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  • Posted by GregoryRasputin , on 28/02/2012 , @ 10:55am


    PS3 Developer deank has once again updated his multiMAN app, here is a quote from the changelog:

    * Added new display mode (“TMB” - Top Media Bar) to replace “Box-art” mode
    * Added new option in Settings - “Top Media Bar Color” to set user-defined color for top and bottom stripes in TMB mode
    * Added new background image in the original theme (TMBBG.JPG) for TMB display mode
    * Improved speed when copying files
    * Optimized memory usage (another 10MB of RAM available for operations)
    * Added support for scanning /dev_usb010 to /dev_usb099 for PSX/PS2/PS3/PSP/BD/DVD ISO files
    * Added four (4) new colors to SIDE/TMB color setting options and two options in COLOR.INI to set side/tmb colors from themes
    * Added function to “Quit to XMB” if [CIRCLE] (or [CROSS] if X/O swap is set in options) button is held pressed
    * Added visual slider indication when scrolling trough a lot of entries (XMMB, TMB and XBDM modes + when browsing devices)
    * Reminder for BD-Remote colored keys: RED - Quit, GREEN - Screen Saver, YELLOW - Restart, BLUE - To File Manager and back


    multiMAN ver 04.02.00 FULL (20120228).rar (163 MB)
    multiMAN ver 04.02.00 BASE (20120228).rar ( 22 MB)

  • Posted by Pirate , on 27/02/2012 , @ 10:13am


    The E3 Flasher, by Team EyDIY, as contacted us today informing about the latest updates to the flasher for PS3. They have released the diagrams required for a “fast dual boot” and have confirmed support for all firmwares up to the latest: 4.11.

    To quote:

    1: New mainboard Fast dual boot successfully with E3 FLASHER. Click here to download manual.

    2: E3 flasher Fast dual boot and downgrade OFW4.11 to 3.55 successfully, it’s same way as downgrade 3.73 to 3.55.
    We suggest user upgrade to OFW4.11 and then downgrade to 3.55 from now on. And don’t forget backup your OFW4.11 bios well .

    3: Downgrade to OFW3.41 from CFW3.55CHECKOFF successfully, tested by E3TEAM.
    Now you can enjoy any 3.55FW by this way (downgrade to OFW3.41 and then upgrade to 3.55, include JB2CFW3.55, OFW3.55 and others). Click here to download manual.

  • Posted by GregoryRasputin , on 26/02/2012 , @ 10:25am


    French Developer Markus95, has released an awesome mod for Paintown,here is a quote from the source:

    My Mod is dedicated to one of my favorite manga: Saint Seiya (Knights of the Zodiac) . This is no more than a first version, far from being finished, but already well supplied … J ‘I gathered the bulk of the manga, trying to be as faithful to the work of the great original Masami Kurumada . I have therefore taken the broad outlines of this fabulous manga, my Mod starts at the beginning of the latter and end at the end of the period of the Sanctuary (which for me is the best part of the work of the master …)

    Source And Download

  • Posted by GregoryRasputin , on 25/02/2012 , @ 11:38am


    Well its been a while since i last held a competition, so i thought id start my first one of 2012, which should be fun for all of you that decide to participate. You will have a chance to win $50 PSN card or for those of you on CFW a chance to have $50 credited to your PayPal account, now onto what you have to do.

    To have a chance of winning:

    • Be a member of the forum.
    • Create a custom colour PS3 Cold Boot, it can be still image or animated, as long as it is Colour.
    • The Cold Boot MUST be your own work.(If work is found to be someone else, immediate disqualification)
    • The Cold Boot MUST come with a preview image.(If a preview is not posted, then the Cold Boot cannot be judged)
    • The Cold Boot must not be the same as someone elses, this is one of the reasons previews are a must, if you see an earlier Cold Boot that is the same as yours, then create a new one.
    • If you have created a custom Colour Cold Boot in the past four weeks, then you are eligible to enter.
    • Adding a sound that accompanies your ColdBoot may help you get more likes, also adding a video showcasing your finished product may also help
    • The Rules are 100% clear, any post on this thread which asks a stupid question, or does not have a Cold Boot in the post, will be deleted.
    • I will be adding my on created ColdBoots, but i am auto disqualified, so like away :)  
    • Finally, EVERYONE can enter, Moderators, Admins, TizzyT, Homebrew Developers etc, as long as you have followed the above rules :)

    Here is a sample of a preview image: The above Cold Boot is the work of CrystalWolf and can be downloaded here.

