• PS3 Hacks , 23.03.2009

    For those of you who had FragFX version 1, a popular mouse/joystick type PS3 controller, the initial versions suffered from severe performance issues. SplitFish has finally released the long awaited version 2, and they are now shipping to retailers.

    Key features of the FragFX V2 controller include:
    • Larger mousepad for a wider range of motion for mouse tracking and aiming
    • Varied mouse button surface textures to distinguish between buttons and provide better grip and less slip
    • Unique pressure sensitive Frag button that allows gamers to drastically increase their accuracy-perfect for long-range sniping.
    • Macro mouse sensitivity control located on the FragChuck provides gamers with a truly unique control setup.
    • Improved directional padRapid-fire can be mapped to a variety of mouse buttons and can be turned on and off on the fly from in-game.
    • FragChuck has full range of adjustable 6-Axis motion control.
    • Unique motion port feature that allows gamers to map 6-Axis motions-specific functions to a variety of buttons.

    Definitely a must buy for any hardcore FPS player. FragFX version 2 retails for $79.95 USD.

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    1. weed37
      02:43 PM

      Looks great u can buy this here http://www.splitfish.com/uk/?uid=4nkpfqinh2cvv3t0

    2. jaasumbra
      03:13 PM

      I TRUELY HOPE that this will be more accurate than the first crap they released..

      it didn't react on small movements at all, even though the sensitivity was at the very highest.. unstable and crap it was..

      I got my fingers crossed, but I aint wasting my money again.. and not to mention the LOUSY customer server and SLOW updates on firmware, and fake release dates of updates which did'nt change anything...
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      btw... will the new firmware work on the v.1 controller? i'll test to see if it does any difference..

    3. keytor69
      03:30 PM

      why not try the tweak utility Jaasumbra, hopefully if the utility recognises the controller then the firmware might be compatable.

    4. FRIJOL
      07:50 AM

      I seen this controller but too complex to use while puffin some bowls IMO. Maybe ill give it a shot. BUt then again a Steering wheel for Gran Turismo would be King!

    5. Creepyfreak
      12:50 PM

      looks amazing

    6. jaasumbra
      07:14 AM

      if anyone actually tries this, I would like to hear some feedback for it.. when I first bought the version 1.0 I was so disappointed, as I thought it was a controller-dream come true... if anyone actually gets it working I would love to give it another shot.