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    Scristopher and lunuxx have released a test version of Paintown, an open source 2D side-scrolling fighting game, for the PS3. The Project is still under development and they plan to add network play and 100 % compatibility with M.U.G.E.N.

    hey its been a while since i posted last, here are some new videos from xmb (sorry about split videos my camera wouldnt let me do both in the same video)

    if anyone would like to test this pkg or can help as always please stop by irc #paintown on freenode OR efnet

    ‪paintown ps3 xmb pkg test (part1)‬‏ - YouTube

    ‪paintown ps3 xmb pkg test (part 2) mugen mode‬‏ - YouTube

    issues as of now: music, mugen mode is slow with anyone besides kfm, character compatibility with some mugen characters. these issues are fixable

    If you are a character maker or know psl1ght, sdl etc and are interested please stop by. anyone can test the game that wants too as well just stop by the irc and ask

    you can also compile paintown yourself (from svn) if you have psl1ght, for now we can provide you with a pkg if needed until everything is stable and fixed. once everything is fixed we will put a pkg file here!

    Paintown mode works just great and is extremely fun, a quote here

    “If you are looking for a side-scrolling, action packed game like you used to play or if you are looking for an extensible engine to write your own game, look no further. Paintown supports user created content through a mod system and user defined functionality through scripting.

    Paintown also supports an implementation of M.U.G.E.N. Our goal is to be 100% compatible with M.U.G.E.N 2002.04.14 beta as well as supporting any new updates in the 1.0 version.

    Paintown is completely open-source and we would love any contributions in the form of code, art, or donations. Give Paintown a try!”

    here is the pkg file - paintown mode works perfect - some issues are still present in mugen mode and music is out for right now feel free to play and have fun, you will need to install the pkg and then copy the data folder from to the install directory/USRDIR (/dev_hdd0/game/Paintown_/USRDIR/)

    also for optimal play change your video output before playing to 720 or 480 on the PS3

    1080 is laggy for now

    change back to whatever you were using when done playing

    network play coming soon!

    if you have any issues, comments ideas or If you are a character maker or know psl1ght, sdl etc etc feel free to stop by the forum or irc,

    forum: http://sourceforge.net/apps/phpbb/paintown/index.php

    irc: #paintown on freenode (irc.freenode.net)

    or #paintown on Efnet

    (btw X is exit [] is select in menus)

    Thanks go to Jon Rafkin and Juvinious, creators of paintown.

    There’s also a #paintown channel on irc.ps3sanctuary.com:6667

    Download Paintown Characters

    Source PS3Hax


    !!XMB changes and fixes, resolution switching fixed, game data is included now, so it’s 1 .pkg instead of 2!!

    Download Paintown PS3 pkg

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    1. CrashSerious
      09:21 AM

      Scristopher and lunuxx, excellent. Looking VERY nice!

    2. Warning
      09:23 AM

      This is very cool.

    3. scristopher
      09:33 AM

      ^^All credit should goto jon rafkin and juvinious, they are the creators of paintown - i just did compiling and testing on my ps3 and helped with a few ideas. downgraded to get debug rebooting the ps3 a million times as well xD

      who says 3.41 and below are dead ?
      this is just not so...xD

    4. headsupkid01
      09:53 AM

      So you can do all the 6 button moves from street fighter but its a side scroll like final fight?

    5. gregory2590
      09:53 AM

      I hate it when devs never explain much/explain vaguely about their network play in their emulators...*STARES AT MEDNAFEN*

    6. mdrb97
      10:01 AM

      Awesome work!! Thanks!!

    7. sabin1981
      10:31 AM

      The idea sounds great and I applaud the attempt, but it's already pretty much a given that M.U.G.E.N will never be a reality on the PS3. At least, not the way we know it. The PS3 has 256MB of RAM and that is simply not sufficient for most any kind of M.U.G.E.N pack except for KFM default.

      Still, I'll wait and see what happens.... hopefully I'm proven wrong! :D

    8. scristopher
      10:32 AM

      headsupkid01: yes you can do streetfighter moves

      gregory2590: network mode will be implemented at some point, network play will consist of 2 player paintown adventure mode, and mugen mode vs maybe more. the pc version has support for networking, jon is working implementing it on the ps3.

