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  • Posted by GregoryRasputin , on 31/05/2010 , @ 08:23am


    Our very own Senior Member SlyRipper, has just recently posted a thread, in which it shows a screenshot of the twitter page of renowned PSP genius Mathieulh describing how GeoHot made his CFW, not a lot is revealed or explained, just enough for you to catch a grasp of what is happening, in one of the tweets, Mathieulh explains how the CFW method created by GeoHot can be easily patched.
    So the question is, has GeoHot disappeared because he realises that his CFW is of no use, or is he working on refining it so that it cant be patched.

    Continue the discussion here

  • Posted by GregoryRasputin , on 28/05/2010 , @ 10:25am


    Rancid(o) from Demonhades.org has created a tutorial on how to build a Toolchain and Bootloader, this will only work if you have a fat PS3 on firmware 3.15 or below.

    A translated quote from the site:

    Rancid (o) leaves us this tutorial to build and make ready the toolchain Playstation 3, thus we can begin to create or BLD for homebrew applications and initiate us into the world of programming the PS3 linux distro without an installed .

    Remember that the BLD generated may only be used on consoles less than 3.15, because as you know sony withdrawal otheros use in later versions.

    To view the tutorial, click on this link:

  • Posted by GregoryRasputin , on 27/05/2010 , @ 06:02pm


    Thanks to a thread on MaxConsole, i have been made aware of yet another lawsuit filed against Sony for the removal of the Other OS function, with the release of its 3.21 Firmware, this would bring the total amount of lawsuits that we the public know of to five, im sure there are quite a few more out there and i will report of them when i find out about them.

    The Case:

    Jeffrey Harper and Zachary Kummer, individually and on behalf of all others similarly situated.
    Sony Computer Entertainment America, INC.

    Plaintiffs, Jeffrey Harper and Zachary Kummer (“Plaintiffs”) bring this action against Defendant, Sony Computer Entertainment America, INC (“Sony” or “Defendant”), individually and behalf of all others similarly situated, and allege as follows upon personal knowledge as to themselves, and as to all matters upon information and belief.

    1. This is a a class action lawsuit brought by Plaintiffs on behalf of themselves and a proposed class of current and former Sony Playstation 3 (“PS3″ or “Console”) owners that have had their “Install other OS” feature (“OS Feature”) intentionally disabled by Sony.
    2. PS3 is a video game console that was first introduced on or about November 17, 2006 by Sony with the OS feature. this allowed users to install other operating systems on the Console and thereby expand the PS3 capabilities to that of a personal computer.
    3. On or about April1, 2010, defendant released a PS3 firmware update called 3.21 (“Update”), which numerous PS3 owners downloaded onto their consoles. The installation of Update 3.21 had the affect of disabling the OS Feature. Sony purportedly wanted the OS feature disabled to address unspecified ” security concerns”. Upon information and belief, Sony failed to adequately disclose that downloading and/or installing the Update 3.21 would remove this important feature from consumer consoles.
    4. Sony’s decision to introduce the Update 3.21 places Plaintiffs and class members in an untenable position. PS3 owners that do not install Update 3.21 can no longer access the Playstation Network (“PSN”), play games online, access online features, or play PS3 games and/or Blu-Ray discs that require Update 3.21. On the other hand, PS3 owners that do install Update 3.21 lose all access to the OS feature and are effectively locked out from accessing approximately 10 gigabytes (“GB”) of memory on their PS3′s internal hard drive.
    5. Plaintiffs and other purchasers have paid for the advertised features of the PS3, including the OS feature, that have been involuntarily removed by Sony through Update 3.21.

    To read the full lawsuit, download this PDF

  • Posted by GregoryRasputin , on 26/05/2010 , @ 08:08am


    Andrew House, President of SCEE, has answered some important questions asked by forum members, of the official Playstation forum, here are some of the more important questions and answers:

    Q.  When will we have cross-gaming chat?
    A. We know that cross-game chat is something that the community wants and hopefully we will have an answer for you very soon.

    Q. Are you aware of the degree to which users complained (forums, news, etc.) about the decision to remove the Other OS Install option? Could you comment on the situation?
    A. We are very aware of how vocal the community has been about this. I can assure you that it was a very difficult decision for us to take, but one that we fully believe is in the best long-term interest of PlayStation and the PlayStation community.

