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  • Posted by GregoryRasputin , on 30/04/2012 , @ 10:54am


    Many of the regular PS3HaX members will know, that i personally think George Hotz aka GeoHot is the most egotistical prick in the entire existence of the internet, of course my personal feeling’s aside, there is no denying that the guy has accomplished quite a lot in the iPhone scene, no one will ever take that away from him, he is the “God” of the iPhone hacking scene.


    When it comes to the PS3 scene he did a lot, lot more damage than good, he was a hindrance and to be honest, only came in at the end after the PS3 had been ripped apart by the guys from fail0verflow, now to make that clear, Geohot would not have been able to release anything, if it had not been for fail0verflow, but GeoHot NEVER gives credit where it is due as is clear in a new interview with “The New Yorker”, here are a few quotes from the article:

    Since his iPhone feat, geeks often sent him devices just to see if he could hack them. That year, someone mailed Hotz a PlayStation 3 video-game system, challenging him to be the first in the world to crack it. Hotz posted his announcement online and once again set about finding the part of the system that he could manipulate into doing what he wanted. Hotz focussed on the “hypervisor,” powerful software that controls what programs run on the machine.
    To reach the hypervisor, he had to get past two chips called the Cell and the Cell Memory. He knew how he was going to scramble them: by connecting a wire to the memory and shooting it with pulses of voltage, just as he had when he hacked his iPhone. His parents often gave him gifts that were useful for his hobby: after he unlocked the iPhone, they bought him a more expensive one. For Christmas, 2009, they gave him a three-hundred-and-fifty-dollar soldering iron. Sitting on the floor of his room, Hotz twisted off the screws of the black PS3 and slid off the casing. After pressing the iron to the wire, he began pulsing the chips.
    Next, he had to write an elaborate command that would allow him to take over the machine. Hotz spent long nights writing drafts of the program on his PC, and trying them out on the hypervisor. “The hypervisor was giving me shit,” he recalls. It kept throwing up an error message—the number 5—telling Hotz that he was unauthorized. He knew that, if he got through, he’d see a zero instead. Finally, after several weeks typing at his computer, Hotz had composed a string of code five hundred lines long. He ran it on the PS3 and nervously watched the monitor. The machine displayed a sublime single digit: 0. Hotz called the code his “Finnegans Wake.”
    On January 23, 2010, a little more than a month after posting his challenge, Hotz announced on his blog, “I have hacked the PS3.” He later posted instructions for others to do the same, and freely distributed the code. Hotz had hacked the two most iconic and ironclad devices of his generation. “Nothing is unhackable,” he told the BBC. “I can now do whatever I want with the system. It’s like I’ve got an awesome new power—I’m just not sure how to wield it.”
    Sony responded by releasing a software update that disabled OtherOS, the feature through which Hotz had accessed the hypervisor. OtherOS enabled the machine to run Linux, the alternative operating system to Microsoft Windows and Apple OS. Running Linux essentially turned the PS3 from a single-purpose gaming console into a desktop computer, which people could use to write programs. They were furious that Sony had robbed them of this capability. “I am EXTREMELY upset,” a comment on Sony’s blog read. Some wanted to rally around Hotz, and organize: “THIS IS MADNESS!!! HACKERS UNITE!!! GEOHOT WILL LEAD US INTO THE LIGHT!” But many were angry at Hotz, not at Sony. “Congratulations geohot, the asshole who sits at home doing nothing than ruining the experience for others,” one post read. Someone posted Hotz’s phone number online, and harassing calls ensued.


