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  • Posted by Pirate , on 29/01/2012 , @ 06:06pm


    Interesting developments have been brewing over the PS3Hax forums the last 24 hours. PS3Hax member El Nomeo dropped by yesterday leaking the PS3 PhreEngine. More importantly he claims that he has leaked the full 3.70 PS3 SDK. We are currently labeling this news as a rumor as we do not have credible confirmation on if this is the full 3.70 SDK, but we are getting this news out now to inform the community.

    To quote:

    I’ve always wanted to give something back to the community and here it is.

    SDK 3.70 will be uploaded soon, having troubles with my connection! PhreEngine Link Below.

    Hopefully someone will figure out a way of having this usable with PSL1GHT.

    Install it by running the PhyreInstaller.exe, then when its done go to C:/PhyreEngine3006/Tools and run PhyreLevelEditor.exe. Navigate the viewport using the mouse wheel to zoom in and out, hold alt key and click the left mouse button to rotate. Change the viewport by selecting the X Y Z values in the top left. To load a samples navigate to Media and select one in there.

    Also for those who like tearing apart self files the levels generate their self files in the Tools folder.

    Link to PhyreEngine:

    Make sure you follow the PhyreEngine_Getting_Started_e.pdf, in the Docs folder. Then you can run the samples on your PC. Controls in the samples are:
    Forward: A
    Backwards: Z
    Turn Left: O
    Turn right: P
    Sure you can find the rest when your running it.

    Will Follow up with the 3.70 SDK later.


    UPDATE 1:
    ETA 2/3AM GMT for SDK.

    UPDATE 2:
    Anyone found anything kool on the phyreengine yet? Abit premature i know (thats what she said) but ive discovrerd how easy it is to import and drag into map, try http://www.turbosquid.com/Search/3D-Models/free/dae for more .dae models, looks like they may need physics.

    UPDATE 3:
    Had some troubles last night with uploading, its doing it right and should be ready in about 4 hours, apollogies for the delay.

    UPDATE 4:
    Third part is almost done, you should see links cropping up in the next two hours.

    UDAPTE 5:
    Right ive finished uploading, somebody is sorting it out and you will see links soon. Heres a screenshot of the SDK Manager to show its version:

    Over at PS3Hax IRC, the download links of the NZB file for the 3.70 full SDK are available, and can be grabbed below:

    [files removed]

    We will keep you informed on the latest developments on this story. You can read up the developments live at the read more/discuss in forums link (threads merged with El Nomeo). And remember we are labeling the news as a “FULL 3.70″ SDK as a rumor until we have confirmation from more devs.

    Stay tuned for more exciting scene updates only at PS3Hax.

  • Posted by Pirate , on 29/01/2012 , @ 12:34pm


    The theme guru and PS3Hax member, Glowball1, is back with another awesome tutorial for all you PS3-theme lovers. His latest tutorial is how to create the video icon on the PS3 xmb (aka ICON1.pam).

    Here is a video demonstrating the final result:

    You can read the full tutorial at the read more link, or over here.

    You can see all the other PS3-theme tutorials by Glowball1 HERE.

  • Posted by Pirate , on 29/01/2012 , @ 12:28pm


    PS3Hax member sandungas, has released his own hand-made-from-scratch fake Blu Ray structures. This is mainly for developers and better understanding of the PS3 system, so if you are not a dev this news is not for you. The files released are used to understand and help document the structure of all valid CATEGORY values.

    To quote readme:

    Blu-Ray fake discs by sandungas

    These are “fake” Blu-Ray structures with the minimall parameters inside SFO’s/SFX’s and the needed HYBRID_FLAG’s inside PS3_DISC.SFB
    All the files are 100% hand made from scratch and tested, reduced to the minimall needed to work with the purpose of understand the structure and to document all valid CATEGORY values

    All them can be mounted with any “backup manager” like a normal game, mixed with a real game to add content like patches, to make a video disc with all the chapters of a video serie, etc…
    The other way to “play” with this is by experimenting different values and structures looking for “non standard” uses, using them in combination with other tweaks from cfw, etc… feel free to experiment

    All the .replaceme files are dummyes (0kb) replace them with the correct file/name/format
    All the names of the .txt files are explanatory of the contents of the SFO’s/SFX’s … can be removed, but its not necesary, the system will ignore them

    More information can be found at the READ MORE link at authors original post.

