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  • Posted by GregoryRasputin , on 31/03/2011 , @ 05:38pm


    Its has seemed like a long time since cyberskunk and evilsperm released their awesome full PS3 customisation CFW, called Codename :rebug, in the mean time they have released awesome app’s like Package Manager Installer and Coldboot Installer, along with the various Firmware spoofer’s, today cyberskunk released the updated version of Codename:Rebug, for both 3.41 and 3.55 CFW’s, cyberskunk also explains why it has been delayed, as you will see in the quote below:

    First off, let me start by apologising for the delay. Both of my parents have been diagnosed with cancer a couple of months apart (My father has already been in for his operation and the doctors say they have removed it all.. WE HOPE). Saying that, the PUP’s have been ‘almost’ ready for sometime (a couple of months) but over those months I have added to them, so the delay even though for such a sad reason has had a positive result where Rebug is concerned.

    Secondly, it is for the above reason that not much work has gone into getting anymore of the debug features working. I will say though on 3.41 using a dongle we have managed to get the ‘check’ feature and the storing and installing of PUP’s from the PS3 HDD working but this is NOT included in this release as it breaks other things and we don’t want the end-user to have to use a dongle (Although dongles still have their use for testing things out). Plus we still need hardware to flash NAND/NOR (I have bricked two of my own PS3 in the last 6months testing things and another YLOD on me so I am down to one and a little reluctant to start messing with it without the hardware to fix it) and we are also trying to raise funds for a TEST console.

    Now that that is said, the time has come for the PUP’s to go to good homes..

    REBUG 3.41.2 & REBUG 3.55.1
    Both Rebug 3.41.2 and 3.55.1 have all the features you have come to expect from a CFW/MFW plus Package Manager, Rebug Selector and all the debug features of the last Rebug release and none of the bugs.

    There is also a new directory in dev_flash called rebug which has another directory in it packages. It is in this directory that you will find Rebug_Selector_1.2.pkg and BDEMU.pkg (3.55) or Hermes_V4C_Rebugged.pkg (3.41). These can be installed using the PS3 HDD option in Package Manager.

    Rebug 3.41.2 and 3.55.1 can be installed over the same version OFW/CFW/MFW on any model PS3 through the XMB or Recovery Mode and Rebug 3.41.2 can be installed in Service Mode if needed to downgrade OFW 3.50.

    Rebug 3.41.2 and 3.55.1 can be uninstalled with the same version OFW/CFW/MFW on any model PS3 through the XMB or Recovery Mode.


    Package Manager is a replacement for the standard ★ Install Package Files option under Game in the XMB. It allows for the install and deletion of .pkg files from ‘dev_hdd0/packages’, ‘dev_usb/packages’ and the standard ‘★ Install Package Files’ locations. In addition to this, your downloaded PSN content will appear under this menu instead of cluttering your ‘Game’ menu with uninstalled content.

    Navigate to Game in your XMB and click on ★ Package Manager (It will be where ‘★ Install Package Files’ usually is). You will find three options.

    ★ PlayStation®Network Content
    Manage your downloaded PlayStation®Network Content.

    ★ Install Package Files
    INSTALL package files from Storage Devices and your PS3.

    PS3™ Hard Disk – (dev_hdd0/packages)
    Package Folder – (dev_usb/packages)
    Standard Package Location – (Standard ★ Install Package Files locations)

    NOTE: The Install All Packages is only available by pressing the TRIANGLE button when the Standard Package Location option is highlighted because the PS3 will only install ALL packages from the root of a storage device as of the moment.

    ★ Delete Package Files
    DELETE package files from Storage Devices and your PS3.

    PS3™ Hard Disk – (dev_hdd0/packages)
    Package Folder – (dev_usb/packages)
    Standard Package Location – (Standard ★ Install Package Files locations)

    1: Highlight the file you would like to delete and press TRIANGLE. The sidebar should appear.
    2: Press CROSS on either Unlink or Unlink(Folder) (Both do the same thing for now).

    Included – Install using PS3 HDD option in Package Manager.

    Rebug Selector is a tool for switching XMB and menus. When you run the tool you will see displayed what MODE, XMB and DEBUG MENU you are using. You will also see that AUTO REBOOT is set to OFF – FAST MENU SWITCHING ACTIVE, which means when you choose an option from DEBUG MENU SELECT the PS3 will exit back to the XMB automaticly speeding up the menu switching process. As soon as you choose an option from either MODE SELECT or XMB SELECT the AUTO REBOOT will set to ON – SYSTEM WILL REBOOT ON EXIT and the user must manually exit the tool using the ‘ingame XMB’ once they are satisfied with their selections. This is so the vsh.self changes can take effect.

    Switches between NORMAL and REBUG mode

    NORMAL mode is the default mode after installing Rebug. It uses the DEBUG XMB and allows switching between the two different ★Debug Settings menus.

    NOTE: NORMAL mode MUST be set if you wish to reinstall official firmware through the XMB.

    REBUG mode sets the PS3 to the latest available version spoof (updatable in the future) and allows swapping between RETAIL and DEBUG XMB in addition to switching between the two different ★Debug Settings menus.

    Press L1+CROSS to set: [NORMAL MODE]
    Press L1+CIRCLE to set: [REBUG MODE]

    This option only works in REBUG mode and lets you select either the RETAIL or DEBUG XMB.

    Press R1+CROSS to use: [RETAIL XMB]
    Press R1+CIRCLE to use: [DEBUG XMB]

    Gives you the choice of the ★Debug Settings menu from retail (CEX) or debug (DEX) firmware.

    Press R2+CROSS to use: [DEBUG SETTINGS: MENU 1] (CEX)
    Press R2+CIRCLE to use: [DEBUG SETTINGS: MENU 2] (DEX)

    For use with Package Manager. This option will exit automaticly if AUTO REBOOT is set to off.

