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  • Posted by Pirate , on 31/08/2011 , @ 06:51pm


    PSDK v3.1.0 was released today by the_marioga. For those of you unaware, this is basically a homebrew SDK+toolchain made with PSL1GHT. In noob terminology, this is for homebrew development.

    To quote:

    New Toolchain + SDK for PS3 PS3SDK substitution that was already obsolete. No more presentations I leave you with the download and some extra information Version 1.0: Download

    Composed by:
    PS3Toolchain, PS3DEV PSL1GHT and portlibs of
    SDL and SDL_LIBS of cebash
    Ps3soundlib and tiny3d Hermes
    geohot Python tools for
    MinGW and MSYS

    Thanks to: Ifcaro and Hermes, for their help in compiling PS3dev, HackerChannel, and Hermes Oopo for their contributions to the SDK and toolchain Nvidia and Python applications that complement the SDK

    1 º Run. exe (it is a Self-Extractor made ​​a 7zip) and unzip the folder PSDK3 in the root (C:)
    2 When You will need to compile using. bat that I attached. This bat can find him in the name rar MakeIt.bat

    Inside the folder you can find actualizador.sh PSDK3 and actualizador.bat, both serve to update the PSDK3 parts, so you need not download the whole pack every time something new comes out, it is all automatic, the process takes a while (2 or 3 minutes) so do not close the command window until the end of Previous Version: PS3SDK3.0 (Thanks for uploading blipi) http://www.multiupload.com/Q20ZF4LGZJ

    MULTI Moreover Multipurpose public library that simplifies the programming with k psl1ght

    Just unzip the rar inside the folder PSl1ght (within PS3SDK) Version 0.1: http://www.multiupload.com/V4QQ8Z6D7V · Initial Release

    [Download PSDK v3.1.0]

    [VIA Demonhades]

  • Posted by PS3Hax Member News , on 31/08/2011 , @ 01:09pm


    Squarepusher has released updates of 4 Emulators for the PS3. Included are FCEUNext, Genesis Next, SNES9xNext and VBANext. You can Download the Emulator Updates with the latest multiMAN (2.05.00).

    Multiman now has ‘Update’ support for all the emulators. To use it, update to the newest Multiman version, select an emu from the Game tab..


  • Posted by GregoryRasputin , on 31/08/2011 , @ 12:44pm


    Today PS3HaX Developer deank has updated his popular multiMAN application, to version 02.05.00, here is a quote from the change log:

    02.05.00 -

    * Added: SIDE menu in XMMB mode to access various functions (access the menu with [TRIANGLE])
    * Added: SIDE menu option for XMMB Settings column to switch between ADVANCED and STANDARD settings
    * Added: SIDE menu function “UPDATE” Showtime in XMMB Video column when “Start Showtime” is selected
    * Added: SIDE menu function “UPDATE” in XMMB RETRO column to check/download EMULATOR updates by squarepusher2
    * Added: Option in XMMB Settings to change SIDE menu background color
    * Changed: UPDATE function in GAME SETTINGS menu will not download updates for higher than your current PS3 firmware version
    * Changed: UPDATE function in GAME SETTINGS can now check/download updates for SNES/FCEU/VBA/FBA/GEN+ Emulators by squarepusher2
    * Changed: All options in the XMMB Settings column are now selectable via the SIDE menu (much like in the regular XMB mode)
    * Added: Option in XMMB Settings column: [Write access to /dev_flash via /dev_blind]
    * Added: Permissions check upon loading a title
    * Added: VP6 file extension to recognizable video formats
    * Added: Support for browsing USB devices and Internal HDD in XMMB Photo, Music, Video and Retro columns
    * Added: Larger icons when browsing devices in XMMB mode
    * Added: Indication in “browse mode” when playing music (a note sign will appear next to Device or Folder icon)

    Download multiMAN

    Download BDEMU2

    Official Thread

  • Posted by Pirate , on 31/08/2011 , @ 10:59am


    Team E3DIY contacted us today showing and confirming that they have managed to successively downgrade PS3 firmware 3.70 to 3.55 from their chip. They told us that this method requires NO soldering for SLIM PS3 consoles (required for phat), works for NAND and NOR, and is a simple one click and under five minute downgrade.

