• PS3 Hacks , 26.05.2012

    Although I am highly doubt this will come to retail games, we have already seen some form of advertisements on demos. How would you feel if PSN remained free, but started to serve you advertisements within retail games, or games while using online services? A Google patent filed by Sony explores the possibility of adding advertisement in game.

    To quote:

    Recently discovered on Google Patents, a patent that Sony Computer Entertainment America filed on November 10, 2011 shows that they plan to interrupt game play to bring advertisements. The premise is like this: you’ll be enjoying your game, and then it will start to gradually slow down, until an advertisement pops-up on your screen telling you about some great offers, and then your game will resume.

    Sony isn’t the first to think of a scheme such as this, as we reported; Microsoft has its own plans to bring ads to Xbox Live. Could this be what’s to come with the next generation of consoles? Ads shoved down the consumers throat interrupting an immersive game play experience so these companies can make more money? We hope so, because that Best Brand Soda looks great.
    Seriously, though, cut the crap. If companies like Microsoft or Sony start to push shit like this out the window the future for gaming looks bleaker than it already is. I wouldn’t be surprised if we saw a new online service introduced by Sony, or another Playstation Plus tier, as they are in dire need of money. In all honesty, could I see ads coming in and interrupting game play like what was just described? No. Nobody has the balls to put that on their platform. I really couldn’t see a thing like this ever being implemented, and I believe the real reason this patent was filed was just so Sony could claim it.

    But who knows? Maybe the future of gaming is going to be filled with glorious advertisements. Maybe every time you boot up a game to play, you’re greeted with an ad for Best Brand Soda, whatever that may be. I can’t see it happening, but everything is within the realm of possibility. Especially when you’re dealing in the video games industry, where it seems people get greedier and greedier every year.


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      07:34 PM

      It sounds like the perfect reason to quit videogaming once and for all.
      It's like they form a reason why you should quit investing money in video games.
      Seriously, forced ads on video games are completelly killing the whole, basic, idea and architecture of video game theory.
      You supposedly play a video game to entertain yourself and disconnect from reality for a bit. If you are forced to see an ad here and there while you play it kills the actual idea of playing a video game leaving you with zero interest on investing money in video games hence quiting video gaming...
      What a super silly idea?
      [sarcasm]Which child prodigy came with the idea of such thing?[/sarcasm]
      He deserves the award of the most retarded person alive.
      Also, for the record, patenting a retarded idea makes the creator look more retarded.
      WOW just seriously, humanity latelly is filled with people who think they come up with innovative ideas.
      True, it looks that there are many people showing innovative ways at being a retard and there is alot of competition between them for the first place too...

      ...yeah I'm talking to you Sony...

    2. bigo93
      07:36 PM

      lmao, cos that's what every gamer wants, a commercial break every 15 minutes during a gaming session!

      As said obviously never going to happen as it'll just open up their competitor's to advertise as not having advertisements :P
      But then again, companies these days are getting money hungry by the day, if one does it the others may as well; but gamers will protest too much, we are already paying a lot not only for the consoles but for each game!
      Even if the game was given for free, no gamer would want their session interrupted.

      It really is for the sake of owning a patent, and how can that be a patent?! Are having TV commercials a patent? Or the intermission in the middle of a long movie at a cinema? The half time break in sports?!
      If so who owns that patent :P

    3. saxile
      07:37 PM

      I'd put up with the ads if they made the game free instead

    4. Mackdanny
      07:48 PM

      [MENTION=1]Pirate[/MENTION] with all due respect didn't Greg post this already?

      Even in that thread I expressed my doubts that this would come to fruition. Whats more possible to happen is something like what happened to the xbox 360 version of Burnout Paradise in which the Obama administration paid EA for advertisement in the form of the in game billboards.

    5. Annelies
      08:22 PM

      My guess:

      Not as many gamers were suckered into PS+ as Sony originally predicted, so to sweeten the deal, PS+ members will not be subject to the inconvenience of in-game advertisements.

    6. LoboGuara
      08:33 PM

      Probably a strategy involving free/low cost games, like a regular adware software for the PC. I always curse the avira antivirus whenever I'm playing TF2 and it minimizes the game with a popup offering the premium version.

      I doubt it will one day be used in retail ps3/vita games.

    7. JOshISPoser
      08:34 PM

      how come you can post twice within 30 seconds? jk :P
      i think it's just to patent it before anyone else. then maybe if companies really want it, well, then sony has it. i just don't see how it would work with online games though where you can jump in and out; would everyone pause at the same time?
      i'm slightly okay with in game adverts that make it more real, like sports games. all it does though, imo, is gonna make it hard to rerelease the game and get the licenses. then you'll have obvious fakes in the rerelease like crazy taxi that look pretty stupid cause it's not even like good joke titles like in GTA.

      can i see another video game crash? hmmm....well, i wouldn't see another cause i wasn't alive for the first, but you get the point

    8. Annelies
      08:36 PM

      Why don't they just go with product placement instead of full-blown video (I'm guessing it's video) advertisements? I wouldn't mind robbing a McDonalds in GTA V.

