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  • Posted by GregoryRasputin , on 30/09/2011 , @ 01:26pm


    With the new “break through’s” this week, one of them being PS1 backups running on the PS3, utilizing multiMAN’s filemanager, deank decided to implement this method into the games column of his application, here is the change log, make a note, the changes are the total from 02.07.00 to 02.08.00.

    * Added: “Create ISO” option in SIDE menu when BD/DVD is selected in VIDEO column or PLAYSTATION/PLAYSTATION2 is selected in Game column
    * Added: “Create ISO” option in File Manager’s context menu when /dev_bdvd is selected
    * Added: Creating ISO files bigger than 4GB to USB HDD will result in splitting in segments .iso.0, .iso.1 … .iso.31
    * Added: Advanced option in XMMB Settings: “Expand Contents of XMMB media columns”
    * Added: SD/SDHC, CF and MS/MSPRO devices to Photo/Music/Video columns
    * Added: Standalone Web-Browser application with FTP (BROWSER.SELF) to avoid all memory issues
    * Added: Support for launching PSX games from CD-R discs (XMMB Game Column and other display modes)
    * Added: Launching directly ps1_emu.self or ps1_netemu.self from file manager will make multiMAN assign your Memory Cards properly, too
    * Added: Options to set preferred Video Mode for PAL and NTSC PSX titles (default/480/576/720/1080)
    * Added: peeklv1 and pokelv1 commands to control console
    * Added: String printout for peekl and peeklv1 control console commands
    * Added: Prompt to dump Hypervisor/LV1 after creating GameOS/LV1 memory dump
    * Changed: Improved the looks of the old debug font, used in some dialogs and file manager
    * Changed: multiMAN starts faster now
    * Fixed: Unnecessary auto-refresh/scan for content on each startup
    * Fixed: Browsing for ROMS in ZIP format

    All features related to PSX discs require firmware 3.55 (kmeaw/rebug).


    At the moment, the update is online via PS3 only, the full version will be uploaded here.

    To play PS1 discs you must be on 3.55CFW and use PS1 backup burned to CD-R disc (using bin+cue as source in IMAGE BURNING mode). It doesn’t work for PS2 games. It doesn’t work for PSP games. You can’t mount an ISO from the HDD.

    UPDATE 1:

    Another quick update to multiMAN:

    * Improved detection of PSX discs (reading one sector to verify region/type)
    * Detection of possible user-errors when editing options.ini
    * Removed copying options.ini/options_default.ini from connected usb drives during startup

    [Download Here]

  • Posted by Pirate , on 30/09/2011 , @ 01:25pm


    Team E3DIY has contacted us again today with more information on when we can expect the E3 flasher. The new release date is aimed at October 10th, and they also had to cancel NAND flash support as they decided many people would prefer a solderless chip.

    To quote email:

    E3 flasher Limited package publicized, it contain 3 inner boxes, total 11 parts.
    you can check picture here : http://www.e3-tech.net/prdouct.html

    And the shipping date should be arround 10th Oct because of China’s National Day Holiday delay .

    We noticed most users are afraid of soldering wire, so we cancel NAND flash support on limited version,
    and will release a new e3 flasher specially for nand flash console with nand flash clip .

    So for nand flash console user, please wait the new e3 flasher, should release in few weeks.

    PS: All e3 flasher limited version include nor flash clip, you need NO solder on those nor flash console with downgrade function.

  • Posted by PS3Hax Member News , on 30/09/2011 , @ 10:58am


    As promised, here is my weekly PS3 Homebrew release! Today’s release is Charlie the Duck.



    I had to disable sound to get this to run at a playable speed. There are some parts where it slows down a bit, but it’s still completely playable and insanely fun if you like platformers. as always, R3 must be pressed after the splash screen if you want to use the PS3 controller instead of a keyboard/mouse.

    Download via Discuss in Forums link below.

  • Posted by GregoryRasputin , on 30/09/2011 , @ 07:43am


    PS3Crunch member NEO117 has released some Dos ports for the PS3, they are Prince of Persia, Street Rod and Street Rod 2, he plans to create more, here is a quote from his thread:

    I just compiled this PKG with the very first Prince of Persia ready to play on your PS3. Enjoy it.

    Download Prince Of Persia
    Download Street Rod
    Download Street Rod 2
    Download Graphically Updated Prince Of Persia

    These games have two PKG’s, one install under the default “games” section, the other installs under the “Homebrew” section, providing you have that section on your PS3.

    Source PS3Crunch (Prince Of Persia) - (Street Rod 1&2) (Prince Of Persia - Better Graphics)

  • Posted by PS3Hax Member News , on 29/09/2011 , @ 09:29pm


    Rogero, famous for various PS3 homebrew, has released a CFW V2 Kmeaw LV1 Patched 3.72 Spoof Privacy Patch for custom firmware users!

    Roughly translated:

    Rogero is back to give us an update of the CFW that we presented in this news. Here’s a summary of the features of this custom firmware. You should know that it was created at the beginning to correct the problem trophies was going after a hardware downgrade Dospiedras Method v2 (with a chip programmer like Progskeet).

    Rogero was not happy about it and had also added the patch and Privacy lv1 checks patched to bypass the syscon 3.56 +. And today is the spoof 3.72 found in this newly created CFW.

    Included in firmware:
    - Kmeaw’s LV1 patch
    - V3.72 spoof
    - Privacy Patch
    - Dospiedras’ LV1 no-check patches

    Download: Download the firmware
    Source: Logic-sunrise.com

  • Posted by PS3Hax Member News , on 29/09/2011 , @ 02:29pm


    Condorstrike has updated his stunning application “Solar”, here is a quote from the Readme:


    Added MP3 player, ***WIP***.
    Added more Dynamic effects and particles.
    Disabled Solar’s FTP, and added Web-browser with FTP, thanks to Deank’s BROWSER.SELF. :)
    Added more planets.
    Fixed Planets Rotation.
    Added buttons Legend, Hold down X to see it.
    Fixed a crash bug in 2nd scene.
    Added wire-framed Hologram.
    Added EXIT to XMB.
    Added XMB PIC1.PNG
    And some more code clean-up, and other things I can’t remember.


    MP3 playback: Place your MP3′s in MUSIC folder in root of any USB storage device.
    Press Down to switch MP3s.
    Hold down X for buttons Legend.
    Press SQ for browser/ftp.
    Press O to exit Solar.
    Triangle for multiMAN.
    Press Select to pause BG music/MP3s.
    Press Start to Resume BG music/MP3s.


  • Posted by PS3Hax Member News , on 29/09/2011 , @ 03:36am


    It would be sad if the version 3.5 was really the last

    So, Version 4 is now officially under development!


    This is a Beta Release, so there are still some bugs, but the common tasks should work properly!

    -> Version 4 will change again everything!!

    (Current!) Changelogs:

    - Fullscreen Mode

    - Style Changes

    - Loads wallpaper(PIC0/PIC1) and icon(ICON0/ICON1) from gamesfolder

    - Again for Windows XP, Vista (Mac OS X on full release)

    - Fixed old imageloading bugs

    - Official Firmware 3.72 added

    - Some Emulators updated

    - OpenPS3FTP updated

    - Added Login for Developers (More informations later)

    - Advanced Multitasking

    - Reporter updated

    - PKG Sign Tool removed for normal users

    - Official Firmware 3.41, 3.55 & 3.6X removed for normal users

    - MD5 Hashes removed completely (temporary?)

    - Removed other servers


    Windows 7, Vista & XP

    I hope you like the current changes!

  • Posted by Pirate , on 28/09/2011 , @ 11:04am


    ConsoleDev (the guy notorious for previous debug leaks) has released today a compressed update patch for DEBUG/TEST firmware 3.72. This is only for DEBUG/TEST units NOT retail. Its primary interest is for devs and research on PS3 for further understanding of the system. What is interesting about this update is that it is only ~10mb patch rather than the full blown update as we have seen previously (installs over full 3.70 debug/test firmware).

    [Download 3.72 debug/test patch]

    [VIA PS3 Addict]

  • Posted by PS3Hax Member News , on 27/09/2011 , @ 11:55am



    It seems a German ps3 Dev named ScHeVeNs has found a way to play PS1 burned backups using multiMAN.

    hi there,

    I am ScHeVeNs a German PS3 Developer,

    I have found a way, to boot any burned PS1 Backup Game, its not very hard to make…


    PS3 with 3.55CFW

    (maybe also a 3.41 machine, but not tested in moment!) ( I use Rebug 3.55.2 for that )

    multiMAN latest version!

    PS1 Backup on burned Disk

    Start your PS3,

    Insert your burned PS1 Copy,

    start multiMAN,

    go to filemanager mode,

    search for:


    Press X on ps1_emu.self

    Tada, your Ps1 Backup will now boot and you see the PSLogo Bootscreen.

    maybe this works also on PS2 Games Backups but i have a PS3 slim….and can not test this!

    Have fun with this….

    And give $ony a slap in her ….. face.
    greetings ScHeVeNs

    this is living!!!

    First the Duplex thing now this…wow the scene can take a turn for the better all in a matter of one day…plus the progress of the n64 emu…Looking good

    VIA PS3Crunch

    UPDATE 1:

    Tons of new updates on this news story over the past several hours.

    First off, deank has updated multiMAN to version 02.07.06, this new update allows PSX discs appear in XMMB Game column allowing you to boot PS1 games from there. You can grab the download HERE.


    There also is a compatibility list out there, I am mirrioring the tested ones here but honestly most of the games will work with this method and there may be a very small percent that don’t.

    Click to expand post SelectShow

    And here are some videos showing the PSX booting in action:

    Stay tuned for more developments with us @PS3Hax.

    UPDATE 2

    PS3Hax member CaptainCPS-X has posted more information on how to get SAVE GAME to work, to quote:

    - Turn on you PS3 console
    - DONT open multiMAN
    - In the GAME column look for “Memory Card Utility (PS/PS2)”
    - Create a PS1 memory card
    - Set it to Slot 1 (Press Triangle while selecting the Memory Card, then Assign it)
    - Now, run multiMAN
    - Insert your backup disc
    - Load it
    - Play
    - Memory Card is in Slot 1, no need to mess with it anymore.

    Read more: http://www.ps3hax.net/showthread.php?t=27958&page=19#ixzz1ZCgb8HRB

    UPDATE 3:

    Another multiMAN update by deank brining version to 02.07.07.

    To quote:

    multiMAN ver 02.07.07 UPDATE (20110928-161900).pkg (1.75 MB)

    In this update about PSX games (FW 3.55 only):

    * Proper management for Memory Card 1 and Memory Card 2 (thanks to moogie and squarepusher for the emulator debug log)
    * The name of the memory card may be anything you wish
    * Setting “Screen Mode” to “Full”
    * Setting “Smoothing” to “On”
    * Detecting PSX discs with Audio tracks (now all PSX discs detected properly)

    If you want “Saves” and “Memory Cards” to work, make sure that your CREATE at least one memory card in XMB/Memory Card Utility (PS/PS2).

    Have in mind that EVEN if you don’t assign a slot for a memory card from XMB, multiMAN will search for your memory cards and will assign all of them in the emulator. Do not use the “Assign Slots” menu in the emulator - it will freeze. The cards will be already assigned.

    For all this to work you must launch the game from the PSX black disc icon in XMMB Game column and not the emulator self!


    [Download via OFFICIAL multiMAN thread]

  • Posted by PS3Hax Member News , on 27/09/2011 , @ 08:41am


    There is going to be a big debate around this, we were unsure if we should post or not, but this is huge news in the PS3 Scene.