    Q. Will PlayStation Network become a paying service?
    A.  I can assure you that the current PSN as you know it will remain a free service. It is something that our competitors don’t offer and something that shows our loyalty to the PlayStation Community. However, Kaz Hirai stated a few months ago that we were looking at a premium service to sit alongside the current free service and that objective has not changed. You’ll learn more about it very soon.

    For the full story The People vs Andrew House

    Im sure the questions that Mr House didnt answer properly, will be revealed at this years E3.

  • Posted by GregoryRasputin , on 23/05/2010 , @ 03:00am


    It seems that we are seeing one class action law suit after another, IGN UK, reports of another one, bringing the total law suits that we know of, to four.

    Here are the important details.

    Keith Wright, on behalf of himself and others similarly situated.


    Sony Computer Entertainment America INC, and Sony Computer Entertainment America, LLC.

    Plaintiff Keith Wright (“Plaintiff”), on behalf of himself and all of those similarly situated, hereby complains and alleges against defendant Sony Computer Entertainment America INC (“Sony CEA”) and defendant Sony Computer Entertainment America, LLC (“Sony CEA LLC”) (collectively, “Defendants”), upon information and belief as to all allegations except those allegations pertaining to Plaintiff personally:


    1. This action is brought as a nationwide class action pursuant to Rule 23 of the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, on behalf of a nationwide class of persons who owned one of the non-”Slim” models of the Sony CEA Playstation 3 video-game console (collectively, the “PS3″) during the period of November 17, 2006 to March 27, 2010 and who did not sell their PS3 before March 27, 2010 (the “Class members”). As more fully set forth below, this action seeks damages, restitution, injunctive relief, attorney’s fees and costs of this suit for Plaintiff and each Class member.
    2. When Sony CEA launched the PS3, it advertised and marketed the PS3 as having additional non-gaming features and capabilities that set it apart from its competitors. One of these features was the ability to install another operating system. such as the Linux operating system, in addition to the primary PS3 system software (the “Other OS” feature). Although the Other OS feature was a major selling point for many of its customers, Sony CEA has now intentionally disabled this and other valuable functionalities of the PS3.
    3. Sony CEA’s removal of these features constitute an unfair and deceptive business practice under Californian law, constitutes a breach of the sale contract between Sony CEA and its PS3 purchasers, and constitutes a breach of the covenant of good faith and fair dealing. It is also a violation of California’s Consumer Legal Remedies Act.

    I wish the Plaintiff all the best of luck with his case.

    To read full case, download this PDF

    To View the other cases:
    Case 1
    Case 2 and 3

  • Posted by GregoryRasputin , on 22/05/2010 , @ 04:45pm


    Well it was inevitable, a game would be released that would require a firmware, above 3.15, meaning that either you don’t update and miss out on the game, or update and lose OtherOS.
    TheSixtAxis reports that one of this years most anticipated games, Read Dead Redemption is one of those games that requires 3.21 or above, it even comes with the firmware on the disc.

    So i guess we will see more of the small minority updating in order to play this game, im not updating, my PS3 had OtherOS on it when i bought it, it will have OtherOS when it no longer works, ill just get the game for my 360.

  • Posted by GregoryRasputin , on 22/05/2010 , @ 07:56am


    As we all know, with homebrew, comes Piracy, it is an inevitable unavoidable fact, when a console is circumvented in order to play hombrew, like the PSP was, someone creates an ISO Loader, thus we have the influx of the downloading of Pirated games, which have been previously uploaded to torrent or similar sites.

    So recently in an interview with Gamasutra, Sony’s Senior Vice President of Publisher Relations for North America, Rob Dyer, spoke about new methods Sony would be helping game dev’s impliment into games, that would mean it would be impossible for the games to be pirated for at least 60 days.

    A quote from Gamasutra.

    Dyer freely admits that piracy has had a profound impact on the system: “That’s been the biggest problem, no question about it. It’s become a very difficult proposition to be profitable, given the piracy right now.”

    However, he promises that Sony has developed technology which will “slow down the piracy in the first 30 to 60 days… There’s some code that you can embed that we’ve been helping developers implement in order to get people at least to see a 60-day shelf life before it gets hacked and it shows up on BitTorrent.”

