• Xbox 360 Hacks , 02.12.2009

    XBReboot v0.05: by phonsey and tuxuser on XBH – Has now also been released for Zephyr, Falcon and Jasper-16mb motherboards.
    *Update* They are all available with the latest 8955_1 patch revision now, so each 16mb motherboard can now run XBR v0.05 8955_1! Only support for Jasper 256/512mb motherboards is still missing now.  Don’t forget to inject your own KeyVault and Config before flashing!

    360 Flash Dump Tool: by MODFREAKz on XBH – Since Robinsod released the source of “360 Flash Dump Tool” and stopped developing a few people decided to continue develop this great app.
    This tool will allow you to decrypt/encrypt and extract various parts of a XBOX360 flash dump and much more!!

    Note: Jasper dumps are not supported in this version, largeblock is being worked on.

    What’s new/fixed:
    - Bugfix, regarding to CD decryption. If you have a 1920+ CD version it doesn’t decrypt CD properly. (by arnezami)
    - Bugfix, if a CPU key starts with 00 then the program crashed. (by arnezami)
    - Added, separate extract option for all important stuff (Security Data, Extended Key Vault, Console Revocation List, AP25 Challenge Database, Config Blocks)
    - Added, console ID generation method (source from xorloser)
    - Added, detection and correction of 1 wrong byte in the CPU-Key (by MODFREAKz)
    - Added, XValue decryption (by Redline99)
    - Added, support when raw extracting a file that it sets the Date/Time stamps as per original in Nand
    - Fixed, decryption for “Console Revocation List” (Thanks to xorloser and Redline99)
    - Fixed, “Kernels not extracted (CPU Key required, CD Ver == 1920)”
    - Changed, full KV.bin extract and patch
    - Added new OSIG types and unspoof possibility
    - Added/Changed new regions
    - 1BL, XEX1 and XEX2 are set as standard
    - Improved exception handling
    - Added Drag and Drop
    - Changed Icon
    - Code cleanup
    - Fixed a lot of other small bugs

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