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  • Posted by MohammadAG , on 25/11/2009 , @ 12:01pm


    Well well, remember the news post we made earlier about the changes in the TOS? Turns out it was a typo!

    MusterBuster cleared up all the confusion on the community forums earlier today.

    Quote from his post:


    This is a typo - the number of activated consoles is STILL 5

    You should receive an updated email within the next few days.


    News tip by Pirate

  • Posted by MohammadAG , on 24/11/2009 , @ 03:03pm


    Bad news for all traders and users with multiple PS3s, SCE have changed their Terms of Service to allow only up to 3 PS3s on one account.

    Traders beware, you can only share games on up to three PS3s now, users with share groups will also be affected.

    Users with >3 systems activated should be safe, however if one system is deactivated, it can no longer be activated again.

    Quote from the TOS:

    In-game items or content that you have purchased may be downloaded from PlayStation®Store. Pursuant to the particular terms of use that govern a specific in-game item or content you have purchased, you may use that item or content on up to three (3) different PlayStation®3 systems that have been activated for your account. You may deactivate or activate specific PlayStation®3 systems, as long as the maximum activated number of PlayStation®3 systems for your account at any given time is three (3).

    * The first category, called Network Content, can only be accessed by one activated PlayStation®3 system per day and only by the account through which the Network Content was purchased. Network Content cannot be used on two different PlayStation®3 systems within a twenty-four (24) hour period.

    * The second category, called Local Content, once installed on a PlayStation®3 system by the account that purchased it, can be accessed by other accounts on that same PlayStation®3 system.

    This means that, if a game is purchased, it can only be downloaded once every 24h, meaning games can’t be shared immediately.

    Do you think Sony have finally put an end to sharing? Have your thoughts on the forums.


    Tip by madshaun1984

  • Posted by Pirate , on 24/11/2009 , @ 12:36pm


    News has just been posted on Xbox Forums about the LIVE bannings, This wont come as a suprise but reading the post it seems that Mr Gates is getting his army ready for all out WAR on us 360 owners.

    Microsoft recently banned a large number of pirates from Xbox Live, and this has raised some questions over what can get you banned, and exactly how fair and accurate the banning process is. The truth is worse than you may have suspected.

    Let’s get one thing straight right off the bat – pirates should absolutely be banned from XBL. Piracy is a large drain on the gaming industry and needs to be stopped, but just how does Microsoft determine who is and who isn’t a pirate? Well, they’re not very upfront about their process for determining guilt, but it’s a safe bet that some piece of diagnostic software running in the background on every 360 is looking for the firmware modifications necessary to run pirated games. When a console has been flagged as modded, it gets banned.

    That’s all well and good, but what if you genuinely didn’t mod your console? What if you bought it used and had no idea it was even modded? If you go to MS with these concerns, prepare for the possibility that you might lose any DLC you have legitimately purchased, including games, map packs, and videos. One user who claims to have been banned in error was met with the following threat from a Microsoft staffer after posting his concern on the Xbox Forums

    Our investigations are very thorough. However if you PM me with your consoleID and serial number we will reverify our investigation. Your console ID is located in System Settings>Console Settings>System Info

    Before replying, please be sure that you:

    1. Purchased your console brand new and unopened from a reputable retailer
    2. No individual has ever handled the Xbox outside your direct physical supervision.
    3. You have thoroughly reviewed the information and FAQ located at http://www.xbox.com/en-US/consoleban/

    Please be aware that if our reverification is correct, this could result in a permanent suspension of the Xbox LIVE accounts on this console, along with all associated licenses and gamerscore.

    There are two scary facts here. The first is that MS won’t re-investigate the banning, but only re-verify it. That makes it sound like they’ll just double check to make sure this unfortunate gamer’s serial number is in fact on the banned list rather than making sure it deserves to be on that list. Even more upsetting is that the punishment for asking to have the console re-verified is the banning of the gamertag, complete with the loss of any and all DLC licenses held by that account. So let’s say you have purchased $200 worth of map packs, games on demand, and XBLA titles from the Xbox Live Marketplace before your console got banned. If you ask to have that ban re-verified, and the results are the same, Microsoft can take back all of that content that you legally purchased.

    I’m afraid it gets worse. Piracy isn’t the only thing that can get an Xbox 360 banned from Xbox Live. If you have any repairs or cosmetic modifications done to your console by anyone other than Microsoft, you run the risk of getting banned if they find out about it. From the Xbox Live terms of service:

    The Service may only be accessed with an original Xbox, an Xbox 360 console, a personal computer, or other device authorized by us, or by logging into your account via Xbox.com . You agree that you are using only authorized software and hardware to access the Service, that your software and hardware have not been modified in any unauthorized way (e.g., through unauthorized repairs, unauthorized upgrades, or unauthorized downloads), and that we have the right to send data , applications or other content to any software or hardware that you are using to access the Service for the express purpose of detecting an unauthorized modification.

    Microsoft charges over $100 for a repair if you’re out of warranty, and you can expect to be without your console for between two and four weeks. In my area, I was able to find several repairmen, and shops that would fix a 360 for $50, and the turnaround time was less than a week in every case. Currently, there doesn’t seem to be any evidence that MS is banning customers for going with the quicker, cheaper local repairman, but it is rather disheartening to know they could.

    It’s great that MS can ban pirates whenever the need arises. Unfortunately the policies that allow for pirates to get the smack down also leave a lot of room for innocent gamers to get trampled on. Hopefully Microsoft will update their policies, or at least use their ban hammer responsibly.

    I have reached out to Stephen Toulouse, Director of Policy and Enforcement for Xbox LIVE, for clarification on these issues, but have not received a response at the time of this writing.


  • Posted by Pirate , on 23/11/2009 , @ 09:24pm


    It seems that after patch 3.1, PS3 Slims have stopped syncing with PS3 controllers. Sometimes they sync properly, other times they don’t. Many people across PS3 forums have reported that their controllers are having a sync issue after firmware 3.1. When we called up Sony to question the issue, they responded with “Your PS3 internal bluetooth is dead”. A known fix is a restart the PS3 or complete unplug and replug the power then start and resync again (via USB).

    As for the “phat” PS3′s they seem to be unaffected by this problem.

    I have 3 Slim PS3′s and they seem to all be malfunctioning, not syncing with PS3 after FW 3.1. They work just fine when plugged in VIA USB.

    Are any of you guys experiencing this problem?

  • Posted by Pirate , on 23/11/2009 , @ 07:43pm


    Well it look’s like Microsoft are at it again with all the system ban’s that have been sent out in last few weeks this latest step shows that they are putting a stop to hackers once and for all…As you can read below

    Datel announced that it has filed an antitrust lawsuit against Microsoft, in response to Microsoft’s lockout (via Xbox 360 firmware update) of the company’s Max Memory Cards. We doubt this is the “remedy” for the lockout issue to which the company previously referred, but it’s certainly one way to address it.

    Microsoft has taken steps to render inoperable the competing Datel memory card for no visible purpose other than to have that market entirely to themselves,” Datel attorney Marty Glick explained in a press release. “They accomplished their recent update by making a system change that will not recognize or allow operation of a memory card with greater capacity than their own. We believe that with the power Microsoft enjoys in the market for Xbox accessories this conduct is unlawful.”

    In the press release, Datel goes on to say that the lawsuit is intended to “restore competition” which, the company suggests, is beneficial to consumers. It’s now up to a federal court in San Francisco to determine whether the Max Memory-crippling Xbox update constitutes unlawful anti-competitive behavior on the part of Microsoft.

    The last time Datel went to court, it viewed the experience from the other side. Sony filed suit against the peripheral maker over the “Lite Blue Tool,” which would have enabled users to run unsigned code on PSP hardware.


  • Posted by MohammadAG , on 22/11/2009 , @ 02:52pm


    As you all know, FreePlay teased us all with the exploit for the PSPGo some time ago

    Well now ironically after the release of 6.20, the exploit was released for the public and is available for download.

    Quote from FreePlay:

    “I told you it wasn’t fake, but some of you still didn’t believe me. You need firmware 6.10 or below, and the game (now known as Archer Maclean’s Mercury) of course. The exploit was patched in 6.20, and the PSN version of the game was updated to require 6.20. The eLoader isn’t happening at all unless I can get a 6.10 firmware dump from the Go, which this exploit can’t do. It would probably be best to wait until an XMB-based exploit comes along… game-based exploits are too easy to block.”