    The video:

    The email:

    E3DIY team success downgrade 3.7 to 3.55 with E3 FLASHER !
    In 5min, E3DIY team success downgrade 3.7 to 3.55 with E3 FLASHER. Time is short and operation
    is very easy, this depend on E3 FLASHER special design,  1key operation and nor flash on board !
    we not record any image about E3 FLASHER regards it’s not release by far, hope eveyone understand.
    the official version should release next week, more video and picture will be public at that time .
    PS: E3 FLASHER compatiable all NAND FLASH and NOR FLASH console .
    with slim console no need solder wire but fat console need .

    E3DIY team success downgrade 3.7 to 3.55 with E3 FLASHER ! In 5min, E3DIY team success downgrade 3.7 to 3.55 with E3 FLASHER. Time is short and operationis very easy, this depend on E3 FLASHER special design,  1key operation and nor flash on board ! we not record any image about E3 FLASHER regards it’s not release by far, hope eveyone understand. the official version should release next week, more video and picture will be public at that time . PS: E3 FLASHER compatiable all NAND FLASH and NOR FLASH console .with slim console no need solder wire but fat console need .

    Stay tuned for more exclusive PS3 developments and details of this flash chip, price and availability soon @PS3Hax :)

  • Posted by PS3Hax Member News , on 31/08/2011 , @ 10:54am


    After taking some time off from the PS3 scene, KaKaRoToKS has released some developer tools and engine ports. Basically these tools will help improve homebrew made by our fellow developers.

    Source: Twitter

  • Posted by PS3Hax Member News , on 29/08/2011 , @ 08:20pm


    ThatOtherDev is hard at work at releasing new and fun games for the scene and has just released an update to his popular homebrew game Don’t get crushed.

    Here is an update to something I made for PS3 ages ago. It was originally made with the official SDK but it has now been remade with PSL1GHT and will work perfectly fine on CFW (is it still not possible to run the old stuff from the days of Jailbreak devices unmodified on CFW without getting an 80010009 error?).

    There have been a handful of changes. Everything speeds up slightly as your score increases. The game pauses when the XMB is brought up. The text is larger and has a different font. There are a lot of other alterations but it is all minor stuff.

    The one very noticeable change is that it has returned to being played with the analog sticks (you can use either one) instead of being sixaxis motion controlled. I wasn

    Download PS3 Version

  • Posted by PS3Hax Member News , on 29/08/2011 , @ 03:35pm


    Here is my tutorial on how to install an IR adapter and optional extra USB port in your PS3 and a couple of tips on setting up a Harmony remote.

    Items you need:
    AUVIO™ Universal Remote Receiver for Playstation®3 (Costs $3 on Radio Shack website)
    USB Hub
    Dremel (Optional)
    Female USB Connector (Optional)
    Soldering Iron
    Some Solder
    Flux (Optional but preferred)
    Some Wire
    Hot Glue Gun
    Drill (I used a 5/32″ drill bit)
    Universal Remote (Preferably a Harmony)

    Lets get started. Obviously first you will need to disassemble your Playstation all the way down to being able to take off the metal shielding on the bottom of the motherboard, there are plenty of tutorials on how to do this (Fat, Slim) so I will not get into that. Here is what you need to look for once you have the motherboards bottom shielding off.

    Start by applying some flux to the USB pins and then soldering the wires to it like so.

    The wires should be hot glued down and curved over like so, then you can replace the metal shielding on the motherboard and slip it back into place.

    Now you will need to take apart your USB hub and remove the male connector and solder the wires from the USB port to it.

    Next remove the female USB connectors and prepare the wires for the IR adapter and the extra female USB if you choose to do it.

    Next solder up the IR adapter and sensor.

    Now you can drill the hole for the sensor. I put mine in between the wifi antennas.

    Now it is time to slip the hub, IR adapter, and IR sensor into place. I put the hub next to the hard drive, the IR adapter partially under the fan, and hot glued the IR sensor in the hole. I also applied hot glue to every open contact on the bottom of the IR adapter because it is going to be resting on metal. Don’t want to cause any shorts.

    Now if you choose to do the extra USB connector you can put it next to the fan. Use a dremel to cut the hole. I used a crap load of hot glue to secure it in place.

    Now it is time to set everything and tidy up the wires. I also put hot glue on the open contacts on the bottom of the hub as well to keep the metal on metal contact from happening.

    When it comes time to put the lid back on, 2 posts are going to have to be cut off.

