• EmersonS35 has released a , that lets you package/unpackage 3.41/3.55 PKG’s, it also lets you encrypt/decrypt .BIN files and .SELF files. The latest update brings many fixes, and improvements including PS3 Coldboot support and automatic updates.

    Full tutorial + download can be found at download page below.
    [VIA NGU]

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    1. gabrielnum2
      05:50 PM

      Braaaa Braaaa

    2. Schnitter
      05:59 PM

      Lots of work bein done on Sunday. Nice.


      Anyone mind helping. For learning purposes, I decrypted Multiman.pkg it went all fine and created a folder with the same name as the .PKG I decrypted. Now I want to re-create the .PKG from the multiman folder, how can I do this?

      I cant just drag and drop the extracted folder and BUILD. I need PKG Conf and PKG Content ID it seems but I dont know how to make/get those.

      Read more: http://www.ps3hax.net/downloads.php?...#ixzz1FCjU7pPc

    3. sudeki300
      07:12 PM

      i know this as probbly been asked many times, but does this mean we can decrpyted the dynamic themes and resign and install with getting the corrupted message on the ps screen.thanks to EmersonS35 for the hard work..................sudeki300

    4. rlme1
      08:06 PM

      great stuff EmersonS35, glad to see this worked on with such effort. i cant help but to wonder on the status of fully decrypting 3.56 to really stick it to sony, especially right now. anyone? i know the giant sony crab is trying to close the means to the ends of getting this done, but they will never succeed.

    5. XxNeWBoRNxX
      02:40 AM

      omg...does this mean i can finally get my game loaded,i have bionic comando i use to play it alot when i was runing geo...but when i went with Kmeaw i get an error...So my ? is with this tool ill be able to make it work on Kmeaw??
      its a pkg file!!