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  • Posted by PS3Hax Member News , on 31/10/2012 , @ 11:06am


    Ok an anonymous tipster just informed me these keys are the real deal!






  • Posted by GregoryRasputin , on 30/10/2012 , @ 06:03pm


    Yay we now have new CFW’s to install on our PS3′s, that is awesome, but unfortunately, that has brought with it a new wave of n00bs, now don’t get me wrong, i’m not bashing n00bs, we are all n00bish at something, but it appears that n00bs in the PS3 Scene don’t like to read information, so this is why i will sticky this on the front page for a little while, so i will get on with things:

    Q.) I’m too afraid to risk going to 4.xx CFW, how can i still have Homebrew ?
    A.) Well this is obviously the wrong thread for you, i advise you read this article regarding Jailbreaking on the stable 3.55 CFW, so go here:
    PS3 Jailbreaking F.A.Q - An Amateur Users Guide - Revised For 2012

     For those of you wanting 4.xx CFW, then continue reading below.

    Q.) I have a 3K or 4K model, can i install 4.xx CFW.
    A.) No any model in which you cannot downgrade to 3.55 or any model that has the new bootldr cannot have CFW installed, there is no timeline of when these models will be hacked or if they will ever be hacked, so go away and try and find a downgradeable model, for the rest of you lucky people with good PS3′s, continue below :)

    Q.) Can 4.xx CFW be installed on 4.xx OFW ?
    A.) NO, NO and NO, you need to DOWNGRADE to a 3.55 Firmware.

    Q.) Can i Software Downgrade from 4.xx OFW ?
    A.) NO, at the moment you MUST, use a Hardware Flasher, like Progskeet or E3, if you are comfortable with soldering, then Progskeet is the recommended device.

    Q.) Can i brick my PS3 installing a 4.xx CFW ?
    A.) Yes, as with all OFW’s or CFW’s you have a chance of bricking, with CFW’s your chances of bricking become a lot higher, when you dont read.

    Q.) Can i brick my PS3 by downgrading ?
    A.) Of course you can, but most bricks occur due to user error.

    Q.) Who is to blame for any bricks ?
    A.) You as the user are, most bricks are down to user error, take your time to read, take your time to understand, take all the time possible and have some patience, it will pay off and be rewarding in the end.

    Q.) Will there ever be a method to upgrade from straight from 4.xx OFW to 4.xx CFW ?
    A.) We are but mere mortals, we are not psychic, the only advice that one can give you is, be patient and wait until the PlayStation 4 is released.

    Q.) Will there ever be a method to Software Downgrade from 4.xx ?
    A.) We are but mere mortals, we are not psychic, the only advice that one can give you is, be patient and wait until the PlayStation 4 is released.

    Q.) So how do i do all this and do it safely ?
    A.) READ BELOW!!!!!!!!


    Now here is one of the best downgrading guides available on the internet, it is created by PS3HaX member baileyscream.
    Ultimate Fool Proof Guide: Ps3 Hardware Downgrading


    This installation guide is dedicated to Rogeros CFW, so my advice is that you go to Tortuga Cove, you visit his thread regarding his latest CFW and YOU READ EVERYTHING IN THE THREADS FIRST POST, click the link below:
    Rogero CEX-4.30 v1.00

    Itskamel’s 4.30 CFW n00b Tutorial(Rogero)

    If the above “INSTALLING A NEW CUSTOM FIRMWARE” was too hard for you, then you should try itskamel n00b Tutorial

    Itskamel’s 4.30 CFW n00b tutorial for Rogero


    This installation guide is dedicated to Rebugs CFW, so my advice is that you go to Rebug.me, you visit his thread regarding their latest CFW and YOU READ EVERYTHING IN THE THREADS FIRST POST, click the link below:

    REBUG 3.55.3 and 4.21.1 REX EDITIONS and ’999′ DOWNGRADER

    Itskamel’s 4.21 CFW n00b Tutorial(Rex -Rebug)

    Here is Itskamel with his usual awesome tutorial, i know he isnt a developer and he hates being called one, but i personally think he should have the “Homebrew Developer” title or a permanent “VIP” status because of his constant dedication to helping his fellow PS3HaX members

    itskamel’s n00b REBUG REX tutorial



    PS3HaX member CaptainCPS-X has written quite a good quide for those installing Rogero’s 4.30CFW, here it is:
    CaptainCPS-X’s Quick Tips For Those Jumping From CFW’s