    When screwing the lid back on remember the posts you cut off and not to shove the screws into those holes.

    That’s it.

    Now when you are setting up your Harmony remote (mine is a 688) for it you will want to choose “DVD”, manufacturer “Sony”, and the model number “BDP-S350″. You are going to need to customize the buttons if you want the “OK” and “Stop” buttons to work. All you have to do is make the command for the Stop button “Select” and the command for the OK button “Stop”. Update your remote and you are all set. It even works in Multiman.

  • Posted by PS3Hax Member News , on 29/08/2011 , @ 04:56am


    The COBRA MANAGER itself didnt look very appealing to pretty much anyone. it also has a lot of complaints about it too, “comes with a slick UI” ..yeah..well it does now

    After some FTPING [VIA ETHNET] into the COBRA directory, I found that the manager itself is just comprised of PNG files,[will explain more in a minute we have ALOT to cover]

    Everything you’ll need will be in a RAR file.

    What me and fffrage have accomplished we revamped the dull cobra manager to any skin you guys would like. fffrage created the templates, which you see, so please give him thanks. He did all the hard work. XD



    Now, for the tutorial.

    PART 1:

    To make things easier please make sure that the following programs are installed before hand.

    The pictures MUST be in 1920×1080 for this to work. A quick google will bring up aload of images in that resolution. If you have a picture that isnt in 1920×1080 you can create it with Infan View.

    1: Once you have the picture you want, load up Watermark Image, this is where you’ll be able to layer on top of the current image. Anyway, upload the picture you have chosen, untick “Resize Images” and “Use 3D depth map.”

    Where it says Output Format make put it up to 100, then change the output format to PNG.

    Click “File”, you’ll then be asked to upload the picture. Now click “Select Preview Image” This will bring up an image of the picture you have chosen.


    If the picture is of the wrong resolution and not [1920x1080] the teplate will turn your picture black.

    Now, where it says “Image used for watermarking”.

    It is best to keep everything in one directory so you know where it is. On your computer navigate to the “Templates” directory, select “Template 1″ and use that. So now you should have your chosen photo overlayed with the template youve just selected.

    Once you’ve created the templates, you will need to rename them as




    Then FTP them into /dev_hdd0/game/CBUM01234/USRDIR/

    Overwrite the exsisting files.

    Below is an explaination of whateach of the templates do.

    Templates Explained:

    Template 1:


    Change mode [Games3 Blu-Ray DVD PSX PS2]



    Template 2:

    OK Cancel

    Copys Disks To HDD

    Template 3:

    OK Cancel


    As i am a very avid fan of Final Fantasy VII and to show my apperication, ive decided to go with a FFVII Based Skin.
    You can use your own images, but they need to be 1920×1080 also in full colour.

    [its due to the manager itself the wording doesnt show up properly if you use a white or light based background ] We havnt found a way to change the fonts, or the colours used yet, but once we/ i have, this will be updated to reflect these changes.


    These 2 must be in PNG format, the Background should be in 1920×1080, which should be named PIC1

    Any Icon can be used but it has to be name as ICON0


    Now open up Audicity select the audio you would like to use [MP3]
    and drag the little finger icon across to where you’d like your music to finish.
    Go to “Edit” “Delete” so you are now left with a part you wish to use as your background music.

    If you would like your music to fade out select the end, 3 seconds will do, and then go to effects and select fade out.
    Now go to “File” and “Export As MP3″ you will need to install the lame_enc.dll file, which also be included in the pack.

    Once this is done

    Fire up Goldwave, go to File and select “Save As” and select WAV. then scroll down and select ATRAC3 66kbs. Now click save.

    Finally click on to GWAT.exe, drag and drop the pre-made X.wav file into it. Press “Goldwave” it will then say “X.wav looped” but it will save it as “Looped X.at3″


    Fire up FTP on your PS3 and whatever program you use, to FTP into it.

    Go to the following directory /dev_hdd0/game/CBUM01234. (im not joking that is the cobra directory >_<) Now copy the PARAM.SFO to your computer. Load up PS3SFO.

    It will complain about not being finished, ignore that. Load up the PRAMSFO file you’ve just ftp’d from your PS3.

    Once this has loaded, it will display “COBRA MANGER” you can edit this to whatever you’d like. Putting / wont work though.


