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  • Posted by GregoryRasputin , on 31/05/2012 , @ 02:49pm


    That epic time of a gamer’s calendar is almost upon us again, the E3 Expo begins on Monday the 5th of June 2012, below i will list link’s and state other places to view E3, so BOOKMARK THIS PAGE.


    Xbox Media Briefing, Galen Center, LA: 9.30am LA / 5.30pm UK
    PlayStation Press Conference: 6pm LA / 2am Tuesday UK
    Xbox Showcase Event: 8pm LA / 4am Tuesday UK

    Nintendo Press Conference: 9am LA / 5pm UK





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  • Posted by Pirate , on 30/05/2012 , @ 07:31pm


    A few days ago we reported to you about the possibility of cloud gaming coming to the PS3, well it seems that Sony is now closing in on an agreement to make cloud gaming a reality. It most likely entirely possible that we will not see cloud gaming on the current console generation, but definitely, maybe, a feature in PS4 (and those rumors are firing up too).


    In a move that will rock the next generation of console gaming, Sony is close to agreeing an acquisition of a high profile cloud gaming firm, MCV understands.

    It was reported earlier this week that Sony was to reveal a partnership with a cloud gaming firm – specifically either OnLive or Gaikai – at E3 next week.

    Subsequent chatter had seemingly calmed the rumours, suggesting that the proposed agreement was to do with Sony streaming TV services, and not consoles.

    However, MCV understands that the deal is far more extensive than anyone could have predicted and will see Sony fully acquire one of the two firms. The deal, our source says, “is close to being signed”.

    The acquisition has implications for all parts of Sony’s business, both in the consumer tech and console divisions.

    Although work on PS4 is already well underway, Sony is very likely keen on bringing its PlayStation gaming content to non-console owners – a move finally made possible by this deal.

    And there could be benefits for console users, too, with gaming content likely to be available when on the move and without the need for a direct connection to the console.

    If nothing else, the deal should hit home the fact that the digital gaming revolution is not a distant dream – it’s happening. Now. And the implications for games retail are both obvious and colossal.


  • Posted by PS3Hax Member News , on 29/05/2012 , @ 10:43pm


    It has come to my attention that Team Rebug has released a little something for those of us on 3.55. That something just so happens to be the ability to get back on PSN! Use at your own risk, although Sony has not banned anyone for having CFW on their console as far as I know.

    Originally Posted by Rebug.me


    **** FOR REBUG 3.55.2 ONLY ** FOR REBUG 3.55.2 ONLY ****

    It has been a while between drinks but that doesnt mean weve been doing nothing so without any fanfare here is Rebug Update Package 0.7 (3.55.2). This will update REBUGs version spoof files to 4.11 and enable reActPSN 2.0 compatibility. As usual all previous fixes and updates are included.

    Oh.. Did we mention we got you PSN ACCESS back. Dont hold your breath hoping it lasts though!!!

    Got to the rebug,me link below to download and start gaming online!

    In case you don’t know how to install rebug use itskamel’s cfw guide step 3 = click here


    4.11 Version Spoofer 2.2 (3.55 ONLY)



    Video Tutorial Added, thanks to HolmesInFive

  • Posted by hellsing9 , on 29/05/2012 , @ 10:38pm


    Dear $ony likes to fail, happened on 2011 when PSN was hacked they gave 2 free games, now with the same lame excuse on the oncoming E3 they are trying to lure more users to use their *Free services* = Huge discounts among other things now including Vita on the equation (sounds familiar?).


    Here’s the info about the upcoming events and details of E3 2012:

    According to multiple sources, Sony is preparing a revamp of their subscription-based PlayStation Plus service which will be revealed during its E3 press conference next week.
    Sources close to Eurogamer have indicated that part of Sony’s E3 press conference will be devoted to the PlayStation Plus revamp in an attempt to convince users to sign up with the service that offers free games, huge discounts, early access to exclusive demos and betas of upcoming titles, and more.
    Sony is said to be enticing users to sign up by giving subscribers top tier games for free while implementing proper integration with PS Vita. Plus on the Vita will supposedly offer exclusive Vita titles, DLC, and cloud services rather than having to connect the handheld to the PS3 or PC to backup saved content.
    “By the way, if you don’t have a PS+ subscription, now is the time to get one. For real. Just get 3 months if you aren’t sure. Trust me,” PlayStation Plus content manager Ross McGrath said on his Twitter page.
    Sony’s E3 conference is set to take place on Monday, June 4th at 6:00 PM. If you are unable to attend, you can tune in to the event via the PlayStation Blog or stream it live on your PlayStation 3.

    Source = Eurogamer

  • Posted by PS3Hax Member News , on 29/05/2012 , @ 05:11am


    The one who show the world how to push the limits of PS3 gaming system back in 2007/2008 with his EPIC game = Metal Gear Solid Guns of the Patriots AKA = MGS 4, Hideo Kojima was depressed and *prey of his own creations*.
    We remember the trailer on the E3 2011 of METAL GEAR RISING with the ZAN-DETSU (cut everything you want style) and most of the hardcore gamers that followed Kojima since the beginning saw all around the world astonished by the awesome graphics and new gameplay feautring a PSYCHO Raiden using his katana to cut everything that got in his way.
    Funny fact that early that year Kojima was promoted to Vice President of Konami Digital Entertainment.

    2 years later and with the E3 2012 coming soon, whe ask ourselves what happened to this game trailer that we saw back on 2010, and why in the name of D.O.G was handed to : Platinum Games (Studio that was in charge of Bayoneta). And showing a *limited gameplay* to a possible beat ‘em up action instead of CUT all you want like the earlier trailer promoted. (Something went wrong there)

    With a new name and new face appears Metal gear Rising: Revengeance.
    Some rumours on internet, says that Kojima is creating (After a *fight* with Konami on 2010/2011) a new ENGINE. It seems (and videos/imaged speaks louder than words) that this *Revengance* (that has no snake on it) was not the original idea since the premise of the game was cut all you want at your own *will* now we got instead this watered down version. That leads me often ask to myself what the hell happened to ruin such a good oportunity to do an awesome spin-off of the series, but i find myself searching for honest responses when they are none.

    On the other Hand we have the MONSTER of Akira Yamaoka that worked for Konami too, but left them and even in the last Silent Hill (downpour) His Music and dark ambience, the very foundation of the SH series was not presented on the NEW SH, instead we have Korn’s THEME and Daniel Licht. (Nice try)
    He left Konami on 2009 to join forces with Goichi Suda and Shinji Mikami (Creator of Resident evil Saga) on a new studio called: Grasshopper Manufacture to bring to life with his UNIQUE taste for ambience music and his distinctive tunes: Shadows of the damned.

    Something happened maybe economy had a big role in all of this, i hope the after effects of this won’t take another victims like this guys. Since the creativity capacity (of both of them) is limitless.
    Hope Konami wake up from slumber to bring us more hardcore games with good plot and eyecandy.

    Now we have again another *solid proof* how sony moves along with game companies to mess up good and unique franchises and how gaming industry instead of going UP is going DOWN.
    Hope we will see a brighter future instead of = Reboots, Engine changes (for worst) and mediocre future products.
    Honestly im waiting for the E3 and what has to show, since the last one in 2011 was a big epic fail, along with Kojima showing (as other game developers/producers) a full catalogue of old games with the label HD collection.

  • Posted by PS3Hax Member News , on 29/05/2012 , @ 03:15am


    Since i deleted more than 4 threads with the same information about this *mrjailbreak619′s* i will post MYSELF once for all to avoid more problems with this guy.

    Why is a HOAX?:

    1) Nobody that claims to have a CFW or solution will use a template of after effects pirated from internet in order to look PRO.

    2) He states in the first seconds of the video after the PRO template and intro that he will release another video with download link, if someone charges for HIS download link it’s a scammer…
    So long story short here we have 2 options:

    A) He will post ANY .pup to install into your PS3 and generate a brick (like nodex) in the best case!
    B) He will use surveys and blame others that he is using surveys in order to *his work not be easly stolen*.

    3)He have an email address =


    to login to his PSN this account (as we saw in the video) the address is cached on google:

    4) He recieves a message during the video when he logs to PSN STORE = ur JB out yet??? (please! can you believe that??)


    Faker than Nodex, he never shows in the video in which OFW is he. He only states that on the title.
    Why expect the release of another video when if what he says is true $ony will sue his ass off and shutdown his youtube account.
    Someone that has a REAL solution will not use a background music of *Thousand Foot Krutch: War of change* (awesome song) but come on!!!!! and neither a youtube account knowing the risks that involve and the sad but true reality 99% of youtube videos showing CFW 4.11/JB 4.11 ARE FAKE!!! ALL OF THEM!.

