• PSVita Hacks , 08.02.2012

    To coincide with the recent PS3 Firmware update, Sony have also released a firmware update for their PS Vita system, which is its fourth update since its release and its second this year, however this update is a lot different than the rest as it actually add’s, to the PS Vita experience, here are some of the changes:


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    1. bugaveli
      11:24 AM

      I saw this pop up this morning. the maps function is cool, basically google maps with satelite and all. As usual though it cant find my location as im in USA. Sony likes to tease by updating the live area and notifying me, but when you open store "Oh sorry were not open yet" bastards lol Ill be interested to see what this does to the HBL, but i suspect since its a game exploit that all is well.

    2. Annelies
      11:28 AM

      I want to add it to my archive but I can't find a download link on the wiki

    3. esj
      11:33 AM

      Does this fw update block the psp mode exploits?

      and if it does does anyone know if this fw will ship with retail european psv's

    4. bugaveli
      11:36 AM

      [MENTION=93726]esj[/MENTION] Most likely not, as the exploit is said to be a game based exploit. Wololo isnt saying what game as sony would patch it, I believe its downloadable content that is exploited. Wololos blog is down ATM. www.wololo.net
      Id say that with the content manager forcing updates Sony may not unbox all those UK vitas just to add FW. but who knows.

    5. deank
      01:52 PM

      I didn't see it anywhere and I also forgot to post about it in my other 'remote play' thread last month - you can make screenshots with "SELECT+{PS}" button. It worked on FW 1.03 and 1.05.

    6. gliitch
      05:58 PM

      I am soon to have a NGP soon too, on UK launch day I will hopefully put some good ideas into the NGP Scene :D. 1.6 does not remove the exploit by the way.