    Recalling the controversy, Hotz seemed genuinely unfazed. “All those people flaming me, I could care less,” he told me. He spent the summer of 2010 biking through China, and that fall, back at his parents’ house, he read Ayn Rand, which he said made him want to “do something.” “We let him get away with murder,” his father admitted. “But he never did bad things. He always did what he felt was right, and we were happy with that.”
    In late December, Hotz decided once again to try to hack the PS3 in a way that would give him total control and let him restore what Sony had removed. On New Year’s Eve, Hotz and some high-school buddies played beer pong and watched the Times Square ball drop on TV. He woke up hung over on the couch at a friend’s house, with a towel stretched across him as a blanket, and stumbled back to his parents’ to fix some macaroni and cheese and think things through. Hotz wanted control of the PS3 metldr (pronounced “metloader”), a part of the software that, functioning like a master key, “lets you unlock everything.”
    Hotz knew that the metldr key was hidden within the PS3, but now he realized that he didn’t necessarily have to find and break into the secret place. He could run a special decryption program in a different part of the machine, and make the key appear there. He had to figure out how to speak to the metldr, and then command it to appear. Within ten minutes, he had coded the PS3 hack.
    The cursor blinked, indicating that Hotz had the power to do anything with the PS3: install OtherOS, play pirated games, or run obscure Japanese software. He prepared a Web page and a video documenting what he had done. But he hesitated. Although Apple had never sued anyone for jailbreaking, Sony had reacted fiercely to previous modifications of the PlayStation. Sony had also long boasted about the security of the PS3. Hotz wasn’t just undoing years of corporate P.R.; he was potentially opening the door to piracy.
    With this concern in mind, Hotz wrote code that disabled the ability to run pirated software using his hack and added a note in his documentation: “I don’t condone piracy.” Still, he wanted a second opinion. Before he put the site live, he signed into an online chat channel where hacker friends hung out, and asked them whether he should release his hack. “Yeah,” one told him. “Information should be free.” Hotz told me, “This is the struggle of our generation, the struggle between control of information and freedom of information.” Also, on the day of the hack, unbeknownst to his parents, Hotz was high. He told me he had taken Vicodin and OxyContin, which filled him with a sense of invulnerability. “You just feel good about everything,” he recalled. He pushed a button on the keyboard and uploaded the instructions for his PS3 jailbreak.


    On January 11, 2011, Hotz was playing Age of Empires II on his computer in New Jersey when he received an e-mail from Sony announcing a lawsuit against him. The company requested a temporary restraining order for violating the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act and facilitating copyright infringement, such as downloading pirated games. According to the Entertainment Software Association, piracy costs the industry eight billion dollars a year. Sony was also seeking to impound his “circumvention devices,” and it wanted him to take all the instructions offline immediately.
    As soon as the news hit the Web, geeks rushed to Hotz’s site, seeking the tools while they could. At Carnegie Mellon University, David Touretzky, a computer scientist and proponent of freedom of information online, made copies of Hotz’s files. Touretzky blogged that Sony was “doing something breathtakingly stupid, presumably because they don’t know any better. . . . Free speech (and free computing) rights exist only for those determined to exercise them. Trying to suppress those rights in the Internet age is like spitting in the wind.” The Electronic Frontier Foundation, a digital-rights advocacy group, released a statement saying that the Sony v. Hotz case sent a “dangerous message” that Sony “has rights in the computer it sells you even after you buy it, and therefore can decide whether your tinkering with that computer is legal or not. We disagree. Once you buy a computer, it’s yours.”
    But Sony believed that Hotz’s hack was sending a dangerous message of its own. If people were free to break into their machines, game creators would be cheated out of royalties. Cheaters could tweak the games in order to beat everyone who stuck to the rules. Riley Russell, the general counsel for Sony Computer Entertainment of America, said in a statement at the time, “Our motivation for bringing this litigation was to protect our intellectual property and our consumers.”
    On January 14th, Hotz went on “Attack of the Show,” a popular news program for gamers on G4, a cable-television network. When the host asked what he was being sued for, Hotz joked, “Making Sony mad.” He was serious, though, about his mission to keep information free. Later, he uploaded a hip-hop video on YouTube, which he titled “The Light It Up Contest.” He sat in front of his Webcam in a blue sweatshirt, his computer in the background. “Yo, it’s geohot,” he rapped, as the beat kicked in, “and for those that don’t know, I’m getting sued by Sony.” It was a surprisingly catchy tune about a complex issue from a whiz kid brazenly striking a pose. Hotz went on, bouncing in his desk chair, “But shit man / they’re a corporation / and I’m a personification / of freedom for all.”
    Hotz’s rap earned him sympathy in chat rooms but not in the courts. A California district court granted Sony the restraining order against Hotz, preventing him from hacking and disseminating more details about its machines. It also approved a request by Sony to subpoena information from Twitter, Google, YouTube, and Bluehost, Hotz’s Internet provider, including the Internet Protocol addresses of anyone who downloaded the instructions from his site—a move that further incensed digital-rights advocates. Sony also gained access to records from Hotz’s PayPal account. In some circles, the rebel leader was becoming a martyr. As one fan of Hotz’s posted: “geohot = savior of mankind.”