    Keep FTP open and have your PS3 connected. Navigate to /dev_hdd0/game/CBUM01234. Open this folder and replace the SFO file, add PIC1, also ICON0, SND0.AT3

    Now go into USRDIR

    You will see a list of:

    dvd.PNG <- DVD ICON

    bd.PNG <- SAME AS THE DVD ICON BUT IN BLUE (yeah COBRA got lazy)

    back1.PNG <- It has the box with those buttons which i explained up above

    back2.png <- A box which displays where to copy your “digital goods” to.

    back.3.PNG <- Settings


    Watermark Image - for the image layering.

    Goldwave to make the SND0.AT3 file [background music]

    Sony ATRAC Codec

    GWAT - to make the sound loop.

    Audicity - to added fade out, and to cut parts out. (Thanks to linuxx for making the tune, and teaching me how to make proper SND0.AT3 files)

    PS3SFO EDIT- to change the name of the loader.

    Infan View - to change the resolution of photos.

    FILEZILLA -FTP Program

    PS3 ITEMS:

    ICON0: this is the icon which displays on the XMB

    PIC1: Adds a background to the program your about to run

    SND0: Its the background music which plays in some games, you can add your own though.


    The COBRA ICON to a more fitting one.

    Added a background when the “Manager” is highlighted & audio which loops too. - these can all be changed to your liking.
    (currently SHINRA BUILDING TUNE)

    Changed the name of the manager.

    Removed the normal to glassy versions.

    This wouldn’t of been possible without you guys XD


    more skins = D




    This wouldn’t of been possible without you guys XD

  • Posted by PS3Hax Member News , on 28/08/2011 , @ 11:16am


    Its been a long week with making and debugging pshomebrew and setting up the server, but before i have to go in for surgery for a few days I want to release a pre release for the public to enjoy and see how the application/marketplace is coming along. For those of you new, PSHomebrew is basically a application on your PS3 to download homebrew like the PS Store.

    Download Below:
    File name: PSHomebrew.geohot.pkg File size: 5.66 MB

    Donations for project can be made here.

    * Download Location *REBUG will be added when i get back home i just did not have enough time to add it in the downloader yet

    More updates soon to come.

    This is more of a warning than an update, there appears to be a looser by the name of DaleEarnhardt, who is admin of a lame site called TransAMGrafx, who has posted on his front page, claiming that the app is his, though that is not the worst part, he is also charging people for the download, here is a quote from the site:

    Donations for project can be made TO [email protected] VIA PAYPAL
    * Download Location *TransAMGrafx will be added when i get back home i just did not have enough time to add it in the downloader yet
    More updates soon to come.

    Anyone who has paid any money to [email protected], make a PayPal dispute and use fraud as your reason.


  • Posted by PS3Hax Member News , on 28/08/2011 , @ 09:31am


    ThatOtherDev has been hard at work at another game and this time he released a two player fighting game.

    This is a first version of something I have put together for the soon closing Scenery Beta 2011 international homebrew showcase.

    Sketch Fight is a simple two player fighting game with crudely done hand drawn graphics that are intended to look like something a person would doodle when trying to cope with the mind numbing repetition and tedium that is school.

    I only have one PS3 controller at the moment so I haven’t been able to test it properly… Let me know if it isn’t controlling correctly.

    PS3 controls:
    Left directional button = Move left
    Right directional button = Move right
    Down directional button = Move crouch
    X button = Jump
    Square button = punch
    Circle button = kick

    Note:The controlling does not work correctly. If the second controller is connected, you move both players (with both controllers).
    Thanks Manster for the tip.
    Download PS3 Version
    Source: ThatOtherDev’s Blog


  • Posted by GregoryRasputin , on 28/08/2011 , @ 05:17am


    The creators of the awesome PS3 Media Server have once again updated their application, here is a quote from the changelog:

    Built from SVN r813 (OSX version from r812).
    Released as beta because many code changes haven’t been widely tested yet.
    People have been testing the SubJunk Build, but I have so many things in there right now that aren’t in the official trunk so the testing doesn’t apply to the trunk as much as it usually does.
    This will hopefully give us a more trustworthy idea.