    YouTube - PSP Go: Firmware 6.20 released - the exploit was patched…

    Download Link:

    PSP Go Exploit, works on FW 6.10 only (uploaded by Tcraw)

    First posted on HaxNetwork.net by Tcraw.

  • Posted by MohammadAG , on 19/11/2009 , @ 03:44pm


    Sony have released the new 6.20 official firmware which includes a new Digital comic reader for comics that will be available off PSN this December.


    • Digital Comics Reader – PlayStation Network Digital Comics is a new service launching in December. It will allow you to download hundreds of classic and new comics from the PlayStation Store and read them page by page or frame by frame on your PSP system. Firmware update (v6.20) includes the Digital Comics reader application, which you’ll find under a new section called “Extras” on the XMB. Please note, the comic reader is an additional download; once you’ve loaded (v6.20) onto your system, simply click on the comic reader icon under “Extras” to download it to your PSP. In addition, you’ll be able to try out a free digital comic sample from the service soon. Visit www.playstationcomics.com for more information.
    • Export video/photo playlists – This is a new feature that allows you to export your video and photo playlists from your PC to your PSP system through Media Go. Download the latest version of Media Go (v1.3) for this and a few additional enhancements.

    Download Links:

    US PSP 6.20 OFW (Sony Servers)

    EU PSP 6.20 OFW (Sony Servers)

  • Posted by Pirate , on 18/11/2009 , @ 11:08pm


    The newest PS3 firmware is out, new updates below:

    • Photos: Photos will now be displayed in a grid format for simplified access and viewing.
    • Friends List: The PlayStation Network Friends List has an enhanced design that enables users to customize the background color of their PlayStation Network Profile.
    • Facebook Integration


  • Posted by Pirate , on 18/11/2009 , @ 10:03am


    GodzIvan strikes again, this time with a diagram which simply write protects the NAND flash in the Xbox 360 by connecting WP to ground pin (if the flash type has different pinout, just find the datasheet to locate WP). This modification does not stop the ban from M$, but it prevents deletion of the HD installation certificates required by games which means you can still install them on the hard drive. In order to update the kernel this mod must be disabled; a simple switch solution comes to mind.” This is only a safegaurd against a ban, and only works on a unbanned 360 console, and prevents against future bans.

  • Posted by Pirate , on 17/11/2009 , @ 06:42am


    Team GEN have done it again by releasing Custom Firmware 5.50 GEN-D and a quick update for it. This update includes many bug fixes, patches, and allows games requiring FW +5.55 to be run without patching them manually.


    • All features of 5.50 GEN-B2 are available.
    • Ability to run 5.51+ games without having to patch them (UMD or ISO).
    • Possibility to launch PSN demos requiring 5.51+ without having to patch them (as MGS for example).
    • Possibility to connect to the Playstation Store by using MEDIAGO, to retrieve games and goodies without having to install Fake USB or other complicated stuff.
    • Possibility to use the XGEN Updater to install the official firmware 6.10 (use it only if you have a Pandora XGEN to be able to return later in Custom firmware)
    • 480×272 AVC Videos are supported

    Changelog for GEN-D2:

    • Evangelion anti-CFW patch fix
    • Fix Wlan TKIP in game loop: pes 2009, fifa, motorstorm, GTA:CW etc.
    • Fix video output with 5.5X and 6.X games like GTA Chinatowns War
    • Fixed recovery menu with make Pandora and make battery normal
    • Removed splash screen http://www.pspgen.com but you have another spash screen in red color for let you know if the decrypter work

    Some problems with specific games:

    • If Evangelion doesn’t work: Skip the intro.
    • Use your own ISO and not a downloaded/pirated one. They’re gutted and often crap.
    • If Full Metal Alchemist doesn’t work: At first launch create your profile. When done, choose an option like “free Battle Mode” and you are then returned to the start menu with an alert “Caution.” At this point, quit and relaunch. All works fine now because the profile was created.

    Download links:
    PSP CFW 5.50 GEN-D

    PSP CFW 5.50 GEN-D2


  • Posted by Pirate , on 14/11/2009 , @ 01:29am


    The fight against the 360 ban is heating up as hackers start to pull out there big guns.  k0mpresd from X-S has posted a tutorial (confirmed working), which unbans any Xbox 360 console (8955).  The method is old and known (more info below), and is quite complicated so its not “newb friendly”.

    Post from k0mpresd :

    what you need:

    your 8955 live console + cpu key
    a 2nd unbanned console
    nandpro b + flash cable
    xell loader
    1888 fs
    robinsod’s flashtool


    use nandpro and dump nand from unbanned console.
    flash xell and use jtag hack to obtain cpu key.
    use flashtool to extract file system.

    dump nand from 8955 console.
    use flashtool to patch nand dump with kv.bin from unbanned console.
    save patched file (patched_kv.bin).

    open degraded + 1888 fs.
    create 1888 downgrader image (downgrader.bin) from your patched_kv.bin file.

    flash downgrader.bin to 8955 console.
    attach hdd + ethernet cable and boot console.

    connect to live and update to 8955 dashboard.

    console is now fully working and unbanned!

    More info on this method:

    I see lots of sites posting today about a way to unban Xbox 360 from LIVE often linking to a thread made on our forums here.

    This method has been known for a long time (since the King Kong Exploit days) and does indeed ‘work’. Basically you swap the Keyvault (or ‘KV’ in short, it stores stuff like console certificates, per-box private keys, DVD key, etc) inside the NAND with the KV from an unbanned console. While technically very different you could somewhat compare it to swapping eeprom data during the Xbox1 days.

    However there’s a (really) big ‘IF’ (besides the required tech knowledge) … you need the (unique) CPU key of your banned console - without it you can’t correctly write (or encrypt if you want) the new KV data in the NAND bin of your banned console.
    Now you wonder how to get the CPU-key … well by running XeLL of course!
    To run XeLL u need to perform the JTAG hack (or the King Kong exploit, but that’s even more outdated) … and if you got banned the last few weeks it means you updated to the latest dashboard/kernel (else you can’t get on LIVE).
    And that’s the problem… Microsoft patched the JTAG hack since kernel 849x (July 2009) … so no way to boot up XeLL (= no realistic way for you to get the CPU-key atm) and thus no way to swap the KV data in your NAND image.
    And then there’s also added KV protection (hashing) on newer motherboards (Falcon+ ? and kernel 1888 won’t boot on those), but if you can’t even get your CPU-key it doesn’t matter much to do deeper into this problem.
    The only way it would work is if you retrieved the CPU-key of your old banned 360 before you updated to anything over 849x. If you did that you probably know about all of this and I’m not telling you anything new ;)
    Downgrading kernel is not an option either, older kernels won’t boot as both kernel and CB fuses were burned during the various updates MS performed, and you can’t bypass that without … your CPU-key.

    Hope that explains the situation a bit (tried to make it not ‘too’ technical)
    On a side-note, it would probably be pretty easy for MS to detect KV-swaps (like HW-mismatches etc).
    Side-note2: in case it wasn’t obvious yet those “unban isos” are fake and iXtreme LT won’t unban you (it will instead try to avoid new bans).

    In other news, C4eva has announced he is working on a new firmware for the 360 which is not bannable, more info:

    C4Eva announced he’s working on a new firmware on IRC:
    “[c4eva] new fw in dev/test - ixtreme LT (Lite Touch) - more efficient , minimal patching , all aspects of fw indistinguisable from orig, no more bans, No ETA!”

    We do not have more details atm.
    As far as we know the 3 ‘test boxes’ C4Eva has running (see here) are still fine (not banned).

    [VIA Xbox-Scene and Team Executer]

  • Posted by Pirate , on 13/11/2009 , @ 04:08pm


    v1.0.2 has been officially released.