    [Download and read more]

  • Posted by PS3Hax Member News , on 29/01/2012 , @ 12:22pm


    Some developers have released a RSOD fix via GAMEOS. Now keep in mind if you truly have a hardware problem then this will most likely not help you. also there was a RSOD fix via debain installer. so for those of you that have linux on your ps3 and wish to fix like that can use the linux pup.

    [Download GAMEOS RSOD FIX]

    [Download 355-NOTHEROS-RSOD.PUP]

    There is a pup in the works for non linux users at the moment, will update this post when it is available.

  • Posted by PS3Hax Member News , on 29/01/2012 , @ 12:11pm


    For the people who like to use their computer to stream their media files to the PS3:

    This build functions as the bleeding-edge testing version of PMS. Here you can find features and bugfixes before they are added to the official version, and sometimes ones that never will be. Using this build is mostly a way for you to see the newest developments and to help us by providing feedback.

    Changelog 1.50.1 Build 61:

    Switched from using Git source back to SVN

    Synchronised with official r1024 from r1014

    Updated MediaInfo for Windows and OS X to 0.7.53 from 0.7.52

    Updated MPlayer and MEncoder for OSX to SB22, in sync with the Windows version.

    Updated MPlayer and MEncoder to SB22 (Changelog: MPlayer & MEncoder SB22 released Spirton)

    Updated MPlayer and MEncoder for OSX to SB21, in sync with the Windows version.

    Updated MPlayer and MEncoder to SB21 (Changelog: MPlayer & MEncoder SB21 released Spirton)

    Updated MPlayer and MEncoder for OSX to SB20 (Changelog: MPlayer & MEncoder SB20 released Spirton)

    Updated FFmpeg for OSX to 0.9.1

    Increment year

    Updated FFmpeg to r35509 from r31564

    Try to fix tsMuxeR with newer FFmpeg versions based on FFmpeg #898 comment (ffmpeg.org/trac/ffmpeg/ticket/898)

    Updated to latest versions of libraries (codec, jdom, logback and slf4j)


    Shagrath for the main project.
    Chocolateboy, lokkju, jscott, ExSport and idavies, in no particular order, for code contributions.
    DPT, jpagie, mads and mazey for private testing.
    Tianuchka for help with translations.
    The dozens of users who provide feedback in order to let me know what needs to be improved.

    Download Win: http://ps3mediaserver.googlecode.com…ows-1.50.1.exe
    Download Linux: http://ps3mediaserver.googlecode.com…nix-1.50.1.tgz
    Download Mac: http://ps3mediaserver.googlecode.com…osx-1.50.1.dmg
    SVN: http://ps3mediaserver.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/

  • Posted by Pirate , on 27/01/2012 , @ 12:27pm


    PS3Hax member aldostools has released a nice homebrew tool he is calling: CreatePS3EXTRA

    What does it do? To quote:

    It scans for the PKG, MP4 and P3T files copied to each game folder or its PS3_UPDATE folder, and store them under a PS3_EXTRA structure. When a game is mounted with multiMAN, there will be 2 BD icons on the XMB: one disc for the game itself and another with PKGs, MP4 and P3T. It should make it easier to install the game patches, DLC, fixes, and related videos.

    [Grab the download + more information here]

  • Posted by Pirate , on 27/01/2012 , @ 09:56am


    reActPSN, the first OFFLINE PSN license generator has been updated to v2.20. The new update brings various changes, to quote:

    1. Compatible with reActPSN v2.00.
    2. Changed v2.0 backup file format to one zip file, backup speed fast more than 20 times.
    Fixed some rap long name bug.
    3. Added edat fix mode, this mode works on any CFW, no need aa user or patched vsh.self.
    (1) Auto generate XMB purchase full activation edat, no need any raps or official edat files.
    Install official LIMBO.pkg TERIS.pkg HCU.pkg,
    Run reActPSNv2.10 and keep pressed BUTTON_CIRCLE about 6s, all will be full working.
    Higher PS3_SYSTEM_VER also be fixed in SFO files (old save data could not be accessed).
    (2) Fix PSone PSP THEME with raps. raps from USB0(1)/exdata/*.rap .
    Install official PSone PSP THEME, copy raps to USB0(1)/exdata/ folder(not in subDirs!).
    Run reActPSNv2.10 and keep pressed BUTTON_CIRCLE about 6s, all working.
    And also fix PARAM.SFO to enable PSP remote, higher PS3_SYSTEM_VER also be fixed.
    (3) DLC, in game purchase PSN games now working on this fix mode(not sure for all PSN contents).
    Install official 1942.pkg Flower.pkg , copy raps to USB0(1)/exdata/ folder(not in subDirs!),
    Run reActPSNv2.20 and keep pressed BUTTON_TRIANGLE about 6s, all will be working,
    1942 is full working, Flower still has a error, (press PS KEY)exit to XMB,
    Run reActPSNv2.20 again and keep pressed BUTTON_TRIANGLE about 6s, Flower is full working.

    DLC also could be fixed with this TRIANGLE mode.
    As I know, EBOOT.BIN with self.flag=4 does not works, and don’t run MM with BDEMU2 mode.
    All fixed contens maybe still woking on cfw4.0 with data transfer(All signed with …….).
    TRIANGLE mode only fix dev_hdd0/game/TITLE_ID/ BIN-sprx-edat-EDAT-self files.
    There is a BUTTON_SQUARE mode searching for all type files, but slowly.
    (4) Backup v2.10&v2.20 full fixed PSN contents.
    Run reActPSNv2.20 and keep pressed BUTTON_R2 about 6s,
    All fixed games(only full working) backup to /dev_usb000(1)/reActPSN/FixedNPD

    Please use reActPSN v2.00 Raps mode. Only Raps mode works flawlessly for all PSN contents!

    XMB purchase- purchase menu is in XMB. CFW3.55, target PSN LOGO, press BUTTON_TRIANGLE.
    Activated with edat and rif, trial and full with one installed package.
    in game purchase PSN games — purchase menu is in game. Activated with one rif only.

    [Download v2.20]

    Thanks to aldostools for news tip!

  • Posted by Pirate , on 26/01/2012 , @ 10:40pm


    The latest update to the multiMAN cobra manager has been released bringing various new and updated features. There are some interesting new updates being made on the manager :)

    To quote:

    * Added new display mode (Board 5x4x5), replacing the oldest “Game list (plain)” mode
    >”Board” display mode shows ICON0.PNG game images by default. You can use covers by changing the option “XMMB Icon Swap” in Settings

    * Improved File Manager visuals when used in SD resolution (480p/576p)

    * Fixed an issue, which prevented operation on CFW/MFW 3.41

    * Added support for showing PSN titles in all display modes from internal/external HDD (PSN titles cannot be loaded and you have to put empty RELOAD.SELF in game’s USRDIR folder to make it show!) (requested)

    * Added lastGAME2 and bdRESET applications

    * Added 11 new themes to the theme download section (total of 14 now)

    * Updated 15 language files

    * Added separate background images for Board and XBDM display modes (PSVBG.JPG and XBDBG.JPG)

    * Updated mmCM Original Theme (includes new images PSVBG.JPG, XBDBG.JPG, PBOX0.PNG, PBOX1.PNG)

    * Preparations to support loading of network PS3, DVD and Blu-ray ISO files

    * Preparations to support firmware version spoofer (auto-spoofing to latest official FW or to user-defined fixed version)
    > Required Cobra USB update will be announced when network ISO and firmware spoof support is available

    [Download multiMAN v04.00.01]
  • Posted by Pirate , on 25/01/2012 , @ 07:54pm


    For those of you who own, or plan on purchasing a ProgSkeet flasher, there is some good news.  We have just received confirmation that the offical NOR clips for ProgSkeet will start shipping very soon. The price of the clip is not yet confirmed, but we do know that the clip will NOT require a tristate solder wire to use. We will have pictures for you soon. More information about ProgSkeet can be found over at their official site.

    Thanks to nikitis for the news tip.

  • Posted by Pirate , on 24/01/2012 , @ 09:32am


    For the True Blue users on these forums, the newest update to the dongle, v2.5 has been released. The new update just brings various game compatibility fixes. Requires 3.55 TB CFW v2.

