• PSVita Hacks, SKFU, Software, wololo , 20.07.2012

    PlayStation Vita developer SKFU has acknowledged the fact that most download links and mirrors pertaining to his popular homebrew application, PKG xTractor, are broken, unavailable or in the case of Megaupload, seized by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). He’s responded to this by releasing an updated version of the application.

    Few changes have been made which include:

    • Updated crypto lib
    • Content type check added
    • Extended menu

    The application is used for .PKG unpacking & .PKG decryption.

    Note: PKG xTractor is only capable of decrypting .PKG files encrypted with the same key set as the PSP. (Very few .PKG files)

    Wololo’s Blog:

    SKFU updated his tool PS Vita pkg extractor to version 1.01. He did this release mostly because all previous mirrors had disappeared since the megaupload takedown, but there is no “juicy” new feature.

    PS Vita pkg extractor extracts PS Vita .pkg files. It also has some code to decrypt them, but that feature only worked for very early packages, when the encryption key was the same as that of the PSP.


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