    9. Pockets69
      10:34 AM

      was about to install it on my linux partition, but i see there is a xmb version soooo.... i ll intsall it on my linux partition still. XD

      but great job scristopher

    10. scristopher
      10:38 AM

      sabin1981: mugen runs on the original xbox it has 64 megs of ram, this version just need to be optimized

    11. gambaownsu
      11:19 AM

      Great job, son.

    12. leggymcjeggy
      11:32 AM

      Great job guys, i squealed with joy when I saw the headline :-) cannot wait to see how this turns out.... Solid Snake vs Peter Griffin anyone?

    13. edokassiah
      12:27 PM

      hotness cant wait

    14. slippy
      01:25 PM

      This sucks why cant it look like MK......just messin, the the scene is happenin I like it!

    15. headsupkid01
      02:25 PM

      I think we can put this up there with the Internal combustion engine and penicillin as some of the greatest accomplishments in the history of man. Thatis when it's finished
      ************* [ - Post Merged - ] *************
      I watched the video again and it looks like the player has 1 punch 1 kick and 1 jump button. Is that correct or is it 6 button like street fighter?

    16. lunuxx
      03:13 PM

      O, [], /\,X, l1 + r1 should all be in effect for attacks
      give it a try if you find something that you think could be better the best bet is to goto the #paintown on freenode irc and suggest, things seem to happen pretty fast there and suggestions go a long way

    17. DIABLO713
      09:05 PM

      sorry to bother but how do you install this mine only goes to the language screen can someone put instructions

    18. lunuxx
      09:53 PM

      dude [] is select x is quit

    19. el_nelson
      02:37 AM

      This is simply excellent! I remember trying to run MUGEN under linux...

      The Beat 'em up mode seems a very good alternative if you get tired of gettin your ass kicked by your older brother...

      Just Excellent!

      Bravo to Schristopher and lunuxx!
      ************* [ - Post Merged - ] *************
      Never got to see that character. But I did play with peter griffin and the other chars from that author, it was awesome. Have you played against a weird japanese speaking Ronald McDonald? He was so fkn hard!!!

    20. SeanP2500
      12:07 PM

      thank you so so much...have been trying to get mugen to work on ps3 foreva...I had used other os and qemu to run mugen on a vm but it was hella slow...I had also been looking into ways of getting Gentoo distro of xmugen ported somehow...Thanks so much if there any way i can help let me know...

    21. tupac4u
      07:20 PM

      great work!! i like mugen

    22. lunuxx
      02:45 PM

      jon fixed the screen today -- now fixed so no need to change resolution:
      compiled pkg:
      Edit: second fix for the day as well:

      xmb icon/background now implemented

      data files are still needed in directory if already installed just install this pkg it will overwrite

    23. lunuxx
      07:34 PM

      unofficial update-

      xmb icon/background/music stuff- data included in pkg install (no need to download data folder) - as i mentioned in previous post no need to set resolution on tv any more you can actually do that in game from the options menu if you would like to change it (default really plays best for now)


    24. lunuxx
      02:55 AM

      drunk as hell heres some new updates w/ some of my fixes^^

    25. runtimmy
      08:24 AM

      Thanks alot from the PP of TRINIDAD

    26. lunuxx
      12:06 PM

      PKG w/ 2 extra mugen chars that arent slow: http://www.multiupload.com/6T22TET8VX

    27. CrashSerious
      03:11 PM

      lunuxx, those suggestions work?

    28. lunuxx
      07:53 PM

      yes the suggestions for video fix worked - thanx!
      now the music

      05:25 PM

      Ok ,guys i tried to install Paintown on my ps3, running GeoHot CFW355 = FAILED I really like street fighter ( Big fan! ) as i see the characters in the photo = I had to get this game installed.. So, i decided to Signed pkg, for those who can not sign/install this game & want to play it

      This is the same Paintown version & not modified at all.. This is most current version as seen on Ps3HaX ,as of July 30/11 ! NOTE= I am in no way taking credit for this game !! I have just signed this pkg for those who need it signed ! Enjoy


    30. lunuxx
      08:46 PM

      see update further below this one in next update post

      09:28 PM

      Down below is new a new signed update !

