• Subjunk and his team have added another update to UMS, here is a quote from the change log:


    Changes since 1.3.0:

    • General:
      • Many improvements to FFmpeg, from audio sync to file-support to stability
      • Updated MPlayer and MEncoder for Windows to SB36, which:
        • Supports a lot more file formats and colour-spaces
        • Improves audio/video sync, especially with PAL (25FPS) videos
      • Added FFmpeg multithreading option
      • Updated FFmpeg for OS X to 57d5a224
      • Added a GUI config editor for those who like to edit manually
      • Improved audio/video sync when using MEncoder
      • Improved audio channel detection
      • Fixed support for some plugins
      • Added support for TX3G (MPEG-4 Timed Text) subtitles
      • Added support for WebM videos downloaded from YouTube
      • Fixed DV video detection
      • Fixed “Definitely disable subtitles” option with ASS/SSA subtitles
      • Fixed default audio/subtitle priority options
      • Fixed running on headless servers
      • Windows 7 and Vista users are reminded to run as administrator before attempting to automatically update
      • Fixed multithreading bug with MEncoder on Linux
      • Made layout more consistent
    • Plugin Installer:
      • Added Plugin Installer which lets you automatically browse plugins and install them, see this page for details: viewtopic.php?f=8&t=152
    • Web:
      • Added new default web video engine: FFMpeg Web Video
      • Updated WEB.conf with working default video streams
      • Added support for new web protocols: mmsh:// and mmst://
      • Added The Onion to the default video feeds
    • Languages:
      • Updated Simplified Chinese (thanks, lovenemesis!)
      • Updated Czech (thanks, valib!)
      • Updated English
      • Added image for Hebrew subtitle choosing


    Universal Media Server Official Site
    Universal Media Server Forum
    Universal Media Server Facebook


    • Download UMS-1.4.0.exe -Windows
    • Download UMS-1.4.0.tgz - Linux


    Plugin Installer

    The team have also added a Plugin Installer, here is a quote from that thread:

    In the forthcoming 1.4.0 release a new framework for distributing/installing plugins is added to UMS. The feature is meant to ease the burden on how to install plugins as well as the burden of distributing them. In the future plugins can be released via this website and rated etc.
    This is a rather big new feature so there might be some issues with it, so please report any problems found with it.

    So how does it work?
    As a user you’ll find a Download and Install Plugins button in the General Configuration tab. Click on it and a list of available plugins will be presented to you. The rating system is currently disabled so all plugins will have a rating of “-”. Select one or more plugins you want to install and press the Install button. Now the selected plugins will be installed and started.

    Plugin developers should read the description in the Developer section.




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