    Press SELECT to create [dev_hdd0/packages]

    NOTE: No matter what XMB or DEBUG MENU you are using, the debug options you have running will remain active.

    EXTRA INFO: Rebug Selector DOES NOT copy any files to dev_flash when performing it’s tasks, instead it renames (Much safer and much much faster). All the files are already installed on dev_flash and the tool has more than a dozen checks to make sure nothing goes wrong, including a check to see if it is being used on Rebug firmware. Trying to run Rebug Selector on firmware other than Rebug will cause the tool to auto exit before the user gets to make a choice or see anything on the screen at all for that matter.

    There are lots of things for you to experiment with and discover so have some fun and don’t take things too seriously. It is only a PS3.

    Enjoy.. Cyberskunk.

    P.S. Look forward to our next release with ‘Linux Dualboot’.

    Codename: REBUG would like to thank:
    Geohot, fail0verflow and graf_chokolo (Our thoughts are with you guys)


    KaKaRoToKS, Hermes, jjolano, rms, kmeaw, flukes1, netkis, Xtse of course Mathieulh and anyone else that we have forgotten whether they gave us 5minutes or 5hours of their time, WE APPRECIATE IT.

    Extra thanks to:
    jjolano - Helping with the original Rebug Selector code.
    Hermes - Compiling the changes we made to his payload for us.

    Our BIGGEST thanks:
    Mr Anonymous - Helping with the final Rebug Selector but more so without him both ‘Codename: REBUG’ and ‘ps3mfw’ might still be trying to sign files properly. You are a legend for fixing the signing tool for us.

    Original Rebug Image:
    beetle_bug by kookyspooks

    ** Please Do Not Hotlink Our Files **

    This includes posting links of our links, we rely on visitors to our site to help offset server costs.

    Alternate Video, thanks to kimdalanxa

    Download And Source

  • Posted by PS3Hax Member News , on 31/03/2011 , @ 04:44pm


    Thanks to Dean and others, ebootFIX processes whole game folders and produces two output folders and ebootMOD will decrypt and sign the file to make it compatible with lower firmware versions.

    To quote dean:

    UPDATED FINAL#3: Here is an updated version of the tools. They now handle properly SPRX files. (thanks to belmondo for the hints!)

    There are few important fixes (about path with spaces and wrong byte change which may cause crashes and also fixed PARAM.SFO in RETAIL to be DG type). Don’t use previous versions I posted. This package also includes multiMAN 01.16.11 (TEST UPDATE#3) which handles properly SPRX files during SHADOW COPY.

    ebootFIX now produces TWO separate folders:

    One is [NPDRM] - to be used as PSN-styled game to launch from XMB (to be used with multiMAN’s shadow copy)
    The other one is [RETAIL] - it will generate the full game structure with all subfolders + all EBOOT.BIN / *.self / *.sprx files.

    [NPDRM] has a PKG file to be used with multiMAN’s shadow copy.
    [RETAIL] can be used to directly replace the files in your original game BACKUP.

    Let me know if it works properly for you.

    Short readme for ebootMOD and ebootFIX:


    Drag and drop a PS3 game folder to ebootFIX.exe.

    For example drag&drop






    to ebootFIX.exe.

    ebootFIX processes whole game folders and produces two output folders:

    -> [NPDRM] - folder - content ready to be installed as PSN-style XMB game:
    You will find two PKG files in the folder. The tool will decrypt and sign
    all executables (EBOOT.BIN and other .self / .sprx files) to make them compatible
    with lower firmware versions. Follow the generated INSTRUCTIONS in
    [NPDRM] folder.

    -> [RETAIL] - folder - all files which you can replace in your original
    backup copy to play the game via a Game Manager.


    Drag & drop a file (EBOOT.BIN, .self or .sprx) to ebootMOD.exe. It will decrypt and
    sign the file to make it compatible with lower firmware versions. The generated file
    will be saved in the same folder with the original, prefixed with “MODIFIED_”.

    More options available via command-line.


    Steps are simple and anyone can manage to create PKG for any game he wishes.

    1) Drag&drop PS3_GAME folder of your game to “ebootFIX.exe” application

    2) You will get a ready to use PKG file

    3) Install it on your PS3 and start the game from the XMB.

    4) Get your game on your PS3′s INTERNAL HDD

    5) Start multiMAN, go to FileManager (select+start)

    6) Browse to your game backup, select PS3_GAME folder and press [R3]

    7) multiMAN will create some links/shadow copies for your game (no space needed)

    8 ) Exit multiMAN and start the game from XMB

    You can find eboot_FIX application in the first post of multiMAN’s thread. Once the program completes you’ll get an instructions (.txt) file if you don’t understand the steps above - read the .txt instructions.


    Colin McRae Dirt (1) doesn’t work from a backup. So if you drag&drop its PS3_GAME folder to ebootFIX.exe you’ll get two folders:

    * [BLES00095] [RETAIL] Colin McRae DiRT and

    * [BLES00095] [NPDRM] Colin McRae DiRT (HDD) with files:

    1) [BLES00095] Colin McRae DiRT (HDD).pkg

    2) [BLES00095] Colin McRae DiRT (HDD)-FW_355.pkg

    3) [BLES00095] Colin McRae DiRT (HDD).txt (instructions as posted below)


    To use this tutorial you will need a Windows PC and PS3 with multiMAN 01.16.12 (or newer).

    Please follow these steps exactly in this order! Do not skip or reverse the steps.



    [PC] folder generated: “[BLES00095] [NPDRM] Colin McRae DiRT (HDD)”:


    !) [PS3] Delete all GAME DATA you may have on you PS3 system for “Colin McRae: DiRT™” game!

    1) [PC] Copy the generated PKG file to the root folder of USB stick or USB HDD:

    -> for firmwares 01.90-03.41: “[BLES00095] Colin McRae DiRT (HDD).pkg”

    -> for firmwares 03.55- : “[BLES00095] Colin McRae DiRT (HDD)-FW_355.pkg”

    2) [PS3] Install the PKG file from [* Install package files] menu on your PS3

    3) [PS3] Open multiMAN in file manager mode on your PS3 system (press SELECT+START)

    4) [PS3] Browse to your game (on internal HDD) and press [R3] while PS3_GAME folder is selected

    5) This operation will create SHADOW copy of “Colin McRae: DiRT™” to:

    -> /dev_hdd0/G/E00095

    and -> /dev_hdd0/game/BLES00095

    6) [PS3] Exit multiMAN

    7) [PS3] Launch the game directly from “Colin McRae: DiRT™ (HDD)” icon on the [GAME] column in XMB

    8 ) [PS3] If prompted to update the game to newer version - cancel the update


    !) You can use [BLES00095] [MODIF] files directly with your game if you decide

    not to use the (HDD) PKGs, but you will have to rename them to the original names

    and replace in your game backup folder OR just use files from:

    [BLES00095] [RETAIL] Colin McRae DiRT folder.


    *) DISCLAIMER: Use this application ONLY with legally owned content!



    [PC] folder generated: “[BLES00095] [RETAIL] Colin McRae DiRT”:


    1) Replace all files in your original game backup with the contents of the [RETAIL] folder

    2) That is it


    *) DISCLAIMER: Use this application ONLY with legally owned content!

    [Download ebootMOD/eBootfix]

  • Posted by PS3Hax Member News , on 31/03/2011 , @ 02:52pm


    Tomorrow is the launch of the Sony “Playstation Phone” known as Xperia Play. Funny enough, Sony has gotten Google to pull the well known PS1 emulator off the Andriod market…you can guess probably why.

    To quote:

    ZodTTD’s PlayStation emulator was unceremoniously yanked from the Android Market by Google today in a move the developer suspects is partly down to the launch of Sony Ericsson’s Xperia Play ‘PlayStation Phone’.

    PSX4Droid had been available on the Market for almost half a year before it was removed due to, “content violation.”

    ZodTTD reveals on Twitter that he has been, “working like mad on a psx4droid update,” and that Google’s action effectively spells the end of the program for existing customers of the emulator.

    ZodTTD believes the takedown was influenced by Sony. “Sony’s Xperia Play must be coming soon,” he writes.

    Despite this sudden takedown, rival emulator fpse remains up and running on the Android Market.

    If Sony has indeed leaned on Google, then it’s possible this app will also disappear in the coming days.

    [VIA Pocketgamer]

  • Posted by PS3Hax Member News , on 30/03/2011 , @ 10:56pm


    Kmeaw will be bringing us another release soon that should comes in the form of CFW. NOT intended for 3.60 CFW, before you ask. With the recent news of Grafs latest dual booting Linux releases, a newb proof CFW package is coming in a very near future.

    To quote:

    I was thinking of a CFW that has bootOS integrated so it gets executed
    when you power on your PS3 (and switches back to GameOS on user’s
    request via menu or ssh). It’s not hard to make it. But recently I
    read graf’s announcment that he is going to accomplish the same task.
    So I don’t know, if such CFW from me would get any demand.

    Also I got bootos-installer and lv2patcher patches from an anonymous
    hacker who have added 3.15/3.41 support. I’m going to merge them into
    my code and release the next version.

    If you have any ideas about what would you like to have, please tell


    There you have it, got suggestions for the next CFW (that is not related to 3.60 support)? Maybe integration of the new “cheating” dongles? Post it here and let your opinion be heard.

    [VIA PS3Crunch]

  • Posted by GregoryRasputin , on 30/03/2011 , @ 07:03am


    It has only been a short while, since PS3 Dev hermes left the scene but it seems that those of you that use his backup manager, wont be let down in regards to updates, PSX Scene Developer D_Skywalk has created a port of hermes manager, which he calls iris manager, it still has the same functions as hermes manager, it is based on Based on PSLIGHT, Tiny3D, PS3Soundlib and OpenPS3FTP, here is what is new:

    CHANGELOG - IrisManager:
    v1.0 - r38 (commit - 9958fa2644c63e62546efd0601f2e55f352e81f8)
    + Added Suport for Syscall 8
    + Added Suport for Big Files + New Payload and Hook
    + Now the project is renamed to IrisManager.
    + Disabled support of CFW Wanin (abandoned by his autor)

    The download has two PKG’s, one for stealth and one without.


    Source PSX Scene

  • Posted by PS3Hax Member News , on 29/03/2011 , @ 07:45pm


    MagicPKG has been updated, this version will allow you to switch between Spanish and English but only the main page the rest of the program is in Spanish but they have added alot of new options. To quote:

    Changelog for MagicPKG v0.4 Beta:

    • File Analysis SELF Game

    • Added option “Crear PKG Edición Simple” (Automatic creation of a PKG)

    • Added option “Crear PKG Edición avanzada” (function not functional Alegoria working on it)

    • Added option “Crear sin edición PKG (PKG creation without publishing)

    • Added option “Crear PKG personalizado” and analysis of PARAM.SFO

    • Added option “decompress PKG (Alegoria said that for now it worked with all tested PKGS)

    • Adding a tutorial (in Catalan)

    • Possibility to choose between Catalan and English

    • Ability to resize the window

    [VIA Elotrolado]
  • Posted by Pirate , on 29/03/2011 , @ 06:22pm


    Graf has released his PS3 Linux tools today which will allow you to dualboot Linux and GameOS on your PS3 (more information about that HERE). This process is obviously complicated, and there is a guide to follow however its not the easiest thing in the world to do if your a “noob”.

