• Homebrew, PS3 Hacks , 26.10.2010

    A PS3 modder known as Pojiku has released the first type of PS3 homebrew database.

    To quote:

    Key features :

    • Automatically find the latest homebrew.
    • Built-in FTP client allows installing to PS3 without touching a USB drive.
    • Is n00b friendly!

    To-Do :

    • Add filters to give more specific results
    • Include a HEX database
    • Include App/Hex submission form
    • Make a pretty interface ^^

    How to use :

    1. Run a PS3 FTP Server on your PS3.
    2. Using the IP Address displayed on-screen, connect to your PS3 using the FTP dialoge above.
    3. Select the item you want to download, then press the “Download” button.
    4. Restart your PS3 and your item will appear in the ‘Game’ category of the XMB.

    It runs off the PC currently, but its one step closer to a PS3 app store :)

    [Download FreeStore v1.0]

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    1. Xerczese
      02:34 PM

      A ps3 app store would be great, also if we could find some way to get DLC that would be good to.

    2. Joel
      02:55 PM

      good job everything is so accessible now.

    3. BobbyBlunt
      08:46 PM

      Nice concept. Would like to see what the future holds for this app.

    4. t0mps0n
      12:14 AM

      This sounds awesome, soon ps3 to have third app store similar to cydia...
      Can't wait 4 these results, keep em comming