• PS Jailbreak, PS3 Hacks , 06.09.2010

    Well if your still in the market for a PS3 jailbreak solution, and can’t seem to get your hands on one of the ports or a USB development board, then here is another solution to your problems.

    It is supposed to retail for about $50, so it is still cheaper to go the PSGroove route if you can wait on a USB development board. Orders are expected to ship September 10-13th. We highly recommend to not pre-order this item until we have confirmation it works.

    More information at their site.

    You can also see the product review my Logic-Sunrise.

    Thanks to Adr990 for the tip.

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    1. profion
      04:30 PM

      I feel nice that Ps3 has finaly hacked,untill next month many clones will be release.....Sony you have very big problems now.....!!!

    2. Pockets69
      05:31 PM

      PS3Break???? does it break your ps3??? LOL at the name!
      anyway there are cheaper solutions, the x3 and ps3 key will retail with a lower price i think.
      still its another option, i feel bad for psjailbreak seriously.

    3. calnorak
      05:44 PM

      well in $ony's eyes its broken and needs fixed :P

      I can't wait though this is driving me nuts, I am awaiting the preorder of my xplain board, its supposed to ship tomorrow, Well I was promised it would and I would get tracking as well... we will see

    4. Pockets69
      05:46 PM

      my teensy has already been shipped and my blackcat is going to be shipped tomorrow.

    5. japsander
      06:25 PM

      Originally Posted by Pockets69
      my teensy has already been shipped and my blackcat is going to be shipped tomorrow.
      Lucky you.
      I still have no word. Nuhorizons sent me an email saying my order was under review and have not yet charged my card. Nor do they answer emails.
      I can't risk ordering another in case I go overdrawn at the bank.
      One day I might get one lol.