    PS3 Applications/Software For 4.xx CFW

     Homebrew Application List/PC Homebrew Creation Tools Updated For 2012

    Emulators For 4.xx CFW

    A nice helpful thread thanks to PS3HaX Member LoboGuara
    PS3 Emulators - Permalinks

  • Posted by Pirate , on 30/10/2012 , @ 10:40am


    The latest update for mmCM is out bringing us to v04.09.00

    The latest update brings the following new changes:

    • Update online covers database(fixed fifa 13/maiden/dishonored covers)
    • Updated gameDATA3, lastGAME3 and bdRESET3 to support 4.30CFW
    • Updated showTIME to 04.01.208 (standalone PKG and showTIME for mM)
    • Added hidden option in options.bin “kid_protection” (to control access to settings/mmos)


  • Posted by hellsing9 , on 29/10/2012 , @ 08:06pm



    Yes, media is twisting facts and contacting sources that are kinda mediocre (lame) in terms of explaining to the average reader = What happened, what will happen and many other *details* that gets copy/pasted all over the place.
    Thing is if this is true maybe Sony due to the recent events with Lv0-Gate (bootldr) will push the release date of PS4 (AKA Orbis).
    Meanwhile on Microsoft side with Xbox720 they maybe exploring a subscription based pricing.


    The PS3 got hacked recently, as we reported here. The system’s Lv0 keys were leaked apparently by a Chinese hacking team. Sony had a terrible time since 2010 after Geohot got his hands on the system and managed to compromise it. Sony bounced back but it wasn’t enough, it was a tough battle against a bunch of hacker groups and an entire third-party team looking to DDOS your network.

    Sony fought back and some may say they won and managed to keep the PS3 secure, but it looks like the system is hacked again. And this time it allows hackers to do anything they want if they’re on firmware 3.6.

    This could, of course, force Sony to release the PS4 sooner (according to inentertainment)  if the software sales fall down below desired levels. Not a big deal though, since I think it’s coming next year anyway because no way Sony and Microsoft will give Nintendo another year in the market.

    We have more reports coming in that Microsoft may be exploring a subscription based pricing for the Xbox 720. It is sort of a subsidized pricing scheme that we saw earlier with the Xbox 360 $99 model.

    This is what the Easternmorningherald reports:

    As mentioned, this subsidized pricing scheme is still in its early stages but it seems to be getting good response in some sectors; particularly the ones who would prefer saving cash upfront when it comes to getting their consoles.


    [Source] = Gamingbolt

  • Posted by hellsing9 , on 29/10/2012 , @ 07:35pm



    If you’re a PS3 gamer that’s super heavy into scene activity, than you know that being effective at your art means being able to encrypt, decrypt and manipulate every single one of those system files to your possible greatest advantage. As you probably already know, there are hordes upon hordes on tools that you  can use to get the job done, but I personally have spent a lot of time cataloguing nathan_r32_69‘ PUAD PUP Unpacker and Repacker. Let’s see what this new program holds!

    It hasn’t been too long since the last update at 1.1, but that doesn’t mean that this little tool is any less effective. As is the usual, what makes this particular option really shine is all about the simplicity. To make this program function to your liking, all it takes is to simply drop the file into the marked section of the GUI, and watch the program do it’s work. What’s exceptionally great about how this works is that you also don’t need cgywin to get things moving either, because it works directly from Windows. I’m hesitant to call this novice-friendly simply because it deals with such complex file architecture, but it still works nicely alongside other options.


    With regards to new features, 1.2 has plenty of small additives. For repacking purposes, you can now repack the UPL.xml as well as the Core_OS files should you need to. There has even been a few safeguards put in place with the decryption of said files to reduce bricking. With lv0 decryption and swu.self encryption tossed in for good measure there’s a lot to be found alongside the software’s new boot options as well. To streamline things even more, the .puad file extension has also been created to allow for default opening of  appropriate files on your computer. In a way, nathan_r42_69 outdoes himself again with this very small but mighty GUI.



    - Unpacks PUP file
    - Decrypts/Unpacks CORE_OS
    - Decrypts/Unpacks Dev_flash
    - Decrypts SELF files of CORE_OS
    - Decrypts SELF files of Dev_flash
    - Unpacks RCO file contents
    - Decrypts index.dat




    [Download]Installer v1.2 - PUAD GUI v1.2 Installer x86 // PUAD GUI v1.2 Installer x64
    Simple v1.2 - PUAD GUI v1.2 x86 // PUAD GUI v1.2 x64

    [Source] = PSXscene  via PS3news






  • Posted by GregoryRasputin , on 29/10/2012 , @ 06:41pm


    Tempest_Fire on the Official US PlayStaion forum has posted some information on a Firmware update tonight, here is a quote from the source:


    Hi everyone,


    I’m posting this message to inform you that there will be a minor firmware update (v.4.31) released on the evening of Monday, October 29th


    There will not be PlayStation Network maintenance during this time; online play and access to apps will not be affected during the release of this update.


    This is not a mandatory update. However, we suggest you keep your systems updated with the latest firmware, as these updates further improve overall system stability and help provide you with the best online entertainment experience possible.


    To update to v.4.31, select Settings from your Xross Media Bar (XMB)  > System Update > Update via Internet and then follow the on-screen instructions.


    More information about PlayStation system updates can be found here: http://us.playstation.com/support/systemupdates/




    Thank You to all the people who tipped me about this, including Pockets69 and Rated-R Superstar

  • Posted by GregoryRasputin , on 29/10/2012 , @ 06:37pm


    PS3HaX member CaptainCPS-X has written quite a good quide for those installing Rogero’s 4.30CFW, here it is :)


    Tips #1 - Installing FW Safely

    - Only install FW’s via Recovery Menu (not to be confused with FSM).
    - Avoid XMB install at all costs.
    - Remove any disc / sd card / storage devices before installing any FW.
    - Use a clean USB Storage Device with only the needed PUP structure in it.
    - Make sure Toggle QA worked if you going to upgrade any CFW

    Tips #2 - Prepare PS3

    - If you are on OFW 3.55, upgrade to Rogero CFW 3.55 [v3.7] [MD5: 8f8166b25d6bed891f292c77de5c4b28]

    - If you are on CFW 3.55 (TrueBlue / Cobra / Rebug / Etc):
    * Install Toggle QA PKG from the XMB and make sure the Controller combo works before proceeding.
    * Only after making sure that the QA Combo works fine, upgrade to Rogero CFW 3.55 [v3.7] [MD5: 8f8166b25d6bed891f292c77de5c4b28]

    - If you are already on Rogero 3.55 (v3.7), make sure that the QA Flag combo is working before proceeding.

    Tips #3 - Properly using Toggle QA PKG

    1- Install the PKG from the XMB
    2- Run the installed “Toggle QA” application from the Game column, PS3 will black screen and beep 2 / 3 times then send you back to XMB.
    3- Make sure to verify everything went well by going to Settings column and hover Network Settings, then press L1 + L2 + L3 (press left stick) + R1 + R2 + dpad_down (You should see Edy Viewer, Debug Settings, and Install Package Files if done correctly)

    UPDATE: thanks to @ryugen- for pointing out that if you leave any USB Device connected to the PS3 while using the Toggle QA application, it will give some problems, so please, make sure you disconnect any device connected to the USB slots while doing so .

    Tips #4 - Installing Rogero CFW 4.30 (v1.0)

    - The safest way to install it is to be on Rogero CFW 3.55 (v3.7), as I have mentioned on my previous tips, if you decide to do so on other CFW, is your choice.

    - Make sure Toggle QA works
    - Make sure all tips I mentioned earlier have been verified.
    - Install Rogero CFW 4.30 (v1.0 / Patched ) via Recovery Menu [MD5: 7ADF524594D46EF669F4C64E07462631].

    Tips #5 - Finally, while on CFW 4.30, Install multiMAN v04.08.01 and PS3~dev_blind.zip provided by Rogero at Tortuga Cove.

