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    Dear $ony likes to fail, happened on 2011 when PSN was hacked they gave 2 free games, now with the same lame excuse on the oncoming E3 they are trying to lure more users to use their *Free services* = Huge discounts among other things now including Vita on the equation (sounds familiar?).


    Here’s the info about the upcoming events and details of E3 2012:

    According to multiple sources, Sony is preparing a revamp of their subscription-based PlayStation Plus service which will be revealed during its E3 press conference next week.
    Sources close to Eurogamer have indicated that part of Sony’s E3 press conference will be devoted to the PlayStation Plus revamp in an attempt to convince users to sign up with the service that offers free games, huge discounts, early access to exclusive demos and betas of upcoming titles, and more.
    Sony is said to be enticing users to sign up by giving subscribers top tier games for free while implementing proper integration with PS Vita. Plus on the Vita will supposedly offer exclusive Vita titles, DLC, and cloud services rather than having to connect the handheld to the PS3 or PC to backup saved content.
    “By the way, if you don’t have a PS+ subscription, now is the time to get one. For real. Just get 3 months if you aren’t sure. Trust me,” PlayStation Plus content manager Ross McGrath said on his Twitter page.
    Sony’s E3 conference is set to take place on Monday, June 4th at 6:00 PM. If you are unable to attend, you can tune in to the event via the PlayStation Blog or stream it live on your PlayStation 3.

    Source = Eurogamer

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      link is not working for me it says
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    2. hellsing9
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      Fixed i was saving the *news*, but i run into some problems now it's ok let me know if any problem arises. [MENTION=172769]fahadsul3man[/MENTION]

    3. fahadsul3man
      11:54 AM

      well i wonder wat they r going to show on e3 ......

    4. KDSBest
      09:01 PM

      The controller image is awesome! ^^