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    Well PSN is being *checked and fixed* for unknown reasons.
    If you start to analize some dates from releases of the damn dongles (and clones) and other data around news sites you will jump into some shady conclusion maybe. Since we have the same old plataform that we can’t even see HQ youtube videos.
    I sense negligence here..
    Seems that they will add some new content. *sigh*

    For me: An upcoming update of OFW, this is another fail excuse to keep the network down for some time and so some *repairs*.
    Being honest? I don’t believe a WORD about they have to say.

    PSN Official Report:

    On Thursday, May 24, Sony will be performing maintenance on the PlayStation network as part of an effort to “continue to deliver you a world-class online entertainment experience.”
    Maintenance will begin at approximately 8:00 am PDT and conclude around 11:00 pm PDT.
    During this time you may receive a message that states “PlayStation Network is undergoing maintenance” when attempting ot access the PlayStation Store or PlayStation home from your PS3 or PS Vita devices. Online play and entertainment apps will not be affected during this maintenance as long as you have signed into the network within 5 days prior to the start of the maintenance period.


    While PSN is under the knife, gamers will still be able to play games online, enter Netflix and browse other apps. This is only possible however if you have logged into your PlayStation account 5 days before the start of the scheduled maintenance (before 10AM EST 24 May).


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    1. LoverboySimer
      05:33 AM

      dont know how much more repair they need its like repair is the hobby for them
      if u do it 1,2,3 times its called repair but if u do it 50,60,70 times it would be like
      we will f*** the psn again today
      u will not able to masturbate during that period

    2. onyxx
      06:48 AM

      Well e3 is only a little over a week away maintenance in prep for an ofw is pretty much believable. The random "scheduled" maintenance can get a little annoying though.

    3. pSydeFX
      06:55 AM

      thought sony was changin the name of psn? anyways, i dont care im never on psn

    4. KDSBest
      07:31 AM

      Sony is making a move. Mr Burns - Excellent - YouTube

    5. tm9912
      08:34 AM

      Sony is making there own CFW, we will be able to play all games that will ever be realesed, that includes all games that already have been realesed, including ps1, ps2, ddos, xbox, windows and mac games, not Xbox 360 though, Maybe in the future the CEO said

    6. NTA
      08:43 AM

      Originally Posted by pSydeFX
      thought sony was changin the name of psn? anyways, i dont care im never on psn
      Think it was called SEN or something

    7. realdanielh
      08:52 AM

      They want you to stay online for 5 consecutive days??? And that information is given to us about when? Like one day ahead, well yeah, that figures Sony.

    8. Nimation
      10:08 AM

      Sony's online service suckssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

      11:12 AM

      Prepping for PS+ cloud gaming?

    10. GregoryRasputin
      12:15 PM

      Originally Posted by DEFAULTDNB
      Prepping for PS+ cloud gaming?
      If the Sony retards hadn't gotten rid of OtherOS, we could have had it a couple of years ago, the Online devs had a working app, specifically geared for working via Linux on the PS3

    11. fahadsul3man
      12:24 PM

      Originally Posted by Nimation
      Sony's online service suckssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss
      yeah tell me about it bro , their servers suck ass ****en slow

    12. sandungas
      08:10 PM

      Another option is they are changing something related with the accounts
      So they had to stop the account registration service for a time to implement and test the new account "functions"
      Then after the services are restored all the new accounts will use this new functions

      In addition to this... all the posibilities are open, paranoid or not i bet there will be something new related with accounts

    13. hellsing9
      08:13 PM

      They are go silent or down two or three times in a year.
      Hope they implement something new, and better security = they still suck btw

    14. <GEEK>
      10:17 PM

      Most likely this is just going to be server maintenance and no end user will ever notice a difference. What was the last actual "feature" they implemented in an update after all?

      To all those complaining about constant server maintenance and things from Sony... Would you rather have an unmaintained network? I sure as hell wouldn't. Just saying

    15. hellsing9
      10:42 PM

      I would rather have a more secure/stable/friendly PSN, still a rudimentary network. They have to do some serious changes someday...but.