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  • Posted by Pirate , on 29/10/2009 , @ 10:56am


    Xamp from Xbox Scene has released a patched version of Xplorer360 to work with the 250GB HDD.

    The Good:
    * Drag and drop content to and from (inject/extract) confirmed working on both Partitions 2 and 3.

    The Bad:
    * Do not use any sort of backup or restore image features with this patched version.
    * Do not use this version with 20, 60, or 120 gig drives.

    The Details:
    * Changed the cluster chain length value to 00 08 39 at offset 0xF0C2.

  • Posted by Pirate , on 17/10/2009 , @ 01:17pm


    Microsoft have introduced a new disc security to stop piracy on the 360 (Wave 4 protection). The game “Car-o-Rama” is known to have this new security on it, but a 3mb patch quickly strips the new security.

    Last Friday Disney Pixar released a new game, Car O Rama, which boasted a new Wave 4 protection. Microsoft’s earlier attempts at protecting the Xbox 360 against piracy have all failed miserably, and it seems this one is no exception. Pirates have already created a temporary fix for the iXtreme 1.6 hack firmware, which involves you downloading a 3MB “activate.iso” file and burning it to a DVD9 disc.

    This disc can then be used to load games with Wave 4 protection, which currently only include Car O Rama, but will most likely include otehr games in the future. The official NFO file for the loader states


  • Posted by Pirate , on 14/10/2009 , @ 10:41pm


    Two days ago they promised to release their PS3 SFO editor, well here it is :) . Props to Hellcat, RichDevX and SilverSpring for their great work. If there are any issues/bugs, please report them on the forums or message RichDevX on his twitter. You can download this HaxNetwork exclusive release below.

    Stay tuned for future releases and updates.


  • Posted by Pirate , on 14/10/2009 , @ 04:46pm


    PS3 user alexman101, has modded his PS3 with 104 LEDs and the PulseVU modifcation. PulseVU2x is soldered inside the PS3 (or any video game system) that controls LED lights to pulse with the audio coming from your console.
    Some pictures:

    You can view the video of this in action below:

    A cheaper version of this can be done via tutorial here (requires you to make your own PulseVU w/code).


  • Posted by Pirate , on 14/10/2009 , @ 04:37pm


    Team Cygnos integrates JTAG hack into Cygnos360 v2, news from Team Cygnos:

    The last couple of weeks have been very turbulent for all Xbox360 lovers. We have seen some very good developments towards homebrew and better linux. We had fought with delays caused by the manufacturing and sourcing process which we finally solved. Now, Cygnos360 V2 is on stock at several shops and on the way to others. Production is still slow but ramping up and we are shortening delivery times. We did however not spend the time waiting doing nothing. We have used the time to significantly improve the functionality and usability of Cygnos360 V2.

    * Most interesting new features are:
    -Integration of the JTAG hack into our firmware so that we can play the role of the microcontroller doing the JTAG inject. This is running and tested on xenon and falcon mainboards. The other versions will follow via software updates. No taking apart or re-wiring needed. (please note that we cannot (yet) read and program the 256 & 512 Mb jaspers, 16Mb Jaspers are fine)
    -The Cygnos360 V2 USB board now has a vertical USB connector. That way it is much easier and cleaner to install in your Xbox360. -We have added the possibility to communicate from “Xell” to Cygnos360 V2, for example to switch kernel via software command. (hotswap)
    -We have added the functionality to enable switching between kernels having different SMC versions. It is not necessary to unplug the console for kernel switching, which is the case on current homebrew nand switchers and XD card solutions.
    -We have added a back-channel to the Cygnos360 V2 that enables developers to talk back from applications running on the 360 to Cygnos. This way it is possible for example to send data from within the 360 to the PC via Cygnos360 V2. (e.g. temperatures, CPU/DVD key, or other nice stuff)

    * Firmware and Toolbox
    A flaw in our firmware has been fixed that caused the JTAG hack to work only once every power cycle. The JTAG hack has so far been tested on Xenon and Falcon. Opus is very likely to work as well. We appreciate, if anyone could test this on a Zephyr. Please report any errors!
    The new toolbox in conjunction with the firmware will display serial output from XeLL, Linux, etc. in the console window.

    Output coming from the Xbox 360 is colored yellow in order to distinguish it from toolbox messages (green). Since XeLL outputs the fuse settings via serial port, there’s now a very convenient way to save these to a file.
    Download the new firmware and toolbox from here

    * XeLL
    Since our microcontroller cannot handle serial communication at 115200 baud, we had to make a minor modification to XeLL. The modification will set the baud rate register of the Xbox 360 to 38400 baud, 8 data bits, no parity and one stop bit. This implies that you have to build a custom JTAG hack image for Cygnos360 V2 with our modified XeLL. You can download the XeLL binaries and sources from here.

    * imgbuild
    The free60 imgbuild tool does by default not generate a full image as required by our toolbox. We therefore modified the build script accordingly. You can download the whole package from here.
    Building your own image under Windows requires the installation of a Python interpreter. The simplest way is to download and install the Cygwin base system along with the “python” and “python-crypto” packages from here [cygwin.com].
    Our modified imgbuild tool does not require a full binutils/gcc toolchain to generate an image. We included a precompiled payload binary instead. The SMC config block is taken from a dump of your Xbox 360. A typical command to generate and image would look like this:
    python build.py dump.bin CBxxxx.bin CDxxxx.bin xboxupd.bin smc_hacked.bin xell-1f.bin
    CBxxxx.bin and CDxxxx.bin are console (Xenon, Zephyr, Falcon, Opus, Jasper) specific, as well as smc_hacked.bin. Please use the xell-1f.bin from our XeLL package.

    * Manual
    For all interested for more info, check out the installation manual it contains a lot of info:


    Happy Hacking!
    Team Cygnos


  • Posted by Pirate , on 13/10/2009 , @ 05:57pm


    celld0wn over at DemonHades have found the JTag port on PS3′s BluRay drive board.

    Rough translation from celld0wn below:

    I found the JTag port for the Blu-ray Reader on the PlayStation 3. Last night after finishing the research meeting I went looking for information about BD integrated reader.

    In and looking at the information that I found on the back of the plate reader I saw that there is no connector terminals, these terminals belong to a connector which connects ‘something’ via terminals and through the Internet I found the points used in a JTag, including the TDO, TDI, TMS etc.

    Originally developed for printed circuit boards, it is currently used for test of submodules of integrated circuits, and is also useful as a mechanism for debugging embedded applications, as it provides a backdoor to within the system.

    When used as a debugging tool, an in-circuit emulator that uses JTag as the transport mechanism allows the programmer to access the debugging module that is integrated into the CPU. The debug module enables the programmer to correct their errors and code logic of their systems.

    There are consumer products that have a JTag port integrated, so that the connections are often available on the PCB as part of the prototype phase of the product. These connections can provide a simple way to reverse-engineer.

    As you can see we have a door strike to try to get the firmware, decrypted data, and all that is able to control the Blu-ray reader.

    [ViA DemonHades]

    Thanks SCE for news tip.

  • Posted by Pirate , on 12/10/2009 , @ 11:13pm


    PS3 Hacker’s RichDevX, Hellcat, and SilverSpring have told us today that they plan to release their PS3 System file editor (SFO) in approximately 48 hours. The app is user friendly and allows the editing of SFO files, similar to the one Sony has but with less restrictions.

    RichDevX has started working again and promises more applications (Sony SDK clones) in the near future.

    We will post the new application here in two days time of the SFO application release :)

    [Via RichDevX Twitter]

  • Posted by Pirate , on 06/10/2009 , @ 07:07pm


    After the release of the hack for Xenon and Falcon motherboards, today we get the Free60 JTAG/SMC XeLL Hack for Zephyr (v2) motherboards!. This NAND image will boot your Zephyr Xbox360 right into XeLL (Allows you to launch Linux distros or run libxenon homebrew software).

    Finally the Zephyr JTAG Hack is here :)
    This is XELL (compiled 11.09.09) inserted into 4558 Zephyr-Kernel.
    !Fixed Version! USB Support was broken

    Don’t wonder about the Filesize, its correct like that. It just flashes the beginning of the NAND so your console specific data like MAC adress will stay.

    Of course you should have a working backup of your NAND before you proceed.

    Just flash with:
    nandpro lpt: -w16 zephyr_hack_updxell.bin 0
    nandpro usb: -w16 zephyr_hack_updxell.bin 0

    SMC-JTAG Hack Wiring
    DB1F1 —|<|— J2D2.1
    RFUnit 2nd row, 2nd Pin —|<|—- J2D2.2
    J2D2.4 ——— J2D2.7

  • Posted by Pirate , on 04/10/2009 , @ 12:31am


    PSP hacker FreePlay has released video proof for his PSP Go exploit (Hello World).  You can view the video at the read more link. There is  however a catch, FreePlay has stated that he will not be releasing the exploit unless there is a good reason to. The exploit does NOT write to the flash (just usermode), so this would not lead to CFW, ISO loaders etc. FP does mention that this IS patchable so technically the refusal to release can most likely be in our favor.

  • Posted by Pirate , on 01/10/2009 , @ 11:58am


    Ben Heck has made his newest PS3 laptop using the PS3 slim and components. Video and read more link.

    Maybe this will get me motivated working again on my second laptop revision I started about a year ago :)