    Source: Sony’s Dyer: The PSP Has Problems, We’re Fixing Them

  • Posted by GregoryRasputin , on 19/05/2010 , @ 05:50am


    Whilst there are rumours circulating about a possible XMB redesign, systemlink.gamersguidetolife.com, posted an article about a new PS3 firmware coming in June which will give your console more 3D game support, could this new firmware also be the the new XMB redesign.

  • Posted by GregoryRasputin , on 18/05/2010 , @ 07:08am


    Disane has made this awesome tutorial, on setting up a GNU Tool-chain on an IDE (Integrated Development Enviroment) on the PS3.

    A quote from the tutorial:

    Let’s start with a FAQ, shall we:

    “Why did you write this tutorial? Why should I bother reading it?”

    Sony took out OtherOS a month ago and forced people to upgrade in order to be able to use their PS3s for games and to access PSN. Now, I know some of you are stuck on ver. 3.15 and waiting for the glorious days of homebrew to come. If you’re the person I’m talking about then this tutorial is for you. This tutorial gives you a bit of insight on how homebrew can be made on the PS3. The experience and knowledge you gain here can also benefit you when we can finally run unsigned code on GameOS.

    “What kind of applications can we write on the PS3?”

    We can write any kind of application on the PS3-Linux even games (Which Sony really doesn’t like to hear, no wonder they’ve taken out Linux before anyone could make a graphics accelerator for the PS3-Linux.) or user applications. Many tools and libraries were ported on PowerPC64 in the recent time (the 64 bit architectures are taking over, we can’t really do anything about this :-) ). There’s also a chance that we can run our code on the XMB (VSH) side of the PS3 some day. You can’t really start homebrew development too early :-) . A tutorial came out a few days ago on how to run XBMC on the PS3. But it runs damn slow. Well you could be the one who could utilize the SPUs to gain some speed and make it run faster. You never know unless you try :-)

    “But you can install the cell simulator on the PC why would you bother with coding on the PS3?”

    Well, this is all true, you can install the Cell System Simulator and work on that. But it requires Linux installed on your PC. Also in some cases the user doesn’t have the luxury to have another computer at home or when he’s/she’s traveling a lot and can only carry one computer (or a console in our case). There are some other benefits you can gain by coding directly on your PS3. You don’t have to configure a system simulator, you can directly run and debug your code on the target platform and see how the hardware reacts.

    Alright, let’s see what do we need in order to get started:
    - a PS3 with Linux installed (as I mentioned I used Ubuntu ver. 9.10 codename Karmaic)
    - able to access the Internet on your PS3-Linux
    - mouse and keyboard (the PS3 supports all kinds of keyboards and mice)
    - Cell SDK (I’ll show you how to install it and configure your development environment so don’t panic),WxWidgets 2.8+,libcurl (which you can get by installing “gnome-core-devel build-essential”, again don’t panic I’ll reveal the process to you).
    - the source code of Codelite 2.5.2 (build 4031), which you can find here: http://sourceforge.net/projects/codelite/files/Releases/codelite-2.5/codelite-
    - and my tutorial of course :D


  • Posted by GregoryRasputin , on 18/05/2010 , @ 07:05am


    madshaun1984 haxnetworks favourite moderator (after me of course :p ) has made the tutorial he promised.
    This is all his work, so don’t be misguided by lamer sites stealing his work and passing it off as theirs.

    Here is part of his tutorial:

    You will need a usb keyboard and mouse for this install.

    First off decide wether you want to install on a usb hdd or the ps3′s internal hdd (internal hdd will need to be formatted and a partition assigned to OtherOS).

    Then get a copy of the OtherOS.bld for petitboot and put it on a usb stick at /PS3/OTHEROS/otheros.bld

    Burn yourself a copy of the ubuntu desktop 10.04 ps3 .iso from the ubuntu site.

    Once done goto system settings/install OtherOS, and insert your usb stick with the OtherOS.bld on it in the ps3.

    Here is the crucial point if installing on a usb hdd, when prompted about the otheros partition being formatted, just say no, and proceed to install otheros without formatting your ps3′s hdd (Or if you want to install onto the ps3′s hdd, you can say yes to this step and follow the instructions).

