• PS Vita developer SKFU has released a new version of his Vita proxy server, this version brings the software out of beta status, here is a quote from the blog:

    A bit later than expected, but here comes the update for SKFU’s VITA Pr0xy!

    There’s still a lot todo but this week my freetime is very limited. Tho, I will see what I can do :)

    ChangeLog :

    • No more BETA
    • Many many bugfixes
    • 100% Clean Award added
    • Load Log function added
    • Save Log function modified
    • MAC + Linux support

    Download Windows
    Download Mac

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    1. liomajor
      03:25 PM

      The Proxy Tool has a big issue with multiple Network devices.

      For me, its not working because it takes always the wrong IP.

      PS3 ProxyServer by CF3B5 or PS3PROXi v1.1 R3 by NZHawk
      works well because they allow to enter the Proxy IP manual.