    What Software Do I Need To Create A Cold Boot:

    • PhotoShop.
    • TizzyT’s Playstation Color Logo Creator v2(CLICK TO DOWNLOAD)

    For those of you that may be struggling or not understand what to do, then join IRC and speak to TizzyT, you can find us on irc.ps3sanctuary.com.

    Or view this video by Holmesinfive

    The competition will run from now until the 31st of March, with the Winner being announced on Pirates birthday(1st April) So you have plenty of time and chance to win, anyone can enter as long as the work is yours.

    The winner will be selected using by the amount of likes the Cold Boot receives, note that if you enter multiple Cold Boots, you will not win if all your Cold Boots likes combine to the highest, it is the single post/Cold Boot with the highest that will win.


    Ok guys, i have moved all the posts with no ColdBoots in them to this thread:
    Anyone that needs help, go to that thread, any posts not containing a ColdBoot, will automatically be moved to that thread.

  • Posted by GregoryRasputin , on 25/02/2012 , @ 11:21am


    Most of you think of a Backup manager when the name ‘Rogero’ is mentioned, but the cool PS3 Dev also creates MFW/CFW, which is dedicated for those of you that downgrade, but can be used even if you aren’t a downgrader, here is a quote from the source:

    Usage / Compatibility:

    • - Can be used for Downgrade directly using a hardware flasher like Progskeet / E3 Flasher / Teensy++, etc…
    • - Can be used for normal system update like any other CFW/MFW from XMB or from Recovery Menu.

    Internal Structure:
    New Features:

    • - Built-in system version spoof to 4.11 to prevent accidental system updates (won’t allow going online in any way)
    • - NoBD Patch to allow installing it with the Blu-Ray drive disconnected (especially for downgrading purposes)
    • - Have other fixes that prevents the Black screen or Payload loading problems encountered on some PS3 systems.

    Standard Features:

    • - Kmeaw patched Lv2 with necessary patches to allow Peek/Poke support (same games compatibility as Kmeaw CFW)
    • - LV1 Checks Disabled to bypass the Syscon hashes for downgraded consoles.
    • - Privacy Patch applied to block communications with all Sony servers.
    • - Custom Boot Logo.
    • - built-in “Heavy Rain” dynamic theme.

    This is a better optimized version of the previous MFW released, This one is a Custom firmware
    built manually by patching and packing the files and the final PUP package using the well known
    “failoverflow” public set of tools and having ”Kmeaw” as the base firmware unlike it’s previous
    version which was a Modified firmware built using the famous MFW builder application and using
    an OFW3.55 as the base firmware.


    After several days and more testing of the first MFW released for downgrading from 3.70->3.55
    I had some users feedback from #progskeet-support that some PS3 machines are having either
    the Registry Corrupted/Blue Screen or just a Black Screen after downgrade that required re-installing
    the MFW from Recovery Menu or reflashing the NOR in some cases.

    Further research about the donwgrade V2 patches and the no_check.PUP with some more testing
    showed that a Kmeaw based LV2 seems to have better compatibility with the Downgrade patches
    applied to the NOR image then a MFW built with a patched LV2, so I decided to build a new version
    manually which is a custom firmware that combines Kmeaw LV2 patches with Dospiedras Lv1 no-check
    patches and having the minimal/necessary set of patches to preserve the best overall stability.

    Thanks to the all the beta testers especially Blakcat & Marlboro1 :)

    Source/Download/Help/Discussion - Tortuga Cove

  • Posted by PS3Hax Member News , on 25/02/2012 , @ 09:07am


    Im sure you are all aware of the reDRM device known as True Blue, the device that uses stolen code and craps on everything a scene is supposed to be about, a couple of months ago, a clone was released called JB-King and it seems that another clone called JB2USB has been released, or has it.

    Ill explain the ‘or has it’ part
    A few days ago, PS3HaX member warning made this post:

    Then yesterday news emerges about JB2USB which claims to be a clone of True Blue, here is some information on the device:

    The device retails at $19.99 as well.

    So your opinion, is it a new clone, or is it the True Blue devs with a new device ?

  • Posted by PS3Hax Member News , on 23/02/2012 , @ 08:46am


    Today AsTeam Released A New Version Of ASTOOLS

    What is This?

    ASTools is comprehensive software Which includes all of the useful tools and now complete Pc-tools For PS3

    What is features?