    * Changes affecting all platforms:
    - Added support for 4th Wave PFI/Video
    - Added support for SS v2
    - Added the new check for DMI corruption which the database has been using since 2009/06/14
    - Added ability to at least try to verify the game data when no Xex/SS ini is available and we’re not going to AutoFix
    - Added support for Avatar Awards
    - Added option to select your preferred language to use when displaying strings from the Xex title resource
    - Added drag & drop support for the GUI Input panel
    - Added option to embed images in the HTML source code as data URIs for better portability (when using HTML output)
    - Added JavaScript to HTML output that allows you to check off achievements and see the achieved text (especially useful when the how-to text is vague)
    - Added a Donate button to the GUI so you can help me pay the bills and continue working on improvements :)
    - Removed “Look for verified files in the local folder only” option from the GUI. I can’t tell you how many people have checked this box without reading it because they saw it in a tutorial or someone else told them to do it, and then they can’t figure out why abgx360 says you need to enable online functions. Please stop writing/following tutorials! Just read the Quickstart topics, the tutorial is right there.
    - Checking for updates to GameNameLookup.csv is now optional (the csv was eating 50% of our bandwidth and you probably don’t need it anyway since the game name can be retrieved directly from the Xex)
    - Fixed a bug where folders would be considered files when parsing the ISO filesystem on some recent games
    - Fixed a bug where default.pe (a temporary file used when decompressing a compressed default.xex) wasn’t being deleted automatically
    - Fixed a bug where unicode code point 160 (no-break space) would be displayed in a CLI window as ” ?” instead of ” ”
    - Small changes to the way some messages are displayed (harder to miss)

    * Changes affecting Windows:
    - Now storing data files in the AppData folder to prevent errors related to permissions and UAC. You can open the GUI and hit Ctrl+F to find out where your StealthFiles are now stored and optionally have it opened for you. abgx360 will still check for Video ISOs in the old install directory first though, so you don’t need to move that 3rd Wave Video ISO if you have it saved there already.
    - Using libcurl 7.19.6 which should hopefully fix some strange connection problems affecting a small percentage of users

    * Changes affecting Linux/BSD:
    - Fixed a bug on 64 bit systems which made it impossible to read PFI/Video exceptions from abgx360.dat
    - Added code to the unix version of kbhit() to prevent hanging when abgx360 is launched as a background process

    * Changes affecting Mac OS X:
    - Fixed a bug where abgx360 would fail to launch if you supplied a filename that contained an apostrophe
    - Changed the dark gray text used for things like achievement type to normal gray since it was actually showing up black (invisible on a black background)
    - Removed GUI option to “Use Terminal font characters” (this refers to a Windows font which replicates CP437 characters and not Terminal.app)

    * Special Note: It’s recommended to wait for iXtreme LT (Lite Touch) before you play any more backups or originals on an unbanned console flashed with custom firmware.

    VIA: http://www.abgx360.net/

  • Posted by Pirate , on 11/11/2009 , @ 07:33pm


    Team Typhoon just uploaded a youtube video showing us proof of concept that they managed to fully hack the PSPGo and run custom firmware 6.10 on it. Don’t get too excited though, Team Typhoon said that “this will never be released to the general public or anyone else at all”. Whats this new fad of making exploit then teasing everyone else with it, its beyond me.

    Disclaimer from Team Typhoon:

    This video is for bragging rights ONLY (since it’s very cool nowadays) and shows our Proof of Concept 6.10 Custom Firmware running on the PSPgo. This will never be released to the general public or anyone else at all whether you are a dev or not, this is Team Typhoon internal material, we have no reason whatsoever to waste a perfectly good exploit. So don’t ask for release dates. We don’t care about your complaining, whining and everything remotely related and it’s your own damn fault since you brought this on yourselves. Better version of the video showcasing more homebrew coming next week. Thanks go to Sony for this awesome piece of new hardware, finally a decent hardware revision. Also thanks to all historied PSP Homebrew developers for paving the way for us to be able to do this.

  • Posted by Pirate , on 08/11/2009 , @ 05:57pm


    Just when a simple Live ban wasn’t enough, it seems Microsoft has gone the extra mile to stop piracy on the 360.

    The new Xbox 360 Bans not only ban you from Live, but also block you from copying game to 360 HDD and not being able to earn achivements.

    Kushan posts a lengthy and informative article on #FW@EFNet explaining the newest Microsoft ban wave.

    - What does this mean for you and what can you do about it?
    Firstly, and most obviously, you cannot connect to Xbox Live on this console any more. This means no more game updates (aka title updates), XBLA games, marketplace content, netflix/sky player and so on. There is no way around this, all online capabilities are now disabled PERMANENTLY.

