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  • Posted by Pirate , on 27/03/2009 , @ 09:48am


    Xbox 360 owners suffer from the RRoD but PS3 has its own problems. A small percentage of PS3 owners suffer from a phenomenon called “Yellow Light of Death” or “YLoD” . A issue very similar to Xbox 360. Up till now there has not been a fix for this but Gilksy1 has found a way to fix this for PS3 owners. This method is oddly familiar to the Xbox 360 RRoD repair and requires you to open your PS3 and need a heat gun.

    You can view the PDF tutorial via download link below:

  • Posted by Pirate , on 26/03/2009 , @ 05:53pm


    Seacrest has released a new version of abgx360 - THE ultimate tool for Xbox 360 ISOs and Stealth files.

    Changes affecting all platforms:

    • Added PFI/Video exceptions for “Disney Sing It: High School Musical 3 - Senior Year” and “Monsters vs. Aliens”
    • Added support for new PFI/Video exceptions to be quickly added (and existing ones removed if necessary) via updates to abgx360.dat
    • Fixed a bug which caused a blank or incomplete .dvd file to be considered valid
    • GUI font size is now adjusted at runtime to prevent cut off text on some systems

    Changes affecting Linux/BSD:

    • Fixed a bug on 64 bit systems which made it impossible to add SplitVid
    • GUI “Maximize it” option now works with latest xterm
    • Numerous small changes to eliminate errors and warnings on latest gcc/g++


  • Posted by Pirate , on 25/03/2009 , @ 02:59pm


    If your a Playstation Home fan, then there is a glitch out that might interest you.  Krack3n has recently found a save game glitch to get you the Home Summerhouse for free. The process is simple, just upload the save file below, fire off Home and you will be promoted to download the Summerhouse for free. Works on all PS3 regions.


  • Posted by Pirate , on 23/03/2009 , @ 02:29pm


    For those of you who had FragFX version 1, a popular mouse/joystick type PS3 controller, the initial versions suffered from severe performance issues. SplitFish has finally released the long awaited version 2, and they are now shipping to retailers.

    Key features of the FragFX V2 controller include:
    • Larger mousepad for a wider range of motion for mouse tracking and aiming
    • Varied mouse button surface textures to distinguish between buttons and provide better grip and less slip
    • Unique pressure sensitive Frag button that allows gamers to drastically increase their accuracy-perfect for long-range sniping.
    • Macro mouse sensitivity control located on the FragChuck provides gamers with a truly unique control setup.
    • Improved directional padRapid-fire can be mapped to a variety of mouse buttons and can be turned on and off on the fly from in-game.
    • FragChuck has full range of adjustable 6-Axis motion control.
    • Unique motion port feature that allows gamers to map 6-Axis motions-specific functions to a variety of buttons.

    Definitely a must buy for any hardcore FPS player. FragFX version 2 retails for $79.95 USD.

  • Posted by Pirate , on 13/03/2009 , @ 12:00pm


    Seacrest released abgx360 v1.0.0, the ultimate tool for Xbox 360 ISOs and Stealth files:
    abgx360 v1.0.0 is finally here to save you from the BAN HAMMER!

    Release info:

    Very easy to use.
    Runs natively on practically any operating system.
    All the info you could want is contained in the GUI.
    If you still need a tutorial or you plan to write one, you’re an idiot.
    Enjoy and thanks to everyone involved! You know who you are!Love,


  • Posted by Pirate , on 08/03/2009 , @ 05:54pm


    We have started to hire new members for our staff again. To sign up you must fill out the application below, and you will be notified in a few days if you were accepted for the job.

    [Hiring Closed]

  • Posted by Pirate , on 07/03/2009 , @ 11:06am


    Team Jungle has released the latest iXtreme firmware and Jungle flasher for Xbox 360

    Features (iXtreme):

    This represents a possibility of booting a bad backup but now that there is some good tools out there (like abgx360) to check your backups before you boot them, the risk is small.

    So please check your backups to ensure consistency with the original!

    Full support to flash all drives in the new Jungleflasher (0.1.51) including easy upgrade for Liteon iX1.5 drives (WIll get all info inc key from drive over SATA)

    We can’t give you the download link to iXtreme Firmware, but we can to Jungle Flasher and you can grab that below:

    Features for Jungle Flasher:
    View full list of updates here.

    Download Jungle Flasher.

  • Posted by Pirate , on 04/03/2009 , @ 03:55pm


    If you have a Xbox 360s with a stealth firmware, there might be bad news for you. New releases (such as Tom Clancy’s H.A.W.X. and MLB 09) do not boot on stealth firmwares. Xbox-Scene explains why below:

    The reason in short: these games include the NXE dashboard update inside the video partition of the disc. The newer ‘stealth’ iXtreme firmwares check the crc of the video partition and if it doesn’t match ‘wave1′ or ‘wave2′ it will refuse to boot the disc. This new video partition that includes the NXE dashboard upgrade is ‘wave 3′ and support will have to be added for it in the iXtreme firmwares.

    Older non-stealth firmwares do not check the video partition, so these will probably boot the discs, but it’s unsafe (alias stupid) to use these firmwares on a Xbox360 you also want to connect on LIVE, as it can/will get you banned.

    C4eva and his team are already working on a new iXtreme version for all drive versions. iXtreme v1.51 will probably include full ‘wave3′ support (including for Hitachi drives). v1.6 is planned for later with 0800 dumping for all drives as well! There are no deadlines for the release, it’ll be out when it’s ready and tested, so please don’t ask … it shouldn’t take too long.

    [via Xbox-Scene]

  • Posted by Pirate , on 02/03/2009 , @ 04:44pm


    Now here is a fancy trick someone thought of, efaustus9 has managed to get Starcraft running on his PS3. He basically used Qemu to emulate Windows 95 on his PS3 (via YDL).


    The game lags slightly, but hey at least its running a PC game and it is playable.

    Click here to follow the tutorial on how to install Starcraft on your PS3.

  • Posted by Pirate , on 02/03/2009 , @ 12:08am


    While some sites were quick to falsely label the recent discovery of HDD discovery “fake”, a tutorial is now available on how to decrypt your own Playstation 3 HDD (yes retail). Just to shed some light on the confusion that has been spread around the scene of this “discovery”; This method was discovered a while ago but was never released publicly. knightsolidus stumbled upon this during his research and brought it to the public’s attention.

    The following method is a brief explanation on what to do (detailed tutorial will be available soon, though what is below should suffice).

    1.) Make a dump of your PS3 HDD (connect to your PC via SATA)
    2.) Plug HDD back to your PS3
    3. Copy a large-dummy file to the HDD
    4.) Unplug HDD from PS3, and plug it back into your PC
    5.) Dump the HDD image again
    6.) Compare the two dumps you know have, and locate the encrypted dummy data (use HxD or any hex editor to do this)
    7.) Replace the encrypted dummy data with sections of the data you want to decrypt
    8.) Place the HDD back into your PS3
    9.) Copy dummy data from PS3 to external media (USB drive/flash drive)
    10.) Inspect the dummy file on PC from USB stick/flash drive.

    And there you have it. Let us know what your discoveries lead to, we already have interesting things popping up :)