    Convert ELF to EBOOT.BIN

    convert EBOOT.BIN to ELF

    Editing PARAM.SFO

    PKG and the 3.41 and 3.55, and fixed manufacturing EBOOT.BIN

    PKG file extraction

    PKG files to the HDD and Disc Patch PSN

    Internal and external hard drive formatted to FAT32 (for PS3)

    Useful links about games and PS3

    Convert all files to play a pkg (WSW procedure and PSN, and GDS)

    Internal software for ps3

    Construction of fixed EBOOT

    Edit SFO

    Burn Games in DVD or CD For play directly from PS3

    Rip 3D Files Simple

    Add 2DIRGame For Convert Game


    This post will be updated

  • Posted by GregoryRasputin , on 21/02/2012 , @ 10:53am


    If you Jailbroke your PS3 with a TI-84 Plus or TI-84 Plus Silver Edition Calculator, you will know who Brandon Wilson is, if not check here, he also released a method to downgrade your PS3 using the PSP, which he called PS3Jig.

    Recently the developer has managed to get uDraw running on his computer, uDraw is a USB tablet for the PS3, used in drawing applications and some games, click for more info, here is a quote from Brandon’s website:

    The PS3 uDraw tablet/accessory comes with a USB dongle which shows up as a standard HID device when plugged into a PC, so I threw together some documentation and a “driver”/application to allow using it on a Windows PC as a standard mouse.

    Source and Download

    Via EurAsia

  • Posted by PS3Hax Member News , on 20/02/2012 , @ 10:30am


    Today PlayStation 3 homebrew developer Redsquirrel87 has updated Showtime PS3 Media Player Repack to version 3.5.43 with the changes outlined

    Showtime PS3 Media Player Repack v3.5.43 Changelog:

    glw: Make sure string concatenation of rich text formated strings works
    Add html_enteties_escape() helper
    Remove duplicate function token2string()
    glw/clist: Initialize position without filtering first time
    osx: Allow theme path to be set
    glw: Autorescale userinterface based on window dimensions
    Render image shadows in blurred mode
    glw: Improve clist widget a bit more
    Avoid NULL deref
    Don’t use a var before initialized
    spotlight: Avoid NULL deref
    Improve some asserts
    imageloader: Fail early if we try to load an image with invalid request dimensions
    glw: Improve propsorter()
    prop: Fix bug in nodefilter
    glw: Fix error in blur shader
    glw: Make scurve() take an additional third arg
    glw: Make change() function accept property reference as trig variable
    glw: Improve clist widget a bit
    Remove unused stuff
    smb: If we get logged in a guest but not want to, act as if login failed
    Remove unused decl.

    [Download Here]

    [VIA Source]

  • Posted by Pirate , on 20/02/2012 , @ 10:26am


    PS3Hax member, aldostools, responsible for creation of various other tools, has released PS3 FTP client v1.0.

    To quote:

    I have made a new toy… these are the features:

    - It rips files (dummies, languages, update, etc) stored on the PS3 HDD/USB via FTP.
    - New simulation mode (shows the results of a rip)
    - If you have a folder with PS3 covers in your PC (eg. MCLUB jpgs), the cover is displayed when a remote folder that matches the titleid is selected (eg. BLES80608)
    - Displays a column with the description of the game (based on the title id)
    - It is a “full” ftp client based on wininet

    Download: PS3 FTP Client 1.0 (WIP) 118 KB

    It may require the ComCtl32.ocx and VB5 Runtime DLL.

    It is still experimental, some features are not complete, but at least the ps3 rip should work…

    Final note: Use with care!! Remember that it touches the internal files in the HDD of your PS3.. The PS3RIP is safer.

    [Source + Download Here]

  • Posted by Pirate , on 16/02/2012 , @ 07:31pm


    Earlier last month we reported on news of the full 3.70 PS3 SDK being leaked. Today we received an anonymous tip of the 4.00 PS3 SDK being leaked. The current leak contains various tools and documentation. We are currently in the process in confirming how complete of the 4.0 SDK this leak is. And before you ask, no this won’t lead you to 4.0 CFW.

    The files are hosted on 4shared and require registration to download some files, we don’t know how long this link will stay alive so grab the download and mirror them while you can :)

    [FILES HAVE BEEN REMOVED DUE TO DMCA NOTICE VIA SONY - No more posting to download link for SDK allowed, anyone posting will be removed and banned instantly]

  • Posted by PS3Hax Member News , on 16/02/2012 , @ 01:31am


    PS3 firmware update 4.11 is now live. Besides improving “certain aspects” of the underlying system software, you can add this to the ever growing list of useless firmware updates because from what I can tell, it’s basically… Useless.