    The interview ends up with this paragraph…..

    Last May, engineers from Sony invited Hotz to a meeting at its American headquarters, a half hour’s drive north, in Foster City. (“We are always interested in exploring all avenues to better safeguard our systems and protect consumers,” Kennedy told me.) Nervous but curious, Hotz walked into the building eating from a box of Lucky Charms, dropping marshmallows across the lobby. “If there were going to be lawyers there,” he recalled, “I was going to be the biggest asshole ever.” Instead, he found a roomful of PS3 engineers who were “respectful,” he said, and wanted to learn more about how he had beaten their system. During the next hour or so, the man who had started the hacker wars described his methodology.

    For the source and to read the full article, which involves George Hotz life before the PS3, visit:
    The New Yorker

  • Posted by GregoryRasputin , on 29/04/2012 , @ 08:37am


    One of the most awesome aspects of Bethesda games on the PC, is the ability to add your own personal modifications, on games consoles, it isn’t as easy nor is it practical as you need to have a modded console to add the files needed, but that hasn’t stopped DEREKTROTTER releasing his own awesome mods for the PS3 version of Skyrim.

    PS3 Skyrim Modded INTERFACE

    Silent657 for Tools
    SkyrimNexus for Mods

    Transfer the file “SKYRIM - INTERFACE.BSA” to the following location:
    hdd0 > game > ( BLES01329 or BLUS30778 ) > USRDIR
    Overwriting the current one.

    Hotkey 1: Left D-Pad.
    Hotkey 2: Down D-Pad.
    Hotkey 3: Right D-Pad.
    Quick Magic: Square + Left D-Pad.
    Quick Map: Square + Down D-Pad.
    Quick Inventory: Square + Right D-Pad.
    Quick Stats: Square + Up D-Pad.
    Favorites: Up D-Pad.
    Quicksave: Square + Select.
    Quickload: Square + Start.
    Zoom in: Square + R1.
    Zoom out: Square + L1.
    Automove: Square + L3.

    All quest targets green
    All discovered towns blue
    All undiscovered towns red.

    Custom Loading Screen

    Lockpick PRO

    Magic Card 2 Font (from Morrowmind)



    Conjuration Madness +

    I put everything in 1 chest, makes things easier 8)

    Whats in the Chest?
    GameBreaker - 1 hit kill weapon / sets target on fire
    Amulet of Trotter - Fortifies Health/Magicka/Stamina/Carry Weight by 1,000,000

    Spell Tomes
    -Frostbite Spider
    -Frost Spirit
    -Fire Spirit

    -Restless Draugr
    -Dwarven Spider
    -Ice Wolf
    -Falmer Skulker
    -Corrupted Shade
    -Magic Anomaly
    -Skeleton Mage
    -Skeleton Archer
    -Draugr Archer

    -Troll (regular)
    -Dwarven Sphere
    -Saber Cat
    -Cave Bear
    -Draugr Scourge Lord
    -Ice Wraith
    -Large Frostbite Spider
    -Spriggan Matron
    -Falmer Gloomlurker
    -Thalmor Soldier
    -Stormcloak Soldier
    -Imperial Soldier
    -Orc Hunter

