• PS3 Hacks , 03.01.2010

    Well its 2010, and what a better way to start of the new year with another ISO Loader video. So what exactly is ZPack?

    Here is the description by the creator:

    I found this in my holiday in Korea, there are PS3 cafes which run their games from external harddisk without using the original disks. I am one of the first who tested this Zpack System.

    Zpack is the first working Backup System for PlayStation 3. It was especially designed for PlayStation Cafes across the world to avoid damaging your original game disk and beware them to be stolen by customers. You will not need the original disk to play on your PS3 anymore just start any game you have directly from your external hard disk.

    Zpack comes to you with a USB Dongle and a DISK with the Zpack Software, which you only need the first time for installation. The USB dongle have to be connected to your PS3 all the time. When you run a PlayStation Cafe with 8 PlayStation Terminals, you will need 8 Zpacks for each PS3 Terminal to run the games from the external drives. Please pay Attention for our Zpack bundles.

    There are also two videos demonstrating this new loader:

    So what do you think, fake or real? Leave your comment and let us know what you think.

    Thanks to Pocket69 for the tip

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    1. Zep24
      02:28 PM

      In the video 32 - 36 seconds the screen flashes

      lots of reasons really that can explain this video being fake...

      windows <---anyone..

    2. spec8320
      02:42 PM

      Look at the time at 0:49

      After lunching ps3 in clock (in right top) is 14:56 and after pressing ps button is 14:53 epic fail

    3. necrodrako
      02:51 PM

      First point I would like to make, is that he launches the program from the 'Whats new' feed button. Second, since when does the PS3 have window management, and with a Windows XP theme to boot. Third, since when does a system patch stay at the XMB. Fourth it takes roughly twice as long to 'patch' as it does to copy the entire Blu-ray game. I propose to you that this video is a fraud, one option being that the disc is a dvd movie with the PS3 set to auto load. Thanks for your time.

    4. richbadman
      02:58 PM

      very well noticed, indeed epic fail,
      the Z on the disk makes it look so fishy

    5. telmom
      03:23 PM

      it's obvious that the videos are edited, which we can see on the time. But that doesn't make it fake. Let's wait and see.

      @necrodrako it takes a lot to dump the blu-ray, look at the time of the console.
      In this forum there is a man o say that was in contact with the dongle that put the ps3 in service mode, and it uses VBA userforms. Who knows?

    6. Pockets69
      06:28 PM

      No problem pirate always glad to help!

      As for the video it has a lot of flaws in the begining the time starts at 1.56 then you can clearly see there is an edit and the time is 1.53 there is also two cuts in the first video that are noticeble.

      to telmom that dongle sevice mode stuff is not so easy as people been talking, its more than just put the dongle in the PS3 and BAM service mode, i do not believ that this is service mode, and the Z in the background, clearly a theme, as for the box of the zpack lolol it seems like Xbox 360 game box XD.

      lets see how this turns out but for me 99.9% fake, even worst is the guy creating a lot of profiles in youtube he has created at least 3 i think pretending its another person, to show diferent videos, the only problem is that the accent and the voice is always the same!

    7. Reflecter
      05:39 AM

      Here Guys, just found on the web!


      ZPack Playstation 3 Backup System developed for PS3.

      Zpack is the first working Backup System for Playstation3. It was especially designed for Playstation Cafes across the world to avoid damaging your original game disk and beware them to be stolen by customers. You will not need the original disk to play your PS3 games anymore just start any game you have directly from your external hard disk.

      Zpack comes to you with a USB Dongle and a DISK with the Zpack Software, which you only need the first time for installation. The USB dongle have to be connected to your PS3 all the time. When you run a Playstation Caf with 8 Playstation Terminals, you will need 8 Zpacks for each PS3 Terminal to run the games from the external drives. Please pay Attention for our Zpack bundles.


      Can I use more than one external hard disk for backups on one PS3?

      Yes, you can have e.g. one ex.hd for your games and another for your HD movies.

      After Installing Zpack my PS3 is freezing, I can backup and play games without problems but the PS3 clock is showing sometimes the wrong time/wrong date and things like that?

