow on-screen instructions;

    [4.65.11] 08/11/2014

    * Improved support for REBUG and REBUG-COBRA sytems;
    * Added cobra extensions for REBUG-COBRA (4.65 CEX ONLY) (*);
    * CFW disabling from within REBUG-cobra;
    * Bypasses REBUG’s plugin loading bug (REBUG now really loads 6 boot plugins);
    * Webman will not be loaded from boot_plugins.txt if already loaded internally by REBUG.
    * PSNPatch plugin updated;
    * Cobra toolbox ONLY for 4.46 and 4.65 firmwares;
    * All NON-COBRA functions are compatible with EVERY 4.XX CFW;
    * Documentation updated to reflect the new changes;

    Source and Full Thread @PS3Hax

    You can also Donate and Help KW to buy his PS4 through this PayPAl link

  • Posted by BobbyBangin , on 08/11/2014 , @ 12:51pm


    deank is back from his hiatus. And he’s updated his popular backup manager to v04.65.01. He has also released a stealthMAN version. This is designed to work with 4.65 CFW’s.

    Visit Brewology to grab the links!

    Changelog 04.65.01 (20141108)

    •  Added support for 4.65CFW (CEX)

    Update is available also online via mM update and in the WEB column. If you wish to FORCE mM/mmCM to download the update just start mM/mmCM while holding L2+R2 and it will enter debug mode (reporting 04.60.DD for mM and 04.60.CD for mmCM). Then you can update from the HOME column.

    Md5 = 6484CD41BE93A102C149A33A056E2EC0


    deank’s stealthMAN link

  • Posted by hellsing9 , on 07/11/2014 , @ 02:35am


    Evilnat done it again, SEN Enabler v5.6.2 kudos this guy and those who tested it before the release.

    Changelog v5.6.2

    SEN Enabler
    * Added compatibility with CFW Rebug 4.65
    * Added syscall detection
    * [REQUESTED] Universal stealth, you can now make your own SEN Enabler package manually with any ID
    * Back to Stealth ID (NPEA90124)
    * Added colors on checker [L2 button on menu]
    * Fixed randomly shutdown while disabling syscalls
    * Fixed BDEMU disable on multMAN while hiding syscalls
    * Added option to enable/disable Cobra
    * Added option to import patch files to HDD
    * Added option to restore default settings
    * Improved code
    * Fixed minor bugs

    * Improved code of SEN Plugin to v1.2
    * Added compatibility with CFW Rebug 4.65
    * Detection of CFW [NORMAL/COBRA/REBUG]
    * Controls changed to avoid conflict with webMAN
    * Fixed randomly shutdown while disabling syscalls
    * Added spanish, english, danish, russian, deutsch, french, italian and polish languages
    * Language reads SEN Enabler’s setup, if not installed language will be english
    * Added CPU/RSX temperature display
    * Added sounds in XMB while doing tasks
    * Fixed minor bugs


    Also thanks to @jonnyjaeger for the wake up call. ;)

  • Posted by hellsing9 , on 07/11/2014 , @ 12:09am


    I saw many people upgrading their rigs with some expensive hardware parts, such as = VGA (Video cards) and PSU’s to keep with those electricity consuming bastards. Same goes with CPU’s specially AMD FX which those consume 125w to 200w with the Vishera 9320 and memory sticks up to 16gb or even more.

    Personally i did an upgrade but only CPU and a VGA, thus from my understanding if you are preparing for a *World war 3 of gaming* you don’t need that much. Specially when game catalogue is more poor than Vita.

    So let’s dissect some several logical reasons why PC gamers are expending huge bucks on their gaming rigs and why some just simple decided to switch to next-gen consoles.

    PC gaming:

    This year was and still is the most scarce one in gaming material, 2 *titans* appear with their new products = *next-gen* and they made virtual revolution.
    As a PC gamer more than a console one, i felt that i was falling behind with my almost 3 years old hardware. So i thought to myself and decided to upgrade what i could and leave the rest for a near future.
    When i started to make some *numbers*, suddenly realized that several people who are currently following that wagon of being a “marketing whore”, decided to bet even higher not in changing several parts for upgrade but build something new. Funny fact, that building a high-end PC for gaming purposes is way too expensive and for that price you could get a PS4 or Xbox-One or both.

    Then you have a constant *comments war* on several internet boards and specially youtube. Will add too Gamespot with their biased *videos* showing how a game runs on PC/PS4/Xbox-one.
    No brainer there, that war is on and more alive than ever. While many may or many not notice that we don’t have enough material to use with such high-end rigs.
    Forgot to mention that Dead Rising 3, runs like shi@! and has more issues than GTA 4 when got release for PC that need almost 15 patches to get it right.

    PC gaming community is stuck and depending too much from what PS4/Xbox-one could release. You will see many PC games such as: Outlast, Dying light and so on getting released on next-gen consoles. While Microsoft with Xbox-one only decided to *let go* Ryse of Rome and Dead Rising 3.
    In some point feels like a *condescending marketing strategy* from big companies, like Sony and MS.
    They managed to reach with new hardware a similar performance of some high-end PC gaming rig and that set off another *f-bomb* between fanboys.

    War of comments, just plant a seed and watch it grow:

    I got tired of watching a fu@$@!$ youtube video and see a huge amount of comments about random guys and girls showing their specs and saying that Next-gen console can’t reach not even close a High-end pc gaming. In every single community happens the same, it’s all about FPS and 1080p and 720p and so on.
    If you observe instead of just *look* you probably will notice why so much interaction between users, fighting over nothing and saying *who will emerge victorious*.

    Due to lack of gaming content, they just let those fanboys battle to death until they have no *ping* anymore. More they talk, more interaction, more money for each site and so on.
    MS and Sony already did they part while joking around about their console specs and what you can do with them. Adding more wood to the fire.
    But take your time and check how many games you have on your steam account today and how many you can pre-order to justify expending big amount of money on a high-end PC gaming rig.
    Just to play terraria?, make no mistake i love that game but come on..

    Even South Park made their part also with several chapters about *Console wars* where Prince Kenny wanted a PS4 while Cartman an Xbox-One.
    So the idea from the beginning was to unleash that virtual war between console users and PC gamers and guess what?, so far so good. It’s working perfect.

    Next-gen consoles:

    I tried both and both work as expected. Played several games on both consoles and noticed as many of you probably nothing *jaw-dropping*, but this last Call of Duty on PS4. Really showed me something that i didn’t experienced before = A new kind of MOCAP (motion capture) that got me hyped for several hours.
    I’m not a COD fan but lured me to play and play even more to understand the argument behind that game, even if it’s another *generic FPS*.

    Also tried Shadow of Mordor and i got the same feeling: “Why the hell many consumers chose to build some high-end PC gaming rig?”. When you have the same or *best optimized* game on a console for a lower price.
    Many got tempted and decided to switch sides. I don’t blame them, PC hardware is NOT cheap specially when you live in a *galaxy far far away* and a next-console specially PS4 is more affordable than a high-end build.

    So let’s go a little further into this theory of mine:

    I could say that TODAY, next-gen consoles are at the same level of a High-end gaming PC build. I don’t know what will happen in with gaming in general, but one thing for sure gaming constantly keeps changing and evolving and even sometimes trying to go back to those roots that generate certain nostalgia on certain consumers.
    Maybe that’s one of many reasons that we see so many *indie games* with a retro touch in them. Cheap and addictive as *gambling*, prices are more than ok and those offers are tempting enough.

    Both being at the same level with current gaming content makes you wonder how much next-gen console *life-span* expanded or just shortened or for how many years will last.
    We are talking about new hardware on this next-gen consoles focused 90% on gaming and the rest on social-media networking.

    So we could say too, that both consoles have their own networks *facebook/twitter-ish* and their primary goal is to share everything you play when you want to.
    Select button got removed from PS4 and Xbox-One controllers to add *Share* button to them.

    Indeed that hive mind of that “PC Master race” is a lie but a gullible enough to keep the consumer hyped enough to keep buying and buying more.
    Also is pretty obvious that a PC is way too different from a gaming console, but this year that line appeared and maybe some didn’t noticed that.

    Console = Entertaining system, just buy and download and ready to play and share with your friends.
    PC = Work, editing videos and lastly gaming.

    Thing is Sony as Microsoft knew that they could go head to head with current hardware for PC in the market. Also they knew that for those prices you could get your PC gaming build AND a console or if you are short with your money. Just buy a PS4 or Xbox-One and you can play to everything avoiding that way expending fortunes on your PC build to make it a fuc@!%$ beast.
    And if you go deeper = *Franchises*. Did you see Metal gear Ground Zeroes on PC?, after more than 7 months of being released on multiple consoles?.

