• A couple of months back we posted about the PS Suite SDK, the software used to create applications for the PS Vita and Sony certified devices, well for those of you that can use it, Sony Computer Entertainment Asia is holding a competition, with the Grand Prize being $5000US, here is a quote from the official site:

    Tokyo, May 22, 2012
    Sony Computer Entertainment Asia (SCE Asia) today announced that it will host the game and application concept challenge, “PlayStation® Games & Apps Challenge 2012 in Asia (The Challenge)”.

    The challenge is open to any game fans and developers to participate and share the game and application ideas for future release on the PlayStation® platform. The Challenge provides an opportunity for anyone to get involved and engaged with PlayStation® development.

    < PlayStation® Games & Apps Challenge 2012 in Asia >
    Categories and Awards

    Grand Prize (Up to 2 entries) - US$5,000 each
    Special Award (Up to 5 Entries) - US$500 each

    Grand Prize (Up to 4 entries) - US$1,000 each
    * The grand prize winners will be invited to the award ceremony on December.

    Details will be available on the challenge official website around June of 2012

    * Details will be available on the challenge official website around June of 2012
    * Entry for the challenge will start around July of 2012

    - The official language for the challenge is English
    - The challenge official website (http://asia.playstation.com/PS-GAC2012)
    - For enquiries about the challenge, please contact ([email protected])

    There are two categories to challenge, PlayStation®Suite and PlayStation®Vita. The grand prize winner will have a chance to publish with SCE Asia or the opportunity to get full support on the development environment of the PlayStation® platform.

    The Singapore leg of the Challenge is supported by the Media Development Authority (MDA) of Singapore. Winning entries from the Singapore leg of the Challenge will stand a chance to develop their prototype into a playable game at the PlayStation® Incubation Studio Singapore housed within the Games Solution Centre (GSC). The Challenge will be managed by GSC team.

    “We are very enthusiastic to hold this special program starting this year and hopefully continue for following years because we believe that “PlayStation® Games & Apps Challenge 2012 in Asia” will bring game fans and developers closer to us and our platform,.” said Tetsuhiko Yasuda, President, SCE Asia. “We definitely would like to find the talents and meet the big future game-producers and developers who make their dreams come true.”

    Said Mr. Thomas Lim, Director of Interactive Media, Games & Publishing, MDA, “We are pleased to be a part of the selection panel of the “PlayStation® Games & Apps Challenge 2012 in Asia”. We encourage Singapore developers to participate in this challenge, thereby introducing more new Singapore games to the world through the popular PlayStation® platform.”


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    1. derako
      07:08 PM

      they aint just a company. . they're much more than that. . they care about their customers, they think about what's best for us and not about the money they will get

      /* sarcasm mode off */

    2. hamtah
      07:40 PM

      The challenge is to create a concept of a game or app on PS Suite SDK?

      Or is the challenge to send an idea concept of a game or app?

    3. mcmrc1
      07:53 PM

      they should give us keeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeys :D

    4. JOshISPoser
      10:22 PM

      Thatotherdev wins. :P

    5. BobbyBangin
      11:11 PM

      They want to give me money and I want to give $ony a Dutch Oven. Sounds pretty fair to me.

    6. xflarex
      02:34 AM

      If only I could get it to work in wine.

    7. japsander
      03:00 AM

      Lol, this fails so so much.

      A. Sony release ps3 as a computer system with the ability of allowing devs to make apps/games

      B. Sony remove that ability and use the excuse that the ps3 is just a games console in court in order to sue devs

      C. Sony hold a "home brew" competition for games/applications (applications being the word to note)

      Is it a computer system or a games console?

      Note to Sony, MAKE YOUR ****ING MNDS UP!

    8. hellsing9
      03:36 AM

      It's a computer/console system.

    9. Annelies
      04:28 AM

      It's a home entertainment system.

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    10. jc_gargma
      05:55 AM

      This contest is a joke.
      The PSSuite ToS forbids open-source apps, does not allow the app to be free, gives Sony full control of the price of the app, as well as the creator having no say in how much they get in royalties.
      This mere $5k one-time payment is a bargain price for something that can make Sony far far more.

    11. enosrasun
      06:03 AM

      so the SDK is free!!!! woooooooooo

      and now they came up with this contest,YOU WILL MAKE AN APP,SONY GIVE YOU 5K AND SONY SELL IT ON SEN AND MAKE 1000X MORE !!!!woooooooooo

      for an app that you want to release for free ,nice one sony !!!!!!!!!!!! sarcasm

    12. TDMaster
      07:03 AM

      i think sony do what they are doing best all along ****ing customers and making more money on us..

    13. hellsing9
      08:33 AM

      Originally Posted by TDMaster
      i think sony do what they are doing best all along ****ing customers and making more money on us..
      Besides of mess with their own gaming system..actions speaks louder than words.
      And updates are the downfall of PS3. So resuming they are ****ing with the costumers and the product that the costumers bought almost blindly trusting in them too.