      Yes, while installing and using Zpack the PS3 OS is "slowed down" (Asymmetric Scheduling is changing) The Zpack USB Dongle is taking Control of scheduling and of the resources. We noticed the problem with the PS3 clock and controller assignment. But when you mount your games everything will be working. Tip: after installation - while turning on your PS3 with Zpack disconnect your ext. hard disk.

      Can I play online when I start the games from my external hard disk?

      Yes, all PS3 games on your external hard disk can be played online.

      Can I edit/upload Data from the Zpack disk or from the USB Dongle?

      No, please don't upload anything regarding the Zpack Backup System. We just want to stay in the background and give our customers the service they need. Use it for your PS3 cafe or personal but don't share anything about Zpack.

      How many PS3 game Backups can I make on a 1 Terabyte external hard disk?

      It depends on the games you choose. Approximately 45-55 Games or Blue rays (film).

      After installing Zpack using my external hard disk all data were erased on the ext. hard disk?

      Don't use ext. Hard disks with important data for PS3 Backups. As we also mentioned in the Installing guide coming to you with your Zpack we recommend using a completely emptyexternal hard disk because it will be formatted. Use a recovery tool to rescue data when your data is deleted.

      Which payment methods do you accept?

      We accept Paypal, Moneybookers and Paysafe Card.

      Can I make backup of games which I don`t own ?

      NO, we don`t want our Zpack to be misused and will report any misuse immediately. This system was designed for Playstation Cafes to prevent the original disks from damages and scratches.

      Is it Illegal to use Zpack?

      Zpack in use with the games you have bought is not illegal (depending to your country). You should not tell everybody about your Zpack System. Don’t misuse the Zpack system and backup games you don’t have bought.

      Can I start a copy (blue ray Disk) of a PS3 game with Zpack ?

      Yes, just choose the option “MOUNT MEDIA” to run your copies.

      Can I install the software on two different PS3?

      Yes you can install it on different systems but only the system with the USB dongle will be able to mount the game images from yourexternal hard disk.

      Do I need Linux for Installation?

      No, if you have Linux on you PS3 Zpack will not work. You need to reinstall the original firmware. The Installation Process of Zpack is easy just follow the steps and Zpack will work properly.

      Which Firmware do I need on my PS3 to Install Zpack?

      Zpack is working with all original PS3 Firmware’s. (tested up to firmware 3.15)

      Is Zpack working on the PS3 Slim?

      Yes, order the Zpack for PS3 slim.

      Do I need Internet for Zpack Installation?

      No, you don’t need Internet for installation.

      You are using XP Installer for installation. Can I install other windwos apps?

      No, the look of the installer is just a grafik we used to confuse some guys which tried to get behind the Zpack System. You'll see that the buttons on the right corner have no function. we are working on new apps, which were specially designed for Zpack. Don't try to install anything.

      Can I Make a Copy of the USB Dongle?

      No, please don’t connect the USB Dongle to a USB port of a PC or MAC. The USB Dongle will be destroyed, especially when you have Anti Virus and Firewall running. Please handle the USB Dongle with care. In cases where we can proof that the Dongle was connected to a PC or MAC, we will not make an exchange in order of damage.

      Why do you have so long shipping times?

      First of all we have a lot of orders and we are working really hard to send all orders as soon as possible. We are not shipping from USA. According to your country the shipping can last 6-9 days.

      Can I sell Zpack in the country I am living?

      Yes, in order for those running a business and want to earn money with Zpack we have Zpack reseller packages.

      We want to thank all our friends and partners supporting us all the time. Thanks to our friends from "the company" supporting our project directly from the source.Another big "thank you" to our RTS division, you are great guys, without you Zpack would never be such easy and user friendly. Keep up the good work.

      Thanks to NEO who is designing THE NEW ZPACK ONLINE SHOP (online February 2010) with intern board and customer management system (upgrades and order tracking system)

      We would like to thank all our customers for so much positive feedback and for your patience (I know I know our shipping times J but 2010 we will be better)

      We wish all of you a happy new year and a lot of fun in 2010 with your Zpacks.