    Last words:

    Sony and Microsoft, accomplished to *label* a 2007 hardware as useless. That’s why you don’t see so many multi-platform releases anymore. For example: AC/UNITY only next-gen and PC. While you have AC:ROGUE for PS3 and Xbox360.
    They managed to make believe that a 2007 hardware CAN’T handle another *The last of Us* and people believe in it. I’m not questioning what you do with your money, just asking myself and for those who will probably read this: Why?.

    They also accomplished to make a difference and a new breed of console gamers, where social-networking is the main *forte*.
    Plus they made those *hard-headed* consumers to doubt if to upgrade their gaming build or just buy a next-gen console.

    Last and not less important, PC master race if you read what i wrote above carefully above. It’s a nice lie, executed perfectly just to lure and plant more doubts on average consumers and those loyals ones too.
    Kinda obvious that PC gaming will continue no matter what, but this *raw* power of both next-gen showed to the world, was a clear message that you don’t need to invest extra cash in a high-end PC to be the coolest kid on the block or just have fun for a while after a heavy day of work.

    No need to deal with several patches for games, PS4 or Xbox-one will do it for you and sometimes without even asking.
    No need to deal to wait for your local store to have that game you were searching for, pay for PS plus and you have it *direct-to-drive*.
    No more waiting, no need to upgrade, you can change hardrives on both consoles if you want to.

    Too many comfort factors with console gaming, while on PC you have to take care what to upgrade what to downgrade, etc.
    Gaming industry certainly knows how to plan ahead and they’ve done it perfectly, even with almost ZERO gaming content to deliver to end user.

    Next time, think outside of the box for a while and *study* which one you will choose. Either way, PC master race is a lie as next-gen keeps growing in numbers with their products that deliver to the consumer what they need: Just play without too much hassle. gesomoon.com



  • Posted by hellsing9 , on 06/11/2014 , @ 10:00pm


    Activision is so *pissed off* that they blocked PS4′s Share Play for COD:AW. Why?, because they won’t include something that they don’t *fully tested* and so on.
    They blamed 2.00 update for PS4 among several not so gullible excuses. Maybe they can allow PS4 share play later, but..who knows?.

    To quote:

    Since it was discovered that Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare blocked Share Play on PS4, publisher Activision has received a ton of flack. Things got even worse when Sony confirmed that Share Play is a feature available to all games, but ultimately enabled or disabled by the developer or publisher as they see fit.

    Before we crucify Activision for not letting us play Advanced Warfare with a buddy through Share Play, it’s only fair we give them a chance to respond. Turns out, there’s a reason for why Share Play is blocked.

    “Share Play is a new feature that was introduced as part of the recent PS4 firmware 2.00 update. Our engineers didn’t have access to it before it launched, so we haven’t had a chance to evaluate it to see how it will impact the experience across all modes of play,” Activision told us.

    “Of course we wouldn’t include a feature in our game without having the chance to test it. Once we’ve fully analyzed its performance, we’ll determine how to support it going forward.”

    So while Activision chose not to allow Share Play at launch, it sounds as though they are still open to the idea of it in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. I don’t know about you, but I’d certainly prefer they’d take the time to test out the new feature — especially given the problems with PS4 firmware update 2.00.


  • Posted by hellsing9 , on 02/11/2014 , @ 08:16pm


    Seems that Schofield after that huge jab with the game getting leaked, he didn’t recover so well. So what he did?. Explain that getting the game on PS4 and Xbox oen wasn’t an easy easy task. Only thing i read is more excuses, but well.

    To quote:

    With the Day Zero edition of Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare hitting the shelves right as I’m writing, Sledgehammer Games Co-Founders Glen Schofield and Michael Condrey are holding an AMA on Reddit, providing interesting details about the game.

    Schofield started by explaining that getting the game on PS4 and Xbox one wasn’t an easy task:

    Just getting the game onto next gen platforms was tough. All new engine and tech, learning our way around that was time consuming but that’s where the three years came in handy.

