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    Benjamin Grobler a South African inventor, along with his attorneys Christopher Banys and Richard C. Lin from the The Lanier Law Firm, have filled a lawsuite against both Sony and Apple for infringing patent laws, here is a quote from the source for a better understanding than i can explain:

    The inventor of technology used in data vending systems such as the iTunes and Playstation Network systems has sued Cupertino, Calif.-based Apple Inc. (NYSE: APPL) and Foster City, Calif.-based Sony Computer Entertainment America LLC (NYSE: SNE) for patent infringement.

    Inventor Benjamin Grobler is represented by intellectual property attorneys Christopher Banys and Richard C. Lin from the Palo Alto, Calif., office of The Lanier Law Firm. The lawsuits filed March on 27, 2012, allege that Apple and Sony are infringing U.S. Patent No. 6,799,084.

    The United States Patent and Trademark Office issued the ‘084 patent to Mr. Grobler in 2004. The patent covers data vending systems that allow users to store and manage digital music, video, software and other items on a variety of electronic devices.

    According to the lawsuit, Apple and Sony have infringed the patent by making and offering infringing data vending systems such as iTunes and the Playstation Network, and that the companies are inducing their customers’ infringement by using these systems.

    “You would be hard pressed to find someone who hasn’t listened to music or watched a video through iTunes or the Playstation Network,” says Mr. Banys, head of the nationwide intellectual property practice at The Lanier Law Firm. “Tech giants can’t just take an inventor’s work and use it as their own. This lawsuit represents our client’s effort to bring some accountability to the system.”

    The cases are Benjamin Grobler v. Apple Inc., No. CV-12-1534, and Benjamin Grobler v. Sony Computer Entertainment America LLC, No. CV-12-1526. Both are pending in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California.


    Im wondering why it has taken this inventor so long to take action against both these companies.

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    1. Mackdanny
      08:02 AM

      Lol at your last line..... I'm pretty sure a judge will find that amusing as well.

      Still, pretty freaky seeing that this time around Sony has a co-defendant in the form of Apple.

    2. Cypherous
      08:31 AM

      Sony wont lose that, the patent is way too vague and why only target those 2 companies, there are way too many examples of software that allow users to do that :P

    3. OoZic
      08:33 AM

      Both companies use a lot of stolen software, like Apple stealing the way a mouse works and $ony using Open Source software for their closed GameOS on the PS3....

      It is very common for big companies to act criminal (just like governments also.... I think the big companies learned it from them). And most of the time they get away with it, maybe pay some money but that is it.... No jailtime for those thieves

    4. hamtah
      08:49 AM

      One man vs Sony AND Apple? Yeah good luck.

    5. TDMaster
      08:50 AM

      WOW that was so unsuprising from Sony or Apple they steal so much that its better to them to pay money to the patent owner to keep him quiet and make millions from the patent himself..

    6. PS3Exploits
      09:21 AM

      i hope sony gets ****ed in the ass big time!!

    7. Brenza
      09:21 AM


      Sue them all and make them close their stores!!!

    8. PS3Exploits
      09:22 AM

      Originally Posted by hamtah
      One man vs Sony AND Apple? Yeah good luck.
      money talks and bull**** walks

    9. hanzoverfist
      09:24 AM

      I don't like sony or apple but this guy is full of crap..

    10. cyberdude
      09:40 AM

      [MENTION=3918]Sony[/MENTION] and [MENTION=61965]apple[/MENTION] HA HA ****IN HA!!!

    11. ps3hen
      10:28 AM

      The one problem I have with patents is that an idea can occur to more than one person, with out those persons ever having to know each other. While he should be able to claim his rights to the idea making it 'his', it's stupid to be able to patent (data vending systems) , that is what iTunes and PSN are using. It's like if someone patented the idea of selling food by use of a shop, and then suing shops owners because they are selling food. I don't think the idea of utilising an online data vending system is an idea only to occur to a few people.

    12. lisapower
      10:46 AM

      Finaly, someone that take action to fight against this Monster Company's!

    13. pereb27
      11:09 AM

      I can totally see Sony using the argument "Playstation Network does not sell music", since their service that sells music is called Qriocity/Music Unlimited or whatever.

    14. shabang
      12:15 PM

      The Lanier Law Firm have a patent troll department (though they call it the "intellectual property practise"). This is a fishing trip for a settlement, no more, no less.

      They've sued companies for infringing on vague conceptual patents before; companies using technology to split spam out from email and companies using the concept of cloud computing are two that spring immediately to mind.

      There is no story here. : )

    15. PS3Exploits
      01:35 PM

      Unless sony has the full copy writes to the music it sells they ****ed!

    16. OoZic
      02:19 PM

      Originally Posted by shabang
      They've sued companies for infringing on vague conceptual patents before; companies using technology to split spam out from email and companies using the concept of cloud computing are two that spring immediately to mind.