    To quote:
    List of tools from Graf_chokolo:
    (These tools can be obtain from git-dukio.com)

    Debug console dumper for PS3 hypervisor
    Dispatcher Manager utils
    Linux kernel 2.6 for PS3
    OpenWRT packages
    petitboot for PS3 Linux
    PS3 hvcall tools
    Scripts pour l’Hyperviseur
    Storage device utils

    New/updated tools:

    New PS3 SPE MMIO driver
    ps3spemmio: Fixed module description
    PS3 HVC driver
    ps3hvc: Use hvcall constans from ps3hvc.h

    New Additions and fixed for “utils Storage device” used to manage the partitions of the PS3 hard d rive:

    Added commands set_acl and get_acl
    Added descriptions for set_acl and get_acl commands
    Fixed ps3stor_mgr_get_region_acl


    ps3stor_region [OPTIONS] DEVICE COMMAND [ARGS]


    -H, – help: Show this message and exit
    -V, – verbose: Increase verbosity
    -V, – version: Show version information and exit


    create DEVID START COUNT LAID : Creates storage region
    delete DEVID REGIONID : Deletes storage region
    set_acl DEVID REGIONID LAID RIGHTS : Sets region access rights
    get_acl DEVID REGIONID INDEX : Returns region access rights

    Example of creating a hard drive partition:

    ps3stor_region / create dev/ps3stormgr 0×1000 0×1070000002000001 0×8 3

    The “PS3 hvcall tools” mentioned in the list above is used for handling kernel panics–restarts the console after a kernel panic.

    Usage for PS3 hvcall:

    ps3hvc_hvcall [OPTIONS] DEVICE COMMAND [ARGS]

    Options for PS3 hvcall:

    -H, – help: Show this message and exit
    -V, – verbose: Increase verbosity
    -V, – version: Show version information and exit

    Command for PS3 hvcall:

    panic ARG1

    Example for PS3 hvcall:

    ps3hvc_hvcall / dev/ps3hvc 1

    Below are the tools required for compiling petitboot.


    libc headers

    Instructions for compiling petitboot:

    mkdir petitboot
    cd petitboot

    git clone git://git.dukio.com/openwrt.git
    git clone git://git.dukio.com/openwrt_packages.git

    cd openwrt / packages

    ln-sf .. / .. / openwrt_packages / libs / jpeg jpeg
    ln-sf .. / .. / openwrt_packages / libs / libpng libpng
    ln-sf .. / .. / openwrt_packages / libs / libtwin libtwin
    ln-sf .. / .. / openwrt_packages / utils / petitboot petitboot
    ln-sf .. / .. / openwrt_packages / utils / zip zip
    ln-sf .. / .. / openwrt_packages / utils / unzip unzip
    ln-sf .. / .. / openwrt_packages / utils / vim vim
    ln-sf ../../openwrt_packages/utils/ntfs-3g ntfs-3g
    ln-sf .. / .. / openwrt_packages / utils / coreutils coreutils
    ln-sf .. / .. / openwrt_packages / utils / tar tar
    ln-sf .. / .. / openwrt_packages / utils / gzip gzip
    ln-sf ../../openwrt_packages/utils/bzip2 bzip2
    ln-sf .. / .. / openwrt_packages / utils / dosfstools dosfstools
    ln-sf .. / .. / openwrt_packages / utils / less less
    ln-sf .. / .. / openwrt_packages / utils / sed sed
    ln-sf .. / .. / openwrt_packages / utils / sdparm sdparm
    ln-sf .. / .. / openwrt_packages / utils / hdparm hdparm
    ln-sf .. / .. / openwrt_packages / net / wget wget
    ln-sf .. / .. / openwrt_packages / net / dhcpcd dhcpcd
    ln-sf .. / .. / openwrt_packages / net / net-tools net-tools

    cd ..

    make menuconfig
    make kernel_menuconfig

    make V = 99

    [Download tools VIA Git]
    [VIA PS3 Addict]

  • Posted by PS3Hax Member News , on 28/03/2011 , @ 07:28pm


    Mathieulh recent tweets have basically outlined new information relating to dumping of LV0 for PS3 FW 3.60 and obtaining the new firmwares keys. He has not released the full method on how to do this, but at this point has given enough for someone to figure out the rest. There also a team by the name of “Ps3WeOwnYoU” on Twitter claiming to have cracked the new firmware VIA Mathieulth’s tweets.

    Below are the recent Mathieulh tweets:

    “You can’t overflow user processes, the NX bit applies here, you can only overflow lv2 or a process with higher privileges.”

    “You can update from your pwn pup only from 3.55 or lower, unless you have an exploit.”

    “Of course that should be fixed in upcoming lv0 revisions anyway (By moving the ldrs to the top of lv0)”

    “You run the 3.60 lv0, then you switch the nor, and pull the cell reset line, and you dump the extra KBs where the loaders are.”

    “Basically you have a nor with 3.55 (or lower) lv0 and your own small lv1 code that does the dump, and 3.60 lv0 on the other.”

    ” You wont get all of lv0 but the part with the loaders shouldn’t be overwritten.”

    “You can actually get all the 3.60 keys/loaders without knowing lv0 keys by dumping lv0 from ram with dual nor and signed lv1.”

    “That’s from an older lv0, the method to get the data isn’t the same, the one I posted was a dump, this one is a decryption ”

    “There is a nice way to dump pre 3.55 lv0 as well by using a small lv1 binary, it’s a risky process though.”

    “Oh! You mean my pm ? congrats, you just figured I have had lv0 dumped/decrypted for quite some time xD”

    “Reminds me of those stupid lv2 overflows I spotted ages ago in the bdemu code, which are useless now on 3.55+ anyway.”

    “To those planning on building a 3.56+ pup for whatever reason, the files attributes changed, the group and user ids for the files as well.”

    “The new 3.56+ values for tarballs are the following: owner_id, “0000764″ group_id, “0000764″ owner, “tetsu” group, “tetsu” ustar, “ustar ”

    “You can use fix_tar to use those new values. Use with caution.”