    Here’s a recap of the most relevant details shared:

    • Minimum Xbox One resolution is 1360×1080, and dynamically scales from there to full 1080p. That’s over 50% increase from last year accoeding to Condrey. The game runs in native 1080p on PS4. Both versions run at rock solid 60 frames per second.
    • A third person toggle isn’t ruled out for the future of the franchise. It was already in COD games in the past. COD is about quick twitch play, which is a bit harder to do in third person, but Schofield is open to all ideas.
    • The setting was chosen because the folks at Sledgehammer are fans of future science and tech. They’re also huge sci-fi fans although they decided not to go full sci-fi. It felt extremely interesting and WW2 had been done quite a bit. They wanted to try something brand new.
    • The story started with what would happen if a PMC went rogue? What would a powerful CEO actually want… and Sledgehammer’s answer was more power. He started with an ideology, as most do, but it eventually went too far (as many do). But the studio also wanted to inject the story with emotion and very relatable characters. The futuristic elements were a lot of fun to design and work into the story and gameplay, so Schofield  thinks that they didn’t get in the way of the campaign, but they enhanced it.
    • The studio spends a lot of time trying to make sure the characters stick out in the places they want them to. They look at their color, their shape, silhouette, they add sound, VFX, etc. But there are places they want them to be more difficult to spot. Its not like enemies in real life wear pink and stand out in the open all the time. So they mix it up a bit. They pick the style first and then make the game assets around it.
    • The slot limit  in the armory meant to drive players to make meaningful decisions about what supply drop loot they keep in they inventory. The devs will definitely be listening to the community on this one as they move ahead.
    • Condrey is really proud of the big innovations in multiplayer like Supply Drop Loot, Virtual Lobby, Create an Operator, Virtual Firing Range etc.
    • XP progression was included as part of the ranked play offering to encourage people to join and compete, while leveling up through normal progression.
    • Challenge-based loot expires over time. Players can re-earn it at any time by completing the challenge again.
    • Condrey really feels that the game is a “True Next-gen Experience.”
    • Exo movements were introduced at the very beginning of the design process so they had the three years to add new movements and refine the ones they started with. It was all about fun. When they found one that was cool they would prototype and implement.
    • The game includes a color blind mode.
    • A significant amount of time and energy was spent on Sledgehammer’s proprietary anti-cheat solution for PC.
    • According to Condrey, COD:AW brings for the franchise the Biggest change in player movement and mechanics through the Exo in nearly a decade. There are also robust changes to multiplayer. Kevin Spacey and the rich narrative in campaign are also perks. It’s the most ambitious game Sledgehammer has ever made, and thanks to the extra time from Activision for a 3 year dev cycle, they couldn’t be more proud to share it with fans.


  • Posted by BobbyBangin , on 02/11/2014 , @ 04:10pm


    GameStop has issued a press release, stating that the Zombie mode, in the newest addition to the Call of Duty series, Advanced Warfare, will only be playable as part of a purchase of a season pass, that comes included with a $49.99 price tag. The season pass will also include four packs of multiplayer maps as well as a “bonus” Atlas Gorge map. online casino uk

    The fun doesn’t stop there, because GameStop has also announced that those who purchase GameStop’s Day Zero Edition of Advanced Warfare, will also receive 1 day of double XP on Monday, November 3, the game’s launch date for the pre-ordered Day Zero Edition. Just when you though it couldn’t get any better, those who are able to be score spots toward the front of the line will also receive the “Advanced Arsenal bullet brass exoskeleton and EM1 Quantum directed energy weapon, plus the AK-12G Assault Rifle and Crossbow-B2 custom weapons.”

    GameStop is also offering an upgrade special for those who would like to uprade to a PS4. You can trade in a PS3, of 2o GB and bigger or an Xbox 360 of at least 250 GB for $125 of in store credit towards a PS4. This offer lasts until November 9. Customers who purchase a new PS4 bundled with a copy of Advanced Warfare, will receive a year of free PlayStation Plus. The Xbox One will also receive special holiday bundles.

    There is no confirmed time table for how soon gamers will be able to actually have playable access to the Zombie Mode. The initial DLC, the Havok map pack, is slated  for released first for the Xbox in January, with later release dates for the other platforms.

    The Call of Duty franchise has become a cash-cow and everybody is looking to cash in on it’s success, in just about every imaginable form. Players will essentially be charged the full retail price of an additional game, in order to enjoy the full content of Advanced Warfare. Will you be among those who are will to throw cash at it, in order to fully enjoy the game or will you be among those who think DLC has gone too far and won’t supporting these cash based incentives?


  • Posted by BobbyBangin , on 29/10/2014 , @ 10:11pm


    Apparently there was a little confusion about this release earlier. Rebug had accidentally announced it on their site and then retracted it when we first reported on this story. It has since been re-announced over at rebug.me and we’re sorry for any misunderstandings that there may have been. It wasn’t our intention to create any tension within the community, we only wanted to share the good news we’ve all patiently waited for.