    True Blue dongle firmware v2.5 has been released. Changes include:
    • Requires True Blue CFW v2
    • Game compatibility fixes

    [Download Update + CFW]

  • Posted by GregoryRasputin , on 24/01/2012 , @ 09:29am


    PS3 Dev Evilnat (aka nathan_r32_69) has released a couple of command line based app’s,here are quotes from the read me’s.

    PUP Unpacker & Decrypter v2.2


    v1.0 - Initial release

    v1.1 - Added more tasks

    v1.2 - Keys bug fixed

    v1.3 - Fixed bug on folders

    v2.1 - Added options menu in help screen
    - “pup_PD.exe” modified, now can unpack “spkg_hdr.tar” and “ps3swu2.self” files on 3.56+ PUP
    - Added function to decrypt “index.dat”
    - Added function to unpack RCO files
    - Added function to unpack and convert VAG to WAV files

    v2.2 - Aded function to decrypt and unpack Core_OS

    What we can do automatically with this program?

    - Unpack PUP
    - Decrypt TAR/PKG/SELF
    - Decrypt index.dat
    - Decrypt Core_OS
    - Unpack Core_OS
    - Unpack decrypted TAR/PKG
    - Unpack RCO files
    - Unpack and decrypt VAG to WAV files



    PUP Unpacker & Decrypter v2.2
    By Evilnat

    Usage: pup_unpacker.exe [OPTION] filename.pup directory
    Example: pup_unpacker.exe -all PS3UPDAT.PUP OFW355

    Options (ONLY CHOOSE ONE):

    -h, -help displays this help
    -x, -un-pup unpack PUP files only
    -e, -un-tar unpack update_files.tar of PUP only
    -c, -deun-core decrypt and unpack Core_OS of PUP file only
    -t, -deun-tar decrypt and unpack TAR files of PUP only
    -p, -deun-pkg decrypt and unpack all PKG files of PUP only
    -s, -de-self decrypt all SELF files of PUP only
    -i, -de-index unpack and decrypt index.dat of PUP only
    -v, -conv-vag unpack and convert VAG to WAV files of PUP only
    -r, -deun-rco decrypts and unpack RCO files of PUP only
    -all, -deun-all unpack and decrypt entire PUP files


    - Usage:

    1) Unpack folder of RAR on your home directory in Cygwin (C:cygwinhomeXXXXUnpacker)
    2) Copy PS3UPDAT.PUP file you want in it
    3) Open Cygwin’s console and enter the folder
    4) And type: (OFW_355 is an example, you can change this)

    ./pup_unpacker.exe [OPTION] PS3UPDAT.PUP OFW_355

    [ Example: ./pup_unpacker.exe -all PS3UPDAT.PUP OFW_355 ]

    5) Now depending what option you had choosen the executable will do it all automatically

    All is done, “dev_decrypted_unpacked” folders contain self decrypted files

    This program requires certain exe files and PS3 keys that are included in RAR, DONґT DELETE THEM
    If an error occurs it will stop automatically, showing what has happened
    Hope this helps someone


    Thanks to: KaKaRoTo, Waninkoko, Geohot, Team Overflow, and more DEVS


    Evilnat (PS3SOS/PSVITASOS)


    PS3 PUP/Dev_Flash File Spoofer v3

    Spoofer v1.2

    * What does this program?

    - Find values of version and Image version on version.txt file
    - Find values of version and Image version on vsh.self file
    - Modify original values for you prefered
    - Creates index.dat
    - Rebuild self file

    Put your vhs.self and version.txt files on folder where spoofer.exe is and put Version and Image Version you wish to spoof



    Spoofer v1.2″
    By Evilnat”

    Usage: spoofer.exe [FW VERSION] [IMAGE VERSION]”
    Example: $0 04.5500 60917″

    It will retrieve info about version and image, decrypt self file, create index.dat and rebuild self file

    Finally copy those three files to your PS3

    ***** If you do something wrong you will see red screen on your tv, if that happend re-install your CFW on Recovery Menu *****

    - Evilnat


    Source PS3SOS

  • Posted by PS3Hax Member News , on 23/01/2012 , @ 07:34pm


    A while ago, a pre release of showtime v.3.4 was released, now the developer has been kind enough to provide us with Showtime v.3.4. A few quick notes:

    Today marks the release of Showtime 3.4. For a list of most of the important bug fixes and features added, see the 3.4 page.