      Source: www.ps3news.com Posted by SCE!

    8. kimdrummel
      07:04 AM

      I wouldn't order anything from that site, these guys are trying to scam you...

    9. Pockets69
      09:31 AM

      ^^ Agreed big scam here!!!

    10. levendi2nv
      09:57 AM

      ive been watching the scene for 2 years and i have to say what makes this so different to the modchip 3 months ago or Ferrox iso loader which came out supposedly 1 year and abit or so, this most probably a scam the site looks very shabby and unprofessional and they might not be native english speakers but blu ray is just known by blu ray lolls not blue ray, besides there are translators and if this was real it be a big buisness and would have had one person who probably would be able to speak english and the site would look more proffesional. I think i could make a more realistic site then that

    11. Zer01ne
      12:25 PM

      Its a fake only :thefinger:

    12. telmom
      01:03 PM

      Why the light of the external hard drive don't blink when is writing the iso...?? probably because isn't being used. Well, i change my opinion , there is a big chance of being a fake..

    13. Pockets69
      01:59 PM

      its not a big chance, its FAKE!!
      For those who didn't read my post over the original thread here it is.

      this sounds so much like that stupid modchip 3 months ago i can't remember its name! then the site was sold for a high price due to having a lot of trafic!

      zpack site information

      Whois query for brainchip.biz...

      Results returned from whois.biz:

      Domain Name: BRAINCHIP.BIZ
      Domain ID: D7470161-BIZ
      Sponsoring Registrar: CRONON AG
      Sponsoring Registrar IANA ID: 141
      Domain Status: ok
      Registrant ID: US114-ABC
      Registrant Name: Udo Schneider
      Registrant Address1: Buehlacker 30
      Registrant City: Winterthur
      Registrant State/Province: ZH
      Registrant Postal Code: 8405
      Registrant Country: Switzerland
      Registrant Country Code: CH
      Registrant Phone Number: +49.9003118830300
      Registrant Facsimile Number: +49.1805684373089
      Registrant Email: [email protected]
      Administrative Contact ID: US114-ABC
      Administrative Contact Name: Udo Schneider
      Administrative Contact Address1: Buehlacker 30
      Administrative Contact City: Winterthur
      Administrative Contact State/Province: ZH
      Administrative Contact Postal Code: 8405
      Administrative Contact Country: Switzerland
      Administrative Contact Country Code: CH
      Administrative Contact Phone Number: +49.9003118830300
      Administrative Contact Facsimile Number: +49.1805684373089
      Administrative Contact Email: [email protected]
      Billing Contact ID: US114-ABC
      Billing Contact Name: Udo Schneider
      Billing Contact Address1: Buehlacker 30
      Billing Contact City: Winterthur
      Billing Contact State/Province: ZH
      Billing Contact Postal Code: 8405
      Billing Contact Country: Switzerland
      Billing Contact Country Code: CH
      Billing Contact Phone Number: +49.9003118830300
      Billing Contact Facsimile Number: +49.1805684373089
      Billing Contact Email: [email protected]
      Technical Contact ID: US114-ABC
      Technical Contact Name: Udo Schneider
      Technical Contact Address1: Buehlacker 30
      Technical Contact City: Winterthur
      Technical Contact State/Province: ZH
      Technical Contact Postal Code: 8405
      Technical Contact Country: Switzerland
      Technical Contact Country Code: CH
      Technical Contact Phone Number: +49.9003118830300
      Technical Contact Facsimile Number: +49.1805684373089
      Technical Contact Email: [email protected]
      Name Server: NS3.MULTIPARTNET.COM
      Name Server: NS4.MULTIPARTNET.COM
      Created by Registrar: CRONON AG
      Last Updated by Registrar: BATCHCSR
      Domain Registration Date: Sun Aug 01 14:28:37 GMT 2004
      Domain Expiration Date: Sat Jul 31 23:59:59 GMT 2010
      Domain Last Updated Date: Tue Sep 15 01:41:14 GMT 2009

      Registered in the name of Udo Schneider (a german name) he might not be german might be from switzerland (they speak german in switzerland too)
      noticed now registered in switzerland.
      So now we have the fake indian guy! that said that he saw z pack selling in korea, and now there is an online store registered under the name of udo schneider (a german name) selling it!!!
      this gets even more interesting XD

    14. deepblue2000
      02:55 PM

      the real website:


      full with commerical click layers (euro4click) ... layer-ads

      he is using a gmx.de email address......

      fake.. big scam...

    15. Pockets69
      04:41 PM

      yah its fake i had more hope in the motorstorm one, but thank god they are all fake!

      fuc** iso loader :S

    16. luisf_g3
      07:04 PM

      Is not fake its real!!! Download tutorial em new video Proof here! Tanks and regards!


      Please do not post fake tutorials, for fake hacks

    17. Pockets69
      07:13 PM

      se achas que isto e vdd andas a dormir!
      anyway even if there is a tutorial this is not true those iloader fakers had a tutorial too ended up being a fake, they were even posting rar with links to download the files the were password protected LOL.
      ^^ and you up there you should be ashamed of yourself posting fake stuff a tutorial that wasn't a tutorial, it was the faq they had on their page!
      Where is the video proof?? don't see any!!

    18. levendi2nv
      09:05 PM

      its gota be a fake i mean why does it have a xp window around it and why does he load it in that menu?

    19. deepblue2000
      03:52 AM

      Originally Posted by luisf_g3
      Is not fake its real!!! Download tutorial em new video Proof here! Tanks and regards!


      Please do not post fake tutorials, for fake hacks

      lol u are such a moron.

      your link is bull****, its a picture of zPACK and a XBOX360 Profile Editor inside.

    20. telmom
      03:02 PM

      Man, the sit is down, bad luck I would buy one

      hehe, maybe they are out of stock. they should have a great demand....

    21. Pockets69
      04:30 PM

      ^^ riiiiiight!!!

      they are going to sell the domain like those guys from the modchip 3 months ago.

    22. hippyharry
      05:36 PM

      First post. Registered as I found this over on his youtube page.

      edit: Well I had registered aaages ago but didnt make any posts.

    23. Pockets69
      05:42 PM

      i already saw that picture, a lot of xbox's gameboxe's (LOOOOL) only one containing the disc and the thumb drive the others are just empty LOL

    24. David562
      06:03 PM

      Of course it's 360 game packs... The EBIL(Spelled wrong on purpose) 360 fanboys with their RRODs and E74's are OUT TO GET US!

    25. Pockets69
      06:25 PM

      ^^ in my opinion its precisely the opposite, its some ps3 fan boy, that is anger cause the xbox 360 has full homebrew now, and the ps3 doesn't.

      Back on topic we ended up with two fakes at the same time, LOL awesome stuff lets see if we don't see the zpack website being sold for a good amount in two or three days.

    26. deepblue2000
      03:44 AM

      100% fake. thread can be closed....

      When he change the cable the picture is flickering, but the Z logo doesnt !

      Its just a windows pc with PS3 background ...

    27. madshaun1984
      06:15 AM

      Originally Posted by hippyharry
      First post. Registered as I found this over on his youtube page.

      edit: Well I had registered aaages ago but didnt make any posts.
      I cant believe no one has realised that those cases are xbox game cases, im starting to think that this guys an xbox fanboy and just wants to get a rise out of the ps3 scene, and guess what.... he's doing exactly that :/

    28. Pockets69
      09:54 AM

      ^^ already said that those are xbox 360 cases!
      100000% fake

    29. chemnitz84
      08:09 PM

      hi iam from germany and i think its a fake sorry for my bad english

      yes in switzerland they speak german and udo schneider meibe a german or a switzer name and the paypal address is a german i think and i have never see it on ebay or asiaplay its 100% fake and i not support it

    30. Pockets69
      09:12 PM

      yes u are right, and your post confirms my theory!

      that indiankahn guys was not in fact indian and did not go on a trip to korea and did not see the zpack system on korean caffes, he is in fact from germany or switzerland and speaks german (dispite someone telling me it was not, but i know that accent :P). he posted the first fake, and creted a new youtube acount posted a diferent (zpack fur ps3) video created another youtube account and posted yet another video (zpack running motorstorm i think) but it was always him same voice same accent, then creates a site to ripp people off and now he probably must be laughing because i bet some people pruchased his zpack and will be scamed.
      even showed pictures of empty xbox 360 cases.

      by the way chemnitz84 welcome to the forums.