      There is no story here. : )
      Lol, that reminds me of a tweet from KaKaRoTo (if I remember alright) about cloud computing being from the seventies and we called it terminals in those days

    17. Cj_Mc
      02:27 PM

      Sony finally getting what they deserve

    18. tthousand
      07:40 PM

      First off, I did not notice if any one mentioned it, but nice job with finding this news!

      Second, perhaps the reason they are targeting Sony and Apple, is because others are not infringing on this, and perhaps are paying for rights. The thing I noticed it said MULTIPLE DEVICES. Xbox nope, nintendo nope(can't transfer between DS and Wii), apple and sony yes (you can transfer to multiple devices, ie Ipad/phone/pod, PS3/P/V).

      Third, what is wrong with seeing some justice

    19. GregoryRasputin
      08:03 PM

      Originally Posted by tthousand
      First off, I did not notice if any one mentioned it, but nice job with finding this news!
      You should see my RSS feed

    20. tthousand
      09:59 PM

      Originally Posted by GregoryRasputin
      You should see my RSS feed
      I didn't know you had one. Link

    21. Cj_Mc
      10:10 PM

      good luck to this brave guy

    22. Amendment01
      10:35 PM

      Originally Posted by GregoryRasputin
      Im wondering why it has taken this inventor so long to take action against both these companies.
      He was probably building a big paper trail to tie thousands/millions of infringements by sony and apple continuously doing it.
      Or he could have been waiting for more big companies to slip and infringe on his patent as well...

      either way i see a lot of money in this guys future

    23. pip1
      10:56 PM

      itunes came out in 2001 his patent 2004 case dismissed against apple. Also the U.S. goverment sells some documents online so to side with the plaintiff would open the doors to themselves getting sued. Too vauge of a patent will get approved if its not patented (patents cost money so its a business) but won't hold up. There must be a very specific method of file transfer or purchacing going on or this guy is wasting so much money.

    24. onenut
      12:36 AM


    25. Rogerdodger91
      12:42 AM

      What a ****ing patent troll. Okay, first off. This guy has taken so long to file a lawsuit so that he can file a lawsuit for a HUGE pay off. He will argue that he is owed billions of dollars with the intentions that Sony and Apple will settle for hundreds of millions.

      His lawyers arent being paid. They get a cut of the settlement. Patent lawyers can make millions of dollars if they are good. Its a shady business because these patent holders never intend to license their patent. They never intend to create the invention, and they sure as hell dont ever intend to sell the patent. They are waiting to cash in on other peoples hard work.

      I dont know how many software/hardware ideas ive personally invented only to discover that some dude in the middle of nowhere has a patent on it with the best patent troll lawyers in the country.

      Its completely hindering innovation. The patent system on technology needs to die!
      ************* [ - Post Merged - ] *************
      To everybody saying hes wasting money. Hes not paying his lawyer. If his lawyer wins the case or gets the defendant to settle he gets his cut. If he loses he gets nothing and moves on to file lawsuit against a new party. For instance Microsoft, RIM, ect.

    26. playluckyhit
      01:06 AM

      April fools jokes on ..not me

    27. mrBear
      03:52 AM

      Sony are idiots, and Apple even more. Apple has been taking everyone to court with patent infringements since they started losing market share.

      However, this guy taking them to court with yet another vaguely defined patent which I am sure he didnt invent or released products of his own, is a patent troll. I have no respect for people like that (Thats also the reason why i dislike Apple so much - rounded corners of icons is a patent??? COME ON!!!).

      Patents are out of control. There is a patent for a peanut butter and jelly sandwich! Seriously, see it at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Peanut_...jelly_sandwich. The whole system is full of greedy trolls registering crap and making a living out of royalties.

    28. KniightRiider
      02:12 PM

      This is towards the comment left at the end of the report. Honestly many of you feel that this guy is full of manure. In my opinion I love Apple and like Sony. If you guys think about it if you were to invent something and find out that a major Electronics giant that is worth billions of dollars steals your idea and you find out about it the next day what do you do sue right? Well how much money will you get out of this?? I feel that you will not get much you never gave the company a change to bank on this idea of yours.. That is if your not full of manure. If this idea was is really his then taking some time to SUe might have been the right move Now he has proof that the idea worked and it was worth millions. If this was his Idea now he can bank on it and force any compay that puts his idea to use.... Then again this is my Opinion.

    29. PRiME2010
      03:09 PM

      I don't get it, what are they stealing? The concept of uploading data to customers from online services? This just sounds like a money grab attempt to me. I truly hate patent wars, people suing for simple basic ideas, pathetic.

    30. BGMaxie
      06:41 PM

      This is full of bull****. And what is with just throwing a sue at Sony and Apple? Where are the others, huh? Honestly either this guy is extremely dumb, or is just a foil to both companies.