    Once the otheros.bld is installed, say no to rebooting to otheros and remove the usb stick from the ps3, insert a usb hdd, and the usb keyboard and mouse now, then goto system settings/default os and select otheros, then reboot to otheros when prompted or reboot the ps3 via a shutdown and pressing the power button.


  • Posted by GregoryRasputin , on 14/05/2010 , @ 11:58am


    Not being able to update PS3 firmware without losing the OtherOS function, makes Jack a dull boy, or it gives madshaun1984 the extra encentive to do what he has been planning to do for a long time, but has been too busy to do so before.

    madshaun1984 has wanted to have XMBC Media Center running on his PS3 for several months, but as XBMC needs to have 3D support, this was never possible, however over the past couple of days he decided to compile the CellSDK and compile drivers in order to try and get XBMC running.

    Today, he succeeded in his work and now has XBMC running on his PS3, it is quite slow, but don’t forget, this is still work in progress and not the finished product, madshaun1984 will keep working at it, if you are still able to install Linux on your PS3 and would like to help madshaun1984 or help towards making XBMC run perfectly on the PS3, give Shaun a shout on IRC, by clicking the chat button at the top of this board, or by PMing him.

    The Proof:

    Just a final message to madshaun1984, well done, i knew you could do it :)

  • Posted by GregoryRasputin , on 14/05/2010 , @ 06:37am


    BGRMods has released a n00b friendly mod kit to enable rapidfire on dualshock PS3 control pads.

    A quote from their site:

    What does it do?
    The PS3 INTENSAFIRE™ enhances the newer PS3 Dual Shock 3 controllers* allowing them to transform to rapid fire controllers. The 8-mode sleeper settings, include rapid fire to the R1, R2 and “X” buttons. There are 8 total modes with 5 preset modes and 3 user customizable programmable modes. It uses the D-Pad to toggle modes, and on and off. Usable in all PS3 Games, including gamer favorites: KillZone 2, The Call of Duty series, BattleField Bad Company 2, and other current and future first person shooter and fighting games. The IntensaFIRE promises to bring your gaming to the next level.

    How is it better?
    Rapid-fire mod kits exist. The PS3 INTENSAFIRE™ however, is a complete user programmable rapid fire kit that you can install yourself…EASILY. There are controllers on the market, prefabricated, that do what the PS3 INTENSAFIRE™ offers, each controller going for well over $150. We offer a kit that is extremely simple to install, taking no more than 2 minutes with no tools for less than half the cost of the prefabricated units. Other mod kits require drilling, wiring, gluing, and deconstruction of your controllers. The PS3 INTENSAFIRE™ is a snap on clip that needs none of the above tools. Connect the PS3 INTENSAFIRE™ flex board to the controller and you’re ready to go!

    Official Site: BGRMods
    Source: slashgear.com

  • Posted by GregoryRasputin , on 14/05/2010 , @ 03:45am


    Team ProjectXX, who where working on a PSP exploit for all models, including PSPgo, seem to have been forced to release their exploit early, due to a leak, all information on that can be viewed in the readme, the exploit needs Splinter Cell Essentials to work.

    As stated, this does work with the PSPgo, but Sony will probably end that quick, so try and download the game for your PSPgo, before its pulled of the store.

    How to do the exploit:
    Set your system language to english,
    Put the folder ULES002810int into /PSP/SAVEDATA and h.bin in the root of your ms,
    Then run Splinter Cell Essentials and load the save,then press “Continue”,
    After a bit you will see a nice Hello World.

    All credits goes to:
    and special thanks to:



  • Posted by Pirate , on 13/05/2010 , @ 12:15pm


    JaicraB has posted on his blog, releasing his OtherOS base exploit and source code.

    To quote form his blog:
    Here you have a minimum base to build the otheros.bld. The functions are described.

    Call table incorporates LV1 and ASM functions. This ready to assemble the mechanism of the exploit. I hope this helps those concerned who did not know where to start. It has been compiled with the toolchain pdaXrom.
    BLD:D: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=FUUYJ5B9

    Source Code for Base Exploit:http://www.megaupload.com/?d=IY7QBX7Z


  • Posted by Pirate , on 13/05/2010 , @ 10:07am


    Haxnetwork will be going through some upgrades, and changes in the next few weeks. Before we start implementing the changes, we are asking our members to let us know if there is anything they would like to see added, fixed etc with the website.

