• PS3 Hacks , 09.09.2009

    StreetSkaterFU has decrypted the new animated PS3 themes to see what they really are made, to quote from his blog below:

    A quick look at the new animated themes shows that they are not really different to the common themes. I just downloaded the free theme from the japanese store and decrypted the HDD again to see what is inside the package file. Well, it is:

    1. JP9000-NPJQ00006_00-0000000000000000.p3t.edat

    You see a normal .p3t file which is the same type of data, the old themes use. It is just encrypted as .edat file which is decrypted and installed on the PS3 on the fly after downloading it.

    2. PS3LOGO.DAT

    The default picture you see in any game when you press triangle -> information about the game.

    That’s all. Wondering if there will be a homebrew program to develop your own animated themes soon, or even a SONY tool like the one for the old themes?!

    - SKFU

    [VIA SKFU Blog]

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    1. $n!pR
      10:13 AM

      Wish he would post the decrypted files, it's obviously not just a regular PS3 theme file as Sony said it requires a dev kit.

    2. master_sim
      10:14 AM

      datz kool
      i hope to see sum FREE!!! dynamic themes on the way lol
      im gettin kinda bored of da zebraz

    3. Zer01ne
      07:00 PM

      The file PS3LOGO.DAT is in a PS3 Game Disc !!!

    4. jalaneme
      12:58 PM

      ha! and sony are going on how the animated themes are "very hard to program for" yeah right! lets hope we see some cool animated themes soon out in the wild, can't wait.

    5. delinquenthabitsx
      12:33 AM

      why not just use ps3 proxy to get the direct download link for it. easy as pie

    6. David562
      04:55 PM

      Originally Posted by delinquenthabitsx
      why not just use ps3 proxy to get the direct download link for it. easy as pie
      You must be old cause it don't work anymore and its encrypted?

    7. morkelkey
      08:00 AM

      So, it's in your own interest (you want the problem be solved, don't you? ...

    8. bravejone
      01:34 AM

      Hello friends,
      I like the XMB. It's fast and intuitive. I don't care if it's flashy or whatnot. It works- it gets me to the content I want. That's what a user iterface is supposed to do. If you xbox and apple people want to stare at your GUI all day, be my guest. I'll be playing a game or watching a movie.
      Thanks for sharing this view,