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  • Posted by Pirate , on 29/06/2012 , @ 11:30pm


    deroad has updated his NoRSX to version x0.1.1 (homebrew dev library). The newest update provides various enhancements, fixes, and features.

    To quote:

    The new update has lots of performance patches (thanks also to KDSBest) and allows more things. It can directly use the original PS3 fonts if you want by telling the lib to use them. Uou now are able also to predefine the resolution of you homebrew.

    Added Screen Size Support. now you can choose the resolution of your homebrew (RESOLUTION_1920x1080, RESOLUTION_1280x720, RESOLUTION_720x576, RESOLUTION_720x480), added Performance Patch by KDSBest and Deroad, Added PS3 Font Support (LATIN2, JPN, KOR, CGB, KANA) and fixed fonts chroma key.

    The next moth will be released a NoRSX PC Emulator, to help people to develop apps with NoRSX also without PS3.


  • Posted by hellsing9 , on 29/06/2012 , @ 08:59pm


    Well some of you may noticed that i was out from the racing tracks and not publishing as often as i could, some of you may felt that i was gone for good. Well, it’s bad news that I’m on the news again.

    I was on the *underground* i like to spend some serious time on research among other things to attend to and i had a pseudo-interview with a guy…(i don’t know if is a guy/girl/alien) and i come to post this interview here.
    The place was a mess, filled with dead PS3′s (almost a cemetery) and other consoles, spare parts, etc.




    Me: Hello Mr. Anon
    Anon: Hello
    Me: Well you said to me over (i won’t hand you the source) that you have some interesting information about what’s happening today on the scene
    Anon: Yes indeed.
    Me: What you have to say about it?
    Anon: Well the scene is screwed. Many people thinks that software solution are a difficult task to accomplish, and they right in some point.
    Me: Why?
    Anon: Because in terms of money, besides that many people think that some people have to fill a big hunger strike with dollars it’s more than that.
    Me: I don’t get it..care to explain more?
    Anon: Yes. It’s not all about the money or the fame, some of us are *payed slaves* to do certain tasks that we can’t decline so easy. Since it’s good money and we need a good income in order to buy new hardware and do more things or just to dedicate a 40% of that money to development or research.
    Me: And the *Ethical* or *moral* code?
    Anon: Fu@$ that, if you were in my position you will do the same.
    Me: I don’t think so.
    Anon: Well you are not in my shoes..so i can understand what you think (he noods)
    Me: You have information about the release or something regarding a dongle coming out?
    Anon: Yes, but i cannot talk too much about it. Since it’s not SECRET that people will be scammed again with another brand new DRM dongle. it’s not new, they run out of ideas and *they* decided to change the name as well some hardware parts to make it more fancy or more credible to drag a possible buyer.
    Me: Seems logical.
    Anon: No, it’s not. Cause this “TEAM” have the same people working behind them, and they can care less if all of them are exposed to the public.
    Me: Why?
    Anon: So far until the report of TB not being manufactured anymore with the old news about E3 doing something “similar” some weeks ago releasing the Eboots (that two) they blown their own cover as i early said they don’t care about being exposed.
    Me: So..what’s the finaly objective of all this?..
    Anon: Get more pockets filled with money with no ethical or moral code like you said. The more the more they produce, the better even if they final dongle is useless.
    Me: But what about the dongle-less solution?.
    Anon: Where you live? In Rainbows-city?
    Me: No, i know that reality it’s much worse..but care to explain a little more?
    Anon: Ok. The dongleless solution always existed, never disappeared, but there’s ONE particular dongle that can outperform and “kill” so to speak the ones who are being sold now.
    Me: P3GO?
    Anon: You are right. If oct0xor keeps that path and don’t get corrupted on the way, if he can catch a P3GO the tables can turn to something bigger.
    Me: So all the people involved in all of this…it’s the same people as always?.
    Anon: ….I could say yes. But there’s one SPECIFIC person that it’s behind all of this and we all know his name.
    Me: Maximum hormone? or just another counterfeit ?
    Anon: I like your sense of humor, but yes we can say so.
    Me: Well i have to hit the road jack.
    Anon: Me too.

    This is the end of the *interview* if you know how to read between lines = Cool.
    More info will be posted in the next days.