    31. chemnitz84
      09:56 PM

      yes the accent is an other in germany there are many accents (saxony bavaria and other) i life in saxony
      I'm glad that there is no isoloader, but the stick would be the simplest solution was. or an exploit like the psp and with it a cfw. a kind of Linux that emulates the ps3 system. but I think that remains a dream

    32. solid
      03:09 PM

      this is a fake for sure...

      can u remember - there was a virus for winxp called zpack...

      maybe you shouldnt connect the usb dongle to ur pc as the mentioned zpack virus runs on it lol

      im sure this virus, designed for win, isnt going to hack the ps3...

    33. telmom
      06:12 PM

      YouTube - Making of Zpack (making of %100 fake video )

      No words..

    34. s3r4ph
      02:08 AM

      Lol, how do they expect to run Blu Ray ISO backups offa an external drive with the 4GB fat32 imposed file size limit o.0

    35. telmom
      04:16 AM

      Originally Posted by s3r4ph
      Lol, how do they expect to run Blu Ray ISO backups offa an external drive with the 4GB fat32 imposed file size limit o.0
      you can split a file of 25GB in files of 4GB, thats not a problem

    36. here4thewin
      05:08 AM

      Is this for real? Apparently a leak which contains the usb/disc data... Seems fake but you never know...
      UPDATE: I removed the link, the site used surveys...

    37. Pockets69
      09:40 AM

      No you cannot split it in parts, it wouldn't run (well it doesn't run anyways).
      Forget about those size limitations if people would put games on hd they would play it from the ps3 hd (not fat 32).

      Edit 1
      Telmom thanks for sharing this video with us, maybe this will stop the noob questions!

      Edit 2
      Poor peopla that have spent money on this Scam.

    38. DKSE
      07:04 AM

      Why not just use the PS3 emulator beta. It is buggy you be warned but it works ok (if you have a BEAST computer)

      Mirror 1: http://rapidshare.com/files/20106405....87.%28beta%29

      Mirror 2: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=S1UWPDA2

    39. Pockets69
      03:20 PM

      ^^ no it doesn't!

    40. lobodetaipas
      05:49 PM

      well this year has begun with a lot of fake backup players ,im afraid that the time that we crack or hack the ps3 , we will be playing PS4 or 5 ,when Sony will not even care about it.

      almost 24/7 hours connected to this forum, im really sad because the bad act of some users here, with racism and other discriminations, we must keep this a really good spot for share news about our consoles ,to get the best of it.

    41. cabuk
      12:56 AM

      fake video, :thefinger:

    42. Kingdet
      07:10 AM

      Was fr ein schei:thefinger::thefinger::thefinger::thefinger::thefinger::thefinger:

    43. Pockets69
      11:57 AM

      ^^ English only forum!

    44. koerdecke
      11:40 AM

      I know it old **** this ZPack but i think nobody wants to buy anymore this scam, but the reuped there hompage Here
      i i found a video who discripes downloadig the files(ripped dongle and so on) but
      there are surveys.....
      maybe a html specialist ^^ can look at it....


      Please do not post links to survey sites, if you want a file posted, download it yourself and upload it to the site

      so hope somebody can load it :D

    45. gfour
      06:37 PM

      i think it's true, and i think i know how it REALLY works

    46. GregoryRasputin
      02:13 AM

      Originally Posted by gfour
      i think it's true, and i think i know how it REALLY works
      Dont be silly

    47. gfour
      11:34 AM

      the method is true, but this zpack window is fake, also the z-pack logo. i think he dont want to show how it really looks like. cause then many hackers out there find out how this works.

      patching (a code needed, transfering per usb or disk)