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    In case you haven’t already seen it on your PS3 or in the forums, multiMAN has been updated to 04.08.00. You can update within multiMAN or download the package at the links below.



    * Added proper support for [Hermes] for 4.21CEX ROGERO (SC-8)
    * Fixed issue with loading split games from external USB HDD
    * Improved support in lastGAME, gameDATA and bdRESET applications


    multiMAN ver 04.08.00 BASE (20121023).rar (27.81MB)
    Download Link

    - For 3.41-4.21 CFW (CEX)
    * multiMAN ver 04.08.00 BASE
    * Showtime 4.1.200
    * bdRESET
    * gameDATA
    * lastGAME
    * stDISC

    multiMAN ver 04.08.00 BASEPLUS (20121023).rar (107.39MB)
    Download Link

    - For 3.41-4.21 CFW
    * multiMAN ver 04.08.00 BASE (CEX/DEX)
    * Showtime 4.1.200 (CEX/DEX)
    * bdRESET
    * gameDATA
    * lastGAME
    * stDISC
    * RetroArch (CEX)
    * PC Applications

    multiMAN ver 04.08.00 FULL (20121023).rar (280.68MB)
    Download Link

    - For 3.41-4.21 CFW
    * multiMAN ver 04.08.00 FULL (CEX/DEX)
    * Everything as in BASEPLUS + 8700 game covers + 2 motion backgrounds


    p.s. Supported firmwares:

    3.41 OFW + JB DONGLE
    3.41 CFW HERMES
    3.41 CFW REBUG
    3.55 OFW DEX
    3.55 CFW DEX
    3.55 CFW KMEAW
    3.55 CFW REBUG
    3.55 CFW ROGERO
    3.55 CFW TB
    3.55 CFW COBRA
    4.21 OFW DEX
    4.21 CFW DEX
    4.21 CFW CEX (all flavors)


    Thanks to @wizardfingers for submitting the news

    via psx-scene

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    1. amp2006
      04:48 PM

      did you take that Pic ?

    2. wizardfingers
      05:21 PM

      yes I took it, added a mirror because when I downloaded it, for some reason I got such slow speeds

      First post mergerd with this (edited by manster):

      What's new in multiMAN 04.80.00

      *Added proper support for [Hermes] for 4.21ECX ROGERO (SC-8)
      *Fixed issue with loading split games from external usb hdd
      *Improved support in lastGAME, gameDATA, and bdRESET applications

      Download: http://rghost.net/41119925
      Or via multiMAN update

    3. jorgebus
      05:59 PM

      4.21 CFW DEX??? Am I late for something?

    4. uchedus
      06:14 PM

      yeah, deank is the man if u ever want to find out what next in line just wait for multiman latest update, and there goes the tips, just wait its all going to be a very wonderfull holiday, with the way things are turning around i feel the world is gonna end 2012

    5. tamahome162002
      07:03 PM

      i cannot download from sendspace. do you have any other location where i can get this file

    6. * PLAYER 1
      07:55 PM

      Option "lock view mode" is working??

    7. franzke
      08:46 PM

      thanks deank ur so awesome im dling 04.08 now... i would like to thank you for your efforts since day 1.. you rogero, graf ,kakaroto are the sole reason this scene is still alive well plus those who leaked the lv0 keys but they dont even have a plan to release it money making ******s.. "information should be FREE"!!!

    8. DSS316
      04:17 AM

      When i try to run this on Rogero 4.21 1.09 i get "An error occurred during the start operation 80010017"

    9. DaPlayer
      12:44 PM

      Tried to update, From 4.6. Does not show inside of Mm.
      Then downloaded this update 4.8. Still showed 4.6 in Mm Information.
      Tried to Delete 4.6. Then installed the 4.8 full.
      Now it shows Mm on the XMB, but when I start 4.8, it just cycles back to the XMB.
      WILL NOT START. Deleted 4.8, put 4.6 back on, it also just cycles back to the XMB.
      What is going on.
      On Cobra 3.55.
      Any help.

      Ok, so i have gone even farther.
      I have Formatted the hard drive, and have re-installed the firmware. Via OFW, then CFW.
      Multiman will not install.
      Rogero no problem.
      But need MM for pc to ps3 games.
      Now what.