    To quote:

    Later tonight we’ll be releasing an optional system software update (v4.11) for PlayStation 3. This minor firmware improves certain aspects of system software, and is not mandatory to connect to PSN.
    Again, this update is optional in the US and Canada, and can be downloaded by selecting System Update from the Setting column of the XMB.

    [Direct download link to firmware]

    [VIA PSBlog]


    Well it seems, that Sony have changed this ‘optional’ update to compulsory, as you must now update, in order to play online.

  • Posted by GregoryRasputin , on 15/02/2012 , @ 10:21am


    Developer and multiMAN guru aldostools has released an update to his mmTHM GUI, here is a quote from his thread:

    New in 1.3:
    - Verification of theme folder against a verification list of required files (theme.lst).
    - Auto complete of paths.

    I hope this helps the theme creators in the creation of standard THM files that only include the necessary files.

    Other features:
    - Extract THM files to folder
    - Pack THM files from folder
    - Right-click association to pack & unpack THM files

    Source PS3HaX


    Check aldostools other awesome software

  • Posted by GregoryRasputin , on 15/02/2012 , @ 07:43am


    PS3 Developer CrashSerious and his team have released an update to their Factory Service Mode tool, the application that allows you to enter Service mode, without any rubbish dongles, here is the changelog, followed by the readme:

    LV2 restart
    logging overhauled (more verbose)
    added peek/poke test with error logging
    added hvcall 114 test with error logging
    Copies Lv2diag_exit.self to dev_usb000
    ^^^^ (user would need to rename to use it)


    Look ma, no Downgrade Dongle


    In keeping with our Red Valentines theme this month… we release another red themed app.
    Tonight, in our second release we bring you a second handy app that continues our
    commitment to the removal or the need for ANY dongles. A simple app that should likely
    make it into everyone’s PS3 tool set. An XMB application that places the PS3 into factory
    service mode. Now, You can now throw away that downgrade dongle! Also, as an added bonus
    we’ve included CEX and DEX versions of the pkg.

    Psgrade was ported to all sorts of devices, even calculators … none of those external
    devices are needed any longer! You may now re-purpose them!

    When you run the app it will beep once and reboot if successful. Three beeps indicates a
    failure, report the contents of factory.txt in this thread for help. (Factory.txt will
    save to the USB flash if you put on in the right most USB port of the PS3.) At this point
    you will come back up in Factory Service Mode (FSM). Place the Lv2Diag.self on the USB the
    Lv2diag.self will perform its intended purpose automatically. So be aware of that feature
    should you not be expecting the PS3 to boot back into the non-FSM XMB.

    This app will not work on any of the “reDRM” firmwares, aka Cobra or TrueBlue CFW.

    1. Install the appropriate pkg for your system; FactoryServiceMode.gnpdrm.pkg for CEX and
    FactoryServiceMode.pkg for DEX. Leave the USB Flash Drive in the PS3.
    2. Run the app and listen for the single beep, you should enter FSM automatically.
    3. rename/copy the Lv2diag_exit.self on the root of the FLASH Drive to Lv2diag.self
    Note: This release simply exits FSM. Do NOT use the RSOD Lv2Diag released earlier unless you have RSOD.
    4. Place the USB Flash Drive in the right most USB port of the PS3.
    5. Restart the PS3. When it boots up, you will be out of FSM.
    5. Enjoy sticking it to the dongle makers in your own little way.

    The app detects the firmware you are running on so it should work on all the firmwares
    supported by “one” previously. (3.15, 3.41, and 3.55. Basically, Ones that are lower than
    3.56.) During creation of this tool, the open-source ps3toolchain, and a slightly modified
    make_self were utilized. All code is original and makes use of no previously released or copyrighted
    code, this Lv2diag.self is made 100% with the PSL1GHT SDK so it can be shared freely and without
    concern for breaking any laws in your country. So, “no sony code inside!”


    Q: Can I use this with the RSOD fix self you released earlier?
    A: You should only use the RSOD fix Lv2Diag.self to repair a RSOD PS3. Use the suplied Lv2diag.self
    packaged with this release to simply get out of service mode.

    Q: I’m having problems… help!!!!?!?!?!?
    A: Post the contents of the factory.txt, which is stored on the root of the USB flash drive where
    you put Lv2Diag.self, along with a detailed explanation and we will try to help you out. Without
    the contents of the factory.txt file… we will not be able to help.

    Q: Why didn’t you just name the release .self file Lv2diag.self and save us a step?
    A: We intend to release more fun tools for you at some point, this just helps you keep them
    straight from the start.

    Q: It doesn’t beep a single time for me, it beeps 3 times and goes back to the XMB. Can you help?
    A: We attempted to fixed this in the v.2 version of the app, ensure you have that one installed. If
    you do have that installed. Run the app a second time, without shutting down or restarting the PS3.

    Q: I see this, “ERROR: failed to read EPROM”, in the factory.txt error log. Can you help?
    A: You likely heard 3 beeps. We attempted to fixed this in the v.2 version of the app, ensure you
    have that one installed. If you do have that installed. Run the app a second time, without shutting
    down or restarting the PS3.

    Q: I see this, “ERROR: SS EPROM read error returned: 1, product_mode: 0″, in the factory.txt error
    log. Can you help?
    A: You likely heard 3 beeps. We attempted to fixed this in the v.2 version of the app, ensure you
    have that one installed. If you do have that installed. Run the app a second time, without shutting
    down or restarting the PS3.

    Q: I see this, “ERROR: LV1 mmap hvcall 114 not available:”, in the factory.txt error log. Can you help?
    A: You likey have OFW (With Original PSJB Dongle even) or a reDRM Firmware. You will need to switch to
    a MFW to get this application to work.

    Q: I see this, “ERROR: LV2 poke syscall not available:”, in the factory.txt error log. Can you help?
    A: You likey have OFW (With Original PSJB Dongle even) or a reDRM Firmware. You will need to switch to
    a MFW to get this application to work.

    Q: I get a 80010505 error in factory.txt on the USB drive sometimes. HELP!?!?!
    A: We noticed this on one Phat CECHG system in testing. but could not replicate it on other PS3′s
    and it only occured after the initial run from a power on of the PS3. In this case, every time we
    ran it a second time the application worked with out fail. Try again and post the factory.txt if the
    problem persists.

    Q: Could you have made this just a little easier to use?
    A: Nope! ;-)

    Source PSX Scene


  • Posted by PS3Hax Member News , on 13/02/2012 , @ 03:55pm


    Remember this thread? Well take it with a grain of salt, because “100 per cent concrete” sources are claiming the PS4 WILL debut this year at E3 2012.

    Sony said a while back that they would not let Microsoft get another lead (despite Nintendo coming out first) in the console war so it would only make sense for Sony to announce their eight generation console this year (even though many were hoping they’d announce it last year).

    E3 is a few months away. We have no choice but to wait and see this all unfold for ourselves.

    Weeks ago, Sony president confirmed Sony in No Rush to Reveal PlayStation 4 but according to the latest issue of PSM3 UK gaming magazine, it comes another bold statement regarding the existence of Sony’s next generation console. PSM3 in confirming that the long-rumored successor to the PS3 will make an appearance this year E3.

    “Games industry magazine MCV cited their own sources when they joined PSM3 in confirming PS4′s debut at June’s E3 show, but Sony boss Kaz Hirai served all of us a big glass of ‘shut up’ by denying that there will be any new console at E3. So who’s telling fibs?”, stated the March 2012 issue of PSM3.
    “Nintendo will attend E3 with Wii U, Microsoft will make a next-gen announcement, and Sony need more than Vita to convince the world they’re equipped for a new console era. Don’t hold your breath for hardware designs, but some proof that PS4 exists is vital to Sony’s success. Expect a name –Playstation 4, duh – at E3, with more at TGS.”
    UK trade website MCV reported that undisclosed sources that both Sony and Microsoft are currently gearing up to publicly reveal their next-generation consoles at E3 2012 – MCV writer Ben Parfitt mentioned on Twitter that the sources are “exemplary” and ”ultra high level”.
    “Obviously we can’t reveal our sources,” via Twitter. “But you have my personal word on this – the source is exemplary, 100 per cent concrete, ultra high level.”
    Do you think PS4 will announced this year E3? Leave a comment below tell us your thought about all these rumors swinging around


  • Posted by GregoryRasputin , on 11/02/2012 , @ 08:53am


    Some nice news from a ‘real’ developer as opposed to some random text editors.

    PS3 Homebrew game developer ThatOtherDev has released a Homebrew game called Neo Trail, here is a quote from the source:

    In Neo Trail you control a ship that is constantly moving forward. Once you pass over a square on the grid it will begin to raise up. If you get pushed up onto the top of a fully raised block then the game will reset.