    Download the release from github.

    Note: It seems Showtime still suffers from out of memory conditions now and then but I’ve not been able to pinpoint the exact cause of those issues. A few things were implemented just prior to the 3.4 release in order to mitigate the low memory problems.

    With that said I though I could write something about what’s been done this year and where Showtime is going.

    And a Full changelog:

    • Bug #216: Image navigator - missing rotation of previews
    • Bug #448: Photo - Doesn’t display .jpg over 900ko
    • Bug #478: new version can’t play 1080p movies
    • Bug #628: Clock is 1 hour off.
    • Bug #716: Video list disappears permanently
    • Bug #717: The clock displaying is not right
    • Bug #718: italic subtitles display
    • Bug #719: Subtitles in mkv file are still on even though in settings they are off
    • Bug #720: Rar Split files is broken
    • Bug #721: L5.0/5.1 MKV no video playback
    • Bug #724: 3 Video Files splitted but Showtime Shows 1 Video in the Directory
    • Bug #726: Subtitle BUG (Overlapping)
    • Bug #729: .MP4 Container problem (and possible .MKV improvement suggestion)
    • Bug #731: Subtitles in rar split files
    • Bug #732: Subtitle position.
    • Bug #739: SMB (Samba) Network Issue
    • Bug #740: Bookmarks: Selecting photo image and appera fodler image?
    • Bug #746: SMB (Samaba) Video Playback Issues
    • Bug #748: MKV 5.1 igh level ( Debug Option to write a txt when it says CPU to slow )
    • Bug #750: high quality mkv (+20gb)
    • Bug #757: Samba Playback Video Speed-Ups Slow-Downs
    • Bug #760: Memory leak when playing large/long movies
    • Bug #771: No video shown when playing this movie sample
    • Bug #773: Idee to eliminate the Memory Problem on MKV!!!
    • Bug #776: Http Client Hangs
    • Bug #779: Plugins: Message with a lot of charaters block
    • Bug #781: Plugins: Read local xml files
    • Bug #782: Plugins: Read files from SMB path
    • Bug #790: Plugins: showtime freeze when reading rtmp
    • Bug #794: .OGM Container playback issues [PS3]
    • Bug #796: Audio track bug
    • Bug #806: Video titles do not flow under cover art image?
    • Bug #810: AC3 mono track does not work.
    • Bug #834: FLV PLAYBACK BUG
    • Bug #836: More than 1 Subtitle per movie.
    • Bug #842: Possible bug with AVC codec [email protected] (on PS3).
    • Feature #348: please add support for EGL / OpenGL|ES
    • Feature #417: Mark files that has been played
    • Feature #518: Samba streaming
    • Feature #640: MP4 codec support
    • Feature #690: resuming playback from where left off
    • Feature #707: Detect track flags in .MKV container
    • Feature #710: Subtitle adjustment.
    • Feature #775: mkv track names display
    • Feature #784: Plugins: Cache remote (HTTP) image files
    • Feature #802: Plugins: settings.createComboBox like in showtime settings

    Download version 3.4 for 3.55 CFW
    Download version 3.4 for GeoHot 3.55 CFW
    Download SELF

    Source lonleycoder.com
    Check the source for a short history of Showtime on the PS3 and a bit of what Andreas Öman plans to do with his app in the future.

  • Posted by GregoryRasputin , on 21/01/2012 , @ 10:19pm


    PS3HaX Developer DeViL303 has updated XMB File Manager(XMBFM), he has two versions and they are both included in the download.

    D = Works on Debug Rebug Menu
    R = Works on 3.55 OFW/Kmeaw and Retail Rebug Menu

    Here is a quote from the thread:

    I have updated the release to XMBFM Beta v0.03D and XMBFM Beta v0.03R (with D suffix for 3.55 Debug XMBs and R suffix for 3.55 Retail XMBs)

    Gonna Change the suffix next time a its confussing because “R” could be for Rebug but it not, it should work on any 3.55 retail xmb, 3.55 kmeaw , 3.55 Official FW, rebug 3.55 retail xmb(in rebug mode) etc.

