• The government and it seems to be mainly the US government wants to spy on and censor everything we do, for the internet they try and enforce such things as P.I.P.A and A.C.T.A, not content in trying to stop us enjoying the internet we use, the US government, specifically the Department of Homeland Security, want tools to basically “hack” into our games consoles and check to see if we are terrorist’s or paedophiles, here are a few snippets from the source:

    Government researchers say that hacking into consoles will allow police to catch pedophiles and terrorists.

    At the cutting edge of this development is Obscure Technologies, a small San Francisco-based company that performs computer forensics and which has just been awarded a $177,237 sole-source research contract to develop “hardware and software tools that can be used for extracting data from video game systems,” and “a collection of data (disk images; flash memory dumps; configuration settings) extracted from new video game systems and used game systems purchased on the secondary market,” according to the contract award from the U.S. Navy.

    Thing about it: Your Nintendo Wii might tell government investigators when you were connected to the Internet, who you were talking to, what you were saying, and what you were playing. “Taken in context, it could end up revealing more than you expect,” Higgins warns.

    For the full story, visit the source here.

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    1. jr3277
      06:21 PM

      WTF I fill put a big F.U.C.K you in there for them to look at

    2. lunex
      06:25 PM

      Google and facebook already knows everything about us (and they giving that infos to anyone who asks) so why not video consoles? ;p

    3. fromzero
      06:29 PM

      Wouldn't it be easier to ask valve for ip addresses? 50% of people playing counter-strike are terrorists. Start there, then check the white house. Some of the most terror causing pedophiles work at that place.

    4. b2k78
      07:01 PM

      Lol, u think this isn't happening already? The fact that we are hearing about it means its been in play for sometime, big brother is watching and don't ever think that he's not, we are all terrorists in the governments eyes! Happy surfing dudes and riders

    5. pspfreak420
      07:07 PM

      i was reading about this 2 or 3 days ago. they cant do it in the usa so we dont have anything to worry about. http://www.neogamr.net/news/homeland...k-your-console
      "The good news is that US citizens are safe - the DHS is only interested in spying on foreign consoles, since the Privacy Act prevents them from spying on US citizens. Anyone else won't be so lucky"

    6. BobbyBlunt
      08:14 PM

      Alex Jones has mentioned this topic several times over the course of this entire console generation. This is nothing new. Here was his latest mention on this subject posted on March 29th, and he has been talking about it for years


      P.S. The United States of America abuses the patriot act (which is against the constitution), and the Homeland Security department is nothing more than a group made to spy on the public. The U.S.A. isnt looking for terrorists, they are using terrorists as a reason to setup a national police service, that appears to be protected by laws that are constitutionally illegal. These same laws that protect them are illegal. The patriot act is used to spy on terrorists, or their affiliates, without a warrant, but the U.S.A. now use it however they see fit. They can tap your phone at any time, without a warrant, and when law enforcement gets called on it, they make up crap about how said individual is a suspected terrorist, or is tied to terrorist groups.

      Originally Posted by lunex
      Google and facebook already knows everything about us (and they giving that infos to anyone who asks) so why not video consoles? ;p
      Actually they sell it, and hand it over to the government

      Facebook Gone Bad - YouTube

      That video is true, and it is over 4 years old. Look at the changes both google and facebook have made. It has to be much worse now

    7. hanzoverfist
      09:00 PM

      they aren't going to make very much on 177,000 dollars.. maybe some DOS program..

    8. BobbyBlunt
      10:10 PM

      Originally Posted by hanzoverfist
      they aren't going to make very much on 177,000 dollars.. maybe some DOS program..
      Yeah but this group isnt the military and/or security/spy agencies. They are a contracted group. Any group will lose morals over any amount of money coming from the government. Sad part is this group isnt even needed, because what the US department of Homeland Secrecy is claiming they want, they already have. If you remember correctly, when we had PSN and MFW together, Sony sent out a mass of emails to people. I always logged out of PSN to use MultiMAN or homebrew, and cleaned the logs, but Sony still knew what was going on. Microsoft can also dial into a system to see what is going on. They have had several ban waves over flashed drives, and can detect the Jtag/RGH on Live. If they couldnt obtain dumps of areas of our consoles, then how would they know????

      Point being if the makers of these consoles can spy on you, WTF makes you think the US government cannot?
      One of the first things I was taught when it came to networking is that nothing you do is really ever anonymous. You can hide behind proxies, and VPNs, but if Big Brother wants to know what you are doing behind the keyboard, then they will not have many issues finding out. Now this same idea also applies to the controller

      Take this as an example: Everything you say on PSN or Live is transmitted as VOIP packets. These packets have to pass through the server. All a company has to do is monitor these packets and they have an audio log of your conversation.

    9. abovealpha
      10:33 PM

      I work for the fraud prevention team for a very large and prominent company, and I can tell you with honesty that if anyone thinks that anybody with access to a few simple tools and websites doesn't already know everything about you, what you do on the net, where you work, who your co-workers, friends and family are, and generally anything about you and your personal life, that you are jaded and gullible. This has been happening for years. If you're on the internet reading this right now, then everything about you is public knowledge. That's not even mentioning if you have a credit card. If you have EVER made an online purchase in your life, then every business in the world already has access to every bit of personal info about you.

    10. lonewolf88
      04:26 AM

      I hate this ****ed up world we live in, we are just pawns who bring in tax money for the government, yet they spend said tax spying on the people?

      Who ever is running these countries deserve to shot along side true blue team.

      I have lost all faith in humanity... Bring on December 21 2012!

    11. oPolo
      04:37 AM

      USA, land of the free. Americans it seems you are getting backstabbed by those that should protect your freedom.

    12. Wolfie708
      04:42 AM

      Now all link hands and sing...

      "In the land of the free" PMSL

      Sorry if this seems wrong, but America needs to sort itself out first before it goes on a witch hunt for other countries.

      I'm UK and I know my government is sh*t, but the US take the biscuit.

    13. jc_gargma
      05:40 AM

      I'm sick and tired of organizations that are trying to infringe upon my legal rights telling me that "you're either with us, or you're with the terrorists."
      I know damn well what I do and don't support, and being treated as a criminal sympathizer because I don't agree with their draconian edicts is absurd.

    14. phantom76
      06:33 AM

      The same sort of thing is happening here in the UK, Have a read at the link below:

      What's next on their list?, What right's will us or our children be left with?.

      Just remember that the passing of one law makes it easier to get other similar
      laws passed.
      Where will it end??.

    15. enosrasun
      06:44 AM

      until this

      YOU HAVE THE RIGHT TO REMAIN SILENCE AND THIS IS YOUR ONLY RIGHT,because we can't make enought money for our yacht and palace,and if 1 ,10 1000 must die who give a damm,back to roman empire

    16. CrazyLinuxNerd
      07:12 AM


      If I build a custom machine, disable the internet, encrypt the hard drives in the strongest possible way, and refuse to ever let them get the encryption passwords does this make me a terrorist in America?

    17. bobbintb
      10:56 AM

      the responses to the full article are WAY off base. did anyone bother to read it? what the article mentions is developing and using forensic tools to gather evidence on the game system, just like the police do for pcs, for prosecution of criminal cases. most of you people need to calm the f*ck down. im so tired of people getting up in arms other things when they have no idea what is really going on. they would rather react than bother to take the time and educate themselves on the subject.

    18. GregoryRasputin
      11:02 AM

      Originally Posted by bobbintb
      youre not that interesting to spy on anyway.
      Speak for yourself.......

    19. bobbintb
      11:11 AM

      Originally Posted by GregoryRasputin
      Speak for yourself.......

      but i hope everyone sees my point.

    20. PRiME2010
      10:17 PM

      There is good and bad in such a system. But every government and system has to keep some track of their citizens, its necessary in a corrupt world where mental illness and psychopathic behaviour is going out of control. Its basically the entire system to blame, while this system exists these things will continue, along with tighter and tighter control and monitoring of the public.

      Maybe one day you won't be able to go-to the toilet without signing a contractual agreement with the sewage company. LOL who knows. There is always the chance for change, but 'THIS **** has gotta go!' first.

    21. <GEEK>
      10:50 PM

      Pretty sure that if the government wanted information off your console(s), they would have no trouble obtaining it, with or without said "tools". Makes you wonder what that $177,237 is really being used for.

    22. pepethedon
      04:26 PM

      Of course, out of San Francisco lmao it doesn't surprise me though...

    23. Nimation
      05:21 PM

      You're way too touchy guys. I don't care if someone spies on me.

    24. TVippy
      09:38 AM

      Pretty sure it's harmless. These 170 grand just went into milk as we say here. Nothing will come out of this.

    25. metalfacedoom23
      08:23 AM

      Everyone should be aware of the pale horse and avoid him at all costs.
      "The Government has been embedded with the entire telecommunications company since the 40s, they effect everything.... they get into your bank statements, computer files, e-mails, listen to your phone calls. EVERY WIRE EVERY AIR WAVE IS TAPPED, THE MORE TECHNOLOGY USED THE EASIER IT IS FOR THEM TO KEEP A TAP ON YOU. GREAT NEW WORLD OUT THERE AT LEAST IT BETTER BE". Japan has already started the micro chip implanting time to wake up people. Do some research on the CFR, Bilderberg Group, Brzezinski's plans between China & USSR which enabled them to plant RFIDs in Social Security cards.

    26. Mrcoolguy
      12:18 PM

      lol this funny..... what next?

    27. BGMaxie
      03:40 PM

      For starters why don't they show all their info as well? Like the money they earn, in which do they use it, how do they live like, their addresses, the photos of their families, etc, etc?

      ****ing ****suckers that want to control anything.