    “By comparison, those are the pre-3.56 values. owner_id, “0001752″ group_id, “0001274″ owner, “pup_tool” group, “psnes” ustar, “ustar “

    To quote a bit more information about LV0:

    So, to decrypt this LV0 thing, we need to get to know it better. In the latest blog post by rms, he has explained briefly what LV0 is in the console’s security.

    Anyway, let’s really discuss something PS3 instead of my PC xD, let’s start with Lv0, the most unknown level of the PS3. Lv0 initializes PS3 base hardware such as PowerPC/PPU portion of Cell/BE, SPU isolation for asecure_loader, and gelic ethernet/WLAN device. Lv0 also proudly proclaims itself as the “Cell OS Bootloader”. In older firmwares, 0.80-ish to 3.56, Lv0 initialized SPU isolation on one of the SPUs, then it loaded and decrypted asecure_loader. Asecure_loader or metldr then decrypts the isolated loader, in this case, lv1ldr, then lv1ldr decrypts lv1.self. In 3.60 this changed. Lv0 now has all of the loaders integrated into it as one large fat binary. All the keys one needs such as Public ECDSA key/AES CBC key and Initialization Vector and ECDSA curve type are in there. Just go ahead and grab them if you can get the ldrs out of the binary.

    So, unless you can decrypt Lv0, no 3.60 “CFW” for you icon razz Decrypt Or Dump LV0 For 3.60 CFW+ Exploit   Mathieulh . Is there any need for it anyway?

    Mathieulh also has some facts to clarify about LV0.

    1. lv0 isn’t a loader it’s a ppu binary

    2. Lv0 isn’t encrypted per console and can be updated with the rest of the coreos

    3. Lv0 is decrypted by the bootloader, there is no such thing as a lv0ldr.

    4. The bootloader keys cannot be updated/modified on EXISTING hardware

    5. lv0.2 is NOT a binary, it’s a new metadata for lv0 which is to be decrypted and verified by a new bootloader (which is to be available on future ps3s), it is NOT used by the current bootloader (and thus in current playstation 3 consoles)

    Time will tell, hopefully PS3 FW 3.60′s “defense” is wearing out :)

    [VIA PS3Crunch]

  • Posted by GregoryRasputin , on 27/03/2011 , @ 10:51pm


    PSX Scene, well know for getting SCEA vs GeoHot court papers, has done it again, this time, the papers are the response from GeoHots lawyers to SCEA’s allegations that GeoHot has a PSN account, they reference a hardware hacker by the name of Bob Blick and even have a screen capture of a post on this very forum, from a user claiming to be the owner of the PSN account activated in the area where GeoHot resides, here is a quote from 113-main.pdf:

    12. Attached hereto as Exhibit K is a copy of the website at http://www.ps3hax.net/2011/03/rumourgeorge-hotz-runs-away-to-south-america-lies-about-having-psn-account/#ixzz1HU0XDw3S, accessed on March 25, 2011. Fo-rum post 78 is from a person named eppog who states that she created the PSN account in question. Irrelevant portions of the 32 page document have been omitted.

    The PDF’s also have images of GeoHots PS3

    Source PSX Scene

    Download court case files from source, or from here.

  • Posted by PS3Hax Member News , on 27/03/2011 , @ 12:13pm


    emersons35 is an up and coming PS3 dev, he is responsible for the awesome PS3 ToolKit, now he has released a homebrew app, that lets one customize and clean up their rco files, here is a quote from the source:

    Homebrew train is on its way.
    RCOs are a bunch of xml files encrypted together,
    you can mod these with RCOMage and make custom strings on your xmb.
    RAFs are Video files. the only one that is a raf is coldboot.raf, which is the boot logo. Can be made with ColdBoot Maker. Tutorial Here.
    AC3s are of course audio files, which is the boot sound.

    I might make a tutorial on modding RCOs for noobs if i receive some positive feedback.


    To Customize
    1. put flash drive into computer and make the folder structure of customize/modz(example F:/customize/modz)
    2. put all your customized files in that folder.
    3. make sure all the names of the files are the same as the orginal(case sesitive)
    4. copy ES35′s Customize v0.1.geohot.pkg to the root of your flash drive (example F:/)
    5. put that flash drive into the ps3, and go to install pkg files.
    6. install ES35′s Customize v0.1.geohot.pkg
    7. scroll down to ES35′s Customize v0.1
    8. observe the great graphics of the icon and background image, and remember to donate.
    9. open it, and click install.
    10. quit.

    To Clean up
    1. Open it, press the up and down dpad buttons to scroll to clean it up.
    2. press X.
    3. quit.



  • Posted by Pirate , on 26/03/2011 , @ 04:35pm


    Busy day at the PS3 scene this weekend. PSX-Scene member known as “user” has release a tool that allows hypervisor debugging from GameOS. (more…)

  • Posted by PS3Hax Member News , on 26/03/2011 , @ 02:58pm


    Exciting news from graf_chokolo today, as he reports that he has managed to install Gentoo Linux on internal HDD of a PS3 slim! What he did basically was increase the VFLASH region (independent of GameOS) from 256mb to 40gb.

    To quote:

    Great news, guys I was very busy in the last days and i managed to install Gentoo on the internal HDD of PS3 Slim
    I created a new VFLASH region of size 40GB and installing my Linux kernel there right now And GameOS doesn’t touch this region when i boot it So you can reformat your HDD (but not VFLASH) and Linux will be still there I resized VFLASH from 256MB to about 40GB

    Next steps:
    * Compiling petitboot for PS3
    * Installing petitboot on VFLASH
    * Creating HV CFW which is capable of booting GameOS or petitboot. petitboot can boot Linux (or other OS) from HDD, FLASH, USB, CDROM or NFS (just like 3.15 did it or me on my PS3 3.41)
    * Creating a more user-friendly approach for installing Linux on internal HDD

    BTW, check out my new ps3stor-utils and Linux device driver ps3stormgr. It allows you to create/delete storage regions on PS3 Linux I used it to create a new VFLASH region for Linux.