    A group known as “Duplex” has done what no one else has managed to and decrypt/crack PSN games, that are fully playable on 3.55 CFW, what this could mean for us, is that we could possibly unlock the PSN games that we own, that lost their deactivation’s through various actions committed on the PS3, here is a quote from “Duplex”:

    Since no scene group managed yet, we thought it’s time to work on some
    PSN games to give everyone something to play for CFW 3.55
    Fully decrypted .elfs are included as proof and of course for
    educational purposes

    They have managed to crack the following games:

    Critter Crunch
    Savage Moon
    Galaga Legions DX
    Ricochet HD
    Spare Parts
    Deadliest Warrior Legends
    Marvel vs Capcom 2
    Earthworm Jim HD
    Deadliest Warrior The Game
    Dream Chronicles
    Castle Crashers
    Bomberman Ultra
    BloodRayne Betrayal
    Blast Factor
    Beyond Good and Evil HD
    Bejeweled 2
    Alien Breed Trilogy

    We do not condone piracy, so no linking to any of these files, the reason for this thread, is merely for news, anyone providing any such links, will immediately be banned, without warning.

    Stay tuned for more breaking scene news at PS3Hax.

  • Posted by GregoryRasputin , on 27/09/2011 , @ 04:25am


    One of our dedicated developers samson, has released a dos port of Tempest 2000 for the PS3, here is a quote from his thread:

    A member ps3hax mappy123 requested a port of the classic Tempest 2000, i figured yeah what the hell.. started working on the dos version last night and was very pleased with how well it runs on the ps3 using dosbox, so i decided as it was a retro gem to give it some nice xmb wallpaper and music..

    press r3 at start up for joystick, exit via ps button.

    credit go’s to the atari game dev’s and robo hobo for porting dosbox, and gliitch for helping me with the xmb music. and last but not least mappy123 for the idea

    enjoy and be kind with your comments , its my first game port and its also been made in a day.

    Download Tempest 2000 3.41.pkg
    Download Tempest 2000 3.55.pkg

    Another project samson has been working on, which i completely forgot about(sorry samson), is “webcuts” , which is a bunch of webtools on your XMB, you can find that here.

  • Posted by Pirate , on 26/09/2011 , @ 06:56pm


    The solderless ProgSkeet will be released tomorrow, bringing dual NAND setup, and a 1gigabit NAND (allowing backups or dual boots). More info on that HERE. (more…)

  • Posted by PS3Hax Member News , on 26/09/2011 , @ 04:40pm


    raxxus from a german board has released a translation for Rebug 3.55.2 CFW. He has also created 2 tasks for PS3MFW Builder, which you will need if you want to create the MFW yourself. But there is also a pre-made pup for the lazy folks out there, thanks to nuck1982 for uploading.

    Originally Posted by raxxus

    I’ve completely translated rebug 3.55.2 into German, that means all debug entries, package manager, qa-update and the menu entry “app_home/PS3_GAME /” has become “Starte Spiel… (Ohne Disc)”. The “Debug Settings” are now just called “Debug”.

    It is only the resource-files (icons and texts) nothing else.

    I’ve also enclosed a nice “write-flash” tool with which you can share resources easily. It only writes in the “dev_flash / vsh / resource”-folder, nowhere else.

    Created 2 folder on a USB-Stick, “modz” and “backup”. The backup must be created manually by simply save the resource folder under “dev_flash / vsh / resource” somewhere. Copy the original rco files, which you will change, in the backup folder and put the modded files (from the download; without the pkg and the tcl’s of course!) into the “modz” folder. The tool ES35 Cutomize explains by itself in the options. Or simply use the latest Multiman and copy the files manually into folders using new flash-write function.

    Some debug entries sound better in English and I did not translate some deliberate ..

    I have made a task for the ps3mfwbuilder on my own. It allows you to patch the official rebug 3.55.2 pup with the update files from 0.4, the privacy patch and the modded rcos.

    Simply extract the update pkg 0.4 from rebug, and specify the files from the update_files folder, as well as the modded rcos when creating the pup. Everything else runs automatically.

    About the privacy patch: I’ve intentionally omitted playstation.net, otherwise some psn games do not run.

    I’m just a small rebug fan, not more ..

    Originally Posted by nuck1982

    I’ve newly patched a Rebug 3.55.2:

    - Debug Settings in German
    - Package Manager in German
    - App / home renamed to start ‘Spiel starten (ohne Disk)’
    - Integrated Rebug Update 0.4 Package
    - Suppressed some communication to advertising partners of Sony (Sony is not patched, some PSN would not longer run)
    - Integrated Rebug Selector 1.6
    - TV menu is now called ‘Werkzeuge’ (due to the creator of the files, because it uses TV as a Homebrew Channel)

    Otherwise nothing has changed in the firmware. I have tested the firmware and everything works. The thanks goes to raxxus for the provision of the files and the task for the MFW Builder.

    MFW bulder Log

    Download Patched Rebug 3.55.2 Deutsch - German (178.52 MB)

    Download Rebug 3.55.2 German Tools(6.22 MB) (content)

    Original Source

    Translated Source

  • Posted by PS3Hax Member News , on 26/09/2011 , @ 10:53am


    uTorrent is now supporting iPhone, iPad, PS3, Xbox 360 and Android integration with its software. Currently uTorrent allows users to easily and quickly sync downloaded content to these devices. They plan to implement video/audio to compataible formats soon. (ofcourse Vuze has already done this for a while now))

    [Download uTorrent]
    [VIA Torrent Freak]

  • Posted by PS3Hax Member News , on 25/09/2011 , @ 04:20pm


    Team Emulatemii has given us an update to their N64 emulator. They’ve recently stated that the N64 emulator is nearing completion, and after fixing a couple of minor errors, it will be released. However they do say that they’re also busy with other things, so it is progressing at a low pace.

    The Wii64 port to PS3 now has a near-complete hardware renderer since our last post. However, the dynarec needs some work to run on a 64bit PPC architecture. The Pure Interpreter core has little (if any) performance increase over the Wii running the same core, so PS364 really needs the dynarec.

    Great news indeed. Stay tuned for more exciting updates with us @PS3hax :)

    Source: Emulatemii

  • Posted by PS3Hax Member News , on 25/09/2011 , @ 02:35pm


    The first PS3 game requiring firmware 3.7x is now out known as Child of Eden. We may have gotten lucky over the last few with a few games, but it looks like the window of games playable 3.55 CFW is getting very narrow, and the need for 3.7x CFW is getting greater. For those interested in the current public state of “new CFW”, should check out this post related to PNM Project.

    And for those interested here is a snipped of what this game is about via IGN:

    Stay tuned for more PS3 developments @PS3Hax.

  • Posted by PS3Hax Member News , on 25/09/2011 , @ 12:46am


    More updates follow through to amazing homebrew developed by lunuxx and team. This time logic-sunrise member markus95 brings us 3 new characters into the game and five new courses. A video showcasing the feat and the upgrades will be posted below.

    To quote from the french website and taken via google translate.

    markus95 member of logic-sunrise, now gives us a mod of his own design for the fighting game Paintown. Little wakeup call, this 2D game based on the source code for MUGEN, was designed by Jon Rafkind and covered by PS3 and Scristopher lunuxx. The aim of this game is, as with any beat them all, hitting the opponent as much as possible to reach the end of it. This mod includes three new characters, 5 new stages, a new menu, some improvements of characters and courses already present and the installation of the mod has been simplified s ollowing to requests from several people.


    - Download the pkg and install it on your console via “Install Package Files”.

    - Paintown 3.5 and the mod is installed!

    There you have it, those of you who extensively use Paintown should grab these mods and use them



  • Posted by PS3Hax Member News , on 25/09/2011 , @ 12:43am


    PS3Hax developer Mr.Goodfrag is back at making PS3 homebrew, and has released a  TRON clone homebrew game right here at PS3Hax.

    To quote:

    I was watching the new TRON, and it got me all nostaligic.

    I was shocked when I couldn’t find a TRON clone on PSN, so I figured ‘why the hell not’?

    I’ve been meaning to make more releases, but the wife and I just bought a house/moved, and I’ve been exceptionally busy lately.

    From here on out I’m going to start shooting to have at least one release a week.

    As always, you must press R3 after the DOSBOX splash screen to play the game! Single player only mapped, for 2 player use a keyboard.

    [Download here]