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  • Posted by PS3Hax Member News , on 31/10/2010 , @ 07:27pm


    This version of Open Manager is a modification of the original Open Manager program (see above). This version obviously includes different features not found in the original Open Manager, that’s why
    it’s on my list. Additionally, this mod version of Open Manager includes Open Copy Install.

    Open Copy Install allows you to view games installed on the hard drive (internal and external), copy games from one drive to another drive, and can perform installations of games to the hard drive.

    Note: Enter the following username to use the integrated FTP server:

    User: OMAN46756
    Password: None

    Change log for v2.1 Rev I:

    - PNG with transparency Allows

    - Messages when installing subjects/title pages


    - Added to title page routes search 3D COVERS3D/SIMPLE and 3D double slide COVERS3D/DOUBLE

    - Now if it does not find title pages in the external disc it looks for, them by Internet (Izq+L2 Commando for the selected one, Der+L2 for all the list)

    - The commando to watch space that occupies in disc the game, now shows the ID-GAME

    - Now it is possible to be specified in the subject, that if does not find the title page, that it shows the icon of the game

    - Left + L1, install subjects, only separate the search of title pages to Left + L2

    - They are possible to be used for Following title page Previous/that is title pages 3D or 3D double slide

    - Possibility of using text Groups, in this way we can personalize the basic image

    - It can hides the text of information when being in trapped mode, like the size in disc can be hidden being in trapped mode or no.

    - Addition language Portuguese to the original subject

    - The configuration of the title page servant keeps in options.ini where this installed OM, can be changed by others urls, if urls does not work that brings by defect.

    [Filevo]: DOWNLOAD HERE


  • Posted by PS3Hax Member News , on 31/10/2010 , @ 07:03pm


    psfMod for HTC Phones has been released. (more…)

  • Posted by PS3Hax Member News , on 31/10/2010 , @ 04:23pm


    Hi, I’m a contributor ([email protected]) in the project of Robo Hobo (Mednafen-ps3), and my main goal is to release the PKG (for firmware 1.92 and up) for everyone to try out.
    Please use the thread that belongs to Robo Hobo to tell him about some issues or use the official google code page (http://code.google.com/p/mednafen-ps3/issues/list).

    Revision 34:
    - Clean up bookmark display

    Download link: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=JRWYWHLT

    If you have any problem installing any package I uploaded then contact me to: [email protected] and I will test it and upload a new version.

    My thanks for:
    - Robo Hobo (the creator)

  • Posted by GregoryRasputin , on 31/10/2010 , @ 03:18pm


    A few days ago, we reported here that AerialX had released a light weight Open Source PS3 SDK, he has just recently created an app called PS3Load, which is basically WiiLoad for PS3, here is a quote from AerialX’s website:

    PSL1GHT has come a long way since I started it last week as a temporary stop-gap while waiting on trap15 to work on PS3DK. It’s quickly become incredibly feature-filled, and full applications are already possible with it!

    The other day, PSL1GHT received network support. Just today, PSL1GHT has received SPRX module linking support. SPRX modules are dynamic libraries already installed on your PS3; they provide functionality like setting up the display, managing the controller, playing audio, etc. We could use some devs to come and help us fill in the headers and stubs so we can use all this, but now that it’s possible we can call all sorts of useful functions on the PS3!

    As an example I wrote a program called PS3Load. PS3Load allows you to run SELF programs (homebrew) over your wireless or wired network; it uses Wiiload, for those familiar with it and the Homebrew Channel. To use it, simply run Wiiload (download) with a .self file, and point it to your PS3′s IP address.
    PS3Load is included in PSL1GHT’s samples, but I’ve also attached a precompiled version to this post. For the ultimate fun, ps3load ps3load into ps3load so you can ps3load while you ps3load.

    DOWNLOAD(This is the .pkg version, the original was a .self, if you want to download that file, visit the source)


    AerialX On Twitter

  • Posted by PS3Hax Member News , on 31/10/2010 , @ 12:14pm


    Mednafen is a multi-system emulator. It can emulate various systems such as NES, GB/GBC, GBA, SMS, GG, and more.

    Currently, it supports only NES, GB/GBC, GBA, SMS, and GG, but more system supports is in development.

    How-to Use:

    - File Menu
    Up and Down to Scroll the list by 1
    Left and Right to scroll the list by a page
    Cross: Select File or directory
    Circle: Go to previous directory

    - In Game:
    Tilt the right stick to the right for fast forward
    R3 to open settings menu
    Hold L3 + L2 to save state
    Hold L3 + R2 to load state
    Hold L3 + R3 to redefine controls

    - Settings Menu:
    Up and down to choose setting
    Left and right to change the current settings value

    Change log for revision 4 through 30:

    R4 - Hopefully fixes loading non-zipped files.
    R5 - Add load new game item on R3 menu. Press Triangle in the browser to change your mind. Doesn’t like to load more than one SMS or GG game in a session.
    R6 - Make File list larger and take up whole screen on wide screen displays. XMB no longer sluggish with list open. Add a quick note about building.
    R7 - Add new font.
    R8 - Maintenance, do not compile.
    R9 - More maintenance, do not compile
    R10 - One more
    R11 - New cleaner Makefiles, read BUILDING NOTES.TXT for details. Split System Code from emulator code. New shot at font, less blurry, but slow.
    R12 - Makefiles generate dependencies now
    R13 - Lower resolution, yet snappier, font.
    R14 - Use thread for presenting frames, maybe faster, maybe not. Save State load button is probably broke, will work on input next.
    R15 - Maintenance, do not compile Undo threaded frame buffer, boy that was broken in fun ways. Begin PCE support
    R16 - Preliminary PCE Support, no CD yet, that will come later
    R17 - Fix cutoffs and crashes in input getter
    R18 - Compile in Lynx, NeoGeo Pocket, and WonderSwan. Only WonderSwan and NeoGeo work for now, but neither is really tested.
    R19 - [No log message]
    R20 - Support bookmarks, in file list press R2 to set or remove bookmark.
    R21 - Enable lynx, read Readme for BIOS info
    R22 - Fix load state button
    R23 - PCE CD support, ftp bios to /dev_hdd0/game/MDFN90000/USRDIR/pcebios.bin, use only BIN/CUE with no external tracks or PS3 may hang.
    R24 - Add descriptions to settings menu.
    R25 - Remove obsolete vsync option, it’s always on now
    R26 - Add reload game to nestopia and gambatte
    R27 - all: Add reset option
    R28 - Add save state confirmation to mednafen (may not on all systems) Move state buttons to R2 and L2 in gambatte and nestopia
    R29 - Increase scroll speed in file list Fix XMB responsiveness in setting menu
    R30 - Move mednafen input configure text toward the left

    [Filevo]: DOWNLOAD HERE



  • Posted by PS3Hax Member News , on 31/10/2010 , @ 10:37am


    There is a new name AsbestOS Hybrid Loader.

    Two Reasons: To much other people’s code, and it requires both the OPEN SDK and the Leaked SDK to compile all the way. It has been a long 4 days. I been working Hard to clean, fix-up the Makefiles, comment the code.

    Just plan make it some what readable by someone else. OK i hate to repeat type every thing so here is the README and links are at the bottom. Hate to ask this.but I am a stay at home dad,not by choice no work in my small town. So if you like it, Use it often, or just want too Please Donate.

    AsbestOS Hybrid Loader README

    == Introduction Requirements==
    This a AsbestOS Linux bootloader that runs off of the PS3 Lv-2 exploit.
    It is designed to boot on PS3 systems running System Software version 3.41,
    though it could be adapted to earlier versions. Linux runs on the GameOS partition,
    thus having the same access to hardware that GameOS has.
    This code is experimental and is intended for those who have a 16KB USB dongle
    and no possibility to launch asbestOS in other form.
    It also requires you to be using Hermes’ 4vB payload.
    to compile is best to be using linux, as i have not tested on windows

    == Building ==

    The PS3DEV environment variable needs Setup

    $ sudo mkdir /usr/local/ps3dev

    Add these to the end of you ~/.bashrc file

    export PS3DEV=/usr/local/ps3dev
    export PATH=$PATH:$PS3DEV/bin
    export PATH=$PATH:$PS3DEV/ppu/bin
    export PATH=$PATH:$PS3DEV/spu/bin

    $ cd toolchain && ./buildit.sh ppu

    You also need to setup CELL_SDK environment variable !!!
    This build requires Both open adn leaked SDKs!!

