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    The regular members/readers of the forum will know ive spoken a good bit about Cloud Gaming, specifically Onlive, cloud gaming is great for those that cannot afford to spend a lot of money on a high spec gaming rig, it is even better portable and if rumours of Cloud gaming appearing on PS3, there is no reason that it shouldn’t appear on the PS Vita as well, here is a thread followed by a video of portable cloud gaming:

    Onlive Portable

    I also wrote a little bit last year about the Online team happy at the idea of working on the PS3 and Xbox 360, you can read that here:
    Onlive On PS3

    So that brings me to the rumour circulating around several websites today, originally started by multi format website vg247 about Sony partnering with a cloud gaming service, so that gives us Onlive which is app based and Gaikai which seems to be Browser based, im sure the well known Steam could also be considered.

    Here is the quote that started it all and a link to the full article:

    Sony’s first-party effort will revolve around at least two largely unknown core products and Vita. The two titles are likely to generate a great deal of excitement. Also expect Sony to attempt to play a strong “Vita isn’t dead” card. Big core games on the small screen will be a focus for Sony this year, but, again, expect solidity rather than megatonnage. You may well be blown away by what’s on show, but it’s doubtful you’re going to be too shocked by any of the announcements.

    Apart from the partnership deal between PlayStation and a leading cloud gaming service, obviously.

    Originator Of Rumour vg247

    Your views and opinions ?

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    1. jdtamimi
      01:03 PM

      That would be another reason why I love the ps3 scene.

    2. iPwnz
      01:45 PM

      i like cloud gaming! it makes my ****ty pc not look so bad, but in case of ps3 i am wondering how much bandwith it will take at peak times for the datacenter to handle all the people who are gaming at the same time, same with rendering... but could be a step in the right direction, but on the other hand, its pure drm or am i wrong?

    3. superfurry
      01:55 PM

      Probley have another console out before that works good

    4. bigo93
      06:09 PM

      Yes, because I want to make it easier for $ony to steal my legally bought games just because someone else found a way to run an exploit with it!

      No way in hell would I get into the cloud thing, corporations are all about making profits and screwing the consumer; I would want greater consumer rights with cloud services as everything is in the hands of the cloud host, and what happens when they suddenly claim you broke their terms? You lose everything, you wont get a refund and will be unable to access anything from your account again!

      With cloud services there has to be greater security for the consumer, I dont see myself using it much as it puts us at a disadvantage if we need to complain about the service.

    5. malex
      06:22 PM

      Originally Posted by iPwnz
      ... its pure drm or am i wrong?
      You're probably right, but to be perfectly fair, even if sony don't deserve a bit of fairness, in this case DRM is perfectly justified, and really not such a biggie the way I see it. Actually, let me make it clear, that is if we are speaking of a purely cloud based gaming console. If the console is going to be a hybrid cloud/physical media, then I kindly direct you to bigo93 posts, he sums up my thoughts very nicely.

      P.S. I wouldn't buy it regardless, sony made it after all. Until I see pics of all current sony bosses beheaded, I won't go near anything made by them.

    6. Shezed
      08:14 PM

      I believe anything cloud is bad, sure people withoiut a high end rig might like it, but you give both your privacy and your freedom away if the server goes down or the company no longer feels like hosting old games (you paid for) or whatever other reason call me parenoid but everyone has seen how companies treat their customers profit before all. I don't think it should be embraced so easely

    7. AlexBaka
      12:26 AM

      As I know sony they can turn on cloud service, but can leave all the same high prices at the same time.

    8. LoverboySimer
      06:04 AM

      that will be the end of the world

    9. Cypherous
      09:32 AM

      Steam isn't a cloud gaming service so wouldn't fall under the same thing, steam would be selling you games for the platform you use in this case PS3 and would be seen as direct competition to PSN so they would never allow it, onlive is a different thing altogether and i feel no need to deal with cloud games, atleast if i download the games i buy i can play them if the server is down

    10. iPwnz
      10:16 AM

      looks like the rumor is coming true, you read in various news site that sony has an eye on onlive and gaikai even close to buy them: