• Homebrew, PS3 Hacks , 24.10.2010

    lousyphreak of PSX-Scene has announced that he is working on a ScummVM port for the PS3. First off what is ScummVM?

    To quote:

    ScummVM is a program which allows you to run certain classic graphical point-and-click adventure games, provided you already have their data files. The clever part about this: ScummVM just replaces the executables shipped with the games, allowing you to play them on systems for which they were never designed!

    ScummVM supports many adventure games, including LucasArts SCUMM games (such as Monkey Island 1-3, Day of the Tentacle, Sam & Max, …), many of Sierra’s AGI and SCI games (such as King’s Quest 1-6, Space Quest 1-5, …), Discworld 1 and 2, Simon the Sorcerer 1 and 2, Beneath A Steel Sky, Lure of the Temptress, Broken Sword 1 and 2, Flight of the Amazon Queen, Gobliiins 1-3, The Legend of Kyrandia 1-3, many of Humongous Entertainment’s children’s SCUMM games (including Freddi Fish and Putt Putt games) and many more.

    The author has released his initial source code, and this project is still a work in progress, to quote from the author:

    Hi, I am currently working on a ScummVM port for the PS3, much of it already works, but there are still some points which need fixing.The Source is located at lousyphreak’s scummvm-ps3 at ps3 - GitHub it builds with the leaked 1.92 SDK, no .pkg yet, it needs to be launched via the homebrew mode of Gaia Manager (the only one i tested it with)

    What works:

    1.) most of it

    What doesn’t:

    I have only tried a handful of games, this list is by far not complete.

    1.) You will get corrupted palettes in most games (corruption is usually just minor)
    2.) Beneath a Steel Sky crashes during the intro
    3.) Many scumm games crash when showing the overlay (Start button)
    4.) in some games the cursor has no transparent colors
    5.) slowdowns may occur
    6.) MT32 emu shows problems at least in MI2

    You can bet we can see some real neat PS3 homebrew games in the future :)

    You can download the source below (requires v1.9 SDK to compile):
    [Download Code and Files]
    [VIA PSX-Scene]


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    1. 2die4
      11:38 PM

      This is what i have been hoping for hope they can get MOVE support into it

    2. Hailfire101
      03:21 AM

      How do you delete comments?

    3. smigster
      03:37 AM

      Day of the Tentacle AWSOME that game was completed by me 10 or more times never completed the mini game though thats hard. well was hard but games seem to get eaiser cus games are more complex nowerdays

    4. advocatusdiaboli
      04:21 AM

      Maniac Mansion
      Zak McKracken
      Monkey Island 1, 2 and 3! Will 4 work too?

    5. Anchang
      04:33 AM


      UPDATED- Press R1 for virtual Keyboard, useful for MI2.
      PKG included!

      Last git, compiled by me.

      Left Stick - move mouse
      X - left mouse button
      O - right mouse button
      D-Pad - cursor keys
      start - show overlay (save, load, quit, etc)
      select - ESC (to quit videos or other sequences)

      put it in /dev_hdd0/game/GAIA01985/homebrew/scumm/ or in an external usb/hard drive /homebrew/scumm

      it ONLY worked with GAIA manager for me. You have to switch to HOMEBREW mode.

      scummmodern.zip installed to "/dev_hdd0/scummvm/" (not needed if you want the default theme)

    6. Anchang
      12:44 PM

      Last version

      enabled hi-res overlay and fixed the cursor (mostly)