• PS3 Hacks, Showtime, Software , 13.08.2012

    PS Multi Tools v5 has been released by developer SvenGDK with a slew of newly added features such as Showtime, PS2 Compatibility Flag and native support for the Windows 8 operating system. The application also supports Mac OS X. As we speak, SvenGDK is working on PlayStation 2 and PlayStation Vita support as well as the addition of 3.60 EBOOTs.

    Hey, a new PS Multi Tools version for Win&OSX is out!

    After a long break I wanted to release a new version of my tool, and here is the result:


    - NEW: Native support for Windows 8 Retail
    - NEW: You can download now emulators for more firmwares!! (1.92, 3.41 & 3.55)
    - NEW: Added PS2 Compatibility Flag
    - NEW: Added Showtime Homebrew App
    - NEW: Added FBANext Emulator
    - REMOVED: Developer Account Login
    - UPDATE: All removed/developer features are back for ALL USERS! (OFW/CFW Downloads like 3.41/3.55)
    - UPDATE: All Emulators updated
    - UPDATE: Some tools updated
    - UPDATE: Execute Box understands now more commands (FULL LIST HERE)
    - UPDATE: Design updated

    Other Info:

    - I am working on PS2 & PS Vita Support
    - The PSP part gets a big update later…
    - NEW: (Some 3.60 EBOOTs will be added soon)



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    1. LoboGuara
      03:47 PM

      I tested here, works well and has a nice interface

      I tried downloading MM and some emulators and everything went well (well, I dont know if the emulators are updated, but they are there!).

      Nice job!

    2. hellsing9
      04:02 PM

      Nice, tested and working thanks [MENTION=140369]SvenGDK[/MENTION]

    3. gautam.vicky047
      04:05 PM

      seriously man loved the app and is very useful
      but...needs some updates as it has some glitches...well these glitches may be just showing up in my pc need other people's opinion

      Still then great app bro

    4. Annelies
      04:06 PM

      Front paged.

    5. LoboGuara
      05:16 PM

      I tested the tool on osx (Lion 10.7.3) with crossover (+.net 2.0) and the tool did not start (no errors).

      But it worked using winebottle. Maybe because it�s a hackintosh and not a real mac...

    6. SvenGDK
      12:30 PM

      Thank you all for this positive feedback!
      Glad to see that my tool is still usefull

      @ OS X problem:
      Maybe it's really because of Hackintosh, I tested it on a real Mac (Snow Leopard) with Crossover, and there was no problem.

    7. SvenGDK
      10:54 AM

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