    Here are my Linux partitions on VFLASH:

    brw-rw—- 1 root disk 253, 112 Mar 25 19:19 /dev/ps3vflashh
    brw-rw—- 1 root disk 253, 113 Mar 25 19:19 /dev/ps3vflashh1
    brw-rw—- 1 root disk 253, 114 Mar 25 19:21 /dev/ps3vflashh2
    brw-rw—- 1 root disk 253, 115 Mar 25 19:23 /dev/ps3vflashh3

    OtherOS++ will be back and even better than my 3.41 version

    HV rules !!!

    Also be sure to check out: PS3 Linux kernel patches for storage devices; GCC 4.3.5 patches here.

    [VIA Graf's Blog]

  • Posted by GregoryRasputin , on 26/03/2011 , @ 05:52am


    It wasn’t that long ago that the PS3MFW team, were forced to take their work down due to a DMCA enforcement, but that hasn’t stopped them working hard on a new release of their popular, PS3MFW, thanks to the ps3-hacks.com admin a new website was created, that will be safe from the clutches of SCEA, where PS3 developers will be free to publish their work, this is where the PS3MFW team have released their new version of PS3MFW Builder, here are some of the changes that they have made:

    • - patch_privacy.tcl –

    PS3 collects a large amount of personal information while it’s operating. Additionally personal information is sent to many domain names when internet access is enabled (unrelated to PSN access). This task prevents PS3 from sending any data to the domain names you select.

    • - broken_bluray.tcl –

    Allows you to remove Blu-Ray firmware installation so that the MFW can be installed without a working Blu-Ray drive. This is potentially dangerous if used on a PS3 with a working drive, and should only be used if the drive is broken.

    • - spoof_version.tcl –

    Allows changing the firmware version the PS3 appears to be on, similar to the rebug spoofer.

    • - change_coldboot_files.tcl –

    Advanced users only: Allows changing the sound played and image shown during the boot process. Caution: If improper files are used, this can cause a “brick”.

    • - change_ssl_cer.tcl –

    Allows changing of SSL certificates.

    • - change_theme.tcl –

    Can be used to replace the default “Airbrush” theme with another theme file (.p3t format).

    • - patch_shop.tcl –

    Creates firmware to transform demo PS3s (the units used in stores) into full retail PS3s, without the need for service mode!

    Here is a quote from the release notes:

    Today we are proud to present our second official release, PS3MFW Builder v0.2. Just as the previous release, v0.2 is intended for firmwares 3.10 and above. Extensive testing of the framework and tasks has been successful with all versions above 3.10, the majority of tasks are also successful below 3.10. PS3MFW Builder v0.2 contains many new features that further improve usability. For this new version, PS3MFW Builder and the tasks have been moved to seperate repositories on git-hacks.com. Builder 0.2 adds new functions to aid in the creation of tasks, with 2 bug fixes. For programmers, the new core offers more flexibility for tasks and allows to manipulate the user interface better.

    Furthermore, several exciting new tasks have been created. The most interesting one is a new privacy patch, which keeps PS3 from sending personally identifiable information to many configurable domain names: After jailbreak became available for PS3, reverse engineers discovered that the PS3 collects a multitude of personal information without your knowledge, such as such as your TV model, a list of all usb devices (including product IDs) you ever plugged into your PS3, usage statistics, which games and media you play and more.

    The Digital Millenium Copyright Act (DMCA) specifically allows for consumers to circumvent technological protection measures in order to protect their privacy. Even though there was little doubt concerning the legality of PS3MFW Builder before because it in itself does not circumvent any technological protection measures, this new feature makes using it inside the USA fully DMCA compliant.

    Additionally, PS3MFW Builder v0.2 allows for several new customizations, including a firmware version spoofer, a way to edit the look and sound of the boot sequence by inserting your own coldboot files, and a task to replace the default “Airbush” XMB theme. Now it can also create modified firmwares that can be installed on PS3s with broken Blu-Ray drives as well as create firmwares that can convert demo (kiosk/shop) units into regular retail PS3s! A bug that prevented USB storage devices from being shown under Game Data Utility was fixed.

    The new PS3MFW Builder v0.2 and tasks can be found at www.git-hacks.com/ps3mfw

    To use PS3MFW Builder, the following is needed:

    -The latest version of ps3tools (not older than 25 March 2011), found on git-hacks.com

    -Tcl/Tk 8.5 ( http://www.tcl.tk/software/tcltk/8.5.tml )

    -rcomage for some tasks

    Download Portable Windows Version, by PiKeYtRoG over at PSX-SCENE.(Thanks DaveOMac for the tip)


    Thanks to, NGT, zaspan and ultimathacker for the tip.

  • Posted by GregoryRasputin , on 25/03/2011 , @ 07:54pm


    2615863 now using the name TeamSOS, has released a huge update to his PKG Downloader, it now has full game downloads and 60 minute time trials, it dosnt yet have European content, but 2615863 is working on it, here is a quote from the change log:

    -Switched Latest Update Host (Fileden, Still sucks)
    -Adds Full Games
    -Adds 60 Min Trials (Ps+)
    -Adds new splash screen
    -Adds new about page
    -New logo
    -Adds new Icon
    -Took off donations


    Source PSGroove


    It seems i am having to post why this tool is very useful, because some people don’t understand, here is a quote from my forum post:

    1.) You are on CFW, you used to have a game on your console, but you deleted that game because you need the space, then a week later you really want to play the game, but have no access to PSN, so you cant get it.

    That is where this tool comes in handy, you can use this tool to download that game and because it already was on your console, it is already activated and as long as you never delete your activation data, you will be able to delete this game and install as many times as you want using this tool.