    • Updated OS X MPlayer to enable external VOBsub, ASS/SSA and Fribidi support
    • Allow update checks to be performed manually (Windows only)
    • Allow automatic update checks to be enabled (Windows only)
    • Simplify PMS customization for packagers of custom builds
    • Logging fix for headless configurations
    • Added experimental support for iPad / iPhone
    • Fixed DVD ISO playback on OS X (thanks, jjmojojjmojo!)
    • Added support for the AirPlayer app
    • Added support for Samsung TV model SEC_HHP_TV (thanks, coax-!)
    • Added Aperture support on OS X (thanks, coax-!)
    • Added thumbnail support for images (some code from http://www.rayinblu.com/ps3mediaserver)
    • The cache is now reset after each up- or downgrade (for versions higher than 1.40.0)
    • Files with the extension *.vdr are now being recognized as MPG videos

    Source And Official Forum

    Download Windows
    Download MacOS
    Download Linux

  • Posted by PS3Hax Member News , on 27/08/2011 , @ 10:36am


    RedSquirrel87 is at it again and this time he has updated Showtime Media Player to version 3.1.203.

    v3.1.203 - (Aug 26, 2011) - Changelog from previous build:
    • ps3: Add our own sfo.xml
    • ps3: Implement a hdd-based read-ahead cache when streaming video
    • htsp: Include description from EPG in data model
    • Fix problem when upgrading plugins
    • lang cleanup
    • tcp sockets: Move spill buffer to tcpcon_t
    • Add missing prop_unsubscribe() causing memory corruption
    • Added createInt to the plugin documentation
    • spotify: Optimize metadata handling
    • Fix null deref
    • Add support for detection if seeking in a file is a slow operation.
    • Allow service discovery to be disabled
    • httpclient: Don’t fail if we get disconnected during receive of body in 3xx and 4xx requests
    • Fix bug in JSON decoder making it choke on empty dicts
    • js: Fix missing rooting of JSObject

    [Source: Lonely Coders]

  • Posted by GregoryRasputin , on 26/08/2011 , @ 04:59pm


    MyFreeCopyright.com Registered & Protected

    So as most of you know, the PS3 Scene just recently celebrated the one year anniversary of the PS3 being hacked/jailbroken, many, many things have happened in that short year, many changes and break throughs, i have two reasons for creating such a FAQ, the obvious being all the changes, PS3 owners just getting into the scene, need help and guidance, i also seen a failed attempt at a F.A.Q on another site and i thought that mistake needed to be rectified, with a proper F.A.Q :)

    (Q) Why Would I Hack/Jailbreak My PS3 ?
    (A) Hacking your PS3, gives you so many new option’s, you will be able to use emulators, homebrew apps and game backups as well as being able to use Linux, after Sony removed the function in firmware 3.21.

    (Q) Is there a firmware my PS3 should be on ?
    (A) It seems the preferable firmwares are 3.15(For the real OtherOS), 3.41(The original “Jailbreak” firmware) and 3.55(the first CFW PS3), 3.55 is the favourite and most used.

    (Q) What Firmwares cannot be hacked yet ?
    (A) 3.56 to 3.70 are unhackable at the moment, perhaps it will remain that way, or perhaps we will see a break through in the future, only time will tell.

    (Q) But when i bought my PS3, the firmware was above 3.55/My family member updated my console when i was out :( , how can i have Homebrew ?
    (A) All hope isn’t lost, you can downgrade your consoles firmware with devices like progskeet, at the moment, this is rather a tedious process, involving soldering several wires to your PS3, but in the future we will have solderless models of these products, for information on how to downgrade, check this thread:
    Noob Tutorial: How to downgrade/flash your PS3 from firmware 3.70 to 3.55 via ProgSkeet/Teensy++ and install 3.55 Kmeaw CFW

    (Q) Downgrading was a pain, i don’t want to go through that again, is there a way i can protect my PS3 from accidental upgrading ?
    (A) You can use Team Rebugs firmware spoofer, it spoofs the firmware, so that when someone attempts to update the PS3, via internet or disc, the PS3 tells them they are already on the highest firmware, as an extra precaution, you should remove your consoles access to the PS3, when you are not around, you can grab your spoofer, from the offical Rebug site here.

    (Q) What other firmwares can i hack/jailbreak my PS3 on ?
    (A) 2.76, 3.01, 3.15, 3.21, 3.40, can all be “hacked” using the PS Jailbreak USB Dongle or equivalent variants, information on the useable devices, can be found on my old F.A.Q, which you can view here.