    The WATERMARK it’s stupid and the important steps are skipped.
    He wants to get more subscribes!!!

    Browse the other 13 videos he have : *How to watch TV for free*



    Now if you want to BRICK your PS3 installing any .PUP that’s on in the internet, please be my guest. But i warned you, this will lead you to a brick or perma-brick if you mess with fakers/scammers.



  • Posted by Pirate , on 28/05/2012 , @ 07:12pm


    Small update from Showtime was released last week by lonelycoder:


    PS3: Fixed broken MPEG-2 video decoding
    Fixes #958

    Description: Latest from SVN can’t play mpeg-2 video

    The latest from SVN stopped playing an 1080p mpeg-2 remux I have (it will play the audio only).

    Also, why not prioritize external subtitles. That’s the only modification I add myself (I posted the code somewhere in redmine).

    Usually, if you add an external subtitle, it’s because all the internal ones are crappy (grammatical errors, OCR errors, bad translations, etc)


  • Posted by Pirate , on 28/05/2012 , @ 10:43am


    Below is the weekly PSN update for the week:


    PlayStation Vita

    Resistance: Burning Skies (Also on PSN) – Resistance: Burning Skies is a unique Resistance experience developed specifically for PS Vita that takes full advantage of the system’s dual analog sticks and features an all-new hero and story written by William C. Dietz, author of Resistance: The Gathering Storm and Resistance: A Hole in the Sky.

    PlayStation 3

    Batman Arkham City: Game of the Year Edition – The Game of the Year Edition of Batman: Arkham City packages new gameplay content, seven maps, three playable characters, and 12 skins beyond the original retail release. Also included is the exciting epilogue, Harley Quinn’s Revenge — in this mission, players are sent back into Arkham City to face their final challenge as they interchange between playing as both Batman and Robin. Utilize each of the characters’ unique combat and investigative skills to uncover Harley’s vengeful plan and shut the gates on the urban mega-prison forever. In addition to experiencing a new storyline, fans can explore new environments and face-off against Harley’s all new gang of thugs.

    Dirt Showdown – An expansion on the rough-riding racing action of Dirt 3′s gymkhana competition, Dirt Showdown offers three modes focused on the wilder aspects of off-road driving: Race, Showdown and Demolition!

    Atelier Meruru: The Apprentice of Arland – Another of the popular alchemic RPG series from Gust, Atelier Meruru is the third of a series of Atelier games set in Arland (also the setting of Atelier Rorona and Atelier Totori.) The tiny kingdom of Arls, located on the northeastern border of the Arland Republic, is where Princess Meruru calls home. Ever since she was exposed to alchemy by famed adventurer Totori Helmold, all she could think about was becoming an alchemist. With Totori’s guidance, Meruru sets out to develop her home kingdom of Arls using the power of alchemy. On her way, Meruru will encounter new adventures, obstacles, mysteries, and friends, and discover what life is like outside the castle walls. How you choose to guide her through the advancement of her land will determine the final outcome in the tale of Atelier Meruru!

    PlayStation Network

    Assassin’s Creed: Revelations – Assassin’s Creed Revelations presents the most immersive experience available in the series to date and the culmination of Ezio’s adventure. In Assassin’s Creed Revelations, master assassin Ezio Auditore walks in the footsteps of his legendary mentor, Altaïr, on a journey of discovery and revelation. It is a perilous path – one that will take Ezio to Constantinople, the heart of the Ottoman Empire, where a growing army of Templars threatens to destabilize the region.

    Pure Chess (PS3/PS VIta Exclusive) – Throughout history, only one game has truly stood the test of time and made a significant impact on societies the world over. Now, that classic strategy board game comes to life in stunning digital detail! Become a grandmaster in Pure Chess. Work through a comprehensive tutorial to improve your chess skills. Take on up to seven of your PlayStation Network friends using turn-based gameplay

    Rayman: Origins – When the Glade of Dreams is overrun by nefurrious Darktoons, the Fairy Council hastily invokes Rayman to save the day. To help him, Rayman teams up with his best friend, Globox, and two crafty wizards, the Teensies. Together, the world’s most hilarious team of heroes will need to restore peace to the Glade or watch as their beloved home vanishes like a bad dream…

    PS Vita Demos

    Gravity Rush

    PS3 Demos

    Mad Riders

    PlayStation 2 Classic

    Rayman Arena


  • Posted by GregoryRasputin , on 27/05/2012 , @ 06:24pm


    PS3 Developer ThatOtherDev has released a snazzy little racing game for the PS3, here is a quote from the source:

    This will be the third time I have made this game (remade not just ported), and I have become exceedingly efficient at it. It is however the first time it is on PS3 and it’s back to being in 3D (though for the time being it isn’t rendering 100% correctly like it is in the above screenshot) so huzzah for that.

    UFO Racer, as the self-explanatory title suggests, is a racing game involving extra terrestrials in hovering/flying vehicles. Some stats are displayed on screen showing how much of the looping track you have finished, how many times you have completed a lap and what the shortest amount of time you have done so in has been.

    Use the analog stick(s) to control the ship.

    I’ll be updating, fixing up and improving it as soon as I get the time but I’m really trying to get some other things done before the end of the month so I’ll be busy for the next few days.



    Download it at Brewology.com
    Download it at PlatonicRobot.com

    Source ThatOtherDev’s Blog
    Via PSX-Scene

  • Posted by PS3Hax Member News , on 27/05/2012 , @ 06:04pm


    PS3HaX member gambaownsu has made an interesting video which somewhat pays homage to the PS3 Scene and its developers like graf_chokolo and KaKaRoTo

    Hey folks,

    Just made a quick video about the scene in general.

  • Posted by GregoryRasputin , on 27/05/2012 , @ 05:58pm


    A couple of months back we posted about the PS Suite SDK, the software used to create applications for the PS Vita and Sony certified devices, well for those of you that can use it, Sony Computer Entertainment Asia is holding a competition, with the Grand Prize being $5000US, here is a quote from the official site:

    Tokyo, May 22, 2012
    Sony Computer Entertainment Asia (SCE Asia) today announced that it will host the game and application concept challenge, “PlayStation® Games & Apps Challenge 2012 in Asia (The Challenge)”.

    The challenge is open to any game fans and developers to participate and share the game and application ideas for future release on the PlayStation® platform. The Challenge provides an opportunity for anyone to get involved and engaged with PlayStation® development.

    < PlayStation® Games & Apps Challenge 2012 in Asia >
    Categories and Awards

    Grand Prize (Up to 2 entries) - US$5,000 each
    Special Award (Up to 5 Entries) - US$500 each

    Grand Prize (Up to 4 entries) - US$1,000 each
    * The grand prize winners will be invited to the award ceremony on December.

    Details will be available on the challenge official website around June of 2012

    * Details will be available on the challenge official website around June of 2012
    * Entry for the challenge will start around July of 2012

    - The official language for the challenge is English
    - The challenge official website (http://asia.playstation.com/PS-GAC2012)
    - For enquiries about the challenge, please contact ([email protected])

    There are two categories to challenge, PlayStation®Suite and PlayStation®Vita. The grand prize winner will have a chance to publish with SCE Asia or the opportunity to get full support on the development environment of the PlayStation® platform.

    The Singapore leg of the Challenge is supported by the Media Development Authority (MDA) of Singapore. Winning entries from the Singapore leg of the Challenge will stand a chance to develop their prototype into a playable game at the PlayStation® Incubation Studio Singapore housed within the Games Solution Centre (GSC). The Challenge will be managed by GSC team.

    “We are very enthusiastic to hold this special program starting this year and hopefully continue for following years because we believe that “PlayStation® Games & Apps Challenge 2012 in Asia” will bring game fans and developers closer to us and our platform,.” said Tetsuhiko Yasuda, President, SCE Asia. “We definitely would like to find the talents and meet the big future game-producers and developers who make their dreams come true.”

    Said Mr. Thomas Lim, Director of Interactive Media, Games & Publishing, MDA, “We are pleased to be a part of the selection panel of the “PlayStation® Games & Apps Challenge 2012 in Asia”. We encourage Singapore developers to participate in this challenge, thereby introducing more new Singapore games to the world through the popular PlayStation® platform.”


  • Posted by PS3Hax Member News , on 27/05/2012 , @ 03:21am


    I won’t get in *Clinical* or technical details but the pantomime of demonhades is getting old.