  • Posted by hellsing9 , on 29/06/2012 , @ 08:17pm


    We all saw the E3 featuring this EPIC game of cyberpunk genre in action, and we noticed deep in ourselvs something very scary. Our personal data managed by a high end CPU (don’t confuse this with your actual rig…xD), and US as individuals being corrupted and blackmailed (in some way) by a bigger and non-existant entity/system.
    Something funny..weird happened to the de viral campaign.

    The first emails the Watch Dogsaugmented reality site,www.dotconnexion.com, have been released announcing the death of art philanthropist Joseph Demarco. For those who don’t remember, Demarco was the target of Aidan Pearce inUbisoft’s E3 gameplay previewof new IP Watch Dogs.

    In that showing there was a QR code which took you to an AR site where you could sign up for an email list to be informed about “tickets” to an art event that was provided on the site. Of course, with the successful assassination of Demarco, that event had to be canceled and emails had to be sent out notifying fans.

    The first was from a Joseph Demarco which actually refuted the death. It read:

    [email protected]:


    Shortly after, another email from the dotconnexion team was sent. This one confirmed the death of Demarco and read:

    From dotconnexion@gmail:


    It is with great regret that we inform you that Joseph Demarco passed away in a tragic, yet unexplained accident. Being one of the most important philanthropists in the local digital art scene, his demise is left with a deep void in the community. Out of respect for his friends and family, the dotconnexion exhibition will be cancelled.

    Sincerely yours,

    The dotconnexion Team.

    What could’ve been a really cool viral marketing technique was actually spoiled by the fact that whoever sent the email mistakenly CC’d everybody on the list instead of BCCing resulting in thousands of emails getting leaked and trapping users in annoying reply chains. The mishap was spotted, perhaps halfway through it seems, and recipients whose addresses with “I” and onwards apparently haven’t been affected.

    I guess it fits in perfectly with Watch Dogs theme of technology and the digital connections we all share. Watch Dogs was unveiled at E3 as an open-world action-adventure that “blends cutting-edge technologies and sophisticated game design into a realistic and living open world where players must use any means at their disposal to take down a corrupt system.”

    Hope you own some Iphone or something, to avoid this kind of problems. ;)

    Source: Ripten

  • Posted by hellsing9 , on 29/06/2012 , @ 08:01pm


    Platinum games studio states that Japanese games in lame terms = sucks. The fun fact of all of this *developer drama* is that metal gear revengeance (cool title bro) was handed from Kojima studios to them. They were so good and nice with the gameplay and stunning visuals of bayoneta….


    Jean Kellams, writer and International Coordinator for Platinum Games, has shared his view on what’s “wrong” with Japanese games today.

    “The problems with Japanese games aren’t that they are JPN games or that they are Westernized games,” he said on his Twitter account. “The problems with JPN games are simple: Most of them aren’t very good games.”

    According to Kellams, most Japanese publishers and developers can’t financially compete with “exceptional” Western production values.

    “Games today sell on spectacle,” he said. “Spectacle is also easy to market. So it makes me mad to see people diss ‘AAA’ games like they are all rote executions on some tired formula. They sell because they are good.”

    Kellams didn’t count out Japanese games entirely.

    “It is about picking ideas and themes that you can execute exceptionally on,” he said. “Then you have to communicate that exceptionalism in a way that people understand that your game is exceptional. You have to do both, and you have to do both at a high level, or you will fail.”

    He also said that to make Japanese games better, companies need to focus on “reducing friction” — making characters more identifiable culturally. Kellams said that Nintendo’s successes have resulted because so many of their games are friction-free.

    Do you agree with Kellams? Do you find Platinum’s titles low on the friction he’s described? The developer is responsible for Bayonetta and the upcoming Anarchy ReignsMetal Gear Rising: Revengeance, and Project P-100 games.

    Follow @wita on Twitter for tales of superheroes, plumbers in overalls, and literary adventures.

    Source = SiliconEra

  • Posted by GregoryRasputin , on 29/06/2012 , @ 05:01pm


    For those of you who managed to grab the Record of Agarest War 2 eBoot fix for CFW, you will be happy to know that the game also has an English patch, which was created by RedRigoX, here is a quote from the modder:

    1) Buy the English version of the game, or get it from somewhere
    2) Download and Install the BLUS30881 Patch (replace the files)(Download Below)
    3) Play!

    There is no need for any dongle! 99% of the game is in English, Story, Items, Skills, everything, the only thing that is in Japanese are some things in the menu, which are totally not important.