    -Dragon Priest
    -Snow Bear
    -Snowy Saber Cat
    -Chaurus Reaper
    -Draugr Death Overlord
    -Frost Troll
    -Giant Frostbite Spider
    -Giant Ice Wolf
    -Undead Dragon
    -Falmer Shadowmaster
    -Master Vampire

    -Dwarven Centurion Master
    -The “giant” GIANT
    -Colossal Mudcrab
    -Giant Goat
    -Giant Chicken
    -Giant Snow Bear
    -Giant Saber Cat
    -Giant Dwarven Spider
    -Undead Army (Requires Conjuration madness perk)
    -Mudcrab Army (Requires Conjuration madness perk)
    -Spider Swarm (Requires Conjuration madness perk)

    Conjuration Madness Perk - increases max number of summons to 20


    Well due to a member being a complete ignorant asshole, it has come to my attention, that these mods were NOT created by DEREKTROTTER, but rather he worked out how to get them working on the PS3 and added his own small modifications to them:

    The original PC Version of Conjuration Madness:

  • Posted by Pirate , on 27/04/2012 , @ 09:06am


    Andoma has brought a quick update to Showtime attempting to fix the current memory issues plaguing Showtime for while.

    To quote:



    Write logfiles to disk (in cachedir).

    These logfiles can be obtained from

    ps3: Switch memory allocator to TLSF

    This is another attempt to fix the out of memory issues that has
    been plauging Showtime for quite some while.
    So far it looks much better than when using jemalloc

  • Posted by GregoryRasputin , on 27/04/2012 , @ 07:34am


    China has been creating this games console for a couple of years now, it was due out last year, but was postponed, it was called the “eBox”, then “iSec” and now it has been given the name “CT510″, after some searching i found the specifications of the machine, they are impressive, but can the console compete with this generation or can it take on the next generation of gaming consoles.

    The console which is being manufactured by Eeedoo and backed by Lenovo, seemed to start of as a sexy version of a PS3:


    But now it resembles more of a DVD player design

    Here are the specifications:

    • Dual Core 1.8GHz processor.
    • High-performance 3D GPU Graphics Chip.
    • 2GB DDR3 Ram.
    • 250/320GB 2.5″ Sata HDD.
    • 3D motion sensor.
    • Network Interface RJ45, WiFi 802.11b/g/n.
    • Support audio output RCA audio, HDMI 5.1 channel output.
    • Video output support HDMI1.3a.
    • 5 USB 2.0 USB port.
    • Reader that supports SD / SDHC / MMC / MS / MS Pro / XD six kinds of memory card.
    • System security TPM security encryption chip.
    • Power adapter input: AC 110 ~ 220V, 50-60MHz Output: DC 19V, 3.42A.
    • Remote control to support the 38K IR interface
    • Video player supported video formats include: WMV/AVI/MOV/MKV/MPG/TS/MP4/VOB/ASF/FLV.
    • 3 audio playback supported formats include: MP3/WAV/WMA/APE.
    • Photo playback supported formats include: BMP / JPG / PNG.
    • Support TPM security encryption and authentication system.

    The release date is 29th of April 2012

    Read more about it here at these locations:




    You can also discuss it here in the thread that DefaultDNB has created


  • Posted by PS3Hax Member News , on 27/04/2012 , @ 05:26am


    Yesterday a Dutch site posted information on Blu Ray Drive emulation, stating that the PCB has been cracked, here is badly translated quote from the source:

    No hacking, no flashing, no modding .

    Emulation is the future. A team is currently working on a new hack for the Playstation3.

    The blueray player, Sony’s PCB has been cracked and costs can thus be gekloont. The team probably Wasabi or Wiikey team is currently working on this for the board to connect to an external HDD. This can be downloaded games played as Wasabi360 and Xkey for the Xbox360.

