• multiMAN creator deank has released an application, that will enable you to play your PS3 Backups via DVD or Blu Ray, this is done by installing a PKG onto your PS3, inserting the back up and selecting the game icon, here is a quote from the thread:

    Hey there folks!

    Here is the promised little tool, which will let you play your backups of original PS3 games when burned on DVD/DVD-RW/BD/BDRE discs.

    If you’re familiar with ebootFIX tools you won’t have problems. It will be included in the ebootFIX/MOD package for the next multiMAN FULL version.

    The good things that come with this:

    * You can now make in-game SCREENSHOTS for all games you play via this method
    * You can play music from XMB Music column (background music) while playing the game
    * This method doesn’t require payloads of any kind - only CFW/MFW on your PS3

    Here is a screenshot I just took: (press {PS} button while in-game, go to Photo column and select “Screenshot”)

    Remember: Use this method ONLY with legally owned original PS3 games.

    There is no guarantee that this method will work with all games, but if you follow the instructions in this post and generated txt - all should be fine.



    To download discBOOT, visit deank’s thread here.

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    1. Gishand
      06:23 PM

      Question!. backups of games 3.6x, 3.7x work o_O?

    2. loukas77
      08:00 PM

      Can we run PSX backups with this?

    3. vak
      11:15 AM

      Remember: i'll use this method with whatever the **** i want.

    4. spok
      12:32 PM

      so i tried few games on BD-R using different burning softs & session options - GOW3 kicks me back 2 XMB, U3 freezes at bugged loading, KZ3 black screens after loading profile, HR black screens & only QA menu with L1 is available

      PS: all discs were succefully backuped so we need ppl like c4eva 2 look on this