    If you want to play on 3.41 you need to:

    • Install the official Japanese 1.02 Patch [BLJM60273_[UPDATE_01_PS3FW_03.4100]_VER_01.02.pkg], in Multiman.
    • Or with ftp go to /dev_hdd0/game/BLJM60273/USRDIR/SEC, and replace the files there from the original English release. (AG01, AG05, AG10, AG17, AG20 and AG22…)

    On 3.55 it should work without the 1.02 Patch, but I haven’t tested that, so if you have trouble Install the Patch, replace the files, and Enjoy!

    Download BLUS30881 Patch(From Embed Upload, similar to multiupload)
    Download BLUS30881 Patch(From Mediafire)

  • Posted by PS3Hax Member News , on 29/06/2012 , @ 04:37pm


    A member on the PSX Scene forum has released an application for turning on PSN and turning off PSN, here is a quote from the article:

    Here is a PSN enabler and disabler I’ve made which also spoofs to Firmware v4.20. This is only for Kmeaw users. I’ve made one for Rebug FW too but I haven’t tested it yet. I have used Rebug’s spoofer files and Nathanr’s tools, so thanks to them. Make sure you are unspoofed (3.55) before running the enabler. The disabler restores the original Kmeaw files and returns to v3.55. I have also used a reactpsn compatible vsh.self in the disabler so it doesn’t screw anybody up that uses reactpsn. For those that don’t use reactpsn, you won’t notice anyway.
    To enable PSN and spoof to v4.20, run the enabler, the screen will go black for about 15 secs, PS3 will then restart, your pad will have disconnected too so press the PS button. You can now check your firmware version in system info, it should say ‘version 4.20′ and you should now be able to connect to PSN. To disable and return to v3.55, just run the disabler, screen goes black again and PS3 restarts.
    I can’t see this lasting long, as it looks like Sony are currently only checking the firmware version above and beyond what Rebug have already done.

    Source PSX Scene(Not quite sure why tthousand hasn’t this front paged)

    Download PSN Spoof Enabler [4.20] [KMEAW].pkg
    Download PSN Spoof Disabler [3.55] [KMEAW].pkg

  • Posted by GregoryRasputin , on 29/06/2012 , @ 06:24am


    sjm4306 bought a pre owned PS3, everything was great apart from the Control Pad, which just wouldn’t charge, instead of wasting money and buying a new pad, this hardware modder, decided to fix the problem himself, here is a small quote from his blog:

    Recently I found a cheap used PS3 at a local Game and Trade that was closing its doors. It’s the older “fat” 80GB model. Everything was in pretty good condition except for the controller. It was obviously the store demo controller and thus was unbelievably disgusting. I had to handle it with gloves on. I entirely disassembled it and disinfected every part of it. There were a few things wrong with it:

    1) I never eat or drink while playing for good reason (there was dried soda and chip fragments inside) along with mass amounts of gunk amassed from every hand that touched it.
    2) There was a screw missing and the bottom tab snapped off so it was obviously opened before.
    3) The analog nubs were missing their rubber tops.
    4) I didn’t realize it until the controller had low battery, but it refuses to charge.

    I easily remedied the first two with a thorough cleaning and a screw from my screw collection. The third will be repaired with some help from my friend EBAY. Finally the last one was a little tricky. I think the charging issue might be due to some liquid damage. I measure the voltage when plugged into a USB adapter and noticed that instead of a nice 5V, I was getting a unstable 2V. This explains why the PS3 complains about too much current being drawn when the controller is plugged in. I figured I had nothing to lose so I went about trying to fix this problem.

    Source and full story

  • Posted by PS3Hax Member News , on 28/06/2012 , @ 06:42pm


    Well guys the free scene devs are at it again, and this time it was oct0xor to release Cracked ps3usercheat v2.2 + cheatlist.dat v6.0

    Here is what he had to say in his tweet:


    Thanks to Khaled Alshabak and all contributors, you motivates me.

    Will release a way to modify cheatlist.dat in future.

    Have Fun!


    Well guys thank Oct0xor and khaled alshabak and everyone that helped him on this, be sure to to thank those guys, they are the reason we still have a free scene.

    i for one say Thank you Oct0xor




  • Posted by GregoryRasputin , on 28/06/2012 , @ 07:10am


    Tortuga Coves resident PS3 Dev Rogero has released an update to his CFW/MFW, here is a quote from the source thread:

    -v3.2 Updated the system version spoof to 4.20 to prevent accidental system updates (won’t allow going online in any way)

    -v3.1 BSOD problem on some PS3 machines after downgrade now is fixed..