    9. bigo93
      09:09 PM

      Well let's say this does happen. What happens when one of the players on your team decides to check out the ad and then spends 5 minutes on it; does everyone else have to wait for that one player to come back?

      It's a ridiculous concept which wont catch on and will drive people away.
      You dont see a pop up in the middle of a raid run in WoW, and if there ever was everyone would be really pissed off!

      America is well known for product placement in TV and movies, why dont they just do that? Reduces cost for devs, publishers and consumers as the game prices should decrease.
      I used GTA4 as an example a year or so ago. Instead of the made up Burger Shot, they could have allowed McD, Burger King et al bid to buy the right to be in the game.
      Then have billboards in the game with ads on them, then charge companies a weekly/monthly rate, and let our games download the ads in the background and add them to the given areas.
      I wouldnt mind this so long as game prices come down due to the extra revenue they get from these ads, and doesnt affect the game greatly.

    10. muh316
      09:15 PM

      I would be fine with it as long as it made the game cheaper. I really want the good old 40 dollars a game deal.

    11. Cheesethief
      09:15 PM

      Sony is taking the college class called: How to Lose Your Userbase 101

      I highly doubt this will happen. It is probably just a way to sue someone that uses this later on without Sony's consent.

    12. HolmesInFive
      09:50 PM

      I know that the retail game WipEout HD Fury had adverts in it's loading screen. More than once when i was playing online I had a short video trailer for a movie pop up before I went to race. While it didn't interrupt me playing it was still annoying to see an add playing.

    13. JOshISPoser
      10:25 PM

      have you guys never noticed in game product placement? like i said, it's already there like in madden and stuff. the older tony hawks had a lot of jeep products and stuff. it's alright in those games cause it does make it seem more legit but if i'm playing like a final fantasy, i don't want to see a boost mobile billboard out of nowhere :P

    14. hellsing9
      10:28 PM

      Even me posted something similar, mmmm my tought about this. ads in games...it's like ads in youtube but far worse.

    15. JOshISPoser
      10:43 PM

      i purposely close videos on youtube that start with adverts. i was slightly okay with those bars that pop up with an advert, but when they start with it, no way. i just close it and watch the video elsewhere.
      i only put up with so much convenience.

    16. hellsing9
      10:49 PM

      But PSN really needs ads? xD it's crazy to think about it. **** your gameplay let's fill your screen with ads...

    17. JOshISPoser
      11:30 PM

      isn't like the xbox home screen full of ads?

    18. hellsing9
      11:51 PM

      Originally Posted by JOshISPoser
      isn't like the xbox home screen full of ads?
      Home screen = YES
      In game = NO

      Big difference

    19. JOshISPoser
      12:00 AM

      i know...that'd bother me though almost even more. you pay for xbox live, you pay for a 360 and you're still getting advertisement. eh, i've never been an xbox fan, probably never will. it didn't even start as a bias, as a kid/teen, i didn't like the console.
      if in game advertisement brings price down and stuff, that's fine but why put ads on something on you own. if i bought a tv and everytime it started i had to see an advertisement, that'd peeve me; am i paying the tv company or the companies that are being advertised?!

    20. Cypherous
      03:27 AM

      Wipeout HD had adverts during the loading screen already

    21. RVX
      03:47 AM

      "But who knows? Maybe the future of gaming is going to be filled with glorious advertisements."

      Oh right glorious, we all love advertisements man. Can't get enough of that, hell if possible I would even want advertisements in my dreams!!

      Retarded companies thinking they know what we want while they are way ****ing off and are just doing things to please their stockholders.

    22. Cheesethief
      04:01 AM

      How about product placement as said before? Why use fake restaurants and what not and replace them with actual real life businesses? I mean looking at McDonalds in a game is more realistic than Generic Burger Joint A. If it is a city setting, why not make use of billboards and whatever you find in real cities?

    23. hellsing9
      04:35 AM

      Im confused here, you will get ADS when you are online only? or even offline playing a single player game?.
      I picture myself playing BF4 (?) and some crazy AD appears in the center on the screen when im shooting like a madman a insulting everyone in my team because where are winning the round, then BAM! ad appears = i lose.

      **** this **** seriously.

      ADS IN gameplay always existed, the thing it's not some popup eventually comes out of the blue in a middle of gameplay showing the latest product of Nivea or anti-age facial cream.

    24. fahadsul3man
      05:08 AM

      the funded graffiti campaign for psp, years back didnt work as sony expected lets see if this works