    Never ending story part 0:

    They showed the world what they can do with UNIVERSAL MAD downgrade.
    Now with the release of an UNIVERSAL guide (i think they have a serious issue with the the universe since they make mention about it most of the time).

    I was translating their guides by my own means and not insulting the intelligence of anybody there neither showing disrespect by what i tought in that moment a bunch of people that deliver serious solutions to universal problems.
    If i make a sudden stop and think about it for a moment i will say that STILL they have a posture towards to the NON-ENGLISH readers/speakers/writers that’s way beyond childish.

    MAD Downgrade:

    They say that we don’t need a HARDWARE flasher in order to perform the magic.
    I say it’s pure vaporware, even if it’s showed on a video.
    I translated the guides corresponding this im still dubious about their *research* seems that empty promises bring hollow results.


    This dev is mentioned over and over again, often i imagine they have this poor guy chained to a chair on a dark room developing things to certain area of wannabe elitists.


    This is not ME trying to star a war on demonhades, but this charade gone too far for my taste and for the ones following the proyect since day 0.

    Next i will translate (since my native langague is spanish) what’s is being said about the others SCENE sites like HAX are posting the NEWS from THEM.

    Let’s take out the mask of this DEMONHADES, now i want to see them refute this.


    VideoTutorial PRE3,downgradeando de 356MA a 355

    Nuestro amigo varicela nos deja este video para demostrar que el downgrader de 356MA a 355 es real y no un fake ni nada parecido y que tampoco se necesita un flasher fisico,espero que esto picara a mas de uno pero..A CHUPARLA!!! (¿¿donde estan ahora los trolls o los espavilados de turno que decian que no era posible??)

    1saludo y gracias a Varicela y Jaicrab


    doing downgrade from 356MA to 355 = VideoTutorial
    Author: DEMONHADES

    Our friend Varicela posted this video in order to demostrate that the downgrader from 356MA to 355 is REAL and it’s not FAKE and nothing like that. Neither you need a physical flasher to do this.
    Hope this will generate some *itch* (when they say itch, means = more tha one person will doubt about what they are saying) BUT ALL OF YOU CAN SUCK IT!!! (where are the trolls now?? or the crack heads that said that THIS was not even POSSIBLE?

    Well since i exposed this, i sense some belligerence from their side towards anyone who dare to not believe in what they say.
    So any SCENE site that was posting news from demonhades now you know how they think about US being posting their news in our communities. In some kind of way they are *trolling* and *abusing* the fact that some words get lost in translation.

    I see demonhades *SCENE* facing a big self esteem problem.

    My error was bring Zrandiscene one guy that roughly translated what they were working and they silenced the user here in HAX.
    So they have 0 tolerance towards anyone that doubts or defies what they *done*. (or both of them)

    This being said, i like to mention one last thing:

    Please. Next time bring something real and try not to manipulate users to use them as guinea pigs.
    In a land of make believe, you are good story tellers but bad at perfoming a task that all of you being promoting ages ago.

    This is the proof how they silent users in boards (this happened here):


    Zrandi,don´t lie anymore please.Yes, he was moderator one time,but he never has been involved with our team.we was waiting to public this info when the tool have ready.

    This information doesn´t correspond to Zrandi




    P.s: Never trust google translate, if you are speaking the truth why calling the trolls or dare anyone to take a stand when all what they are and thus creating and using is not fake?

    Since im a good *person/user* if someone ask me to translate the findings of demonhades i will do it, i won’t allow my personal opinion cloud my judgment.

  • Posted by Pirate , on 26/05/2012 , @ 07:04pm


    Although I am highly doubt this will come to retail games, we have already seen some form of advertisements on demos. How would you feel if PSN remained free, but started to serve you advertisements within retail games, or games while using online services? A Google patent filed by Sony explores the possibility of adding advertisement in game.

    To quote:

    Recently discovered on Google Patents, a patent that Sony Computer Entertainment America filed on November 10, 2011 shows that they plan to interrupt game play to bring advertisements. The premise is like this: you’ll be enjoying your game, and then it will start to gradually slow down, until an advertisement pops-up on your screen telling you about some great offers, and then your game will resume.

    Sony isn’t the first to think of a scheme such as this, as we reported; Microsoft has its own plans to bring ads to Xbox Live. Could this be what’s to come with the next generation of consoles? Ads shoved down the consumers throat interrupting an immersive game play experience so these companies can make more money? We hope so, because that Best Brand Soda looks great.
    Seriously, though, cut the crap. If companies like Microsoft or Sony start to push shit like this out the window the future for gaming looks bleaker than it already is. I wouldn’t be surprised if we saw a new online service introduced by Sony, or another Playstation Plus tier, as they are in dire need of money. In all honesty, could I see ads coming in and interrupting game play like what was just described? No. Nobody has the balls to put that on their platform. I really couldn’t see a thing like this ever being implemented, and I believe the real reason this patent was filed was just so Sony could claim it.

    But who knows? Maybe the future of gaming is going to be filled with glorious advertisements. Maybe every time you boot up a game to play, you’re greeted with an ad for Best Brand Soda, whatever that may be. I can’t see it happening, but everything is within the realm of possibility. Especially when you’re dealing in the video games industry, where it seems people get greedier and greedier every year.


  • Posted by PS3Hax Member News , on 25/05/2012 , @ 08:30am


    We have reported on rumours regarding the PS4 before, which as rumours state is going to be called Orbis, well those rumours blow this rumour out of the water.

    A German console website called PlayNation apparently have leaked documentation supposedly from Sony, here is a quote from said website:

    Even prior to the times in the past called “Orbis” has been rumored as a code name for what Sony’s newest secret weapon, the PlayStation 4 is valid. Now an alleged data has emerged, which includes the development and launch date. Thus comes the next generation console during the 4th Quarter of 2013 in the trade. Furthermore, it is stated that the PS4 more than 10 GB and 10 GB of working memory has video and thus can have a respectable power. If that was not enough, a 2D 3840×2160 pixel resolution comes with the application, while 3D games, in full 1080p resolution, flicker across the screen.

    It is noteworthy that PlayStation and PlayStation 2 and PS3 games on the PlayStation 4 are functional. The connection to the Vita and a new service called “Iris”, lists the data sheet. What do you think? Sony will let the cat during the upcoming E3 out of the bag?

    Here is an image of the data sheet along with a download link to the full size:

    Download Full Size Image

    Source PlayNation
    Original Source Gameranx(Rumour Starters)




    I decided to not be lazy and type out the rumoured specs on the sheet :)

    Rumoured Specs

    • CPU - Cell Broadband Engine X @ 3.2GHz - 16PPE’s - 128 SPE’s
    • GPU - Custom Nvidia/SCEI “quantum Leap” @2GHz
    • Memory - 10GB XDR2 + 10GB GDDR6
    • Storage Capacity - 250GB/320GB Model depending
    • OS - Sony Aether
    • Video Resolution - 2160p 2D - 1080p 3D
    • Audio - 11.1
    • Media Formats - PS4 Game Disc - PS3 Game Disc - PS2 Game Disc - PS1 Game Disc - HD Blu Ray Disc - DVD - CD
    • Controller Input - Dualshock 4 - Dualshock 3 - PS Iris - PS Vita - PS Omni - PS Certified Xperia - Sony Tablet - PS Move - PS Eye - Sixaxis
    • Connectivity - USB 3.0 - HDMI 1.4 - Bluetooth 4.0 - WiFi b/g/n - DLNA - Ethernet - PS Vita - Memory Cards SD/MMC/etc

    UPDATE 2

    I have added a poll to the forum thread, so you can vote on whether you think it is fake or true:
    Click Here To Vote.

  • Posted by GregoryRasputin , on 24/05/2012 , @ 12:58pm


    The regular members/readers of the forum will know ive spoken a good bit about Cloud Gaming, specifically Onlive, cloud gaming is great for those that cannot afford to spend a lot of money on a high spec gaming rig, it is even better portable and if rumours of Cloud gaming appearing on PS3, there is no reason that it shouldn’t appear on the PS Vita as well, here is a thread followed by a video of portable cloud gaming:

    Onlive Portable

    I also wrote a little bit last year about the Online team happy at the idea of working on the PS3 and Xbox 360, you can read that here:
    Onlive On PS3

    So that brings me to the rumour circulating around several websites today, originally started by multi format website vg247 about Sony partnering with a cloud gaming service, so that gives us Onlive which is app based and Gaikai which seems to be Browser based, im sure the well known Steam could also be considered.

    Here is the quote that started it all and a link to the full article:

    Sony’s first-party effort will revolve around at least two largely unknown core products and Vita. The two titles are likely to generate a great deal of excitement. Also expect Sony to attempt to play a strong “Vita isn’t dead” card. Big core games on the small screen will be a focus for Sony this year, but, again, expect solidity rather than megatonnage. You may well be blown away by what’s on show, but it’s doubtful you’re going to be too shocked by any of the announcements.

    Apart from the partnership deal between PlayStation and a leading cloud gaming service, obviously.

    Originator Of Rumour vg247

    Your views and opinions ?

  • Posted by Pirate , on 24/05/2012 , @ 11:49am


    The guy who made Rich Appearance Maker brings you a Animated Theme Creator.

    To quote:

    Today I spoke to one of your members: winch03200 and he gave me an idea. Seeing the difficulty of people to create animated themes so I decided to create a small program (which will get better) is to quickly create file “raf” to integrate with your theme.

    You need 7 files you can find in the SDK 3.41 from Sony:

    You just select the images you want to use and choose how the theme:
    =-Video Displays images quickly to simulate a video
    =-Slide Show Displays images with a deteriorating

    Then click on “create raf” to create the file “raf” that will be used to create your theme.


  • Posted by PS3Hax Member News , on 24/05/2012 , @ 05:17am


    Well PSN is being *checked and fixed* for unknown reasons.
    If you start to analize some dates from releases of the damn dongles (and clones) and other data around news sites you will jump into some shady conclusion maybe. Since we have the same old plataform that we can’t even see HQ youtube videos.
    I sense negligence here..
    Seems that they will add some new content. *sigh*

    For me: An upcoming update of OFW, this is another fail excuse to keep the network down for some time and so some *repairs*.
    Being honest? I don’t believe a WORD about they have to say.

    PSN Official Report:

    On Thursday, May 24, Sony will be performing maintenance on the PlayStation network as part of an effort to “continue to deliver you a world-class online entertainment experience.”
    Maintenance will begin at approximately 8:00 am PDT and conclude around 11:00 pm PDT.
    During this time you may receive a message that states “PlayStation Network is undergoing maintenance” when attempting ot access the PlayStation Store or PlayStation home from your PS3 or PS Vita devices. Online play and entertainment apps will not be affected during this maintenance as long as you have signed into the network within 5 days prior to the start of the maintenance period.


    While PSN is under the knife, gamers will still be able to play games online, enter Netflix and browse other apps. This is only possible however if you have logged into your PlayStation account 5 days before the start of the scheduled maintenance (before 10AM EST 24 May).


  • Posted by GregoryRasputin , on 22/05/2012 , @ 03:25am


    PS3HaX developer Snowydew along with the help of software devloper KDSBest released some interesting Edat Encryption/Decryption tool’s on Sunday, here is what Snowydew said when i asked him about the tools:

    Stupid question, what does your tools do ?
    was wondering if i could add a bit to the post
    extracts iso.bin.edats
    post ?
    when kds converted it over he found out that act.dat and rif can also be decrypted
    as well as possibly re encrypted
    errr the thread about it / news post, haven’t done this in ages
    the reason the re encryption process is a POC, is because even though we can resign it, we’re unfamiliar with certain bytes in the header (What i wanted to ask if you could add)
    I havent done one yet, but if you want to do it, i will front poage it, it would look more proffesional coming from someone that knows exactly what it does :)
    well it’s full sources for all the versions, the java ones are the originals that i’ve had since december
    looked aroudn for people to convert over to something usable since you need the java sdk and netbeans installed to even use it or compile it, so we got it to c# through kds :)
    when converting it over he found out little aspects to rif and act.dats, i’m not sure if he included them 100% though

    Snowydew> so the decryption as it stands right now, an do iso.bin.edat, requires idps, rif and act.dat for the games.
    re encryption i believe it needs the “fake” signed ones, as well as an idps (not sure on the idps)
    however the second method only requires the idps and the .rap file
    this does not cover licenseing games i believe (It could, but we haven’t tested it)
    the re encryption algo is in the encryption one, but again haven’t been able to test it completely (reason i was asking around on twitter awhile back)

    Source PS3HaX IRC
    Snowydews Twitter

    Download iso.bin.edat