    Download XMBFM Beta v0.03D and XMBFM Beta v0.03R

    If you want to give a helping hand, you can also participate in this thread if you wish to:
    Technical thread with Code Relating to XMB xml/rco hacks and XMBFM etc

  • Posted by GregoryRasputin , on 21/01/2012 , @ 05:44pm


    naehrwert has updated his scetool, it now fully supports SELF’s.


  • Posted by PS3Hax Member News , on 21/01/2012 , @ 11:30am


    Although to most of you this is not big news, I decided to take few pictures of the procedure for using Remote Play on your PS Vita to access your CFW 3.55 PS3.

    The main “trick” is to register your PS Vita as “mobile phone” , so that’s about it.

    You need:

    * PS Vita (mine is on FW 1.05)
    * PS3 (mine is on FW 3.55 KMEAW)
    * USB Cable (provided with PS Vita) to register the vita to the ps3
    * Wi-Fi network to use the remote-play at home
    * 2 mins total to complete the registration

    More pictures at read more link…..


  • Posted by GregoryRasputin , on 20/01/2012 , @ 06:00pm


    PS3HaX member DeViL303 has released an XMB Filemanager, which allows you to browse the entire PS3 filesystem, straight from the XMB, here is a quote from the developer:

    I have made a little XMB mod for Rebug 3.55.2 that I call XMB File Manager (XMBFM). It is a modded version of Rebug’s package manager that allows the entire ps3 filesystem to be browsed and also any files types can be seen and deleted. Im hoping to add things like copy function etc but would like to get feedback and help if anyones game?
    This wont work on standard CFW for now , only on Rebug , but i will release a standard version in next few days if anyone thinks I should bother. Please like this post as it will encourage me 

    This is a beta version for anyone who might be interested in helping me test it or improve on it.

    Install instructions: It requires you to switch 2 files from dev_flash. heres a quick tut:
    - I use multiman , go to settings near the bottom of menu.
    - select the mount dev_flash to dev_blind option. click enable
    - next go to multiman file manager
    - copy over the 2 files to thier different locations
    - category_game.xml goes in dev_blind/vsh/resource/explore/xmb/
    - explore_plugin_full.rco goes in dev_blind/vsh/resource/
    - next disable dev_blind option in multiman
    - then exit multiman to see your new XMB File Manager 

    This is perfectly safe and I have even tested deleting most of dev_flash before and its easy reinstall FW through recovery menu so dont worry, just make sure you are on Rebug 3.55.2, It migtht cause a error on normal 3.55CFW

    Have fun and let me know if you have an ideas on how I could expand it by adding things like copy function etc. Im not the best at this so any help is much appreciated? 

    Big Thanks to Cyberskunk and Evilsperm (Team Rebug) for the package manager which this is based on. And also for Rebug CFW.. its my favourite!

    Please before anyone flames that this is crap I did only start properly making it last night so give me a little time and maybe it will become cool. (I discovered the “exploit” that allows this back in 2010 but didnt get around to doing anything with it until now)

    If anyone wants to explain an easy way of making this into a pkg file I would be delighted to hear or get some help, Im sure its not very difficult but I havnt time to figure out everything and would like this to become even more of a collaboration if anyones interested?

    DeViL303 @ ps3hax.net

    Source, here on PS3HaX


    There was a problem with the previous upload, that has been fixed now.

    UPDATE 2

    It has been confirmed that this method works on 3.55 OFW, by gliitch, so there may be a possibility of it working on 4.0.

    UPDATE 3

    It has been confirmed that this works on 4.0, for more info, check this post.

  • Posted by GregoryRasputin , on 20/01/2012 , @ 10:08am


    A PS3 Dev by the name of ps3hen has shown a video of him installing PKG’s on 4.0 OFW, here is the video followed by a quote from the dev.

    Note: This modification does not allow the installation / usage of unsigned content / PS3 homebrew etc. This is purely a convenience hack and is aimed for use by those who have hardware flashers which allow dual boot.

    After technodon’s work creating a modified kiosk dev_flash which lets you install retail signed package files. The restrictions of having to use kiosk firmware inspired me to find a way to add “Install Package Files” for retail firmware.

