• PS3Hax member bubba has brought us the first Jailbreak 2 (aka TrueBlue) dongle review! TB information started to pour on our forums a few weeks ago as a dongle being able to play FW 3.6+ plus on CFW 3.55.

    To quote:

    Here is the JailBreak 2 (True Blue)
    Yes!! It works for all the games they sent me .. I do Have Five games.. I will try to make a video of them.. Today
    1. I install the OFW 3.55
    2. I install the CFW from JB 2
    3. I install the Dongle Updater.pkg file
    4. Then I went to the Dongle updater App.. then it install 2.1 ver on the Dongle.
    5. Put game in and Run the game..

    When you Install the JB2 firmware you are good to go.
    You can change back to your own CFW Also.
    I Think its good for the Money bc you can play Newer Games is a Plus..
    It took the Dongle’s to come here around 4 days..
    I just Try to Run Call of Duty The new one from HDD.. Did Not Work ..
    No Games work from the HDD yet.. I am talking to the person now to give me the Update JB2
    The Dongle is Heavy!!!
    Sniper Ghost Warrior Works on Disc..
    Driver Works on Disc.
    Fifa 12 Works on Disc.

    We are Trying to Dump the Dongle Also!!!! More to Come on That!!


    More pictures:

    Bubba is answering various questions on the forums, so to ask him one or get more information, hit discuss in forums link below for more information!

    Stay tuned for more exciting news only @ PS3Hax :)

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