    With both of those set we can contintue.
    Ok in the root of the AsbestOS Hybrid Loader run ‘make’
    this should compile the
    AsbestOS bin,
    AsbestOS Hybrid Loader pkg,
    dbgcli (debug program for AsbestOS),
    tftpgui ( small python app to loader kernal for this pkg Only setups for linux run the exe for windows)

    == Usage ==

    First compile AsbestOS Hybrid Loader get a compatible USB exploit mechanism.
    You should also connect your PS3 and PC to a network not the internet.
    (they need to be in the same broadcast domain also)

    Do nothing but plug into your router
    there is where everyone seems to have the trubble.
    i have created a easy setup guide for the NFS share.
    it will be located under the tools dir called HowToNFS.
    if you cant do this becuase your in windows run Virtualbox
    with your fav linux. bridge the network cards under VM setup.
    and then continue with the Guide.

    Transfer the AsbestOSHybridLoader.pkg (that you compiled )
    to the root of a thumb drive
    At this point if you have compiled you own dtbImage.ps3.bin
    (marcan’s kernel image source at http://git.marcansoft.com/)
    and asbestos.bin(Hermes’ Version of the stage2 source inculded),
    Copy them to the root of you usb thumb drive.

    Fire off the exploit device, turn on your PS3 using power followed by eject within 0.2 seconds .

    Install the pkg AsbestOSHybribLoader.pkg. OK now find the penguin and run the Program.
    First it checks and make sure you exploit payload is compatible with the program Yes (goes) No (quits)
    It should now ask you a series of questions.
    Do you Want to boot AsbestOS?Yes (goes) No (quits)
    Do you Want to load your BINS from the USB?(if you say yes and there are now files defualt will load off HDD)
    Do you Want to try Experimental sys8_memcpy replacment? Yes (goes) this replaces sys8_memcpy with a poke loop No (goes) uses sys8_memcpy
    Rember that sys8_call is still being used, so you still need hermes 4vb!!(Replace with your own look in main for sys8_call)
    Ok the scary part the screen goes black.it….Wait for it….If you get anything at all, congratulations, Kernel is running.
    At this point, if you have any issues, the problem should be fairly apparent from the messages (Kernel panic NFS not mounted).
    If not then there could be a cupple things wrong. There has been reports that there is a issuse with SD tvs.
    I can not comfirm because i do not own a tv.I happen to run mine to a Monitor with a HDMI > DVI cable.
    There are also been reports of it not working on Phat PS3s. as im not sure about this (one friend told me it worked on his phat),
    There could be a posible problem on how you exploit is deliverd to the ps3. I dont know enough quite yet so who knows.
    that is why im am releasing this as a beta.

    Once the PS3 is up and running and your NFS share.you should now have a Working AsbestOS.
    to find out more about AsbestOS got to marcan’s blog http://marcansoft.com/blog/
    You Can Contact me at my blog http://margatz85.blogspot.com/

    And i want to say thanks to Marcan32,KaKaRoToKS,Hermes,ooPo,AerialX,Mathieulh, an who ever i missed.
    with out any of yall i wont have been able to do what i do. Thats have fun and use my toys the way i want.


    == ToDo ==
    spell check every thing (ROFL i cant spell sorry)
    write a how to for tftp
    remove the need for Only hermes’ payload (replace sys8_call )
    remove the ned for leaked SDK
    Keep up with the latest kernel and patchs.( We will have HDD support soon)

    AsbestOS Hybrid Loader

  • Posted by PS3Hax Member News , on 31/10/2010 , @ 10:31am


    As promised, BrandonW releases his port of the PSGroove app for the TI-89 Titanium calculator.


    PS3JB89 is an assembly program for the TI-89 Titanium that implements the PSGroove exploit for the Playstation 3 console. By connecting a USB cable between a PS3 and your calculator and running the program, you can trigger the PSGroove exploit from your graphing calculator.