      music fix - allow players to add custom music as well

      Tested so far are ogg files you can try wav and mp3 files no guarantee they will work right now. Custom music should go in /dev_hdd0/game/Paintown_/USRDIR/data/music

      Thanks for the PM lunuxx .(Newest update - July/31) ( mugen mode fixed ! )

      Here is the signed pkg ) NEW LINK- http://www.mediafire.com/?km4n2apv2e6icq4

      I did not see a retail link.. Others had posted random links without enough detail ,if retail ? Its cool ,i know how to sign my own pkgs. I am sure others would appreciate it if pkgs were signed for them on future releases Personally, i like learning, so i do not mind signing pkgs

      Same update FIX as lunuxx post = Read full info below

    32. lunuxx
      11:54 PM

      oh do you mean my other links? sorry ill make sure to include the retail.pkg next time but at the same time we dont sign the app so i might need to do that i guess.. or you can also post after mine with a link to the signed pkg, i guess i didnt really have signing it in mind sorry about that.

      04:26 AM

      Originally Posted by lunuxx
      oh do you mean my other links? sorry ill make sure to include the retail.pkg next time but at the same time we dont sign the app so i might need to do that i guess.. or you can also post after mine with a link to the signed pkg, i guess i didnt really have signing it in mind sorry about that.
      No worries ,you have done plenty already. Please dont worry i will get them signed/posted for those who need a signed pkg.. I do appreciate your respect

      I know how it feels to install apps/games etc ,to add to the collection when they are released & it fails People who dont know how to sign will ask/search everywhere, for a signed pkg. I had to do a lot of searching in the beginning. Sometimes you just cant find a signed pkg..

    34. lunuxx
      10:40 PM

      Ok the last pkg i posted mugen mode was broken on the ps3 this update fixes that issue
      music fix - allow players to add custom music as well
      DOWNLOAD: http://www.multiupload.com/45GPLWLXS4

      so turn the sound up and the cheats in the options menu on and pwn paintown
      Also please feel free to subscribe to this thread I will be posting updates here only
      by subscribing you should get a email notification when there are new posts

      all I have tested so far are ogg files you can try wav and mp3 files no guarantee they will work right now
      ************* [ - Post Merged - ] *************
      edit - to the person who could not run did you try the retail.pkg ? im not sure i included it maybe that should be included in the future but also we did not sign the pkg files
      ************* [ - Post Merged - ] *************
      custom music should go in /dev_hdd0/game/Paintown_/USRDIR/data/music

      01:54 AM

      Just thought i give results. I been playing adventure mode for about 2 hrs & i had game speed turned up high 900+ then 20.11+ .Game play is overall smooth ,personally i feel game play is better in adventure - running at high speed.. I had a good time with this game tonight ,it is like a mix of street fighter / final fight I tried mugen mode with my previous install then installed new update , played mugen mode = little issue i thought i would let you know .
      When playing mugen mode ,sometimes the player gets stuck walking backwards on right side/left side of screen .I hit all buttons to fix it then i can walk/fight again .Thought i would share that to help with game

      Besides that is one of my favs .Is there a way to get some mortal combat characters in there from ultimate MK ? Or from Mk Trilogy that would be something ! I did not notice venom the first time i played ,luv him ,nice pick ...

    36. lunuxx
      09:23 AM

      yes the slow and controller issue are known in ps3 version and are being worked on, as far as other characters are you talking about mugen mode or paintown mode?
      for adventure mode you can add characters using the editor on the pc
      get the latest svn and in the editor folder you can run the editor to edit levels and add characters, you can use the art from the mugen chars, but the details will have to be made, i would recommend looking at the paintown characters that are there already with the editor then moving on to your own. for specific help on the editor or creating characters or levels for adventure mode visit the irc #paintown on freenode

      12:44 PM

      I was just thinking paintown mode/adventure Since it seems to run best as on now + It keeps you busy .. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction .I will check it out . I am not sure i can pull it off, but never know till you try ..

      PainTown Signed geoHot 8-8-11

    38. lunuxx
      12:53 PM

      jon is thinking about adding a mugen sff import to the editor so it would be easier to add actions/animations for mugen characters to be converted into paintown adventure mode characters i will keep you posted or better yet you should stop by the irc

    39. lunuxx
      05:29 PM

      latest update controller fixes and some other minor mugen fixes: