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    Its been a few months since we interviewed Gitbrew, unquestionably the best and most important group in the PS3 Scene, they have been responsible for so many advances in the PS3 scene one of them being the restoration of OtherOS, much has went on since we last interviewed the guys at Gitbrew, so Pockets69 and myself(GregoryRasputin) decided to throw a few questions together, here are the responses to those questions:

    So it has been a few months since the last interview, what have you been doing since then.

    A lot. Our console development efforts are even more intense than they were when you last interviewed us, and we are proud to announce that we have been
    joined by refugee developers from git-hacks. Not only do we get to benefit from having these talented developers working with us, but this merge also adds
    about 11 gigs of source code to our git repositories. Sorry for the downtime, but when it’s back up it’ll all be worth it.

    I’ve also branched off from console development for a bit in order to focus on developing solutions for secure, survivable, and covert communications and
    infrastructure for hostile environments, as well as intelligence collection and forensic tools that will support and assure the security of these networks
    and their users. We are partnering with other Global-level groups to provide these tools as quickly as we can to the various Occupy movements sprouting up
    all over the world. With the help of Iadnah and others in the community we are proud to announce our first release: occupyOS. This secure, no-frills-added
    OS can be booted from either cdrom or usb and provides a safe environment activists can use to communicate, publish documents, and perform other necessary tasks
    using whatever hardware happens to be available at the time. More information is available at: http://wiki.gitbrew.org/wikibrew/OccupyOS

    Quite a bit as durandal said, I’ve been trying to clear up what happened over the last incident. We again apologize for that and have been working as best as we can in making a proper rsx driver, instead of just documentation. I’ve been trying to help developers out there that are in need of proper documentation as well as the supplys (vnc’s and/or servers to properly test their stuff) As well as hardware to test their applications on. We’ve been quite busy organizing things together and helping as many people as we can along the way. I’m glad to be helping in anyway possible to a developer in need. I had to sell my ps3 so currently most development on my side is on hold until then. Until then, I will just be helping out developers :) .

    Your work was posponed due to durandal needing an operation, how is he doing

    I feel better than I have in years. Sorry about the downtime…I’ll do everything I can to make up for it.

    I’ve known durandal for a few years, and i can say that he’s doing a lot better then ever.

    The scene as you no it, is full of drama, we have a team of wanabe devs known as Team PS360, do you think they will eventually crack the ps3.

    Positively… We can all sit back and relax now knowing that ps360 will save the ps3 scene, release 3.70+ keys, and hack the gibson. Oh wait…
    you were serious? We used to have a saying in the blackhat community: code or stfu. I think that sums it up. To be honest, if most of these groups and individuals spent half as much time researching and coding as they spend bickering over pirate/anti-pirate and who’s this month’s ps3 scene godfather, they could actually “save the ps3 scene” like they claim to want to do.

    As durandal has said, Code or stfu. I don’t doubt any of them have any coding experience, I don’t doubt that they know partially what they’re talking about. I doubt the fact we haven’t seen anything from them. I wish them luck though, and if any of them needs help then so be it.

    Recently glevand unlocked some more of the RSX`s potential, how close is he to ripping it wide open.

    It’s already ripped wide open. Through the resources and synergistic development gitbrew offers, glevand was able to write a ps3fb replacement that takes
    advantage of all three FIFO pipes to maximize the amount of data throughput from SYSTEM memory to the RSX. Unfortunately our git is down while we take on
    the refugee developers from git-hacks. When the new Gitorious-based repository is up, we’ll dump everything into it. Until then, feel free to download both
    the kernel module and userland app at: http://gitbrew.org/~glevand/ps3/linux/ps3rsx_kernel.tar.gz and http://gitbrew.org/~glevand/ps3/linux/ps3rsx_user.tar.gz
    Both files are needed to run the new ps3rsx graphics driver, and I want to assure everyone that no lv1 calls were hurt during the development of this much-needed

    He was having a bit of trouble, but actually looked at the documentation that was released and actually fixed the problems he was having. How’s that for irony?

    what do you think about the new method of getting the per_console_key?

    Glevand and many others have been working feverishly to develop methods of obtaining this key. It’s nice to see it’s paid off. I’m looking forward to a day when
    the PS3 is as open a development as the PSP.

    One step closer, sooner or later ibm is going to finally send a cease and desist. We’ll put that right up next to dasmoovers sign.

    Do you have anyone working on an easy to use tool for the key? we are already used to gitbrew pkgs XD

    If we weren’t, we’d have to quit gitbrew and join PS360….

    I’m pretty sure anything related to the rootkey, we might leave out just so that people actually learn how to get their own keys. As a sort of accomplishment type thing, but eventually there will be simple pkg files released to do it.

    What next projects are we going to see from gitbrew regarding the ps3 scene? can we see some sort of “one day one announcement”, like you did a couple of weeks ago?

    Well RSX is taken care of, NPDRM is getting very close to being irrelevant, and I’ve heard there’s almost usable versions of psl1ght floating around. I guess the next really big thing you’ll see is the release of the gitSkeet flasher. We teamed up with progskeet and rebug to create a special edition of the progskeet2 that will have solderless clips and the kind of support and documentation only gitbrew is capable of providing. It also gives us an opportunity to branch out into the actual hardware exploitation as well. As far as having announcement a day weeks, expect to see more of them in the not so distant future.

    Ah the one day one announcement might end up as something a bit different (As a lemon twist as richlando has once told me). We might release something soon, but it will be more planned out next time.

    what else is everyone from gitbrew working on, that you are allowed to mention of course?

    We’ve got active Android and iOS dev groups working on various projects, and iadnah and I are spearheading the Global Occupy development effort. We’re also accepting hardware donations for use by the various Occupy movements. While all this is going on, Snowy and euss are diligently working to document and publicize everything being done. Without the two of them, gitbrew wouldn’t be possible. Due to the nature of gitbrew, I’m sure there’s other dev teams working on other awesome projects, so expect some big announcements over the next several months.

    Quite a bit still, i’m only helping 3-4 groups atm, but might turn into more or might turn into less. We might take a look at the frankenstein sdk again. Lets just hope i can figure out how durandal originally made it work.

    What is your thought on the recent discoveries on the ps3 scene?

    Imagine, if you can, being basically bedridden for the last four months and waking up to all this. I think 2011 will go down as the year the PS3 finally got the attention it deserves. I’m amazed at just how much development is going on, both inside gitbrew and in the community at large.

    Theres a few things i want to be seen done, but i’m not picky.

    - A.)
    psx backups working

    This one wasn’t really a surprise, but it’s still really awesome to be able to play some of those classics without digging out a 10 year old CD and hoping it’ll play on your dusty PSX. Thanks for giving me the chance to finally have that Twisted Metal rematch, and with much improved resolution.

    Once iso backups from a drive is done, I’ll be happy about this. Most of my psone games are far too scratched to even boot now.

    - B.)

    duplex releases of cracked psn games

    If they could keep their network up and not illegally store customer data, people might actually pay for the games. Maybe Sony shouldn’t hire Kevin Mitnick to secure their network.

    I’d actually like to congradulate them on it, someone was smart enough to hit sony again. Next time sony, hire ibm to actually do the rest of the security for your console.

    - C.)
    mallory and juanadie releases on the npdrm keys.

    We’re proud to call mall0ry a gitbrew developer. I can’t wait to see what else he comes up with.

    As durandal said, awesome dude. Glad to have him aboard. Juanadie, you’re also more then welcome to join or idle in the irc. It would help a lot as well as spark more interesting ideas, never know.

    - D.)
    The new jb2 dongle AKA true blue.

    I’m always very wary of dongles. Usually they’re just a ploy to make a buck, and these days it doesn’t take long for someone to reverse what the software they’re trying to hide does. Expect to see the same happen here. If we want to deter others from trying to peddle their software in a dongle form, we should make a point of reversing a dongle’s functionality
    and implementing it in a package. I’m sure that group paid a lot of money to get all those dongles made, and they’d hate to see that money go to waste.

    Yet again as durandal said, dongles are dongles, regardless someone is going to take a crack at them and release a free version of it. Cobra hasn’t even been touched by most of the developers, and those who have touched it don’t really care for piracy. I would like to thank dean for taking the first step in making psx backups working though, a small step but none the less towards the proper direction for the scene.

    To be continued……….

    Pockets69 & GregoryRasputin
    Thanks for taking the time to answer the few questions, you guys are awesome <3

    durandal & Snowy
    Thanks for taking the time to talk to us. Without communities like ps3hax, none of this would’ve been possible.

    With the interview over, i would like to personally request something from each of you and that is to send the guys at Gitbrew a little donation, it can be as little as $1, if one hundred people donate only $1 each, that’s $100, which helps a huge way to covering server expenses and it shows that you appreciate the work they do, this donation request does not come from Gitbrew, nor have they asked me to post this, it is a request from me(GregoryRasputin), as i think they deserve all the support they can get.

    To donate, please follow this link.
    To donate to graf_chokolo [email protected]

    For help from or to work with OtherOS visit them on IRC here:
    Join #otheros

    Follow Gitbrew On Twitter


    And lastly Thank You durandal and Snowy for taking the time to answer these questions and thank you to Gitbrew for doing what you do in the scene.

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    1. havok7
      02:09 PM

      yeah gitbrew is the only dev group i trust on the ps3 scene what they promise they deliver,too bad they never managed to get close in making some kind of exploit for the 3.55 CFW

    2. alienkid
      02:25 PM

      Very nice read!
      Much Respect Gitbrew!
      Much Respect [MENTION=74]Pockets[/MENTION]69 & [MENTION=7773]GregoryRasputin[/MENTION]!

    3. Lusanagi
      02:32 PM

      done! I've donated my only dollar on my acount

    4. kamalsingh
      02:42 PM
    5. burnjx
      02:50 PM

      Interesting read. Thanks for the interview

    6. Pockets69
      02:51 PM

      <3 snowy durandal GregoryRasputin and all the people from gitbrew's irc channel

    7. itskamel
      02:57 PM

      gitbrew is awesome. and i cant believe they were actually called scammers at one point.


    8. daveyp187
      02:57 PM

      good read

      things are looking up

    9. Sidewinder_2011
      03:17 PM

      well done gitbrew . love all the work you have done so far . big thanks

      does any one know if occupyOS is for the ps3 or pc ?

    10. nzie
      03:22 PM

      big thanks to gitbrew

    11. Pockets69
      03:23 PM

      [MENTION=51782]carldenning[/MENTION] its for pc.

    12. Sidewinder_2011
      03:27 PM

      Originally Posted by Pockets69
      [MENTION=51782]carldenning[/MENTION] its for pc.
      i thought it was more than likely to be for the pc , thought i ask just in case so i can test it out , but as its for the pc i cant . thanks

    13. Pockets69
      03:29 PM

      also the idea is great, but we have some sort of an anonymous distro called incognito Tails, but this surves its purpose no doubt...

    14. Sidewinder_2011
      04:11 PM

      Originally Posted by Pockets69
      also the idea is great, but we have some sort of an anonymous distro called incognito Tails, but this surves its purpose no doubt...
      it sure is great

    15. Iesuscali
      04:14 PM

      good interview. Thanks gitbrew and ps3hax.net

    16. GregoryRasputin
      06:19 PM

      lol the wanabe devs, team retard360, are crying on Twitter about the question we asked about them, i had to stop watching the movie i had on because i was laughing at them so much.

    17. superfurry
      06:21 PM

      Lovely stuff

      Sent from my head at the time

    18. blackmath
      06:22 PM

      Thanks gitbrew for all of your hard work. I donated $5 for the cause

    19. gambaownsu
      06:28 PM


    20. lexar21
      06:29 PM

      This was a good read! I hope gitbrew keeps up the progress
      Btw, does any one know how graf_chokolo is doing? Seeing him mentioned with the donations reminded me that I haven't heard anything about his situation for a long time...

    21. wtfTroll
      06:44 PM

      Originally Posted by lexar21
      This was a good read! I hope gitbrew keeps up the progress
      Btw, does any one know how graf_chokolo is doing? Seeing him mentioned with the donations reminded me that I haven't heard anything about his situation for a long time...
      Most of us are asking the same??

    22. kiwitothemax
      07:18 PM

      Great read and good interview. Can't wait for more Gitbrew releases!

    23. ishmumrhmn
      08:17 PM

      ok I might trust these ppl a bit coz all these days ps3 scene were full of liars and *******s like the fake psnm project, and an ass like jfw who lied about the fw stuff. I dont know, so im selling my ps3 for a wii, which I can mod on any fw and go online.
      so screw the liars, may good ppl like this succeed

    24. Tr1ckst3r
      10:28 PM

      Can someone donate a dollar for me?
      ... I honestly have no money but I feel bad for not helping the scene.

    25. sigurd_m
      10:44 PM

      Just donated 15$, keep up the great work! Wish I could help more!!

      Edit: I just donated 14, one was from tr1ckst3r!

    26. YuuZA
      01:51 AM

      Great interview guys, really gives hope to those thinking that the ps3scene is moving at a slow pace (i never believed it was slow fyi) :D.

      +1 to both of you

      sigurd_m Just donated 15$, keep up the great work! Wish I could help more!!

      Edit: I just donated 14, one was from tr1ckst3r!
      3 Hours Ago 05:28 AM
      Tr1ckst3r Can someone donate a dollar for me?
      ... I honestly have no money but I feel bad for not helping the scene.

    27. erexx
      02:31 AM

      What a great interview.
      Q&A's were perfect.
      OccupyOS? -Hell Yes!
      Gitbrew, You guys Rock!

    28. lonewolf88
      03:51 AM

      The Gitbrew guys really are humble, which is refreshing in the PS3 scene.
      Thanks Greg and Pockets for the awesome read, thanks Gitbrew for taking part in the interview and doing what you do!


    29. abdelkarim
      05:37 AM

      I wish you asked them about the new exploit that they have found ?

    30. Pockets69
      05:58 AM

      Thanks for all the love guys...

      As for Graf_Chokolo he is still fighting, he didn't give up, and he won't give up, don't stop supporting him... he deserves, also he is doing fine

    31. durandal
      06:21 AM

      Just wanted to let you guys know I read all the comments on here. Thanks for supporting us through this rollercoaster of a year the scene's been through. We're looking forward to bringing you more great releases both in the console world and otherwise.

      Graf_chokolo is doing well considering all he's going through. I promised him when we started gitbrew that as long as he's fighting Sony in the court rooms, we'd be fighting through our releases. When his case finally gets thrown out, I hope he accepts our offer and joins us as an official gitbrew developer.

      I noticed that a few people were wondering about occupyOS versus the already existing pile of quasi-secure boot environments, so I thought I'd clear that up while I was here: While Tails, Libert, and most of the other "secure boot environments" we researched put forth a lot of effort to make secure environments, all had insecurities that I didn't feel should be included in anything I'd want to endorse, and most were very hard for the technologically impaired. The one exception we found was the very well thought out DOD LPS image, which contained only the bare essentials the average nontechnical user would need to perform his/her duties, had pre-installed FIPS-compliant encryption programs that were easy to use, and utilized a gui that is very easy for said user to navigate (window manager looks a lot like windows). Keep in mind that most activists aren't necessarily tech savvy, and most of them have lived in the windows world all their life, so in order for this to be of any use for them it has to be familiar enough for them to use it, have transparent (to the user, at least) security, and possess only the programs they need (anything more would just clutter up their system). Oh, and we had to make really awesome splash screens and desktop backgrounds, as well :D

      Thanks again for all the support. We really do appreciate it.

    32. Hamdan
      11:36 AM

      Great read and loved the dedication gitbrew is giving to the scene
      Seriously lmfao when I read "sooner or later ibm is going to finally send a cease and desist. Well put that right up next to dasmoovers sign"