    1- Install multiMAN from XMB
    2- Activate “write access” to “dev_flash” on multiMAN settings
    3- Go to mmOS / file manager and locate the PS3~dev_blind.zip and double click it (pressing X twice)
    4- Follow on-screen instructions and restart your PS3.

    UPDATE: Thanks to @Simonbuck for pointing out that this is not needed on the latest Rogero CFW 4.30 “Full Pack” released recently.

    You can get the updated full pack here:


    Tips #6 - Making sure game backups are correct

    - Make sure all games are unmodified and without 3.55 patches (SPRX/ EBOOT / SDAT / etc)
    - Make sure you remove all Game updates from XBM->Game Data Utility, to make sure you didn’t install any patched ones.
    - Make sure you activate BD-Mirror on multiMAN for all games, you have to configure each game options with it.
    - Make sure to use BD-ROM emulator (Standard) on multiMAN settings.

    I started working on a guide but since I have university and many works to do, I decided to give a few useful tips in case I can’t finish the guide.

    I hope this help some to upgrade safely to Rogero CFW 4.30 without any issues.



  • Posted by GregoryRasputin , on 28/10/2012 , @ 05:00pm


    Three awesome releases and here is a quote from the source, i highly recommend downloading this CFW only at the source and no other site:


    Rogero has released an update to his CEX 4.21 Cfw. Roger Cex 4.30 v1 now also comes bundled with multiMAN ver 04.08.01 and Showtime 04.01.208 turning this release into a 1 stop shop. Rogero as always thanks for all the hard work, it is very much appreciated!

    This is a 4.30 Triple Pack that contains : Rogero CEX-4.30 v1.00 + multiMAN ver 04.08.01 + Showtime 04.01.208
    ( Please follow the instructions inside the download package in order to patch the CFW correctly and fix the PS button No-Icons issue )

    This CFW was tested on most PS3 Models by different testers and no problems were encountered.
    But as any CFW release you must install it with caution and by following proper instructions, No one will be held responsible for any damage caused.

    * For details about Updating from CFW3.55/4.21 to CFW4.30 Please read the Update Guide below

    * For details about Downgrading back to CFW/OFW3.55 Please read the Downgrade Guide below

    * For details about Recovering from a Brick please check this thread

    —-> Brick-Recovery Procedure from CFW4.21 back to CFW3.55

    Rogero CEX-4.30 v1.00 Details
    - Compatibility problem with some PS3 models is now fully fixed.
    - XMB Icons problem from in-game PS button is now fixed. (Using the Patch included in the package: “PS3~dev_blind.zip”)
    - PSN/SEN access is available as long as the current “passphrase” still the same.
    - Loading games from App_home Icon is now fixed.
    - It was tested by hundreds of testers on all PS3 models (FAT & Slim) and no problems were encountered.
    - It can run games signed with Keys up to version 4.30 without any Eboot/Sprx patching needed
    - Games can be loaded from Disc Icon (with Original game in BD) and from app_home (Disc-less, but not all games).
    - Current 3.55 homebrew applications can’t be loaded on this CFW, applications must be re-signed properly for FW4.21.


    1- This CFW doesn’t have LV1 checks disabled and can’t be installed on Downgraded PS3 consoles unless you have Dehashed/Reset Syscon Properly (if you’re not sure about your PS3, Dehash it anyway to avoid any risk) Link —->Dehashing Tutorial

    2- Always make a NOR/Nand dump using multiMAN or memdump before installing any CFW to have a recovery backup in case of any bricks.
    Having a valid NOR/Nand dump is an essential step before upgrading, because you will always have a way to recover (using hardware flashers) when you have a valid dump.
    ** A Hardware Flasher alone without a valid dump may not fix your bricked PS3 **

    3- The QA flag must be always Enabled on your PS3 for safer upgrading/downgrading operations. Link —->toggle_qa.pkg

    4- Always use the Recovery Menu while installing this CFW to avoid possible bricks (XMB update works, but Recovery Menu is safer).

    6- Please Check the MD5 of the downloaded PUP file before installing any CFW to avoid possible bricks.

    7- DO NOT HAVE DISC IN PS3 WHEN UPDATING FIRMWARES..As the PS3 will take the UPDATE from the DISC First.

