• XBSlink is a program that will enable games that support local network multiplayer to be connected to the Internet, for online play. Essentially, it is like XLink Kai but connects via P2P method.

    How is XBSlink different to Xlink Kai/xbconnect?

    In difference to other Systemlink proxies, XBSlink is purely P2P with no server infrastructure. No server connection or specialized game browser service is necessary. You are not dependent on any other factors. All packets in and out are 100% between the client nodes itself. The program was developed to get the last bit of speed/ping time thats possible. And to know, that no other data than the game packets itself is send to the internet.

    Change log for v0.8.3.3:

    - Optional integrated update notifier on new XBSlink version
    - User joined/left messages in Chat
    - It is now possible to stop the XBSlink engine and restart it.
    - Added a warning message if WinPCap is not active.
    - various small changes, mainly notifications for the user

    Quick n’ dirty tutorial:

    For host & remote do:

    1) Add your PS3 MAC into special MAC list (picture 1)
    2) Start Engine (picture 1)
    3) Start game and host local network multiplayer game (only if you are host)

    For remote do:

    1) After steps above add remote host ip or host (picture 2)
    2) Push announce to Remote Host (picture 2)
    3) Start game and connect local network multiplayer game (only if you are remote)

    After these steps host and remote is connected and you can have a chat while you play game

    [FileFactory]: DOWNLOAD HERE

    [Download VIA PS3Hax]: Download HERE

    [News Source PSX-Scene]

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    1. Pirate
      04:36 PM

      Modified news post a bit and added PS3Hax DL mirrors.

      Some games that have LAN:
      • Borderlands
      • Call of Duty 4
      • Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2
      • Call of Duty W@W
      • Condemned 2
      • F.E.A.R
      • Haze
      • OFP Dragon Rising
      • Rainbow Six Vegas
      • The Darkness
      • TimeShift
      • Unreal Tournament 3
      • Armored Core 4
      • Blazing Angels 2
      • Blur
      • DiRT
      • DiRT 2
      • F1 2010
      • Formula 1 Championship
      • H.A.W.X 2
      • Dark Sector
      • Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2
      • Kane & Lynch Dead Man
      • Red Dead Redemption
      • Red Fraction Guerrilla
      • Saints Row 2
      • Warhawk __________________

    2. SaveU
      05:27 PM

      Awesome. Get some multiplay going on.

    3. ps3haxplz
      05:44 PM


      I'm hoping for one difference from xlink, that I can get the bloody thing to work.

    4. >Ace<
      05:44 PM

      What's about LAN connection via the internet? Like Hamachi...
      Would it be able?

    5. Komi77
      07:21 PM

      i must chack CoD 4 Lan anybody wana join to test it :aetsch:

    6. riplay
      08:20 PM

      Open a room i'll test it for you share the port and the name of your room here
      ************* [ - Post Merged - ] *************
      TESTED IT ON COD 4 its not working with my'n i pend all the ports the big one and this one 3478 its maybe cause i'm on wifi

    7. sunnytimes
      09:09 PM

      I'm hoping for one difference from xlink, that I can get the bloody thing to work.
      xlink kai works great .. read this ..


      neat app tho , will try it out later, thanx! :]

    8. colinraff
      12:03 AM

      i agree xlink kai works great, forward ports 30000 and 32544 to your computers IP from your router and then your golden.

      Your best bet is to have the pc connected by Ethernet to router.

    9. antreas16596
      11:27 AM

      my friend this is very good but if you know can i play online with my friends what they don't jailbreak there's ps3's (0)

    10. advocatusdiaboli
      01:42 PM

      Wish they release the source code.

      That way I could turn it into a linux daemon.

    11. CrystalWolf
      03:33 PM

      cool so we can play online

    12. CrystalWolf
      11:21 PM

      does this mean v can go online without getting banned by sony

    13. sunnytimes
      12:20 AM

      does this mean v can go online without getting banned by sony
      yes , you have been able to for years .. www.teamxlink.co.uk

    14. CrystalWolf
      12:45 AM

      thts gr8 fifa 11 online is gonna b awesome

    15. Agent_447
      07:57 PM

      Anyone tried this for cod black ops?

    16. g-ranthill5
      11:57 PM

      does anyone wants to try this out for modded zombies i already have zombies ready and working. ill host hit me up psn:g-ranthill5 dont reply to me on ps3hax cuz im not on here much