    (Q) CFW/MFW Or Dongle ?
    (A) CFW/MFW is the way to go, dongles are more or less dead, apart from the Cobra USB dongle, but it too will become obsolete as its features get implemented into CFW/MFW, also with CFW/MFW, you do not need to do the start-eject combo that is needed with the dongles.

    (Q) How do i install CFW ?
    (A) If you aren’t already on 3.55, you will need to update to the official Sony firmware, then install a CFW via recovery, Pirate wrote a great guide, which you can read here:
    [Tutorial] How to play and install Backups with Kmeaw CFW+PSN without risk of brick or itskamel’s NOOB JAILBREAK GUIDE
    If you wish to stay on official firmware 3.41, the same method applies, but you will need to grab Team Rebugs 3.41 CFW, which you can find here.
    Here is a video of Kmeaw being installed via the Recovery Method.

    (Q) I see many different CFW/MFW, which one should i chose ?
    (A) As i stated earlier, Kmeaw is the most popular CFW/MFW but there are other versions and you can take your pick, all installed the same way as the above method:
    Team Rebugs 3.41/3.55 CFW
    BobbyBlunt’s PS3HaX MFW
    Thelostdeathknight’s PS3HaX MFW
    varaques MFW
    bitsbubbas NFW
    bitsbubbas NFW With Cobra Implimentation

    (Q) I want to test a different CFW/MFW, is it ok to install a CFW on top of another CFW.
    (A) If you have Kmeaw installed, you can install Rebug over the top of it, but if you decide you don’t like Rebug and want to go back to Kmeaw, it is advised that you install the 3.55 Official Firmware, then install Kmeaw, as a precaution, i would advise that is done with all CFW changes

    (Q) Ok so i have CFW installed, how do i run homebrew ?
    (A) You will see in the game section, you will see “Install Package Files”, you will be able to install all your homebrew and backup managers from there, just a note though, the PKG files that you are installing, need to be on the root of your FAT32 formatted thumbdrive/external HDD.

    (Q) Now that i have updated to 3.55 CFW, is there a list of working homebrew app’s/games ?
    (A) Here are a few links:
    Homebrew Games Collection(Maintained by manster)
    Homebrew Emulator Collection(Maintained by Thelostdeathknight)
    Homebrew Application Collection(maintained by GregoryRasputin(me)

    (Q) How do i play my backups ?
    (A) You will need a backup manager, the following are available(We recommend the PS3HaX endorsed multiMAN):
    multiMAN For help, check the (Support Forum) Grab BDEMU2 here.
    Open Manager(Firmware 3.41 Only)
    Hermes Manager(Firmware 3.41 Only)

    (Q) I have my games backed up, i now want to play online, how do i do that ?
    (A) Currently there is no way to access the PSN server to play online, even if a new CFW came out, Sony would block PSN again with a new OFW, so your only real option, if you want both homebrew and PSN, is to have two PS3′s

    (Q) What are my storage options for backing up games ?

    (A.1) You can backups certain games to CD/DVD/BD disc’s, read here for more information.
    (A.2) You can install games on the PS3′s internal HDD or use an External USB HDD, which needs to be formatted to FAT32, you can also use a FAT32 USB Thumb Drive, note that with FAT32 you are limited to games with single files under 4GB, if you prefer all your games to be on the internal HDD, you can get up to 1TB 2.5? HDD, or you can use the Xecuter PS3 HDXT method and have your internal HDD on the outside of the machine, the benefit of this, is that you can use 3.5? Sata and IDE HDD’s as internal storage.

    Some more PS3 HDD Information submitted by ieder-zijn-meis(Thanks again)
    - maximum height is 9,5mm (many 2.5? drives above 640GB are too high too fit inside)
    - maximum PS3 filesystem is 1TB (512KB block size)
    - maximum FAT32 theoretical size is 8TB, practical limit on the PS3 is 2TB
    - 7200rpm can be used, as well as Flashdrives (although the 1/5th lower loadingtime of GTA5 can be considered too low to justify the higher pricetag of SATA Flashdrives.
    - SATAII-300 can be used, although it will work on SATA1-150 speed interface.
    - If using external 3.5? drives hooked up to the internal SATA, you’ll need an external powersupply (some drivebays include them).
    - If on low budget or you like DIY: use a normal extension (male to female) SATA cable (and make sure it doesn’t get loose) and recycle the case + powersupply of an external USB harddisk (without using the USB connection/conversion).
    - Don’t use RAID or SAN drives with (e)SATA interface, just a plain single drive with a bare SATA connector (many controllers don’t work without drivers/software).
    - Games can be hardcoded for BluRay speeds (9MB/s) so sticking a 85~220MB/s harddrive inside will not speedup everything/allways (but most do).
    - If you plan on exchanging the drive, download the full PUP of your FW you are using and put it on an USB Mass Storage Device formatted with FAT32 in PS3UPDATEPS3UPDAT.PUP and disconnect the LAN before re powering the PS3 (or you’ll bound to end up with the latest (3.55 now) unjailbreakable/undowngradable version).
    - Use a good fitting X screwdriver, the screws fitted to the HD<>tray are made of very soft aluminum.