    A major retailer in China has also indicated that this year is released.


  • Posted by GregoryRasputin , on 26/04/2012 , @ 05:06am


    PS3 Developer nathan_r32_69 has released a tool aimed at other PS3 developers, that will let you dump your eEID and EID0-EID5, straight to a USB device via the XMB, what is also great, is that he didn’t sell his soul and enter his app into some lousy competition on some mediocre site, saying that, here is a quote from his thread:


    This tool dumps your eEID and EID0-EID5 in your usb device from XMB without install Linux or dumping your NAND, extract it and split EID, for example

    I´m releasing this for developers who are researching, for example with CEX to DEX (Thanks to J-Martin for the logo)




    What does this tool

    • Dumps eEID directly from the XMB
    • Dumps EID0 directly from the XMB
    • Dumps EID1 directly from the XMB
    • Dumps EID2 directly from the XMB
    • Dumps EID3 directly from the XMB
    • Dumps EID4 directly from the XMB
    • Dumps EID5 directly from the XMB

    Install PKG file and load it, you will see the intro screen, choose “Yes” if you want to dump or “No” to exit, remember to connect an usb device before proceed and if you don´t have any usb device connected it will ask for one

    Works on NAND and NOR, but in some machines the dump may be blank or erroneous

    To know if the dump of EID is correct open your file “eEID.bin” with a hex editor, the beginning must be EXACTLY like this:

     Offset    00 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 0A 0B 0C 0D 0E 0F
    00000000   00 00 00 06 00 00 1D D0 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00   .......Ð........
    00000010   00 00 00 70 00 00 08 60 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00   ...p...`........
    00000020   00 00 08 D0 00 00 02 A0 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 01   ...Ð...*........
    00000030   00 00 0B 70 00 00 07 30 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 02   ...p...0........
    00000040   00 00 12 A0 00 00 01 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 03   ...*............
    00000050   00 00 13 A0 00 00 00 30 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 04   ...*...0........
    00000060   00 00 13 D0 00 00 0A 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 05   ...Ð............


    Click here to see full text

    If looks like that, then your EID0-EID5 dumps must be right

    Thanks to ne0, ashmodeo, zarcha and J-Martin






    Download: XMB eEIDx Dumper

  • Posted by GregoryRasputin , on 24/04/2012 , @ 07:31am


    Last year, Dashhacks opened a git repository, for PS3 developers, but after the site was sold, the repository died, now the admin of the PS3 Dev Wiki defyboy has opened his own repository and you can guarantee that it wont die, to visit it/contribute, go here:


  • Posted by GregoryRasputin , on 23/04/2012 , @ 11:11am


    With the slowness of the PS3 Scene, i decided to make a few Cold Boots for my fellow PS3HaX members, i based the theme on country flags and those of you that are extremely patriotic will enjoy these cold boots :)

    First i would like to thank some people:

    • TizzyT - Without his application, this would have been a lot more bothersome and i wouldn’t have created any Cold Boots without it.
    • think0 - This dude created the images used in the Cold Boots, you can check thopse images and more of his work, here at deviantART.
    • PS3HaX Members - If it wasn’t for you guys, i don’t think i would have went to all this trouble, so here are the Cold Boots, i have based my selection of 20 countries based on the worlds top 20, according to here, just click on the country to download the Cold Boot :


    I thought i would add both these videos to help those of you not sure how to install a ColdBoot:




  • Posted by Pirate , on 23/04/2012 , @ 09:25am


    A few days ago we told you about the Rich Appearance Maker and easy-to-use theme editor.  The beta is now live, and can be downloaded via link below.

    This installation requires the following components :
    .NET framework
    XNA framework
    Windows Installer
    PS3 SDK by Sony


    [Download BETA Here]

  • Posted by Pirate , on 20/04/2012 , @ 03:49pm


    Big update from PS3 Game List v1.9.2 :

    Another revision bringing PS3 Game List to v1.9.2. Despite the minor release digit, this version implements an interesting feature (which almost stands as a project of its own): ISO 9660 file system support.