    Here are the features (version 0.01.0001):

    • Current status is displayed at the bottom of the LCD. You can tell exactly what step it’s failing on and take action based on it.
    • The program has several configurable options to change the way the jailbreak works. These options are stored in a custom “CONF” file called “ps3jbopt”, which can be archived to keep it from RAM resets.
    • External payload files are supported. This means you don’t have to re-compile the program to use a payload different from the built-in one.These payloads are stored as custom “PAYL” files and are selected through PS3JB89′s options menu: You can specify an external payload file by transferring it to your calculator and then entering its filename in the “Stage 1″ field, or you can press [2nd]+[-] to bring up the “VAR-LINK” menu and select the file.To convert from a binary file containing the payload data to a custom “PAYL” file, read this.
    • Other firmware versions below 3.41 are supported through the use of “firmware compatibility files”, which are external files that override specific behavior in the jailbreak to make it function under different firmware versions.Select a compatibility file appropriate for your firmware version along with a payload appropriate for your version and you can now use the jailbreak on 3.01, 3.15, and potentially others (below 3.41).A basic list of these compatibility files as well as their format (for creating your own) can be found here.
    • The connection of device 6 during the jailbreak can be enabled/disabled in the options.This is disabled by default, and useful with older payloads that still use device 6. If you don’t know what to do with it, leave it alone.

    Known issues and/or feature requests:

    • This only works on calculator OS/AMS version 3.10 (which is the latest version). You can always upgrade and downgrade to anything you want without issue, so this isn’t a huge deal.
    • The “hook” feature, where you can apply the jailbreak without explicitly running the program and selecting F1 (“Jailbreak”), is currently disabled pending further work and testing.
    • AsbestOS support using its specific stage 1 and stage 2 payloads is not implemented. There is a “stage 2″ setting in the Options, but it does nothing at the moment. With recent AsbestOS developments, this may end up proving an unnecessary feature anyway.
    • You cannot change any options if you’ve archived the configuration file (“ps3jbopt”). For now, unarchive it, run the program, apply your changes, exit the program, and re-archive the configuration file.
    • It’s probably still pretty quirky. These things take time to evolve.


    And thanks to BrandonW for his efforts.

  • Posted by GregoryRasputin , on 31/10/2010 , @ 06:01am


    ThatOtherPerson has updated his homebrew game Cubicle Shooter, here is a video and changes:

    notable changes in v0.4

    Improved textures for enemies.
    Enemies are now animated.
    Enemies die when shot.
    Enemies are infinitely re-spawning.
    There is now a textured and deformable ground (this differs from the destructible walls and is instead more reminiscent of the ground deformation in fracture)
    The debug text has been replaced with larger and more legible sprite based text
    The rate of fire has been doubled
    The maximum number of cuboids that walls can be sub divided into has been doubled
    Game saving and loading has once again been updated to reflect the changes

    To thank ThatOtherPerson and download the new version of his game, visit his thread here

  • Posted by GregoryRasputin , on 31/10/2010 , @ 05:39am


    Amon_RA has released a new version of his popular recovery image for HTC Dream, G1 and Sappihire, this enables Jailbreak on PS3 consoles with firmwares 3.01, 3.10, 3.15, 3.21 and 3.41, here is a quote from his original thread:

    psfreedom features

    * jailbreak of ps3′s with firmware 3.01, 3.10, 3.15, 3.21 and 3.41
    * all features offered by KaKaRoTo’s PL3

    Install Requirements:

    * A Rooted HTC Dream/G1/Sapphire 32B
    * PS3 with firmware version 3.01, 3.10, 3.15, 3.21 or 3.41 (other versions will not work)

    How to install:
    Use fastboot/adb to install the recovery image (see here for other methods)


    To thank and view further developments, please visit Amon_RA’s thread here

  • Posted by GregoryRasputin , on 30/10/2010 , @ 06:12am


    A PSX-Scene member by the name of gundamwfan, has discovered a way of reactivating his PSN games, after a HDD swap, on a Jailbroken PS3, here is a quote from his thread:

    Good morning/afternoon everybody. Man I love this scene. I love comgenie’s file manager most of all. And you want to know why? I’ll tell you why.

