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  • Posted by Pirate , on 29/06/2009 , @ 10:17pm


    Sony has filed a patent for the cell processor to emulate the Emotion Engine bringing back PS2 backwards compatibility to all PS3′s

    There are two main ways to emulate hardware. Interpretation is when target code is decoded and converted into a language the host can understand. The other strategy is to decode and recompile programs in the host’s language.
    Maybe the concept is better explained another way. Interpretation is like having someone constantly translating English to Japanese for you, non stop, twenty four hours a day wherever you go. Decoding and recompiling is like someone translating a sets of words and putting them in a dictionary you can reference.

    Maybe we will see backwards compatibility in upcoming 3.0 firmware update.

    More information available via link below:

  • Posted by Pirate , on 29/06/2009 , @ 10:02pm


    A few new applications were released recently for the PS3. ifcaro has released a update for his HDD Toolbox, and PS3 Update Extractor.

    PS3 HDD Toolbox v0.94is a program to facilitate the encryption and decryption of the hard disk of the PS3. Grab the download here.

    PS3 Update Extractor v1.12, is used to extract recent PS3 updates files. Download it here.

    RichDevX has also released a modified version of StreetskaterFU’s PS3 Trophy Scanner, it has various new improvements and is more user friendly (and potentially easier to use). Download it here.

  • Posted by Pirate , on 28/06/2009 , @ 10:38am


    Aversion Media have found a way to edit the Xbox 360 achievements, change your gamescore and even change your gamertag!

    Watch the video on how to do this below:

  • Posted by Pirate , on 24/06/2009 , @ 11:47am


    Sony has released the newest PS3 firmware, v2.80. This firmware brings the following changes:

    The playback quality of some PLAYSTATION 3 format software has been improved.

    It also blocks the Open Remote Play, so those who enjoy this don’t update (no stats on current work arounds for newest firmware).

    [Download FW 2.80]

  • Posted by Pirate , on 22/06/2009 , @ 10:57pm


    The latest CFWEnabler was just released for the PSP. What is CFWEnabler? It is aprogram that activates the functions of the M33 custom firmware using ChickHen (works on PSP-300/TA-088v3).

    3.50 Changes:

    - Fixed a bug with the game for the network infrastructure (if you fail to function properly it is necessary to return to change the version.txt in this version, simply reescribelo in the menu)
    - Improved system for updating network.
    - Improved system distorts the direction of Mac
    - Improved system plugins (yes, again …)
    - Enhanced the program’s inception, is now a second faster.
    - Increase the limit of error in the installation 10.

    Grab the full update log, how to and download below:

  • Posted by Pirate , on 11/06/2009 , @ 06:35pm


    FrostyTheSnowman released a new revision of his 360 Modification USB Drive(info).

    What’s new/fixed in v1.6:
    * Removed manual firmware dump check screen (due to keyboard incompatibility)
    * Added firmware dump validation scripting (to replace manual checks)
    * Added ‘Advanced Options’ menu
    * Added direct custom firmware flashing menu for Samsung/BenQ/Lite-On drives
    * Corrected USB Boot Drive Letter detection
    * USB Drive can now be created with either FreeDOS or MS-DOS (compatibility fix for older PCs)