    Here is a tutorial, by forum member Invi, on how to an External IDE HDD Case and use it as Internal Storage:
    HowTo: Use an external IDE HDD Case to connect an Internal 3,5″ Sata HDD as PS3 HDD.

    An image of the Xecuter PS3 HDXT.

    Videos of different HDD expansion options.

    (Q) Now that i am on 3.55, can i install Linux ?
    (A) Follow this thread.

    (Q) Ok im fed up with using my thumb drive, is there a way to download apps directly to the PS3.
    (A) Yes,you will need to instal “Package Installer”, then you will be able to FTP the apps to the “packages” folder on your PS3, you can find more about that here.

    (Q) Ok so i have backed up a game, i want to save that game to my computer as an extra backup, or i want to mod the game, how do i transfer it from my PS3.
    (A) There are two methods, FTP, there are three of those at the moment:
    PS3 FTP Server by CJCP
    blackb0x FTP Server by blackb0x
    OpenPS3FTP(Probably the most stable)
    Alternatively you can use
    Comgenies Awesome Filemanager
    Simple Filemanager
    multiMAN also has FTP and Filemanger options
    if you cant use FTP, or have an External HDD, Comgenies Filemanager is the best choice.

    (Q) I just bought a new game, tried to play it, but it says i need to update my firmware, what do i do ?
    (A) Unfortunately, newer games being released, will be unplayable on current CFW’s, you may be lucky and get a patch, but the chances of those are getting slimmer as time goes on, so the only options you are left with, are update or buy a new PS3, this is the sad situation of the scene, until the scene developers release a new CFW, you will be unable to play the newer games you bought.

    (Q) I want to be able to create my own Homebrew, is it possible.
    (A.1) Yes, using the Open Source PS3 SDK, named PSL1GHT, you can create Homebrew, PSL1GHT was created by AerialX, read about it here.

    (A.2) You can use the Official Sony SDK, it is reported that this is better for creating homebrew, than the open source version.

    (Q) I backed up a few of my movies to .AVI and .MKV formats, but when i try and play them through Showtime, or stream them via PS3Media Server, i get a Cinavia warning, is there any way past this ?
    (A) You can install this app:
    Disable Cinavia Installer (3.41 & 3.55)(By Team Rebug)

    (Q) Can play PS2/PS1 backups on my Jailbroken PS3 ?
    (A.1) You can use this method, it lets you use Swap Magic to load PS2 backups on your PS3, the only consoles allowed, are those that are Backwards Compatible, this option also works on a non Jailbroken PS3, even with firmware 3.70
    (A.2) You can use the Cobra USB dongle, to play PS1 or PS2 backups on your Jailbroken PS3, it is compatible with firmwares 3.41 and 3.55.
    (A.3) You can use this method to play PS1 backups on firmware 3.41 and 3.55.

    People who deserve thanks and respect, for making this great PS3 Scene what it is, without them, it wouldn’t really exist Mathieulh, RichDevX, GeoHot, The PS Jailbreak Team, KaKaRoTo, Hermes, klutsh, Amon-Ra, marcan, ThatOtherPerson, AerialX, Comgenie , NZHawk, CJCP, blackb0x, MohammadAG, gliitch, Kmeaw, fail0verflow, moogie, durandal, Snowydew, kaz, eussNL, robo hobo, squarepusher2, condorstrike, CrashSerious, graf_chokolo, glevand, jjolano, Mr.Goodfrag, samson, facanferff, DarkhackerPS3, lunuxx, deank, Rogero, uf6667, opium2k, Codename Rebug and any other person, who has also created a payload, made homebrew, or contributed to the scene, if i have missed your name, sorry

