• Homebrew, PS3 Hacks , 31.12.2010

    For a while now, i have know that facanferff has been working on a text reader, for various file types, today Dukio reported on his WIP, here is what they said:

    you can expect these features in the upcoming SuiteApp:

    * Open a document;
    * Fast reading;
    * Settings page: Font size, screen lines, background colour, font colour;
    * Supports now: *.txt, *.cpp, *.c, *.h, *.ini, *.bin, *.htm, *.aspx, *.php, *.asp, *.xml
    * Now files big (e.g. 1 Gb) doesn’t take time to load
    * Added option to download things (will be used for update and download/open files from websites)
    * File Browser to select document
    * Option to increase/decrease font size
    * Option to increase/decrease number of lines of the document to be read
    * Return to File Browser when you are inside a document (R3)
    * Working in binary mode (for bin files)


    To keep up with facanferff’s progress, visit his Twitter here

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    1. advocatusdiaboli
      05:16 PM

      Binary mode, sweet.

      I expect something like xxd inside this app?

      Are we talking PSSDK? Or PSL1GHT?

    2. GregoryRasputin
      05:44 PM

      Originally Posted by advocatusdiaboli
      Binary mode, sweet.

      I expect something like xxd inside this app?

      Are we talking PSSDK? Or PSL1GHT?
      Its built with PSL1GHT.

    3. lewenberg
      08:26 PM

      Great Homebrew. You know I actually Don't blame Sony for anything. REMEMBER THEY ARE A COMPANY.

      Sony really needed to limit freedom to make the ps3 better. Remember, "choice" is actually a cost. Each additional degree of freedom added to any system is one more bit of complexity limiting its usefulness. The more complex you make a system, the less successful people are at using it.

      WHY do you think iPod, and Facebook (its simplicity compared to myspace) dominates the market.

      If you give people less freedom, they will be happier, since their main concern is what they practically do, not what they theoretically could.

      In the end the PS3's main intent was a gaming Console, not a "free" hardware. Spread the word

    4. sqrt[36]
      10:19 PM

      this is pretty damn cool.
      awesome work

      maybe editing coming soon?

    5. Qraze1
      10:22 PM


      freedom should be free.

      and i'm sorry but sony marketed the ps3 as a all-in-one console, its main use is in gaming, but when they advertised bluray, other os/ super computing, web browser, and more, alot of media sources were confused as to what aspect of the machine sony was trying to sell to us. at first it was all about the bluray, once that format won the war, they then focused on its gaming side, ect.

      i'm a big fan of the kiss (keep it simply stupid) methods, but sony obviously isn't. and i don't want a simple gaming machine, i love the ps3 for all the things it does. i love the ds for being simply though.

      sorry for so off topic.

      i don't quite understand all the uses of this app but i'm sure it has some great uses for alot of people that want it.

    6. facanferff
      05:04 AM

      Originally Posted by sqrt[36]
      this is pretty damn cool.
      awesome work

      maybe editing coming soon?
      As I said before, it will not have editing for now, but I will look for it in future.
      For now It only reads plain documents, no pdf or chm, but I'm looking for them too.

    7. advocatusdiaboli
      06:39 AM

      Where is the source?

    8. facanferff
      06:41 AM

      Right now it isn't open source, once I conclude the development or want to leave this project, I will release the source code. Sorry. But do you have suggestions?