    With the good news, Rebug has also officially announced the two new team members we’ve been hearing about. Honestly, I don’t think many of us are too surprised by who they are, but we would like to congratulate and thank Habib & Joonie because we probably wouldn’t have seen this release without them. Of course, a big thanks goes out to everyone that has been involved in the making of this latest Rebug release. Many folks had surely assumed we wouldn’t see anymore from the team, and it’s certainly exhilarating to not only see a new Rebug release, but to see new talent added to the team. gesomoon

    As always, Rebug has a very comprehensive list of features, changes, fixes, etcetera; so we’re only going to cover some of the big ones:


    • Dual LV2 Kernels CEX/DEX
      (Swap your EID0/LV2 kernel using Rebug Toolbox in seconds)
    • ALL Retail functions available in CEX mode
      (No need to install different firmware)
    • ALL Debug functions available in DEX mode
      (No need to install different firmware)
    • ProDG Connectivity in DEX mode
    • QA Token compatibility
    • OtherOS++ support enabled
      (Use Rebug Toolbox to Boot OtherOS with different LV1 patches)
    • Latest Version Spoof files
      (PSN/SEN Enabled for REBUG 4.21.1 and higher)
    • Package Manager
      (Replacement for the standard ‘Install Package Files’ option)


    • Rebug Toolbox 02.xx.xx
      (Install included Rebug Toolbox or higher for full compatibility)


    • LV1: Disable System Integrity Check
    • (Safe to use with mismatched COREOS/SYSCON versions or if PS3 is not QA enabled)
    • LV1: Undocumented function 114
      (Allow mapping of protected memory)
    • LV1: Skip all ACL Checks
      (Needed to allow booting of OtherOS)
    • LV1: Peek and Poke support
      (Unused LV1 call 182 and 183)
    • LV2: Peek and Poke support
      (LV2 Syscall 6 and 7)
    • LV2: Peek and Poke support for LV1
      (LV2 Syscall 8 and 9)
    • LV2: LV1 CALL System call
      (LV2 Syscall 10)
    • VSH: Allow Unsigned act.dat and *.rif files
    • VSH: Disable Unlinking/Deleting of act.dat


    • Fake Save Data Owner
    • (Use Game Saves from ANY Owner)
    • Lock/Unlock Trophies
    • Cinavia protection disabled

    Cobra 7.02

      • Auto-Boot: Plugin System (sprx)
      • ISO Suppport: PS1/PS2/PS3/PSP/DVD/BluRay
      • Network Support: PS1/PS3/DVD/BluRay
      • PS3 games with files > 4GB on external USB HDD (FAT32)
      • Blu Ray Movie region free functionality
      • NTFS HDD Support
      • PS2 ISO Support for BC (HW) / non-BC (SW) Consoles
      • Syscall 11 – Toolbox CEX/DEX Support

    *PS2 Support on Internal HDD ONLY: dev_hdd0/PS2ISO/

    Cobra 7.02 PS2 Features (4.65 Cobra)

    PlayStation 2 on NON-BC Consoles

      Software (SW) Emulation:Support for PS2 ISOs in non BC consoles was removed in Cobra 4.30 (usb), due tops2_softemu missing. It has been re-enabled now by hacking of ps2_netemu. You can use it in the same way as before, just load an ISO and launch from disc icon, Cobra core takes care of rest. No need for encrypted isos, isos patched with limg sectors, etc. Just your normal PS2 isos dumped from discs. However, there is no support for optical discs in ps2_netemu.
      Note: Don’t forget to set the memory cards in XMB, in the old memmory card utility for PS/PS2, as ps2_netemu won’t let you assign them in game.

    PlayStation 2 on BC Consoles

      Hardware (HW) Emulation:
      PS3 Models:
      CECHC, CECHE, CECHA, and CECHB Backwards Compatible (BC) Consoles will still use their respetive emulators(ps2_emu, ps2_gxemu), which have much better compatibility and also support optical discs, original or backup.

    General Cobra Plugin Information

    Support for plugins at boot time:

    • The number of vsh plugins has been increased from 1 to 7 slots.
    • Slot 0 is reserved for use for iso plugins (netiso.sprx and rawseciso.sprx).
    • Slots 1-6 are for boot plugins.