    Yesterday I switched out hard drives on my 160GB Drake model PS3. The one with only 16MB of flash. When you do that, even with the HDD backup and restore, it carts over your DLC but not the activation. The activation keys supposedly were stored in nand and blah blah blah…wrong! WRONG WRONG WRONG!

    There’s a little file in the exdata folder of the home directory called “act.dat” and it has all the activation info for all the dlc you’ve purchased. I noticed after comparing the new drive after backup with the files I copied over before I switched out and guess what…act.dat was missing. After I copied over the act.dat file, everything worked like a charm, INCLUDING all my rock band DLC that would’ve required reactivation and all my DLC Games! So share the news with your friends, for those that didn’t know, that act.dat file is golden for DLC and could hopefully lead to bypassing activation at some point in the future. Pass it on!

    Update: DLC is seen in Non JB’d mode, and won’t run without activation. But IN JB mode, DLC runs without a hitch. perhaps with some editing, this could lead to running unlicensed DLC? I don’t know.


    To stop any hassle, Cyberskunk also discovered this method a month ago here, im sure he has heard of coincidences.

    Temporarily Reactivate Your PSN Content with a Backup of ‘act.dat’

    I’ve figured out you can temporarily reactivate your PSN Content and it is as simple as transferring your backup of..

    ‘act.dat’ or the entire ‘exdata’ folder (Depends on the situation)

    to this folder on the PS3..


  • Posted by PS3Hax Member News , on 30/10/2010 , @ 04:43am


    This post is meant for the more advanced developers out there. PS3mrengigma has updated his blog with a tutorial on how to hook into LV2. In this tutorial he utilizes, the undocumented, SYSCALL 867 for his hook. SYSCALL 867, which he explained previously, controls the PS3′s model information (retail, debug, reference tool etc). In his tutorial he walks us through the process of making his debug PS3, thinking its a Retail unit (there is no benefit to making it think its a retail, its simply a learning exercise). For those interested in the tutorial, check it out after the jump.


    In this post we will see how to make hooks (hooks) in the LV-2 SYSCALL. The possibilities are endless da hook, only to be limited to our imagination
    and what we want to achieve with the hook.

    For this section we should bear in mind that we need to meet the following requirements:

    - Take a dump of the entire LV-2, possibly without being modified in any way by a payload.
    – Knowledge of assembler to understand the original SYSCALL to create our hooks.
    – Understand how the / s SYSCALL we will modify.

    For this post’ll take the example of a LV-2 3.41 Debug (for it is that I work mostly), but can be applied just as in a LV-2 Retail.

    The first thing you need to know is the beginning of the SYSCALL_TABLE, and the number of SYSCALL we want to put a hook.
    For example put a hook to the SYSCALL 0 × 363 (867) to alter the machine model that we will return.

    The SYSCALL_TABLE is at position 0 × 303130 (at any position in the LV-2 assume that they add the base address 0 × 8000 …), knowing the number of the SYSCALL (867)
    and taking into account that each table entry is 8 bytes in the address pointed to multiply 867 * 8 = 6936, so we add that to the SYSCALL_TABLE, 0 × 303130 + 0x1B18 = 0x304C48.

    In this direction we find another memory address, 0x348FB0, we go to the second and we have another memory address, 0x27A368. In this direction starts the code of the SYSCALL.
    Point out the direction where is the address where the SYSCALL would begin, in this case, 0x348FB4.

    Enter the code in the SYSCALL, knowing that the SYSCALL has 2 parameters, the first command of the operation to be performed and the second a pointer to a buffer to store the result
    of the call, we can try to see how the SYSCALL.

    The SYSCALL 867 with the command 0 × 19004 returned in the output buffer at position 3 (starting from 0) the byte that indicates the machine model, knowing that we can make our hook
    inject this value in the output buffer.

    We started writing our hook, for it wrote the preamble to the SYSCALL basing in the original code:

    STDU% sp,-0xB0 (% sp)
    mflr% r0
    std% r30, 0xA0 (% sp)
    std% r31, 0xA8 (% sp)
    std% r29, 0 × 98 (% sp)
    std% r0, 0xC0 (% sp)

    Having echo the preamble, we see that we have stored on the stack the registers% r30,% r31,% r29 pudiendolos use for what we need in our hook, as we have in store
    the Link Register so you could use our hook subllamadas smooth caller to return to the code.

