• PS3 Hacks , 25.03.2009

    If your a Playstation Home fan, then there is a glitch out that might interest you.  Krack3n has recently found a save game glitch to get you the Home Summerhouse for free. The process is simple, just upload the save file below, fire off Home and you will be promoted to download the Summerhouse for free. Works on all PS3 regions.


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    1. jmuuss
      03:10 PM

      Once you leave the Summer house, odds are that you can't come back since it won't register it as a personal space that you own. I personally think $5 isn't a big deal. I may however do this to use other personal spaces that are coming out this week just in case I don't get a PSN card.

    2. jaasumbra
      03:11 PM

      seems cool enough, but still I agree with jmuss, id indeed rather pay.

      jmuss, test it

    3. Krack3n
      09:23 PM

      You can come back to it as much as you like. Decorate it the way you want, I already had it decorated as some have you already seen. The purchased furniture I had in there and all the arcade machines etc. wont show up if you don't own them or have unlocked them. You just have to walk into it through the Central Plaza or Home Square when you want to return. You can invite friends in also. I know 5 bucks isn't much but think of it as a demo until $ony fixes it. Lol


    4. jalaneme
      08:32 AM

      i already have the home summer house so i am not bothered.

    5. Mikkuru
      08:54 AM

      Like I stated in the original thread, you need to consider if the risk of getting banned is worth the 5 bucks you'd be saving with this method.

    6. Creepyfreak
      12:48 PM

      Thank, it works better than I thought it would.

    7. thijzzy
      01:45 AM

      I use it and it works great
      I got a EU 40gb version
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      @ jamuuss
      you can go back to the summer house

    8. jmuuss
      05:37 AM

      Originally Posted by thijzzy
      @ jamuuss
      you can go back to the summer house
      I noticed that when Home was stuck on "Waiting for server" and I hit select and saw an option to go to my personal space. Now I have the Summer House on my Japanese account.

    9. DawidHUN
      01:38 PM

      It is not working now. It has been patched Now You are not allowed to use saves from another account.

    10. jmuuss
      02:31 PM

      Originally Posted by DawidHUN
      It is not working now. It has been patched Now You are not allowed to use saves from another account.
      You just have to set the Summer House as the default personal space again. People are still doing it. They just made it so the default personal space reset to the Harbor Studio after an update.

    11. jmuuss
      09:42 AM

      Playstation Home update v1.23 fixed this glitch. You may only use saves created by your account.