    Usage / Compatibility:
    - Can be used for Downgrade directly using a hardware flasher like Progskeet / E3 Flasher / Teensy++, etc…
    - Can be used for normal system update like any other CFW/MFW from XMB or from Recovery Menu.

    Internal Structure:
    New Features:
    - Built-in system version spoof to 4.20 to prevent accidental system updates (won’t allow going online in any way)
    - NoBD Patch to allow installing it with the Blu-Ray drive disconnected (especially for downgrading purposes)
    - Have other fixes that prevents the Black screen or Payload loading problems encountered on some PS3 systems.

    Standard Features:
    - Kmeaw patched Lv2 with necessary patches to allow Peek/Poke support (same games compatibility as Kmeaw CFW)
    - LV1 Checks Disabled to bypass the Syscon hashes for downgraded consoles.
    - Privacy Patch applied to block communications with all Sony servers.
    - Custom Boot Logo.
    - built-in “Heavy Rain” dynamic theme.

    This is a better optimized version of the previous MFW released, This one is a Custom firmware
    built manually by patching and packing the files and the final PUP package using the well known
    “failoverflow” public set of tools and having ”Kmeaw” as the base firmware unlike it’s previous
    version which was a Modified firmware built using the famous MFW builder application and using
    an OFW3.55 as the base firmware.

    After several days and more testing of the first MFW released for downgrading from 3.70->3.55
    I had some users feedback from #progskeet-support that some PS3 machines are having either
    the Registry Corrupted/Blue Screen or just a Black Screen after downgrade that required re-installing
    the MFW from Recovery Menu or reflashing the NOR in some cases.

    Further research about the downgrade V2 patches and the no_check.PUP with some more testing
    showed that a Kmeaw based LV2 seems to have better compatibility with the Downgrade patches
    applied to the NOR image then a MFW built with a patched LV2, so I decided to build a new version
    manually which is a custom firmware that combines Kmeaw LV2 patches with Dospiedras Lv1 no-check
    patches and having the minimal/necessary set of patches to preserve the best overall stability.

    Thanks to the all the beta testers especially Blakcat & Marlboro1 :)

    N.B: please note that Rogero Manager v8.5 or newer are only compatible with this CFW V2
    because the CFW have the built in version spoofed to 3.70 and older versions of the Manager (8.4 and lower)
    can’t recognize it and won’t be able to load the necessary payload.


    Source Tortuga Cove


    Alternate Source/Download PS3 Dev Wiki

    Also for those of you who want a less bloated, more reliable Backup manager, check out:
    Rogero Manager v8.5

  • Posted by Pirate , on 27/06/2012 , @ 10:49pm


    mmCM has been updated again today bringing a few more bug fixes and FW 4.20 spoofing.

    To quote:

    mmCM ver 04.04.02 BASE (20120627).rar (26.26MB)

    04.04.02 -

    * Changed folder “Paste” behavior in mmOS - when overwriting existing folder the destination will not be deleted before pasting
    * Added 3 key combos in mmOS (for full list please refer to “navigation.txt”):
    - SELECT+(CROSS hold) - Select All
    - SELECT+(L2/R2) - Scroll to top/bottom of folder/file list
    * Extended “FTP Server” options in “Settings”: Disable / Enable (1 min. TO)…(9 min. TO) / (No timeout) to set ftp connection timeouts
    * Added 4.20 to “Firmware Version” option in “Settings”

    [VIA PS3Crunch and Download Here]

  • Posted by GregoryRasputin , on 27/06/2012 , @ 10:40am


    PS3HaX Homebrew Developer TizzyT, the creator of “Playstation Color Logo Creator”, has released an app to make the whole converting of ColdBoots so much more simple, here is a quote from the release thread:

    This is version 1.0 of a new revision of PCLCv2.
    Adjustment settings:
    Resize, Reposition.
    There are also presets like Stretch, Zoom, anchor to top left/top right/top center/center left/center/center right/bottom left/bottom center/bottom right.

    A modded version of this will be used in a dynamic theme editor I will be working on.
    A Fill resizing option might come in later update.