    2.) Downloading with this tool is faster for some people than downloading via PSN.

  • Posted by GregoryRasputin , on 25/03/2011 , @ 07:29pm


    A couple of hours ago, we posted here about the “Goldfinger” software for the E3 Jailbreak device, the PS3Break makers also released the same thing, but these devices only work on 3.41 FW, so those on 3.55 CFW were left out, PS3HaX member samson and Kingkush has posted a method that will allow 3.55 CFW users to do the same as those using a dongle, by installing a PKG, here is a list of the games:

    Codes List A-Z

    Another Century’s Episode R (JPN)
    1. Max A.C.E. Points On Gain/use
    2. Max Skill Points Gain/Use
    Ar Tonelico 3/Qoga (NTSC)
    1. Max Money After Buy/Gain
    2. Max HP
    3. Max Status

    NOTE 1: Needs Files from USRDIR to be moved to PKG dir(Minus Eboot)after install
    Atelier Rorona Alchemist of Arland (NTSC)
    1. Max Money
    2. Max Attack In Battle
    3. Max Defense In Battle
    Bayonetta (NTSC)
    1. Gain/Lose Halos Get Max
    Cross Edge (NTSC)
    1. Max Gold
    2. Max TP
    3. Max EP
    4. Max PP
    Bladestorm (PAL)
    1. Max Money
    2. Max EXP
    3. Max Points in Battle
    4. Max Combo
    Devil May Cry 4 (NTSC)
    1. Max Proud Souls
    2. Max Red Orbs
    Disgaea 4 (JPN)
    1. Max Money
    2. Max Mana
    Dynasty Warriors 7 (JPN)
    1. Max Money after buying weapons
    2. 999999 Total Kills
    3. 9999999 Reputation/Prestige
    Dynasty Warriors Gundam 3 (JPN)
    1. Max Money On Item Sell
    2. Max Pilot Exp on gain
    3. Max Unit Status on Upgrading
    4. Inf Upgrade Slot
    Dynasty Warriors Strikeforce (NTSC)
    1. Sell Item to gain max money
    2. Max Sword/Claw Experience After Battle
    3. Max Spear Experience After Battle
    4. Max Pike Experience After Battle
    5. Max Cudgel/Staff Experience After Battle
    6. Max Bow Experience After Battle
    7. Max Cane/War Fans Experience After Battle
    8. Gain 99998 Deeds
    9. Gain 99998 Exp
    10.Gain 99998 Rewards
    Eternal Sonata (NTSC)
    1. Max All Stats on Canceling Equip Menu
    2. Max Money
    3. Gain Item for Max
    Final Fantasy 13 (NTSC)
    1. Inf/Max Gill
    2. Max CP after battle
    3. Max HP/MAG/STR
    4. Max Materials
    5. Max Battle Item

    NOTE will also work For PAL and JPN Games
    Fist of the North Star Ken’s Rage (PAL)
    1. Max Life After Battle
    2. Max Attack After Battle
    3. Max Defense After Battle
    4. Max Skill Points after Battle
    5. Hokuto Shinken Kills 99999 After battle
    6. Nanto Seiken Kills 99999 After battle
    7. Ujoken Kills 99999 After battle
    8. Damege Taken 0
    Genji Days of The Blade (NTSC)
    1. Max Mashogane Fragments
    2. Get Max Essence of Amahagane
    3. Max Hp upon upgrading
    4. Max out kamui upon upgrading
    5. Max Item upon picking up
    Hyperdimension Neptunia (NTSC)
    1. Max Money on Buy or Sell
    Mobile Suit Gundam Battlefield Record (JPN)
    1. Max Money on Loading
    2. Max EXP on Gain
    Nier (NTSC)
    1. Max Money after shopping
    Ninja Gaiden Sigma (NTSC)
    1. Max Money On Gain
    2. Max Karma

    NOTE 2: This Is Update PKG Just Boot The Game Normal After Install
    Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 (NTSC)
    1. INF HP Use Magic To Activate
    2. INF MP Use Magic To Activate
    3. Max Money
    Resident Evil 5 Gold Edition (NTSC) and (PAL)
    1. Inf HP
    2. Inf Ammo
    3. Max Money On Sale
    4. Max Exchange Points on Gain
    Resonance Of Fate (NTSC)
    1. Max Money

    NOTE 1: Needs Files from USRDIR to be moved to PKG dir(Minus Eboot)after install
    Soul Calibur 4 (NTSC)
    1. Max Money On Gain
    Star Ocean The Last Hope International (NTSC)
    1. Max Money
    2. Max Arena Money After Battle
    3. Gain/Loss Of Sp Get Max Individual SP
    4. Max 9999 Party SP after leveling/Making a new recipe
    5. Max CP on Level
    6. Max BEAT:B level after battle
    7. Max BEAT:S level after battle
    8. Gain Max Exp

    NOTE 1: Needs Files from USRDIR to be moved to PKG dir(Minus Eboot)after install
    Top Spin 4 (NTSC)
    1. Max EXP

    NOTE 1: Needs Files from USRDIR to be moved to PKG dir(Minus Eboot)after install
    Trinity Universe (NTSC)
    1. Max Money
    2. Max AP out of battle
    3. Unlimited AP in Battle
    Valkyria Chronicles (NTSC)
    1. Max EXP on Use (Go Back in and out of Training)
    2. Max DCT on Use (Go Back in and out of Workshop)
    3. Max EXP on Gain After Battle
    4. Max DCT on gain After Battle
    5. Max CP
    Way of the Samurai 3 (NTSC)
    1. Max Money
    2. Max Samurai Points
    Yakuza 3 (NTSC)
    1. Max EXP
    2. Max Money

    Note: Your Money Is 0 But It is INF
    Yakuza 4 (NTSC)
    1. Max/Inf Money Use/Gain (Uses Trophie Walking Bank Obtain 10,000,000 yen)
    2. Alt Max/Inf Money Use/Gain (Uses Trophie Obtain 1,000,000)

    To view the full thread, visit here. - Thanks for samson for the news tip.