    Need to check that the command you want to modify is the 0 × 19004, so we proceed to create a check:

    lis% r31, 1
    ori% r31,% r31, 0 × 9004
    cmpw% r31,% r3
    bne _salir_sin_nada

    At this point we have two possible flows, which is our command or it may not be. Start by it to be:

    li% r30, 0 × 85
    li% r29, 1

    stb% r29, 1 (% r4)
    stb% r30, 3 (% R4)
    stb% r29, 5 (% r4)
    stb% r29, 7 (% r4)

    li% r3, 0

    ld% r0, 0xC0 (% sp)
    ld% r29, 0 × 98 (% sp)
    ld% r31, 0xA8 (% sp)
    ld% r30, 0xA0 (% sp)
    mtlr% r0
    addi% sp,% sp, 0xB0



    With this code will always let a European Retail of the first sub-models.

    Now to implement the code in the event that the command is not checked:


    , here we have to calculate a memory address where the branch is unconditional distance to the target memory address where we go, in this case 0x27A380.

    We will explain the code, if the command was desired, modify the destination buffer filling with a retail eur forced model, the first sub-models, after which he managed
    the preamble of the function and return without going through the SYSCALL original caller of the SYSCALL code. In the event that is not the command, do an unconditional jump to the original SYSCALL
    after its preamble already done in our code, so as the original parameters are untouched, as the SYSCALL finish and proceed to return to its caller, would return to the code
    the original name, because the code itself will correct the preamble SYSCALL ours.

    Once you create the hook, just have to copy it to a memory region in the LV-2 proper, in the case of the debug start in 0 × 54408, while retail 0x50B44.
    Do not forget that the unconditional jump performed at the end of the hook has to be recalculated at the address where the copied.

    Once copied, you need to install the hook so that when the modules call the SYSCALL call our code, in our case as we know where to start our code (0 × 54 408), proceed to write
    this direction in the second memory address that points that indicate the SYSCALL_TABLE, ie 0x348FB4.

    Once done, any module, homebrew, etc to call that SYSCALL go through our hook, and if the command is 0 × 19004, we will refund a forced Retail Eur.

    For this sample, a produce debug it from the XMB can not launch applications without signing, returning the error VSH not allowed (this problem is patched by PSGROOVE as
    we will explain in a future post).

    Via PSGroove

  • Posted by Pirate , on 30/10/2010 , @ 01:17am


    For those who enjoy the TI-84 port, BrandonW has promised to release a TI-89 plat. port soon, and has posted a video below.

    To quote (via Twitter):

    I have to admit, I didn’t think it was going to happen but…folks, the jailbreak works on the 89Ti. Proof, source, and release coming soon.


  • Posted by PS3Hax Member News , on 29/10/2010 , @ 12:42pm


    Developed by DJPopol, this Windows application allows you to quickly compile payloads source code for the TI-84+ calculator.

    How-to use:

    1. Select .bin file.

    2. Give it a new name for your payload (8 characters required).

    3. Click GO.

    4. Now, you should have a new file, whatever name you gave it, ending with extension .8xv

    Change log for v1.1:

    - Support’s payload Kakaroto-Support ‘s payload Kakaroto.

    - English translation for languages other than French-English translation for languages Other Than French.

    - The destination folder can now be Chosen. -The destination folder now CAN Be Chosen.

    [Filevo] DOWNLOAD HERE


  • Posted by PS3Hax Member News , on 29/10/2010 , @ 12:13pm


    A few hours ago Brandon updated the his TI-84 jailbreaking tool to 0.07.0001. It just some small bug fixes.

    v0.07.0001 - Minor bug fixes:
    The graph screen is no longer blank upon exiting the application.
    The hook was being automatically installed when selecting 1) PS3 Jailbreak and exiting; this has been fixed.
    It’s just generally more likely to work.