    TizzyT’s Release Thread.

    For those of you that still cant manage the whole process of creating ColdBoots, you can download them here:

    For those of you creating them, you can also upload them to that site :)

  • Posted by GregoryRasputin , on 27/06/2012 , @ 10:19am


    Many of us know who Kaz Hirai is, if you don’t, then where on earth have you been hiding.

    The man that many blame for last years woes with the PlayStation platform has stepped down as Chairman of Sony Computer Entertainment, he still remains CEO of Sony, here is a quote from the source:

    Kaz Hirai has resigned as chairman of the Sony Computer Entertainment board of directors. His principal role as head of Sony has not been affected.
    Before being appointed Sony CEO in April, Kaz Hirai had helped restore the company’s games division following a disastrous end to the reign of Ken Kutaragi.

    Hirai will still act as a part-time board member on Sony Computer Entertainment, but his chairmanship has been discontinued. The fluently multilingual chief executive is a games enthusiast but is preoccupied by matters of restructuring Sony’s TV, music and phones divisions.

    Sony recently announced a TV joint venture with old rival Panasonic, in a bid to save operating costs on producing new sets.

    Source CVG

    I find the part about Ken Kutaragi, Ken is the father of the PlayStation brand and he was heavy handed out off the company, because they were too stupid to listen to him.

  • Posted by GregoryRasputin , on 27/06/2012 , @ 09:08am


    Well it happens every week, we know it isn’t “hacking” news, but there are many members here who do have a console with PSN access and do regularly use the PS Store, we are only doing a service by providing them with the information :)

    US Store Update

    PlayStation Plus


  • Posted by hellsing9 , on 27/06/2012 , @ 08:33am


    Well today thanks to @warning who posted the news that TB is no longer in production (Lightake) another *product* is coming in July. And as i stated in so many other *news* from my part as well threads on HAX…This move it’s more than OBVIOUS.

    Im deeply sorry for the ones who bought this product (and no im not joking) neither being ironic.
    Because not even the support team, or TB team gave them a proper response or solution, just CANCELED the manufacture of the product to leave the end user in some kind of Limbo.

    Don’t get my wrong. Im not happy about this results, and being honest im angry about this.
    Because it’s time for E3 to show up.
    And it’s time to OPEN your EYES for your own sake.

    Just in case, i don’t LIKE to lie. It’s not my style, you can freely insult/bash/etc again about posting this.



    Check the dates about the E3 team stating a new possible device being created and the *death* of  TB.


    Source = Lightake

  • Posted by PS3Hax Member News , on 26/06/2012 , @ 07:56pm


    PS3Tools GUI Edition has been updated to v2.1. The major addition is a Retail PKG decryption and extraction tool. I also removed the extra tools as it wasn’t needed, and wasted space, most external programs are gonna be taken out and be coded so it’s internal. That way space, folder size and your Computers memory is more free.

    I need to thank math because, this uses his AES engine and without it I would have had to code one on my own.(Don’t worry I had his permission). It was truly a pain incorporating this into my program, much harder than the EDAT tools.

    private byte[] PS3AesKey = new byte[16] {
    0x2E, 0x7B, 0×71, 0xD7, 0xC9, 0xC9, 0xA1, 0x4E,
    0xA3, 0×22, 0x1F, 0×18, 0×88, 0×28, 0xB8, 0xF8


    Click here to see full text

    DOWNLOAD: PS3Tools GUI Edition v2.1

    Follow me on twitter: PsDev(BlackC0de) ( @real PsDev) on Twitter

    Thanks to naehwert, KaKaRoToKS, geohot, Math, eussNL and of course Fail0verFlow! and any one else I forgot.

  • Posted by GregoryRasputin , on 26/06/2012 , @ 03:08pm


    PS3HaX members Nateblitz16, ginnza and Ron36 informed us of an alternate method to access PSN, the news comes from Italian site PS3Ita and as usual, Google is a b*tch when translating, so if any of you native Italians want to do a professional translation, check the source link below, anyhow here is the badly translated quote from the source:



    Like most of you know by now, Sony released a new firmware update, version 4.20.

    This puts an end to PSN Access with Team Rebug’s spoof. When you try to sign in you’ll be asked to update your firmware…

    So now what? Are we screwed again?

    Not with what I’m about to tell you.