    Users who have the various dongles that provide ISO image functionality can now use the app to manage their game library, check the change log for additional info. I am considering adding UDF support as well, if there is demand for it.

    Since multiupload has been down for a while, I’ve been looking for alternatives. I intend to host the files at psx-scene.com, the project seems to fit their developer initiative well. I will get in touch with them and arrange something out. Meanwhile, the download is available at the provided link, it will do for now.

    As usual, feel free to suggest something new, and, if you happen to find any bugs, please report them as well.

    PS3 Game List change-log and features:


    • ISO 9660 file system image support (currently read-only, data stored as an ISO image will not be editable; an icon will overlay both avatar and background image in order to differentiate the entry from standard game folders, and the tooltip will display additional info about the volume; note that ISO images do not follow the ‘folder depth’ configuration, just have them stored at the root of a directory and they will be loaded as a regular game folder);
    • Linux version now allows game directory browsing;
    • Fixed issue causing eventual background image distortion.


    • Hovering the mouse over a populated list displays tooltip containing the selected game info and background miniature (configuration via settings dialog);
    • Additional tag _FIRMWARE_ for custom rename (e.g. “_TITLE_ – (_ID_)[_FIRMWARE_]” => “Gran Turismo 5 – (BCUS98114)[3.50]“, “[_FIRMWARE_][_ID_][_TITLE_]” => “[3.50][BCUS98114][Gran Turismo 5]“, etc.).


    • Allows users to hide the extra frames (avatar, video resolution and audio) in order to gain horizontal space and better display standard game info;
    • Downloaded updates will be prefixed with targeted PS3 system version (e.g.02.4000_UP9000-BCUS98103_00-UNCHARTEDDF1SCEA-A0110-V0101-PE.pkg);
    • Additional language support: Spanish;
    • Fixed issue while joinning files from multiple folders.


    • Splits files over 4GB using .666xx fragments for FAT32 compatibility (a file named “filename.ext” will be split as “filename.ext.66600″, “filename.ext.66601″, etc.);
    • Joins file fragments back into the original file (joining will not be performed if the volume format is FAT32 ; configuration via settings dialog);
    • Updates will be queued again after a hash test fail (requested feature);
    • Fixed drive usage info for Japanese text;
    • Fixed minor French translation issues.


    • Allows multiple simultaneous downloads (configuration via settings dialog);
    • Supports download pausing/resuming;
    • Displays download speed;
    • Allows users to indicate whether a game loads from the external hard disk or not (double click on the correspondent cell to select the desired value, the info will be stored at ‘external.txt’ when the save action is performed; the file can be manually edited, the format is [GAME_ID] [CODE], where [CODE] can be 0 (Not Tested), 1 (Not Working) or 2 (Working); e.g. BCUS98114 0);
    • Full Unicode support (UTF-8) (configuration via settings dialog; by enabling Unicode, the application will render non-Latin characters used in western languages, special symbols, etc.; text will be rendered using ISO-8859-1(Latin-1)/Windows-1252 otherwise);
    • Displays check items (flags) as icons (configuration via settings dialog);
    • Indicates whether a game update has been downloaded (partially or in full);
    • Overwrite confirmation is no longer asked (the package SHA1sum is checked instead; if the hash test fails, the update will be added to the download queue);
    • Additional language support: Japanese;
    • Fixed _TITLE_/_ID_ order issue (custom rename);
    • Fixed image loading issue after folder renaming;
    • Fixed drive usage info;
    • Updated German text (thanks to Whynot for the correct translation).

    [Download VIA Blog] via [PSX-Scene]

  • Posted by PS3Hax Member News , on 20/04/2012 , @ 05:45am


    Hello all,
    DemonHade’s team present it’s new system called Dynarec !
    A multi-plateform emulator on the JFW DH 3.56 MA, allowing many functions, especially PSX iso emulation without need to the “Cobra” dongle, here is a professionally translated quote of the source article, thanks to hellsing9.