  • Posted by GregoryRasputin , on 29/10/2010 , @ 10:52am


    monkeymaximus has updated his popular PS3 Homebrew/Update Downloader, here is a quote from the original thread:

    Major Changes
    - Search for Game Updates by Name (database is updated as people search for new games)
    - Bug fixes - UI / Error Handling

    - For those of you who want proof that we can be trusted. We have been around making stuff since 2005. See http://www.psp-hacks.com/2005/08/20/…ack-generator/ . Also feel free to contact us.
    - If you have any problems or feedback please let us know so we can make this better.

    Special thanks to the Brewology crew for keeping the Homebrew updated (its a lot of work)!

    Visit original thread here

  • Posted by GregoryRasputin , on 28/10/2010 , @ 06:11pm


    PS3HaX Member/Homebrew Dev ThatOtherPerson has released another homebrew game, complete with source code:

    Don’t Get Crushed is a PS3 port/remake of my previously released Wii game of the same name.

    Use the left analog stick to move the grey ball left or right and avoid the other balls as they bounce across the screen. If you get crushed under one of the bouncing balls then its game over and your score is reset to zero. Your high score is automatically saved to your hard drive.

    To thank or download the game, visit the original thread here

  • Posted by GregoryRasputin , on 28/10/2010 , @ 05:32pm


    A PSX-Scene user by the name of apanloco has released a homebrew PS3 game called Spin Pong.

    Spin Pong is an fun and addictive 2-player Pong game for PS3, with some interesting physics and stereo sound.

    This was coded using only a retail unit, using logging over UDP.

    I used the how-install-set-up-ps3-sdk-1-92-properly guide thanks go to internetfloozy.

    Download latest version from:



    Use left analog stick up/down to move paddles.
    Press X to signal that you are ready. Both players need to signal ready before game starts.
    Press START to signal that you want a game reset. Both players need to signal wants-reset before game starts.


    I built this with the 1.92 SDK on windows with msys. Just do this:
    - cd
    - build.bat
    - you now have spinpong.pkg
    - install as usual


    For homebrew developers check out Log.h/Log.cpp for code to log over network.
    To view the logs, use:
    $ socat udp-recv:6160 stdout

    Sounds are converted from .wav to .raw using:
    for i in *.wav; do sox -V -S $i -r 48000 -e float -b 32 -c 1 -B $i.raw; done
    because i was too lazy to code a wav loader.


  • Posted by PS3Hax Member News , on 28/10/2010 , @ 10:41am


    ScummVM port has been updated, you can download it below. What is ScummVM? Read about it here.


    My testsetup:

    .) 1080p (it should autoselect the best resolution for your TV)

    .) Gaia Manager: git pull bd20548e7fb1d0ee8f4cec2c9bc5f46a5c8878e7

    .) psgroove (with PL3): git pull 614cdb6e7d2d5bc400b39b5bd9585cba43ab80d6

    .) scummvm installed to “/dev_hdd0/game/GAIA01985/homebrew/scumm/”

    .) scummmodern.zip installed to “/dev_hdd0/scummvm/” (not needed if you want the default theme)

    .) automatically builds installable package with “make pkg” (may need testing)

    .) Virtual keyboard enabled (I will select a better layout later)

    .) enable keyboard everywhere with R1 (if its not automatic)

    Feedback, patches, or anything like it is welcome, the location I watch is http://psx-scene.com/forums/f149/pro…s3-port-69286/ or my github account. (I am looking at you MagicSeb! If you add something, or are aware of bugs a short line should not be to much.)

    99% of the graphics glitches are gone, the worst thing is a broken cursor

    Games tested: Monkey Island 1 & 2 (FMTowns Version) works, except the cursor is broken after playing Monkey Island 3 works, sometimes sound skipping (cracks) Day of the Tentacle: works 100% The Legend of Kyrandia (CD Version) works 100% Beneath a Steel Sky (CD and Floppy) crashes at intro, but if skipped it works fine Discworld works 100%

    ScummVM Quick Compatibility Tests:

    • Monkey Island 1 & 2 (FMTowns Version): works, except the cursor is broken after playing
    • Monkey Island 3: works, sometimes sound skipping (cracks)
    • Day of the Tentacle: works 100%
    • The Legend of Kyrandia (CD Version): works 100%
    • Beneath a Steel Sky (CD and Floppy): crashes at intro, but if skipped it works fine
    • Discworld: works 100%

    Download source below (needs to be compiled):