• REQUIRES Showtime 3.5.212 - Read FAQ please

    A new version for the Youtube plugin for Showtime is now available. It contains some few features many users requested while other features are always a good addition, let’s see the changelog so you may have an idea of what to find new in it:

    - Add: Show Feeds
    - Add: Sort feeds (published, relevance, views, rating, position, comments, duration and title)
    - Add: Filter Channel Feeds by Type
    - Add: Filter Show Feeds by Genre
    - Add: Filter Show Feeds by Region
    - Add: Filter Movie Feeds by Genre
    - Add: Filter Movie Feeds by Region
    - Add: Filter Standard Feeds by Hungary region
    - Add: Live Feeds
    - Add: Background support (can be enabled via Settings page)
    - Add: Set minimum resolution to play
    - Add: Filter Movie Feeds by Language
    - Enhancement: Only show free content in Movie Feeds
    - Enhancement: If it is not possible to get the original video link(s), try to get an error message
    - Enhancement: Use API version 2.1, it allows Google users that don’t have a Youtube channel to use some features of Youtube
    - Enhancement: Upon Youtube entrance show Login popup if setting enabled, if user does not authenticate there he will not have access to features exclusive for Youtube users
    - Enhancement: Show Message Alert when user uses an action (e.g. like a video, add to favorites, …)

    There are some points I want to inform you:
    1. Sort Feeds is only available in Video and Playlists feeds.
    2. Live Feeds include all feeds in Youtube API in this topic, but take note that Showtime doesn’t support YET HTTP Live Streaming, because of that, while you can navigate the feed called “Live Now” you’ll get error 400 when clicking to play. You may ask why I leave something not functional. Well, that’s a good question and the answer is quite simple too, the way Youtube plugin is built to get the video links, it works too for Live Streams, so we have the Live Streams links, only Showtime doesn’t support them at the moment. That means, that once Showtime starts supporting those links, there’s no need to release a new version, this will automatically be compatible, unless if Youtube makes crucial changes in the way videos work.
    3. The option “Lowest resolution” may be of great interest since with that you can automatically bypass video links in, for example, 240p or 360p and focus on the really good ones.
    4. This version restricts movies to free ones, the reason is simple, the plugin can’t make rentals so there’s no need to have those listed.

    Installation: Available in Repository, in Start Page of Showtime click the puzzle icon in top right, click Available, click Youtube, click Install, voilá! You have the plugin installed, quite simple yes? Now it’s time of the real fun!

    A special thanks to Tyrant for testing development builds.

    1. I get error ‘Your version of Showtime is outdated for this plugin. Look at Showtime Download for a new build of it.’, what I need to do?
    Simply follow the link to download the latest build of Showtime.

    2. Where can I find facanferff?
    He is available some times a day in IRC, EFNet, channel #showtime. There you can find helpful people that will be able to assist you, including the creator of Showtime, andoma.

    3. Where can I report bugs and suggest features?
    Coming soon. (Will be updated when it is available)

    4. There’s a way to support the developer?
    Yes, there is, the simplest and the one that doesn’t even cost you money is like the plugin for the contest.

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    1. GregoryRasputin
      02:31 PM

      Thanks [MENTION=82733]facanferff[/MENTION], front paged.

    2. capostef
      02:31 PM

      Navi x cool stuff thanks a lot

    3. stussy1
      05:35 PM

      How awsome does it look thank u facanferff

    4. dafank
      03:01 PM

      do you still need a physical keyboard to input the search string?

    5. sbp
      03:18 PM

      anyone else have cpu to slow errors running this plugin. it seems to really lag for me. I am also having difficulty with the navi-x plugin(posted about it in navi thread).

    6. celioricardo
      03:22 PM

      how do i download?