• PS3 Hacks, Software , 15.01.2011

    dobosz has updated his program to, here are the changes:
    - Fix cygwin (unself) wrong folder crash. Should do the trick for most unself bugs.
    - Add check if Game Folder contains space, which can’t be handle by make_self_npdrm.

    PS3HaX member dobosz has created quite a handy application, it turns your PS3 game backups into PKG’s, here is a quote from the original thread:

    Raw Games Installer is a simple application which was made to help you with patching and building PS3 backup packages.
    I don’t claim metods or keys usesed in this application.
    This is a simple wrapper between you and hackers software.
    Application use code developed by GeoHot, Team Fail0verFlow, and DeLiGhT.
    Orginal programs can be found in “dependence” folder.

    To download the app and thank dobosz, visit the original thread here

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