  • Posted by GregoryRasputin , on 25/03/2011 , @ 04:31pm


    E3diy, the creator’s of the E3 Jailbreaking Dongle/Card Reader have released a free cheating method to owners of their dongle, it gives you the usual, unlimited health and ammo and it works on any console on firmware 3.50 and below, here is a quote from their site:

    Hi Buddy

    We are E3diy. Do you forget your E3card Reader?
    Today we will bring you a new surprise, a complete FREE gift, the E3 Golden Finger.
    Three months ago, there was a war that engulf the world. It’s not only the war between SONY and hackers but also among the jailbreakers. You know, there were three kinds of jailbreaks:
    those could not be upgraded, those the clone of the clone of the clone and those big-ones which could downgrade the PS3 firmware from 3.50 to any lower version. Those of the three. That was three months ago. And now, how many of them can still be named?

    I don’t want to mention that we were the one who had fistly cheated the PSN with a 3.5proof then made the SONY change its strategy;
    I don’t want to mention that we were the first one who had released the world’s first unlimited downgrader for completely free meanwhile some smart guys tried to sell their promise but made everyone upset.
    I just want to say, hi guys we are still here, we still work for your joy, and other than these, nothing is important.

    Currently, E3 GoldenFinger support genuine games , and the supporting for ROM is coming soon.

    Armed with the E3 Golden Finger means that you could have:
    - unlimited ammo
    - unlimited HP and MP
    - An undead body in the game.
    - Teach those big-guys who truly is the right BOSS.

    The only thing you need is to:
    - Download the free upgrade file
    - Plug your E3card Reader in your PC
    - Copy the upgrade file(GoldenFinger.bin) to the E3Upgrader driver
    - Copy the CFD folder into the 4M memory stick(E3_4M_STICK).
    - Please refer to the user guide for the useage.

    Then everything is done.

    For your joy, we will
    - bring more new features to you,
    - add support for new games ASAP
    - try to make the next surprise for you quietly. ^_^

    Have a good time.

    E3 - make Everything Easy and Efficient

    Best Regards

    Not a lot of games are available yet, here are a list of ones that are.

    TOP SPIN4 US BLUS30427
    Resistance1 US BCUS98107
    DEVIL MAY CRY4 US Collection Box BLUS30124
    GOD OF WAR3 US BCUS98111
    GOD OF WAR3 US Collection BCUS98231
    GOD OF WAR3 EU BCES00510
    Uncharted2 Among Thieves ASIA BCAS20097
    Uncharted2 Among Thieves US BCUS98213
    Uncharted2 Among Thieves EU BCES00509
    TEKKEN6 US BLUS30359
    TEKKEN6 EU BLES00635
    Ratchet and Clank Future US BCUS98127
    Ratchet and Clank Future2 US BCUS98124
    YAKUZA3 US BLUS30494
    Resistance2 US BCUS98120
    ARMORED CORE for Answer£ÛDISC ver1.02
    NieR Replicant£ÛDISC ver1.00
    NINJA GAIDEN ¦²£ÛDISC ver1.02
    NINJA GAIDEN ¦²2£ÛDISC ver1.03
    BLAZBLUE£ÛDISC ver1.02£Ý
    BAYONETTA PlayStation the Best£ÛDISC ver2.00£Ý
    The full list can be found here.

    You can find the user guide here.


    Source PSX-Scene

  • Posted by Pirate , on 24/03/2011 , @ 09:05pm


    The well known libwiigui for the Wii (“GUI library for the Wii, created to help structure the design of a complicated GUI interface“)has been ported to the PS3. A demo of the libps3gui is out, and an example game (Connect4) is included to try out.

    To quote:

    This is a little demo for libps3gui by me.  It is basically a port
    of libwiigui by tantric to work with psl1ght.  To compile it, you need psl1ght,
    tiny3d, libfreetype, libvorbis, libmpg123, libaudioplayer, and libogg  ( this
    is made to work with the current versions as of 3/19/2011, but hopefully wont
    be broken by future versions ).  The connect4 engine was written by Keith
    It is intended to be used with the cursor (press L3 and use the left analog
    stick to move around), but it should be mostly functional just using the d-pad.
    As with libwiigui, it is licensed under GPLv2.

    This is obviously intended for devs and not the “noob” user.
    [Download libps3gui]

    [Authors project page] - Thanks to anonymous for the news tip.

  • Posted by PS3Hax Member News , on 24/03/2011 , @ 08:47pm


    There are two releases here. The first is a mod to the Open Manager v2.1 I-2, it gives you the ability to launch PS3 games from the XMB, games are displayed as a list on the XMB. You will need to install 30 Open Manager v2.1 I-2 PKG files so that the games can show up on the list. But wait, there is a second release! It is the Open Manager v2.1 J-2, and it includes various fixes!

    Open Manager v2.1 I-2 mod:
    - Signed I-2 REV eboot to work on Waninkoko custom firmware

    Open Manager v2.1 J-2 REV:
    - Fixed That always ask where to install the games in internal disk to start the program, now is the first time configuration Install That is OM.
    - Patching Off the FTP, because it be possible to modify the eboot encrypted and not directly, Starting from now be Full FTP, all units being watched.
    - PKG including both, both of Signed GeoHot 3.55 to 3.41 Debug mode and with CFW 3.55 Dongle Waninkoko
    - Now if we set as an external disk drive game data to restart the OM is not asking Set the installation path backup (only 3.41 and dongle hermes v3 / 4)

    Warning: This is only for use with 3.41 CFW/Dongles & Waninkoko v2

    [Download Open Manager]

    [VIA Demonhades]