• Xbox 360 Hacks , 24.12.2009

    Another launcher has been released for homebrew enabled Xbox360 consoles;
    From gsx302.

    This launcher is said to be coded by a friend of his, posted with permission. The source wishes to remain anonymous.

    This is an alternative launcher, that was created in a said “30 minutes”, and may be upgraded soon? As you can see, the pace on this stuff is moving fast, so dishing out big updates should be easy for the developer.

    It features a UI, Game launcher, and a file manager, to copy/paste/delete files.
    Keep in mind, when you copy, it counts files, so if it stalls for you? It’s a beta, it’s just counting files, so give it a second.

    When it’s pasting, the UI will also appear to be frozen until it is complete, then it will resume. Same with deleting, but that is usually faster, so it may be unnoticeable.

    Two methods to go about utilizing this:
    * Disc: Download the ISO from the usual places, and burn it using a program such as ImgBurn to a CD/DVD/etc. Pop it in, and click play game.
    * Hard drive(Game Demo): Download the VIPER360_LIVE.rar, extract the contents, and you will have a “CODE7777″ folder. Place this in your “Content000000000000000” folder on your hard drive. Now when you go to games library, you should have a Demo called “Viper360″. You can boot that to utilize it.

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