    8- You need to already be on 3.55 to install this. Installing from any firmware other than 3.55 will simply not work



    The only thing i can say about this FW is to be cautious, now whilst i have loads of faith in Rogero, i do not have any in Sony, both 4.25 and 4.30 OFW’s were riddled with problems, so just be that little bit extra careful.




    CaptainCPS-X has written to help with the above, view it here:

    CaptainCPS-X’s Quick Tips For Those Jumping From CFW’s

  • Posted by PS3Hax Member News , on 28/10/2012 , @ 03:43pm


    Today SvenGDK has released PS Multi Tools v6 for Windows and OSX. Read the changelog below for more information.


    PS Multi Tools v6 has been released with alot of new homebrews and firmwares!


    PS3 Multi Tools:

    - Added 3 new firmwares
    -> Rogero 4.21 CFW v1.09
    -> E3 4.30 CFW
    -> 4.25 DEX OFW

    - Added Keys stuff for decrypting, encrypting, cracking and all this things
    - Added E3 Flasher stuff like tutorials, updates, upgrades and tools

    - Added 3 more Windows Tools
    -> SixAxis for Windows
    -> Split4G
    -> PSN Download Manager

    - Added 6 more Homebrew Apps
    -> Custom ps3usercheat v2.3 + cheatlist.dat v6.1
    -> Minimal Downgradable FW Checker
    -> blackb0x FTP 1.2 for 4.21
    -> Comgenie Awesome Filemanager for 4.21
    -> dev_blind for 4.21
    -> reActPSN for 4.21

    - Other updates
    -> multiMAN 04.08.00 now available for PS Multi Tools v4+

    - Fix: ALL Games should now be in the list when opening a gamesfolder

    PS2 Multi Tools:

    - Fix: Copying PS2 Games to HDD now works perfectly (v5.5r2 is just a hotfix)

    Download PS Multi Tools v6
    via PS3HaX

  • Posted by manster , on 28/10/2012 , @ 02:56pm



    Another update has been released by deank. This time he added 4.30 CFW Support, and also updated 6 language files. You can update within multiMAN or use the download link below..



    Thanks to @CaptainCPS-X for the link

  • Posted by manster , on 28/10/2012 , @ 02:59am


    cotojestwtf has updated his app Yet Another Bypass to 1.8. For those who don’t know, this is another method to access the PSN on CFW.

    This is 8sma version of my program for access to the PSN having lower FW.

    Today YAB 1.8 lets you connect to PSN with FW 4.25, 4.21 and I did not testable. However, I put a tenner it works. The solution is temporary, Sony at any time it can block. I’ve had this apki not continue, but if there is progress on the stage (lv0 pwned) I decided to give this a little bit from each other.

    CFW users please no cheating in online games, the program does not have to spoil the epic Online.

    How to connect.
    Just like PE * ck PSN computer is required.

    First Run the downloaded package YABStart.bat (so quickly shut the window)
    Second Go to the PS3 network settings in the Proxy tab, type the IP address of your computer, and port 27 (can be changed in the file / config / port.txt
    3rd Connect to the PSN.

    Yet Another Bypass 1.8 @ sendspace
    Yet Another Bypass 1.8 @ RGhost

    Source: PS3-Hack.com.pl via psx-scene

  • Posted by PS3Hax Member News , on 28/10/2012 , @ 02:58am


    French PS3 Developer (or Team?) SGK has released a spoof for 4.30 Firmware. According to the tutorial, an edited version of F*ckPSN by JaRniBoi is needed. Some people reported that it doesn’t work, but I still want to share this with all PS3HaX members. Sorry for the bad google translation.


    Voilla for you a SPOOF-4.30 for maj hand avoids error!

    SGK-SPOOF-compatible with 4.30 reactPSN!

    -Make sure that you do not have to install Spoof if you have one intalled

    -Download, SGK-SPOOF-4.30 and install via “Install_Package_Files”

    cfw cobra

    1: dinstallez the spoof via Multiman

    2: return to xmb

    3: Start-SGK-SPOOF-4.30. This will ask you to select: say yes to the two questions.

    4: To disable start a new SGK-SPOOF a 30.4-Unable spoof called and it will not disable spoof poster, say yes

    TrueBlue cfw

    1: downgrade your dongle in 2.5

    2: return to xmb

    3: Start-SGK-SPOOF-4.30. It asks you to say yes to activate 2 question.