    Plugins are loaded in the following way:

    • text file: /dev_hdd0/boot_plugins.txt shall contain a plugin path per line.

    How to Install a Plugin:

    • Copy plugin_name.sprx to you internal ps3 hdd (ex: /dev_hdd0/).
    • Create or Edit boot_plugins.txt in the root of the hdd (/dev_hd00/boot_plugins.txt) and add a line for the new plugin. (Assuming you placed the sprx also in the root of the disk, add: /dev_hdd0/plugin_name.sprx). Add a new line for each plugin.
    • Then Reboot PS3 Console!

    In the event of a bad plugin that crashing the system and causes a pseudo-brick
    A Safety System has been designed:

    • Enter PS3 Recovery Mode and select the option “Rebuild database“. The recovery process, emer_init.self, will mount dev_hdd0 for a short moment, Cobra core will detect that and it will delete boot_plugins.txt.
    • Cobra core won’t load vsh plugins when there is not VSH: like for example, in recovery and update modes.

    For more information on the extensive list of features with this release check out the Official Rebug 4.65.1 Cobra release announcement below, and don’t forget to thank these guys.

    MD5sum: 24edec72160f35b387843d53fc17df2f REBUG_4.65.1_REX_PS3UPDAT.PUP
    MD5sum: 1e3bf35fcfec29ab8528e2d6d4ec680e REBUG_4.65.1_D-REX_PS3UPDAT.PUP


  • Posted by hellsing9 , on 29/10/2014 , @ 01:51am



    Glen Schofield (Sledgehammer Games co-founder) is pissed off or at least he appears to be when he and his team noticed that footage appeared on Twitch this weekend was from a “stolen” version of the game.
    Why is so *bad* this leak?, because contains massive spoilers. According to Gamespot reports and Glen himself.
    Twitch user Anfuny29 broadcasted COD Advanced Warfare from an early copy of the game. How an early copy of the game ended on *Anfuny29* hands?. Fu$!@$ clueless.

    If you want to know more about this, just click the source.


  • Posted by BobbyBangin , on 23/10/2014 , @ 08:01pm


    Wololo.net has released news that a webkit exploit has been confirmed working on the PS4.  This is big news. Enjoy!

    Two developers,  nas and proxima, have gotten a hold of the PSVita Webkit exploit and have it working with PS4 firmware 1.76. Proxima has stated that even though the exploit is one in the same, it was actually developed in a separate tandem and not based off of the exploit.

    They have released a proof of concept code, with several examples provided that includes a module dumper and a tool that is used to create an advanced ROP code. Outside of these devs, there are not any confirmed reports of results from the proof of concept, but Wololo vouches for them and they are reported to be trustworthy as well as the POC is said to have solid looking code. Reports will be posted as they come in.

    As per usual, this will not be of much benefit to the average end user, except to confirm if their PS4 can be exploited.  This release is more important for devs, who would like to further explore the PS4 and tinker around with the tools. The release is the first of it’s kind for the PS4 and will be greatly appreciated by the community,  as any exploit can eventually lead to a full hack.

    Sony has reportedly patched the Vita exploit and has already announced new firmware 2.oo to be released next week for the PS4, so it may be wise to put off updating, as nobody likes to protect exploits and software vulnerabilities like Sony.

    If you wish to test this and report, the following url’s have been provided

    • http://wololo.net/v/176/ps4_dump.html
    • http://wololo.net/v/176/ps4_dump2.html
    • http://wololo.net/v/176/ps4_rop2.html

    Download of files and sources have been posted by the developers.

    Join the discussion at the original source: nas on /talk


    UPDATE Try this New link  on your PS4 as the old ones are down

    UPDATE 2 As expected by most,The Update 2.0 released today blocks this exploit.

  • Posted by hellsing9 , on 22/10/2014 , @ 04:57pm


    Playstation Experience, a huge gathering for PS fans. When?: 6th and 7th December. Where?: Las Vegas. When you can purchase those tickets?: On friday. All this according to SCE.
    You can check here = Click


  • Posted by pustal , on 18/10/2014 , @ 11:56pm


    zecoxao ported flat_z’s EID Root Key Dumper to CFW 4.21, 4.46 and 4.53, allowing root EID key extraction without need for downgrade.

    Update: zecoxao added a port to 4.65 (also in the links).


    Source 1 (original source)

    Source 2

    [Download] and source 3