    This is hack does the following things:

    • adds “★ Install Package Files” and “★ /app_home/PS3_GAME/” to “GAME” on the XMB (allowing the user to install retail package files anytime they want)
    • adds other debug functions which are small but still there
    • does not give access to “★ Debug Setting” (reasons for this are explained below)

    Installation instructions:

    This installation procedure is the similar to technodon’s original dev_flash hdd swap procedure

    For this you will need two hard drives a e3 flasher or similar device to downgrade your PS3 (assuming that you’re on firmware 4.00 and you have an e3 flasher)

    • downgrade to 3.55 using the downgrade tools from e3 (Of course when downgrading to 3.55 make sure you use a different hdd than the hdd which you were using 4.00)
    • once booted back into the xmb turn off the console
    • swap hard drives turn on the system, press the PS button and you will be asked to reinstall the firmware
    • place the pup file from the e3 downgrade tools in the normal PS3/UPDATE usb folder and follow the on-screen instructions to reinstall the firmware
    • then install dev_blind.pkg & Blackb0x FTP from install packages
    • run dev_blind then BlackB0x and FTP into the console
    • goto /dev_blind delete everything and replace them with the customised dev_flash
    • press the ps button and the console should reboot and and ask to reinstall the firmware again, switch off the console and swap the hard drive back
    • turn on the console press the ps button twice
    • the console should boot back into 3.55 Rogero
    • goto system update and install 4.00 OFW
    • once installed turn the console off again and swap hard drives back and you should boot into a modified 4.00 retail firmware.

    My package (Click to download) includes:

    • My modded dev_flash
    • OFW 4.00 PS3UPDAT.PUP

    P.S. BTW the “nas_plugin.sprx” in this dev_flash has not been altered to achieve “Install Package Files”. Also for those who will analyze my modded dev_flash, you will find that I have used debug .sprx files from the a debug 4.00 pup.

    P.P.S. I originally intended to get “★ Debug Settings” to work with this. But usage of “debug settings” required the ps3 to use a debug vsh.self, and that crashes the ps3 when trying to load applications (I did some other things as well to prevent the PS3 from giving me a RSOD when I swapped the vsh.self files, I’m not detailing it in public because I don’t want Sony to patch it).

    Source Tortuga Cove


    PS3Hen has released an .pup file, which makes the above process much easier, here is a quote from his post:

    Before I move, on status update on getting “Debug Settings” on OFW 4.00. Its still a bit buggy, so more work needed there.

    I’ve managed to put my efforts into a .pup file, which should make the installation of my mod much easier.

    Also today I was on another site where user DeViL303 had released a beta of his XMB File Manager (substitute for Install Package Files, but a lot better) and DeViL303 theorized a FW 4.00 port was possible. So I took on the role on making the port for FW 4.00 and after posting it on that thread I integrated it into my firmware. So now I’ve upgraded my firmware mod and put into a .pup.

    Here’s some new installation instructions(much shorter, I know isn’t great):

    1/Be on a firmware 3.55 or less
    2/Install the .pup through the XMB (Make sure you have a working hardware flasher as there is no other way to downgrade)

    Remember only retail signed .pkg can be installed with this. Have fun.

    Download .pup

  • Posted by GregoryRasputin , on 19/01/2012 , @ 06:58pm


    deroad a PS3HaX member, developer and MAJOR contributor to both PS3 Dev Wiki and Vita Dev Wiki, has released a snazzy little home brew app, which he calls Buzzer Player, here is a quote from the thread and readme:

    i wrote it for naruse and euss since we was talking on the irc about the buzzer.

    maybe someone will find it funny xD

    this is a simple player
    it reads two var (var1 and Var2) from a file.

    the file must be called buzzer.txt and placed in the main folder of a USB an example:
    on Windows:
    My USB is j so, i will put this file here: j:/buzzer.txt

    on OSX: My USB is 8GB so,
    i will put this file here: /Volumes/8GB/buzzer.txt

    on LINUX: My USB is 8GB so,
    i will put this file here: /media/8GB/buzzer.txt

    4 6 Makes a short single beep
    10 438 Makes a double beep
    7 54 End
    10 4095 Makes a continuous beep

    Source here at PS3HaX

    Download Multiupload(Megaupload link wont work)