    4: To disable start a new SGK-SPOOF-4.30 to spoof Unable called and it will not disable viewing spoof, say yes

    all cfw 3.55 standard

    1: uninstall any spoof install on your PS3 (Rebug spoof style 2.2 4.11)

    2: return to xmb

    3: Start-SGK-SPOOF-4.30. It asks you to say yes to activate 2 question.

    4: To disable: run again SGK-SPOOF-4.30 spoof Unable to say no and it shows you disable spoof, say yes





    FUCK PSN 1.1

    3 - install and activate sgk spoof 4.30 package via the file manager ps3 restarts
    4 - go to network settings and configure dns with ip pc
    5 - started ****psn wait to start well and that he is listening mode
    6 - turn on the ps3 and connect on … alller ADMIRE THE MAGIC!

    THIS IS 100% pass any test jvien The Day online!

    Source: Teamsgk

    Thanks to @kristijan1001 for submitting the news

  • Posted by Pirate , on 28/10/2012 , @ 01:44am


    Team E3 has contacted us today releasing CFW 4.30. Yes you still need to be on 3.55 before you can upgrade to this.

    To quote:

    The E3TEAM has released the latest E3 CFW4.30 for free. The bricking issue has been improved. Just download here and enjoy.

    (Pass is www.e3-tech.net)

    Here we mention to E3 flasher users that you do not need to solder a wire to use the latest upgrade.bin file to unbrick a console.

    don’t remove password if forward the file


  • Posted by hellsing9 , on 27/10/2012 , @ 07:51pm


    Thanks to @MARA87 posted this leak. Is from EOL (el otro lado) hence i understand spanish seems legit no risk of bricking if you are in DEX already. hellsing9

    Seems like ofw 4.25 dex has leaked:

    Mirrors: http://www.multiupload.nl/Y06234P0F7






    Euss confirmed there’s NO risk of BRICK on DEX converted ps3′s.

  • Posted by hellsing9 , on 27/10/2012 , @ 07:21pm


    Love this..;) Funny tough that even forbes published about this but they don’t have a CLUE about what’s really happening. If someone the *media* is doing a bad job = Raise your hand.


    The appearance of a Sony PlayStation 3 firmware hack will only affect hardware modders, according to a gaming security expert.

    Chinese hacker group BlueDisk-CFW has published a tool that circumvents the console’s firmware. This was followed by the release of “LV0 decryption key.” The decryption keys allow PS3 firmware packages to be unscrambled on a PC, then re-encrypted with existing firmware 3.55 keys so that they can be run on hacked consoles, as previously reported.

    BlueDisk-CFW originally intended to charge for their tool but the release of the decryption key by a separate group called the The Three Musketeers spoiled that plan.

    Anyone with a bit of technical skill can get around the restrictions themselves.

    Chris Boyd (AKA PaperGhost), senior threat researcher at GFI Software, and an expert in gaming security, said both incidents make little different to regular gamers.

    “The only real benefit to this is for those already running custom firmware on hacked machines, who are now able to update their PS3 and go online. While they may be able to play games online until Sony change the PSN passphrase, it’s unlikely to cause a wave of in-game cheating and modding.”

    Boyd added that the firmware hack has no bearing on the security of the Playstation Network itself.

    “The Playstation Network itself is still secure and users shouldn’t panic. I’ve already seen one person say they cancelled their credit card as a result of thinking the PSN had been compromised (it hasn’t). With the PS4 on the horizon, this may prompt SONY to speed up work on the upcoming console.”

    The arrival of the firmware hack coincides with a ruling by a US judge that the notorious Sony PlayStation Network hack of May 2011, which left millions unoable to play online games for weeks, provides insufficient grounds for a class action lawsuit. ®

    [Source] = Theregister

  • Posted by PS3Hax Member News , on 27/10/2012 , @ 05:23pm


    Now this wasn’t easy, but after some days i managed to dump the lv2.
    Thats here http://www.ps3hax.net/showthread.php?t=44817

    I have managed to dump the lv1 also.

    and that is more important.
    Made two links since this isent something sony like.




    Last word
    Screw those, holding the secrets.