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    Hermes is still in the scene, and for those still on FW 3.41 he is still working for you. The latest version of the HManager is out bringing a few new changes quoted below. This manager is for firmware 3.41 users only.


    Version 1.3 Changes:

    • Added Auto patch PARAM.SFO (it renames the original file as _PARAM.SFO)

    Version 1.2 Changes:

    • BDEMU added to launch games from /dev_usb00x/PS3_GAME with black screen like Modern Warfare. Allow to launch games from /app_home/ without any Bluray disc inserted. (it needs the option “BD Emu (for USB)” in “On”)
    Features of this backup manager:
    -Like Open Manager does, it allows loading games from internal and external HDD, Bluray and also games copy, test and delete

    -Includes the psgroove-hermesv4D payload with the signed self

    -It’s shown in a 4×3 icons screen graphical interface.

    -It allows screen adjustment, games directory and background color change.

    -It reduces the buttons use and the possibility of making a mistake by pressing the wrong one (especially designed for children)

    -Includes FTP support (OpenPS3FTP), the possibility of blocking the syscalls (through internal key : it’s recommended to compile the program changing “hmanager_key” for another one) and the possibility of launching PS3LoadX directly.

    -Possibility of replacing new games EBOOT.BIN with an external one

    -The games settings are saved in a separated directory

    [Download Hermes Manager v1.3]

    [VIA Elotrolado]

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    1. djhazardous
      01:46 PM

      It has to be said, this manager looks like ****! Hermes did a great job with payloads but I don't rate his homebrew very much.

      multiMAN supports 3.41 fully and so do other managers, I don't really see what it brings new to the table for 3.41 users.

    2. NutZ1982
      03:18 PM

      I actually like it - all other backup managers looks like the first ones with better effects and small adjustments - this is completely different.
      Why anyone would stay on 3.41 and use managers exclusively for that is beyond me on the other hand.
      Must be some kind of hobby project for him

    3. Lieblos
      03:38 PM

      I'm on 3.55 and would like to see this on it. the layout looks sweet.

    4. Qraze1
      03:54 PM

      i been using his 3.55 v1.0 on kmeaw and so far, no freezes or anything, it works. really bare bones but it will evolve to something great as its open source.

    5. aldostools
      03:56 PM

      hermes manager v1.3-r14 for cfw3.55

      Source: http://www.elotrolado.net/hilo_3-55-...r-v1-0_1581883

    6. Lethalarmor
      05:36 PM

      Originally Posted by aldostools

      Source: http://www.elotrolado.net/hilo_3-55-...r-v1-0_1581883
      Thanks for this, as I like to have each manager that way I have options.

    7. ninjanutta
      05:41 PM

      looks simple enough but deans mutiman is light years ahead of all.

    8. atreyu187
      08:07 PM

      There aren't many devs doing much now days thanks to the wrath of Sony. I was hermes would focus on 3.55 but this is a nice manager, it is simple and clean I like it but wish he would jump off the 3.41 ship. Only thing it has over 3.55 is the fact that it still supports third party controllers but those tend to be ****e anyhow so who cares? Who would waste money on a third party when they are only like $5 less anyhow and the originals are top notch.

    9. jake251996
      01:12 AM

      the reason why some users stay on 3.41 and not go to 3.55 CFW because
      3rd Party Peripherals are supported in 3.41 and was completely removed on 3.50
      Like Non-Sony Ps3 controllers and etc . That's why Hermes is still supporting because not all Ps3 users use the official Sony Ps3 Controller ,some bought customized controllers like Frankenstein controller and such. Rendering those bought 3rd Party controllers useless if one upgrades to the future firmware higher than 3.41.

    10. justrome0
      06:05 AM

      I actually think this is a little better than the other backup managers from the usability, interface, interaction point of view. I'm on 3.55 Kmeaw and I would like to have this available. Of course being in it's infancy as a software there's probably not efficient for the developer to fork it right now unless it's just a few lines of code.

    11. budzio
      01:02 PM

      Does it have NTFS support?

    12. Poquito
      04:04 PM

      Does this use Hermes' payload?

    13. ps3thaiha
      09:19 AM

      It's support Hermes payload
      Working not well in some PS3's, it's hang with black screen and can not load game correctly

    14. Adamspencer87
      03:45 AM

      I've been using this manager since some days, it doesn't have the great appearance of Multiman or Rogero but it's WAY better:

      -You don't need to install anything like BDEMU.BIN. Just install the manager, copy the game and run it by pressing X.

      -The new v1.4 version supports playing games with +4gb files on external HDD(though it requires to install those files on internal first). You can have those files splitted on external, and then the manager merges them when copying to internal, so you don't need NTFS support nor copy the full game to internal HDD.

      -I have v1.3 on CFW Kmeaw, and all my 40 PS3 game backups work perfectly on Hermes Manager. Even some of the "black screen games" don't require a disk in the console anymore. I tested MW2, AC1, TRU and MW, and this last one is the only one that requires a br disk in the drive. If some of your games don't work, it's must be a problem of your backup or your external HDD. Sometimes it's good to format your internal HDD as well.

      -It's open source, so anyone can improve it with his own ideas.

      -It has integrated OpenPS3FTP.

      -You can save a .cfg file for each game, so the manager will remember if some games require a BR disk for example, or use the BD-EMU option for external HDD. After saving it, you can launch your games by pressing X and the manager will tell you if the game needs to be launched on external or have a disk in the console.

      I think that having NTFS support it's useless nowadays, until someone releases a new CFW with it. And many people have trouble in trying to use their NTFS HDD, so I think that it's a good thing if you can just merge that big file on internal and play with the rest of the files on external, using a FAT32 HDD as always.

      The only thing that I miss is an integrated file manager and the posibility of changing the background and the music. But as a backup manager, it's the best for now.

      PD: Sorry for my bad english!