• PSP Hacks , 24.04.2010

    vosman brings you version v2.1 of his PSP plugin, which lets your homebrew enabled PSP access PSN and play online.

    This is an update of one of the greatest PSP plugins ever made.
    Problems fixed in this update (2.1):
    You dont need to change the settings in the Recovery Menu (fixed error 0×20000001, no recovery setting (fake region) required).M33 update must be disabled.
    Changes on 2.0:
    * supports automatic login (auto-sign in supported).
    * disable the menu hotkey.
    * using the new system function modification method is no longer a simple string that changes PSNabler.

    Problems with the first edition: (Translated)
    * Dynasty Warriors download joint raid with the letter can not, network warfare can not, it is because the game has additional protection, need money to buy a license key, and then activated in the PSN account management, similar to the game There are seals 3, Phantasy Star 2 and so on.
    * PSN most shops can not download the DEMO game, because these games to the machine authentication, game certification will appear (80109d80) errors, unexplained, it may try to use the MEDIA GO certified machine, or to rise to 6.20 official firmware, certification good lower and lower back.
    * Some of the unit is a mess of connection error, I do not know the reason why I never appeared. PSP-2000 with the Japanese version of the machine, the system 5.50GEN-D3 final version, 5.00M33-6 also tried, no problem.

    1)Add following line into vsh.txt/game.txt
    ms0:/seplugins/psnfucker.prx 1
    2)Go to Recovery Menu and enable this plugin (if it isnt already enabled)


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