    In all likelihood, your gamertag has NOT BEEN BANNED. When your gamertag gets banned, Microsoft sends you an email detailing why, if you have not recieved this email then your profile should be ok, to a certain extent.

    Hard Drive installs are now disabled on the banned console. This means any disk-based games you have will no longer play off of the hard drive. If you attempt to play a game, it will tell you that it was installed on a different 360 and needs to be deleted/installed again. When you delete the game and attempt to install it, you are given a message telling you that it is not supported. There is no way to fix this, that functionality is simply gone from the banned 360.

    The hard drive itself is left untouched - you can place it in another 360, even an unbanned one, and it will still work just fine. You do NOT need to reformat it to regain any kind of functionality. Any installed games will need to be reinstalled for the console you want to play them on. This is normal behaviour and happens when swapping HDDs on unbanned/legit 360′s.

    Windows Media Centre functionality is disabled. It is still possible to stream video/music content via the video library.

    Your Gamertag may be corrupted. This does not mean your gamertag has been banned, you can recover it using any live-capable 360, however ANY ACHIVEMENTS YOU HAVE EARNED SINCE BEING BANNED WILL BE LOST. Your gamertag will be corrupted EVERY SINGLE TIME it is used on a banned console. This means you cannot use your banned console to play backups offline just to get achievements - it wont work, the second you put your profile back on a good 360, it will be corrupted and all progress lost. There is no way around this.

    The same applies to game saves - if you access a game save on a banned 360, it too will be corrupted when accessed on a legit/unbanned 360! YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED! There is no way around this, either.

    Your XBLA games and DLC will still be valid, however to play them on a different 360 you will need to be signed into Xbox Live. This is normal behaviour on unbanned/legit 360′s as well. They may be corrupted and have to be re-downloaded if you attempt to access them on a banned 360. You can transfer all of your downloaded content to a new 360 here: http://www.xbox.com/en-US/support/systemuse/xbox360/licensemigration/default.htm however note that you can only do it once every 12 months.

    So, in summary:
    Your Banned 360:
    * Cannot go on Xbox Live
    * Cannot install games to the HDD
    * Cannot use Windows Media Centre extender
    * Cannot be used to get achievements from backups without corrupting your profile

    You cannot do anything about this, short of buying a new 360.

    There may be more functionality disabled than mentioned here, things are still being discovered.

    - So what caused my ban?
    There are MANY theories as to what is causing so many consoles to get banned this time, however as of yet there is nothing concrete, just a lot of circumstantial evidence and speculation. Please do not add to this, a full investigation is under-way.

    c4eva, the main guy behind iXtreme, had this to say:
    <+c4eva> fw itself not detectable
    <+c4eva> suspect they are going hard on warez releases and incorrect use of abgx!

    He also added the following:
    <+c4eva> just to let you know that im looking into the current ban wave. I am currently running several brand new xboxs on live! These xboxs are in various configs. All are running ixtreme 1.61
    <+c4eva> One is running original discs, another is running on xbl (no discs) , another is running a backup from my region!
    <+c4eva> until tests are completed, no eta on liteon fw!

    When we know more, YOU’LL no more, so please do not ask for updates!
    A full transcript is available here - http://pastebin.ca/1660777

    Remember, if you really want to blame someone, blame the person that decided to modify your 360 in the first place - most likey, that would be you ;

  • Posted by Pirate , on 01/11/2009 , @ 07:29pm


    Microsoft has confirmed with IGN that they have issued another wave of bans, banning modified consoles from Xbox Live.

    Microsoft Confirms LIVE Console Ban Wave to IGN: “We have taken action against a small percentage of consoles that have been modified to play pirated game discs,” a Microsoft spokesperson told IGN. “In line with our commitment to combat piracy and support safer and more secure gameplay for the more than 20 million members of our Xbox LIVE community, we are suspending these modded consoles from Xbox LIVE.”

    In other news, Jungle Flasher V0.1.67 beta (50) has been released, new features/changes:
    * iXtreme 1.61 support
    * 1 minor bug
    * other work was planned but leak of 1.61 prompted this quick fix

    [ViA IGN and JungleFlasher]