    All suggestions comments are welcome, you can also private  message me if you wish to not post publically.

  • Posted by GregoryRasputin , on 12/05/2010 , @ 08:38am


    ifcaro has updated his popular PS2 loader for the PS3, here is the changelog:

    Improved network startups and various fixes
    Added internal HDD support (HDL format)
    Added the ability to choose the default menu (USB, NET, HDD games)
    Added the ability to use a valid disc ID for online gamesAdded a fix for modchip freezing (maybe not all modchips)
    Many new game compatibility fixes
    Added IGR (In Game Reset) with a disable per game option
    Added Alphabetical Sorting
    Changed Settings categories
    Added page scrolling (R1/L1)
    Added support for user language files
    Network support added for PS3
    Zipped Theme support
    Added PCMCIA support for the 18K

    Download thanks to faith genesis raven

    If you would like to know more, visit ifcaro’s bitbucket page here or visit faith genesis raven’s thread here

  • Posted by Pirate , on 08/05/2010 , @ 11:10am


    Remember JaicraB, the guy who managed to dump the PS3 hypervisor and tell us how he did it? Well looks like he is back to work again and released his KeyFindPuP application and more information on his current progress.

    To quote below (translated):

    Good! For business reasons I have not had occasion to pursue my hobby. Although we have less time to devote some time still.

    We stayed with the method of Dump LV2, but will not be entirely useful without appropriate software, which is why I open the door in case anyone wants to help do not hesitate.

    Contact [email protected]. HadesTeam? A small nonprofit group, we just like to learn. This group consists mainly of the following persons: JaicraB, DemonHades, Calimba, DanteHades and Druid. That said, do not hesitate to help.

    Mainly we want to Lv2? As you know the PUP has a number of checks with Hmac_Sha1. If we make a clean dump of the process of installation of the Key PUP Hmac_sha1 achieve in this struggle to unpack a PUP to carry out changes and re-create the Hash.


    We need a otheros.bld as simple as cash. A BLD with built the exploit and a stand to dump the memory. If someone offers volunteer program, contact. Once we have the dump is necessary to search for the Key. I have designed a program which facilitates the task: jaic_Hmac_sha1_file.zip Provide us find the Key.

    Extra Information

    The installation of the PUP has three phases:
    1. Checking the hash described in PUPHeader.bin
    2. UPDATE to unpack the hard disk cache area Fat32.
    3. Verification and update of hardware modules.


    Having a second hard drive formatted with the PS3 and have the BLD (see above). Enter the first drive and enter the recovery with the PUP in a USB.

    The first process to run the PUP from the recovery checks described in the file hashes PUPHeader.bin. If everything is correct UPDATE unpacks the hard disk. At that time makes a reset and return to continue the installation.

    At that time you restart and have lost the KEY, as it would be replaced by other data. Solution? Motherboard Keep constantly fed and cause instant shutdown.

    “The next day the board will explain how to keep the system fed without being noticed. (Is curious to see the fan on the hard drive and other peripherals and the red light on.) Also explain how to cause instant off with a small bug on the BIOS controlled.”

    With these two methods can turn off the PS3 at any time hold the RAM and make a Dump.


    Getting the key to restructuring a Hmac_Sha1 and PUP. The advantage of being able to change modules update. If you want to help [email protected].

    Today, not having the special BLD we are investigating the BD player with good results. Greetings!

    [Download KeyFindPuP for PS3 Dumps ]

  • Posted by Pirate , on 08/05/2010 , @ 10:17am


    Console peripheral makers XCM have the gift of making some funky devices, this time its a light gun designed for use in PS3 FPS games.

    XFPS Fire light gun (for PS 3 console)

    World’s first light gun that works with ALL PS 3 First Person Shooter (FPS) games

    Revolutionizing the way you play console FPS! Precision aiming at its best!

    Just point and shoot.

    XFPS Fire Light Gun brings console first person shooters to a whole new experience. Bring the entertainment to your living room! With the XFPS Fire, you can snipe your foes with precision aiming using this light gun. No more having to move your thumbs or getting cramps. Simply point and shoot. What makes the XFPS Fire Light Gun even better is that it works for ALL first person shooters.

    Source of story and images Official XCM Site
    Video courtesy of reviews dcemu