    The high score is displayed but not saved.

    I’m not sure if it’s similar enough to be considered a clone (although that is what it was originally going to be) but it’s obviously inspired by that movie. You know the one.

    Later I might add split screen multiplayer and/or an NPC to play against.

    PS3 controls:
    Analog sticks = Turn



  • Posted by GregoryRasputin , on 11/02/2012 , @ 08:42am


    Im sure you all know of the popular text edit mistake, discovered by DeViL303, that resulted in XMB Filemanager, well he got together with a bunch of other text editors over at PS3Crunch.

    Anyhow, these guys, which includes work from developer aldostool, have released XMB Manager Plus, here is a quote from the source:

    XMB Manager Plus (XMBM+) is a new XMB category based off of REBUG’s “Package Manager”, which is a modded version of the official (debug/Jailbreak) “Install Package Files” XMB option.

    This will replace the “Install Package Files” option or for REBUG CFW “Package Manager”.

    XMB Manager Plus allows the entire PS3 filesystem to be browsed and/or deleted (all file types supported), We have added functions to REBUG’s
    “Package Manager” and renamed it to “Package Manager Plus”, it consists of all previous features plus it now includes new Homebrew Category that has
    options to download a selection of popular PS3 homebrew packages. We have also added a new “Game Data Manager” that contains all games data type
    tools, like saves, backups, etc. There are plenty more options also available in this new update, see the changelog below.

    Main Features in XMBM+ v0.10

    Package Manager Plus
    Allows homebrew/packages to be easily downloaded, installed and deleted.

    File Manager Plus
    Browse and Delete files from all locations such as hdd, usb, etc.

    Game Data Manager
    Includes all the game data tools from main XMB plus some more additions. Things like Gamedata, Savedata, Backups and trophys are contained here.

    Multi-Media Manager
    Browse, Copy, Rename and Play all your PS3′s internal hdds media from one location. All options from the normal XMB categories are available in
    one new combined category.

    Web Links
    This section includes links to some popular websites for easier access.

    Contains XMBM+ info, links to TBCrunch release thread, updater option, etc.

    Source PS3Crunch


  • Posted by GregoryRasputin , on 10/02/2012 , @ 03:57pm


    PS3HaX member aldostools has released a few personal apps that he has created for use with the PS3, here is a quote from his post:

    UPDATE 2012-02-10:
    Updated my collection of tools for PS3 :D

    It now includes 7 tools that I have developed for personal use. See downloads at the bottom of the post.

    PS3 NET Server GUI 1.0 updated!
    It’s an improved GUI for the PS3 NET Server (the PC side of multiMAN).
    (hosts hide in system tray, remember last used folders, supports up to 10 hosts, white list, etc.)

    Changes: Fixed a bug where port was always “38008″, now supports drag & drop

    mmTM_GUI 1.0 new!
    It’s a tool that pack and unpack multiMAN’s theme files (THM).
    (supports drag & drop of THM file, THM file as command line, browse for THM file)

    PKG ContentID 1.0 new!
    It’s a tool for view quickly the ContentID of a PKG.
    (It does more than that, please read the readme for details)

    PARAM.SFO editor 1.0 new!
    It’s a tool to edit PARAM.SFO files and the PARAM.SFX files created by “Create PS3_EXTRA” (see below).
    (supports drag & drop of PARAM.SFO, PARAM.SFO as command line, browse for SFO/SFX file)

    Create PS3_EXTRA 1.1 updated!
    This tool scans for the PKG, MP4 and P3T files copied to each game folder, its PS3_UPDATE folder, PKGDIR or PS3_CONTENT, and store them under a PS3_EXTRA structure.

    PS3RIP 1.0
    It’s a tool that should help you gain some space on your external HDD, removing unnecessary files.

    renam 1.0
    This tool, if copied to the GAMES or GAMEZ folder, will rename the games sub-folders
    from the default “BLUS0000-[Title]” format to “Title [BLUS0000]“.

    …don’t be fooled with the small size of the files 

    All these tools are Win32 and require the VB5 runtime DLL.
    XP users should have this already installed (if not, download & install the DLL).

    That’s all for now 


    Source here On PS3HaX

    Download: PS3 NET Server GUI 1.0
    Download: The Other 6 PS3 Tools
    Download VB5 runtime DLL (Required)

    To read the full thread or for updates, visit:
    aldostools PS3 Tools Thread.