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  • Posted by Pirate , on 27/02/2009 , @ 05:42pm


    The Maximus 360 Xtractor Reader has been updated to v2.8. You can grab the latest update via download link below.

    * Graphical tool to allow read keys from Lite On / Benq Drives
    * It supports USB key dumping if using with an 360 Xtractor Tool
    * Also contains bonus feature as NO-SLAX ModeB command
    * Can work with 360 xtractor tool or other (homemade max323) adapters, even rival tools are welcome

    * Key reading on Liteon Benq Drives
    * key.bin/identify.bin/inquiry.bin file generation
    * Allow ORIGINAL / CLONE detection for 360 Xtractor Tool (R.I.P. D.France)
    * BONUS FEATURE: Send ModeB command to All Hitachi Drives (even 78/79) NO SLAX REQUIRED

    WHAT’S NEW ON 2.8:
    * ADDED : Dumping of Liteon Optical and DVD mainboard serials (it saves as serial.bin) Big thanks to Geremia for the info.
    * ADDED : Creation of dummy.bin wich basically is a compilation of all the other files. That way the dump is fully compatible with latest jungleflasher
    * ADDED : Added option for creating the missing serial.bin and dummy.bin. You must enter those values, you can find that option under the “Prepare Spoofed Firmware” button, give it a try it has help links on it.


  • Posted by Pirate , on 25/02/2009 , @ 03:36pm


    Demonhades has claimed to have decypted the Playstation3 hard drive.

    To quote from his website (translated to English):

    Well, to give more details:

    The key is 512 bytes

    it’s a sha1-4096 (512bytes by sector)

    the key is xored

    To be clear it wasn’t a simple xor how some are speculating…

    (we have already located a self)

    Still no mention if it can be reproduce on all PS3′s or not
    Or even how to accomplish it

    This is definitely interesting and very good news we will be keeping eyes on.

    [VIA DemonHades.org]

    UPDATE: We have confirmation that this decryption was done on a RETAIL PS3 (not Test/Debug)

  • Posted by Pirate , on 20/02/2009 , @ 05:45pm


    Welcome PS3HAX.NET and XBOX360HAX.NET members to our new site! We have now merged both of our biggest hacking sites to one mega site, making HaxNetwork your pit stop for Xbox 360, Playstation 3, and PSP hacking news!

    Starting off, we urge all of our current members to change their passwords and update their profile information for their own security. Work on the site is still being done, but we have opened the forums to resume normal discussion. There are still some kinks in site we are working on and hopefully they will be hammered down within the next few days (this site is OPTIMIZED for FIREFOX). We will also be modifying the forum space a little bit to make it more organized and minimize all the scrolling. There will be staff positions open in next few days so if your interested to help out in HaXNetwork here is your chance.

    Also for those who are just interested in PS3 news or just Xbox 360 news, you can click on the filters on the front page (PS3, Xbox360, PSP) to show hacking news that only relates to that format.

    Welcome to the new site, let us know what you think of it :)