    The other guys that deserve a big thank you, are the site admins, that work to keep you up to date with news and bring you those all important exclusives, the only decent English speaking PS3 Scene sites are listed below:
    greg @ Dashacks
    Sennax @ ThePlaystationClub
    And of course
    Pirate , here @ PS3HaX

    This is by no means finished, if you see anything you would like to see addressed, feel free to leave a post in the comments section :)

  • Posted by GregoryRasputin , on 25/08/2011 , @ 11:29am


    Those of you who entered, will know of the competition we had recently, here is the winner :)

    alternativejohnsmith could you PM Killerbug with your details, thank you.

    And thanks to everyone who entered the competition, we will have a new one, quite soon :)
    Audio in video by Citizen Default

    If you haven’t won one of these awesome devices, you can always get one from  here

  • Posted by Thelostdeathknight , on 25/08/2011 , @ 01:37am


    Since the release of Tical’s task for ps3mfw builder we have seen several mfw that have been released with cinavia patched out.  Well now you no longer have to leave your favorite firmware to enjoy that option. Codename: Rebug has released a handy little .pkg to do that for you. Remember this is unnecessary if you are already using any of Rebug’s firmwares.

    Quote from rebug.me

    Disable Cinavia Installer for 3.41 and 3.55 CFW/MFW will permanently install the necessary ‘Cinavia Free’ video modules (excluding AVCHD/Blu-ray) to your PS3.

    This has been a feature of the REBUG firmware from the start but since there seems to be a lot of interest by users of other CFW/MFW we thought we would make an easy installer for everyone.

    Source and Downloads - Rebug.me

  • Posted by PS3Hax Member News , on 24/08/2011 , @ 11:10am


    An update of the Sega Megadrive Emulator, Genesis Plus GX, for the PS3 has been released. Thanks to Squarepusher for recent changes, Mr.Anonymous for the initial port of the emulator, and torrenegra and his friend for sharing the latest package.

    Download Genesis Plus GX PS3 v1.5 (CFW 3.41 and 3.55)

    Source Code Repository by Squarepusher

    via Elotrolado

  • Posted by PS3Hax Member News , on 23/08/2011 , @ 05:50pm


    RedSquirrel87, the developer behind many unofficial updates of Showtime Media Player, has released another update to his collection. You can find the changelog and download below.


    • js: Allow arbitrary headers to be set in HTTPAuth handlers

    • More robust handling of character encoding in Javascript HTTP client

    • Refactor character set handling a bit

    • Remove old file

    • js: Correct textDialog function

    • js: Added function textDialog to the plugin API

    • js: Added function simple_dialog to plugin API (shows a message in a popup and a textbox to user enter something and get the value)

    • Added background support for plugins

    • glwthemes: Added support for background in directory type pages, use page.metadata.background

    • upnp: Various fixes

    • Add Hungarian translation

    • Add support for overriding HTTP headers from plugins

    • rpmbuild spec file for redhat/fedora etc

    • Merge branch ‘master’ of github.com:jonask/showtime

    • changing linux make uninstall path and add gtk-update-icon-cache

    • changing linux make uninstall path

    • add showtime desktop icon to the linux make install script and correct system path for fedora

    • Update Dutch translation

    • Update Trad. Chinese translation

    • Update Romanian translation

    • Update Norwegian translation

    • Update French translation

    Download Showtime Media Player 3.1.188


  • Posted by Pirate , on 22/08/2011 , @ 01:22pm


    More updates from deank on his latest multiMAN, bringing the version to an UPDATED version 02.04.00. The update adds a feature quite a few people have been asking for…wallpaper support!


    * “Set as Wallpaper” and “Restore Wallpaper” options when you press [TRIANGLE] in photo column.
    * UPDATE (Showtime) when “Start Showtime” is selected in VIDEO column (initiates download of SHOWTIME.SELF)
    * REFRESH: to refresh content for PHOTO, MUSIC and RETRO columns
    * FILE MANAGER: to open the folder of the selected entry (picture, music, video, rom) in File Manager

    The update is available online (to update from your PS3 in multiMAN DEBUG mode - by holding L2+R2 at startup -> UPDATE)

    multiMAN ver 02.04.00 UPDATE (20110822-172200).pkg (1.65 MB)

    For more information visit the official multiMAN thread here.