    ****PSN is still working, but you’ll need a PC. Don’t have one or just don’t want to turn it on everytime you’ll want to enter to PSN?

    PS3Ita has the solution:
    Make sure you’re on 3.55 CFW and that you don’t have any installed spoofs. This is really important.

    1. Download and install on your PS3 on our pkg:   DOWNLOAD | DOWNLOAD (x Ver CFW_Geohot)
    2. When you’ll execute it, you’ll see your console’s yellow LED start blinking (don’t worry, you’re not YLOD’ing your PS3), after 2 seconds, your PS3 will restart.
      Now you can go and enter PSN again, beware though, there’s always the risk of banning.

      IMPORTANT NOTE: the pkg can be used on all CFW except True Blue’s (we’re doing tests on it) and maybe Cobra.

      Some explanations: the patches used to connect to PSN are totally different from Rebug’s, but we obviously used the passphrase they discovered. Without them, PSN access wouldn’t be possible in any shape or form.

      Therefore we gotta thank in a big way Team Rebug!!

      Sony will probably patch all this by either changing the passphrase or in another way, to be honest I really don’t think this will last much, so for now enjoy it while it lasts.

      For more information visit our forums: http://www.ps3ita.it/forum/accesso-a…gno-t4502.html

      Disclaimer 1: WARNING! PS3ITA does NOT take responsibility for the result you’ll get by doing the procedures here described and for the banning of your console.
      Use this at your own risk!

      Disclaimer 2: WARNING! PS3ITA does not incite or support piracy in any way, shape or form, the procedures here described are just for the purpose of illustrating how this patch works and to allow legally bought games to be played.

    Source PS3Ita

    Pass phrase’s change, so don’t hold your breath for this CFW access to PSN to last much longer, so enjoy it whilst you can :)


    It appears that the reason this method works, is because it is a clone of Rebug, the only difference is the GUI, PS3HaX Homebrew Dev and PS3 Wiki Guru euss has looked it over and says it is exactly the same as rebug psn 4.11.

    My advice, is stick with Rebug and don’t bother with this one.

  • Posted by Pirate , on 26/06/2012 , @ 02:08pm


    The latest PS3 firmware is out by Sony, bringing the version to 4.20.

    To quote:

    Tomorrow we will be releasing a new system software update (v4.20) for PlayStation 3 which will include a few minor updates in order to strengthen functionality and improve your overall experience.

    As mentioned in our previous blog post, system software update (v4.10) added a feature that enabled you to hear your own voice through the Wireless Stereo Headset when playing multiplayer modes. This type of audio feedback is known as “sidetone.” Based on your comments, system software update (v4.20) will improve sidetone audio performance by giving you the option to select one out of five levels for microphone audio, or turn the feature off completely. For those of you who use the Wireless Stereo Headset to watch Blu-ray or DVD movies on your PS3, this system software update will also enable virtual surround sound functionality, giving you a superior audio experience.

    This update will also allow you to set the amount of time that the system will wait before turning itself off automatically for [Video/TV/Music/Photo] and for [Game/Other Features].

    Additionally, saved data management has been improved. You will now be able to select multiple saved data items and delete or copy them as a group.

    More details will be available here tomorrow once the system software update is live.

  • Posted by GregoryRasputin , on 26/06/2012 , @ 04:59am


    The PMS devs have once again updated the popular PS3 Media Server, here is a quote from the source:

    + Added LPCM transcoding option for all audio tracks
    + Added DTS HD-MA support up to 7.1 channels: DTS core remux, LPCM and AC3 transcoding
    + Added Dolby TrueHD support up to 7.1 channels: LPCM (recommended) and AC3 (buggy for 7.1) transcoding
    + Added workaround for 2.0 384 kbits AC3 PS3 audio bug
    + Added support for DirecTV HR series (thanks, DeFlanko!)
    + Added support for LG’s Smart TV Upgrader (LG 600ST)
    + Added support for Yamaha RX-V671 (thanks, adresd!)
    + Added support for OPPO BDP-83 and OPPO BDP-93 (thanks, adresd!)
    + Fixed bug that occurred when resetting cache
    + Made buffer display in megabytes instead of bytes
    + Fixed overscan compensation bug on some renderers (thanks to tMH for reporting the bug!)
    + Updated MPlayer for OSX to SB32
    + Language updates: CZE translation update (thanks, valib)


    Download Linux
    Download Windows
    Download Mac