    Hello friends, today i present you Dynarec a powerful tool for devs exclusive for ours JFW.

    Dynarec is a port of MA the old and powerful patch system in LV2 done by Aerialx (Creator of PS1LIGHT) in 2010, since so many people ignore the fact that not all the old info is useless.
    Kammy in 3.41 patched lv2 to execute a recomp dynamic code (knowed by many devs as Dynarecs).

    In 3.41 even was contemplated the creation of a dreamcast emulator but this was stepback hence this type of things limited so many devs, but in the case of Kammy we had the possibilty to debug and easy recieve Printfs by net with socat. Having a plus of executing too JIT code.

    This video shows how MA356 supports the new and renewed system of Dynarec. (Kammy in 3.41) i gave my thanks to Aerialx for this and regarding other devs you can see with your own eyes (robo hobo and others) you know that when you null the NX protection BIT in LV2 was a great advance never done in superiors FW to 3.50 and now it’s possible in MA.

    That’s why the devs left aside develpoments when users passed to 3.5x.

    In MA we get again this system giving us more power and possibilities to port more powerful emulators like = N64,dreamcast,NDS, etc.

    As you can see in Emulator configuration we left the option *INTERPRETER* off in order to use Dynarec. As you may remember in 3.55 only you can run it but slow with interpreter mode on and bios hle bios emulated. Now any bios can be used with Dynamic recompiler.

    I have to say that this new system will have Thegrid as a dynamic patch. Because of this you don’t have to execute anything. Only the Emu.
    TheGrid will come with SP1.3 integrated (soon to be published).

    Now some other news, i have to anounce that me (Blackdeath)
    I am making progress with a job regarding PS3SX which i updated using the source of Anonymous when he published in 2011 fixing some new bugs and optimizing Dynarec.
    If i have time enough i will improve it as N64, the only thing left to say to all the devs that we do what we like most that you are invited if you want to join contributing with this development platform that is 3.56MA.

    As you know in PS3SX some shaders and filter are missing and for the moment we are at full speed using PE OPS (software) if we had the hardware plugin to obtain better quality like HD mode in 360 will be awesome to have that with the help of other devs that will like to help me to port this to PS3.

    A pleasure, Blackdeath.


  • Posted by GregoryRasputin , on 20/04/2012 , @ 05:18am


    For a few days, the PS3 Dev Wiki was down due to hosting problems and a lot of information seemed to be lost, but thanks to the hard work of the Wiki’s admin defyboy and a backup from a member called TMAnd, only a couple of days work was lost, you can read about it on this thread.

    So thank you defyboy and TMAnd for rescuing all those precious edits :)

    I would like to point out, that the PS3 Dev Wiki is a community effort, without the work and dedication of a lot of developers and PS3 enthusiasts, the wiki would be quite empty, so if you are doing work on the PS3, keep it documented on the Wiki :)

    You can visit the Wiki here:
    PS3 Dev Wiki

    I would like to give thanks to euss, deroad, defyboy, Lady Anne Blunt, sandungas and the many other editors who keep the Wiki alive.

  • Posted by GregoryRasputin , on 19/04/2012 , @ 03:51am


    Interested in creating applications for the PS Vita or Sony Certified devices, well you can with this public release of the PlayStation Suite, here is a quote from the source:

    PS Suite SDK is a software package for developing applications that can be run on the PlayStation®Vita system and PlayStation™Certified devices.

    PS Suite SDK includes PC applications such as PC Suite Studio, as well as PS Suite UI Composer for laying out UI components.

    Further, in addition to basic graphic and sound libraries, PS Suite SDK also includes GameEngine2D for games using 2D graphics, Physics2D for 2D physical engine, as well as superior libraries such as the UI component library UI Toolkit.

    Rather than providing only basic samples for explaining each basic API, the SDK also gives you access to samples of games and applications using 2D and 3D graphics.

    For further details, see the documents included in the SDK.



  • Posted by Pirate , on 18/04/2012 , @ 03:46pm


    A  bit late on this one, but via a clever trick, seifer69er, has managed to successfully transfer his PS3 gamesaves between his PS3 and PC. Why do this? Well basically this is basically an alternative way to get past issues with your current Skyrim PS3 save via PC. Not to mention, this may open up the PS3 Skyrim to interesting save hacks and results :)

    Video tutorial demonstrated before:

    More information and downloads can be found at source thread over at PS3Crunch:
    [VIA PS3Crunch]

  • Posted by PS3Hax Member News , on 18/04/2012 , @ 03:37pm


    Rich Appearance Maker

    Would you make your own PS3 theme, but you find that too complicated? That time is now past with Rich Appearance Maker by Armprime Industry!

    Rich Appearance Maker - YouTube

    Sony gives to those who will purchase the PS3 SDK some tools allowing the creating of PS3 themes, nevertheless these last ones are not easy to use, it is for it that Armprime Industry has developed this software: a graphic interface simplifying largely the use of the kit of development of Sony.

    A simple and fluid interface
    Animation editor is the interface which will allow you to make dynamic backgrounds.
    There is a Camera, two Lights, 3D Objects (DAE), Textures (DDS/JPG), Actors (Entities) and a Script.

    For program of your dynamic theme, you have to use the PSJS programming language, a fusion of JavaScript and PS3 libraries.
    Right click allow you to compile your script and check if your script is right or wrong.

    The software allows compilation of static theme, dynamic theme and coldboot.

    Coming Soon
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    Wololo has brought PS Vita owners that missed out on the last two exploits, or those on firmware 1.67 some exciting news, here is a small quote from his blog.

    Hope you didn’t wait too long since our last VHBL release a bit more than 2 weeks ago… This is a new PSP user mode exploit by thecobra (also discovered a while ago by WosRet), which I confirmed runs on a PS Vita with Firmware 1.67. Unlike Motorstorm and Everybody’s Tennis, this game is available in the US store as well as some other countries (details to come).

    Source and full story

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    Sony have released a new firmware update for the PS Vita, this is the seventh update since the console was released in December, this update fixes camera issues when using the game Dream Club ZERO.

    Previous Update History.



    Don’t forget to visit the:
    Vita Dev Wiki

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    Andreas Öman has updated his popular Showtime multimedia application for the PS3, this update fixes DVD playback, here is a quote from the past few changes:


    ps3: Fix DVD playback
    Showtime should now be able to play back both ISO files and
    VIDEO_TS DVD folders.
    Fixes #507
    Fixes #921


    ps3: Fix playback of 3.0 audio
    Fixes #914


    ps3: Fix support for 4.0 audio channel layout
    Fixes #886


    ps3: Round timestamps to ms precision before feeding them to the SPU decoder
    For some unholy reason the SPU decoder seems to hang when timestamps are not
    rounded to ms precision. I've no idea why.
    Fixes #640
    Fixes #662
    Fixes #890


    PS3: Use jemalloc instead of newlib's malloc
    Using jemalloc significantly reduces memory fragmentation
    and thus mitigates the out of memory conditions that happens
    now and then when using Showtime (in particular during movie
    It's also much more efficient than newlib's malloc thanks
    to per-thread caching of allocation and per-thread memory
    For more information about jemalloc, see http://http://www.canonware.com/jemalloc/


    Upgrade Showtime to use libav 0.8.1
    This adds better support for multithreaded decoders and a lot
    of stability fixes.
    For more details please see


    Upgrade Spotify integration to use libspotify 11


    Add user setting for configuring the VDPAU deinterlacer (Linux only)
    Download showtime-3.5.122-g5f5fbaa.pkg
    Download showtime-gh-3.5.122-g5f5fbaa.pkg
    Download showtime-3.5.122-g5f5fbaa.self